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Musing on girls confessing, and other stuff


Renxkyoko Iglesias musing here………

…….. Second week of school. So far so good. Epidiomology looks like an an interesting study that I can share here.  We’re now studying about STDs, syphyllis, and gonorrheas.  Cool. (^__^)

…… My mom is like me. We’re both techie challenged, but she’s worse.  Dad gave her a nice cell phone, but she has never used the text feature. She doesn’t know how.  I think mom would be comfortable with this kind of cell phone.

………… Ah, Dreamsending….. it’s okay to be turned down. Haven’t we been talking about “No guts, no glory?” Ahahaha !  Dreamsending and I are both manga ( Japanese comics ) readers, and,  from our manga reading, we’ve learned so much about Japanese culture.  My name  Renxkyoko comes from my favorite romance ( shojo) manga  Skip Beat where the main characters are Ren and Kyoko. (^_^)”  Anyways,  correct me if I’m wrong,  but it seems it’s okay for a Japanese girl to confess  her  love for a guy. In fact, on Valentine’s Day,  the girls are the ones who give chocolates to guys they like . And, 30 days after,  they call it White Day, well, that’;s the day of reckoning……the girls find out if they are liked back.  Read from right to left.

 Oh, yeah, it definitely would be a blow to a girl’s ego and pride to be rejected.  ( tears )  Still,  no guts, no glory, yes?  On to the next one, until we girls hit the jackpot. LOL  Well, at least we get to choose . Now, question…… have I ever confessed to a guy ?   (@___@)  * sweat *  Ehrm,   didn’t  know the guy had a GF, waaaaahahaha.  


 Oh, well, ( flicks hair), better luck next time. \(^_^)/

Oh, finally. Finally ! I’m done with God of War 3. Whew! Awesome game !  I’m supposed to be play it on Hard Mode now ( I played it on Normal ), but I decided to play another one, Unchartered 2.  Aaaargh.  It’s stealth and aiming and shooting and I ‘m really bad at aiming, but I swear I’m gonna finish this even if it takes me months and months.

Here’s where I ‘m at  at the moment….. I love the game.

This is all for now. Be good, be happy. Peace !!!!




The Pic RenxKyoko wanted….and

I’m writing a new story, chapters 1-3 are up. Please read and thank you.

Here ya go!

Was turned down…

Well, I thought I’d try a brave moment, telling a guy that I “had” a crush on him, only to be laughed at….Like, WTF.

Dreamsending here…

I’m over the anger now, I thought I would just be sad, but no, just majorly P’d OFF. I mean, all I said was I had a crush on him, not that I liked or loved him or anything like that….I mean, I still want to be friends with this person, but him laughing like it…over a crush…..But whatever, I moved on and no longer thing he’s as cute as he once was. Oh well. Talk to him later I guess.  Oh well his loss, won’t let it get me down.

Well Feb. 14th, I am leaving for CHINA. RenxKyoko will be posting for me, because wordpress isn’t open in China. Thank you girl!

So tell me, do I not look cute?


Vacation over, back to saltmines

Back to the saltmines!

First day of school…………. I’m majoring in Molecular Microbiology, and the courses I’m  taking this semester are Chemistry ( my third  Chem., which is Inorganic Chem. ) Histology, Genetics, and Music ( which is actually Intensive Writing, my last non- Science course ). I really don’t know if I can squeeze in my part – time job this semester. My classes start at 10 AM and ends at 6:15 PM, with at least 3 to 4 hours of break in between.  Why can’t the university offer more science classes ? I’m supposed to graduate this year, but there were at least 2 semesters when I couldn’;t get the courses that I needed, and these courses were pre-requisite courses, that is, I have to take these courses before I can proceed to the next level. What’s worse, some of the courses are offered every other semester. And that means, if I missed one, I have to wait one year before I could take it. And that means, it would further delay my graduation. And that means, it would take a few more years before I could get a real job. And that means, I’ll be broke ’til then. ( =_=) My parents promised they’d take care of everything, my daily expenses, etc. and not to worry anymore. But, I really can’t ask for every little thing, like cosmetics, ( ^__^),  that cute shirt, and most importantly, lunch money. I can’t skip lunch coz I get dizzy and have terrible migraines when I’m hungry.

My brother just got assigned to work in San Francisco and he starts on Feb. 1. He’s now frantically looking for a place to live, one that is inexpensive and close to the jobsite.  San Francisco is one of the most expensive places to live in the whole of USA.  A  relative  pays $1,700 a month for a one bedroom apartment in San Francisco.  My brother is a Mechanical Engineer who graduated with honors (  I never saw him study when he was a student, but still got straight A’s ), and has a high-paying job, but he says his salary’s not enough to live comfortably in Frisco. For him, $9,000 a month is not enough. Aargh.  Some people are happy to get half of that.  

About my video game playing time…. ouch !  I didn’t get to finish God of War 3 this weekend.  But, I’m happy that my friend, Phio-chan, has started playing Persona 3 . I’ve been nagging her to play this game since forever.   I played that game for 600 hours ! LOL  I so loved that game  I actually crushed on the main character. Hahaha

Ahh, what else can I say? First  week of school! I wonder what’s in store for me.  Some girls are recruiting me to join a sorority. I don’t know. I asked my mother if  it was okay. Mom was a sorority girl in college, too. Anyways, she says it depends on the rules of the game. She doesn’t know how things are here in the US. Back in the Philippines, she says, it was a master- slave situation, and there were ” physical ” tests. One time , she had to eat a handful of these little chilies that were at one time, the hottest chili on Guiness Book of  Records. Mom said she almost passed out. The ” masters” also had a candle melt on her back.  (@_@)  Uhm, I don’t think I’ll join, though a classmate has been pestering me to join since last year. I don’t think I need more friends and as a future microbiologist , I don’t think I’d need ” social ” contacts. Mom said it would better my prospects if I joined Microbiology associations. Birds of the same feather and all that stuff.

Well, this is all for now. Be happy.

I’ve Got a Creeper ( 6_6 )’

I’ve Got a Creeper ( 6_6 )’.

2012 is BS

Dreamsending here…… Rant time for 2012, cause I AM SICK OF HEARING IT

it’s the end of the world as we know it, # god knows how many the human race wish’s for. Yes, I do think, many humans, (The American kind) Think the end of the world is near….once again. I mean what, we had the year 1999, which should have been an epic battle of good and evil, (X/1999) where the human race was taken off the face of the earth, but nope, nothing happened. Then there was Y2K, in like what 2000-2001?, what was it, computers coming to life and kill people…..WHAT? Sorry, our A.I. isn’t that advanced yet, even in this time and era of 2011. Still, I find that really foolish, computer and electronics coming to life and killing people. Now there’s 2012, oh how so scary. Also a rumor about a Superstorm hitting California…are you kidding me? I was in a Superstorm once in California, I think it was 1997, where it rained 180 days none stop, yet for this Superstorm, it only rains for 30 days and destroys Southern California ….if a Superstorm was to happen, it happens, its called NATURE, it happens. Its not some dooms day set up for 2012. I like to think of it like this, if people know a Superstorm is coming or happening, don’t just stand there like an idiot and go “durdurdur” like many did in New Orleans. Many people were told to relocate, to get the hell out, or else they will have to fend for themselves, but what did many people do? “Oh its just another storm, nothing bad will happen.” ….. its called Darwin Awards, sorry if it sounds cruel, but its kinda true. I do feel sorry for the people who could not get out because of medical issues, like those poor people in the Nursing Homes, but I mean come on, if you can walk/drive/have a brain, you should be getting out of dodge. What happen to common sense? I think it went out the door sometime in 1997.

Still, there is something that alludes me, why do so many people want the end of the world to happen? Once again, I am looking at many of the American people, cause I have no idea how other people think around the world on the issues of 2012. I find it so sad, how people look forward to its own destruction. What mind set are they, to have that view? Are they just so depressed, that the end of the world is their “get out of jail free card?” If that’s the case, then I do fear 2012. Not that it will be the end of My world, but for the end of many others who happen to join in the hysteria this is happened to create. This here, is a classic “Drinking the Kool-Aid”, a memory of the Jonestown incident comes to mind. Many of those people, believed their end was coming, many people forced by those who thought it was the end of their world, to drink the Kool-Aid. For the people of Jonestown, it was the end of the world. I see 2012, to be another incident, I do see many people dieing because of it. Which people? Those who are mentally unstable, who whole heartedly believe the end of the world is near. I mean, their mind set it “Set”, after seeing Australia and Brazil are being flooded, the major Earthquakes that are hitting around the 6.0-7.3, birds dieing in mass’s all over the USA, Fish dieing in mass’s in the rivers, the worlds apparent “Global Warming” will heat the internal earth, when in truth, the world is getting colder, its more of a slight “Global Cooling.” Earthquakes, floods, tornados, landslides, Tsunamis, plagues, virus….its all a natural event that is bound to happen, bound to repeat, be it sometimes the human element can and will make it worse. It’s an unfortunate event, when people are trapped in a situation like this, but only truly destructive if one allows it to effect them forever.

So, readers of this blog. I am sure you already know I don’t believe in the end of the world. My world won’t end of that day, but I do know it will end for many others who follow it. So don’t follow the mindless drones, whom carry “End of the world” signs, its best to live the life you have, love those that you care for. There are times when bad things will happen, but its not the end of the world.

I will leave this here, so readers, what do you think of this little over a page rant? Do you think the end is coming?

From laundry to movies to law of thermodynamics

There’s really nothing on my mind right now, but it’s been a while since my last blog, so I’ll try to write something.

So, okay, renxkyoko Iglesias here… musing 

I got this Stats email from WordPress. My stats figures are pitifully low since they include the whole 12 months of 2010. I started blogging in May 0f 2010 on Live Spaces. Live Spaces did not give stats figures, and it, in fact , decided to junk its blogging site and move all its bloggers to WordPress. I ” migrated” to WordPress on Oct. 1 , 2010.  Anyway……. I’ve made my own stats for the 3 month period , starting on Oct. 1, my first day here on WordPress, and this is what I have…. I average 24.6 readers a day. The most number of readers I had was on Dec.30, 2010, on blog entitled ” Last Random Thoughts Before the Year Ends “, with 91 readers and 28 comments.  Is that average of about 25 readers a day  a good figure or what ? (^__^) ” . In my first month of blogging here, there were days when I only had  1 or 2 readers, or none at all.  So , I guess my readership has improved.  But , frankly, I’m not aiming for great stats figures. I just want to write down my thoughts, 99% of which are totally random, and , I have to admit, boring. I mean, like right now, it’s 5:58 AM, and I’m actually doing my laundry, and while waiting for my clothes to dry, I decide to blog.  Now, I don’t know what I find more interesting at this moment,  blogging, or  staring at my clothes  getting cleaned in the washer .  At this very moment, believe it or not, I find doing the laundry more interesting. Why is that , you ask.  Well, I am thinking of how , with just a small amount of soap, and a little agitation, clothes get cleaned.  Common sense, right? Of course, it is.  Soap molecules get hold of the dirt, then are washed away by water.  But then, I’m always  thinking of a more complicated , scientific explanation than plain common sense, because, to be honest, I find science beautiful and fascinating.  Don’t worry, I’m not going into the hows and whys of it all. I’m just saying.

Washing and drying done.  \(^_^)/ Back to the mundane task of blogging.,……. 

Yesterday, I watched this movie titled Passengers starring Anne Hathaway and Patrick Wilson.  I don’t know if this movie is a thriller or drama…. maybe a little bit of  both.  I like the movie , as usual. Is it a good movie ? I don’t know.  I don’t analyze. I’m too shallow. Hahaha !  I mean,  I can watch movies with the most ridiculous, ludicruos and absurd plots, and  still  like them… like Invasion from Mars and The Blob kind of movie.  It doesn’t mean that I like ALL movies. I don’t like The English Patient and Shakespeare in Love kind of  stories, nor mob, Mafia and gangster type. Anyway, back to Passengers……. A passenger plane crashes, and there are a few survivors, including Patrick Wilson. Anne Hathaway is a crisis and trauma therapist, and the movie starts with Hathaway having therapy sessions with survivors of the plane crash. But then, survivors begin to disappear one by one after one survivor reveals he heard an explosion before the crash.  Hathaway  suspects there’s a cover-up going on and starts to investigate.  So, okay, I have to stop here before I give away the story. Suffice it to say there’s a surprise  twist at the end. The twist is not original , though. There are actually quite a number of  movies that have similar endings.  If you’re interested to know what the ending is, watch PASSENGERS.

By the way,  do you know why a car tire becomes hard and firm when we add air? Again, common sense, right ?  Air molecules have mass and therefore they  fill the space in the tire making it hard and firm, not loose.  But, there is a more scientific explanation for that and it has something to do with Entropy, the second Law of  Thermodynamics.  It’s the tendency of the universe to go from order to disorder. Or to put it more simply, it’s the tendency of molecules to disperse from confined space to less confined space.  The molecules so want to escape that they look for pathways, desperately hitting the walls of the tire. Now this hitting of the walls is the reason why the tire becomes firm and hard.

Wooo! I am almost done with God of War 3. I ‘ve already killed 3 main bosses.  Two more , then Zeus!

Wow. I managed to write something.

Well, this is all for now. Don’t get bored, okay? PEACE!!!