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Hello ! Here I am again, Renxkyoko Iglesias,  thinking aloud.

Actually , my mind is blank, so I;ll just write      down anything that comes to mind …………      nothing new of course, coz if you’ve been reading my posts, you know they are  disorganized and kinda doped, lol.  So kindly bear with me, and let’s see where this goes.

So, I just read a manga ( Japanese comics for those who don’t know yet ) without reading the forum first. (  that’s to know   if it has a happy ending or a sad one, otherwise , I don’t read it). The genre was shojo/romance so I thought it was okay. Anyway, the story….. there’s this girl who has a boyfriend whom she knows is a player/playboy . She often sees him talking with a group of girls, and even more often with this one girl. ( At this point in the story, I wondered why she doesn’t confront him, instead of feeling and looking miserable the whole time ). So, it’s Feb. 14, and of course she has something to give to the guy, most probably homemade chocolates ( that’s what Japanese girls give to the guys they like ). There’s a scene there where the guy tells her to wait for him after school. And so, she waits and waits and waits, until she can’t wait anymore and she goes home.  While walking to the train station, she sees the guy with that girl entering a love hotel. She is shocked, cries like she has lost her mind ( Oh, God, I would , too, maybe , even worse, I’d go jump off a tall  buliding….. j/k ) , then  decides to wait for him at the train station where they always meet to go home.  Then she sees the guy ( it’s very late at night ) and yells, ” You cheated on me ! ! ” And the guy is like ” Whaaa? Who are you >” Then she hits him with a crowbar. She runs off. The guy is brought to the hospital, all bloodied, then the police come to ask questions, the guy tells them he doesn’t even know her but he’s sure she goes to the same school because of the uniform.  The last scene is a narration…… this poor girl is so obsessed with the guy that in her mind, he is her boyfriend, and her supposed relationship with him, all those interactions and  conversations she has had  with the guy,  are mere  products of her imagination and hallucinations. And the police don’t need to look for her anymore…. she kills herself.

I swear I looked like that after reading the story.  Oh God, I hate stories like this. Manga Fox should have changed the genre from shoujo/romance/school life to drama/psychological/TRAGEDY !  to warn us readers what we are about to read.

The main girl in that story is not a stalker. She’s very quiet, albeit lonely,  and if not for that tragic deed, she’s really a nice girl. Speaking of stalkers… has anyone of you ever been stalked?  Well, I haven’t, but I did get annoying text messages everyday from a classmate  that  really creeped me out.  What was even creepier was that we have never spoken to each other despite the fact he was in my Physics study group last year. I did get  “knowing ” glances from him all the time, and sometimes I would catch him staring at me. His texts started harmlessly enough. ” Hi ! How’s it going ? ” kind of thing.  Then they turned creepy to disturbing.

              ” I’ll be wearing a pink tie and a spandex to this dance. How’s your day?”

            ” I just saw a sack of potatoes on the street. It reminded me of you.”

         ” I had a nightmare last night, and you were in it. I don’t know why/”

       ” Happy POINTLESS Day.”

       ” You looked nice in that green shirt today. For some reason, you reminded me of a lawnmower.”

      ”  Would you like to study with me for 8 hours ?”   <——– ( I think this was the most disturbing, )

 I seriously believe he has the making of a psycho.  My friends told me to confront him, but I decided to just ignore him, and I think that was a good decision because nothing happened. Besides,  he didn’t frighten me. Ha ! I know karate !

Oh, by the way, do you know Sting’s ” Every Breath You Take” is a stalker’s song? For some reason, I cannot  insert a video from YouTube.  I love this song ! !  Oh, and also, my sister was stalked once and had to call the cops. The cops told my sister they couldn’t do anything about the stalker coz there “is no law againts staring”.

I wrote that I was gonna tell you what I got in my Bio and Chem tests…. uhm, B+ and B- , respectively. My Physics  was A.  I have to do something about my Chem…. reread , and restudy the chapters that I couldn’t understand.  It’s like Arithmetic. We cannot proceed to Division without mastering Addition, Subtraction and multiplication first.  Good thing I’m done with Math . I struggled too with Math , until I had some sort of an epiphany one fine day. And what was  that, you ask.  Well, it was when I finally understood the concept of  EQUALITY.   1=1…… 1=1 +0…… 1 = 2 -1…. E= mc2………………  I got an A in Calculus because of that. It’s all about equality, folks.   I guess I’m really boring you now, hahaha !

Do you pay attention to Top Searches, and what words and phrases found their way to your blogsite?  Well, I had ” Keanu Reeves is a homo ” o-O and , f*ck  your next door neighbor ! Waaahahah !  So, okay, I did write ” I ‘ll check out my next door neighbor”, but not F*CK  him ! WTH ! 

I worked for 7 hours at  BCBG  today. Business was slow though. Good thing there wasa couple of customers, the mother and her daughter from LA who is in our city visiting.  The mother bought stuff worth $ 1,200 for her daughter. I guess that was a treat . They saved me coz prior to that, I only sold $ 500 worth of stuff.  Ooooh, the daughter said I sort of looked like Eva Langoria.  I looked in the mirror right away…. uhm, I don’t think so. Maybe it was just my make up. Come to think of it, that was the second time someone said that.  Nope, I don’t think so. Just the same, it ‘s  nice to hear something flattering every now and then. (  After being likened to a sack of potatoes and a lawnmower, muahahah ! )

This is all for now.  Good day to all ! Be nice, be good, and PEACE !

Sorry for the blooper (~.~)

Hi !

Renxkyoko Iglesias musing  again………..

Today is Oct.15. I don’t know when exactly I can publish this, but I’ll try to finish this today. Wishful thinking, of course ,coz I work the whole day today.Anyways, so what am I gonna talk about this time?  Oh , before anything else….. I reread my last post, and I felt horrible about that sausage remark. I’m sorry if I offended anyone. It was 3 AM when I wrote that, so I wasn’t really thinking properly. I could have erased that like I could have erased and trashed some of my stupid and totally inappropriate  posts , but it’s history ( my history), so I have to live with that faux pas for the rest of my life.  * bangs head on  the table* ….I’m toast .



 Ladies , you are all beautiful, no matter what size you are. 


One blogger, LeeDevine, suggests  I should write about the places I’ll go to in our Euro tour next year. Good idea.! That’s something to write about.

Don’t get bored, okay> I’ll be quick….. ( I hope )

Tour starts in London. We stay in London for 2 days, and these are free days, not guided. I want to see the Wax Museum ( Madame Tussaud’s ), King’s Cross Station ( that’s a Harry Potter thingy ^o^ ), changing of the guards, cross that famous bridge I forget the name, and eat authentic Fish and Chips ! ! !  I don’t know where else we can go in 2 days… maybe check out Harrod’s?  Then we leave London , ride on a ferry to Amsterdam. On a ” luxury motorcoach ” ( that’s what it says on the itinerary ) we go sigthseeing in Holland, visit a famous diamond center, go canal crusing…… then we head off  to  Germany. It says we go to Rhineland and Heidelburg. I know what Heildelburg is , but what is Rhineland? A h, there’s no Berlin  nor  Munich… How can we go to Germany and not see  Berlin?  Oh, well. Next we travel  into Switzerland  by way of  the  Autobahn ( I thought this was a name of an automobile…. name of a freeway then , ? ),  stay in Lucerne, ride a cable car  on  Mt. Titlis, enjoy the Alpine mountain scenery (  and burst into a song “The hills are alive with the sound of music….la di da….. ). What, no Zurich, either ?  Booooo !

Then, Italy ! ! I’m excited about Italy. Know why? Coz we get to ride on the gondola and be serenaded by a local troubador (  O, sol a mioooooo…. la  la la ) Ooooh, mama mia ! !  But first , we stop in Lugano to take a stroll, then drive to Verona to see Juliet’s house and balcony and stroll  around the market square.  Then, we go to Venice to , yes, ride the gondola, the water buses and see Venice at water level. We will also visit and watch Venetian glassblowers, and I’m sure I’m going to buy a glass souvenir, and have it personally  “signed ” by the maker. ( We have one like that at home )………… after which we head  for Assissi to visit St. Francis Basilica. Then we head for Rome.  Ah, Rome…. the Eternal City… but , of course we get to visit  St. Peter’s  Basilica, the Roman Forum, and the Colosseum.( Dad told us some parts of the Collosseum smelled of pee… it really stank).  Since we are Roman  Catholics,  I’m really excited to tour the Vatican, and finally see the Sistine Chapel, where I can gawk, to my heart’s content, at  Michaelangelos’ Genesis and Last Judgement.  Then on to Tuscany, then Pisa and visit the Leaning Tower, then to Florence, where we’ll have a walking tour of the city of the Medicis, and  the  birthplace of the Renaissance era.

Then we proceed to the Italian Riviera, then on to French Riviera where we get to visit a perfumery in Eze ( I’ll buy a bottle , that’s for sure ), then travel along Cote d’ Azur, then to Monte Carlo, Monaco,  for night excursion, and dinner.  Then we travel through France’s lovely scenery on the way to Provence, then Avignon, then Carcassonne.  After which, we proceed to Barcelona, Spain.  yay ! The land of my ancestors !  ( They’re from Segovia, though. Check out my post titled Who Am I and a few Plug-ins )….. Then on to Madrid, the capital of  Spain, where dinner includes a flamenco dance show. Ole ! !  After Madrid, we go to Toledo, Burgos, then Bilbao . Mom’s gonna buy some authentic  Chorizos de Bilbao, that’s for sure. Chorizo de Bilbao is a staple in our soups . Oh….. know what, there;s no such thing as chorizo de Bilbao. I guess it’s merely  a kind of sausage common in Bilbao.  ” Senor, do you have chorizo de Bilbao?”  I’m sure we’ll get a blank look. It’s like  saying,  (and you’re in China, )  ” I’m gonna get me some Chinese food, or have dinner at a Chinese restaurant,” he he he.  Or order some French fries in France., or French dressing with your salad.  Ahahaha !  I wonder if they also call it French kiss in France. @_@   

Back to tour…… from Spain, we proceed to France. First stop is Bordeaux, the wine capital of  France. ( we’ll buy one or 3 bottles, I’m sure ), I mean, really, really sure…. coz  here’s a pic of some wines in our house.

Well, our house’s  just 30 minutes from the wine capital of the US, Napa Valley.  We were there just 2 weeks ago for some wine tasting.

So, from Bordeaux, we go to Portiers, then Tours, Orleans, then Gay Paris. !That’s where the tour ends. We have 2 full days to explore  Paris, then we leave Paris for San Francisco..  So, that’s it, folks.

Hope you didn’t get bored. But I’d understand if you did, coz I’d get bored myself, ahaha.

Oh, by the way, I aced my Physics test ! ! ! !  Okay, I got 95 %. I could have gotten 100 if not for that stupid trick question worth 5 pts. I got the correct answer, initially, crossed it out, and wrote down the wrong answer. The solution should have been the same , with or without Resistance, Gaaaah!  I will let you know what I got in Chem and Bio later. I’m not very confident with these two, but I’ll pass, I’m sure of that, though not  A’s. T.T  I’m hoping for a B, at least. I focused my attention too much on Physics coz I know I’m clueless.  My partner in Lab is the one who sets up the experiments. He’s a guy, so I guess he’s better at this sort of thing. I’m not a sexist or anything, but, I can’t even tell tools apart. o_o He got a B , I think, so I couldn’t tell him what I got. (~.~)

Well, this is all for now…. Be nice, be good, and PEACE ! !


I was reading one of my favorite’s blogsite, LeeDevine’s ( he’s on my blogroll ) , and  he wrote, ” here’s something you might want to read “… I clicked it, not knowing what it was, and it directed me to my site ! !  I’m so happy ! !  This is the second time it happened to me… clicking something from another site and directing me to my own site.  Thank youuuuu !  Is that what we call “pressing it”?


Hello! Here I am again . I know ! It’s been awhile !

The last time I posted here was almost a month  ago. Only one  post  in September ! ! I’m not  slacking. I’m just too busy with work and school. I work up to 10 PM , then I go to school to study with my study group and go home at 2 AM, almost everyday. I usually do my studying    at the university’s  Student Union Building.  And then,   I have 327 unread emails !  ( mostly from politicians and Democratic Party , Amazon, jokes, manga sites, World Wildlife Fund, Clinton Foundation, )…..

And speaking of our planned European tour….. it’s 100% sure thing. As soon as we get the 2012 tour schedule and final price quote  in October , we will make an early reservation and down payment. My Mom is also enquiring if we can get more discounts if we book at least 6 months in advance. Our tentative schedule  is on June 16, 2012,  that will begin in London and end  in Amsterdam, and will last 30 days. It’s an escorted tour, and the places we’ll visit are England, Spain, Greece, Italy, Germany, Austria, The Netherlands,  France, Switzerland, and belgium.  We originally planned on taking the Eurail Pass, but we think it’s a waste of time and effort to go on our own. My aunt is 70 years old , but still very strong , mind you ……….. just the same, we think  she doesn’t  anymore  have the stamina to backpack  around Europe.   My Dad backpacked and travelled solo in Europe for 35 days in 1981, with only a book ( titled Europe for $ 9 a Day) and travel maps to guide him.   We can’t do that travelling  with my 70 year old aunt.. ( and Mom is 57, geez) . That book is now titled Europe for $ 50 a Day !  We have to cough up about $ 4,500 per person for the tour itself, excluding the round trip ticket from the US to London, which is about $ 1,500. I am now working  my ass off  for my  pocket money.

Speaking of work…. yesterday, I exceeded my sales, way , way, above  my quota. Last night, when we were about to close the store, ( around 8 PM, as it was Sunday , 10 PM for rest of the week ) 3 Indonesian tourists came in, the mother and 2 daughters . As soon as they got in, they started piling up the clothes, and I thought, oh, oh, there goes my study period.  They tried just 2 dresses, and my boss asked me to ” model ” the rest for them, so I had to change and try on  more than a dozen times. By the way, I was designated a stylist/model for the store because I am size zero, hahaha. ( Well, size zero for regular clothes, size 2 on runway clothes. )  Believe it or not, I have to twirl and pose  around like  a model and show the clients how the dress would look on a person. Anyways, I wore this body hugging stretch mini dress that one of the daughters picked up. The problem was, the girl was size 10 !!!!! I wanted to be honest and tell her, ” Sweetie, I’m size 0, so I look good in it  but  you’re size 10you would , without doubt, look like a fat sausage in it ….. erm,  this dress won’t flatter you..”  I mean, I already have at least 3 regular rich buyers who come in looking for me because I’m completely  honest with them,  so they trust my  suggestions. .  But I couldn’t be entirely honest this time, could I ? @__@  I mean, it’s their physical appearance, not the style of the dress, that is problematic.  * sweats* You know what I mean.   Besides, isn’t Indonesia a predominantly Muslim country? I guess, Indonesia is a relatively “tolerant ” country. I have an Indonesian friend and she does wear a mini skirt. Well, she’s Christian , I guess. Oh, she is, in fact , a Catholic.  And I guess, their government does not impose a sort of dress code for non- Muslims.   Hmmm. Anyways, back to the story….. Good thing, the other sister saved the situation. She told her sister not to buy it, and start dieting, hahaha . To make the story short, they bought a total of $ 5,299.00 for  clothes and accessories ( My boss loves me now coz I can actually convince a client to buy an accessory to match a dress, hehehe. ) By the way, folks, the rich are different from you and me. They don’t do  fittings……. well,  just once,  to get the proper size, and then they  let someone else  try on the clothes for them. I managed to convince one client, for instance,  to purchase an expensive cardigan by showing her 4 ways to wear it. So, anyway, I got a platinum circle and a $ 150 gift certificate from the store for the “excellent” job I’ve done  this September. .* Says to self, * Good job, Ren ! !  \(^o^)/ Ah, in fact, I bought that stretch dress myself, and on top of that, I got a 70% discount ! !

Ugh ! I’m having a most difficult time with Physics this semester. Right now, our topics are  circuit and magnetism .  I’m clueless.  but I’m studying very hard , so much so that I ‘m starting  to dream about it. Like, 2 nights ago,  I dreamt that I was taking my Physics exam , but turned in a blank exam paper to the teacher. Yegads, it felt so real ! ! Like last year in my other Physics, I threw a piece of crumpled paper into the waste bin and I swear, I saw an imaginary path ( dots) from my hand to the bin and unconsciously calculated the velocity and distance travelled by the crumpled paper.  Ahahaha ! Shhesh! I’m such a geek.

I have my own car now. My sister bought an Infinity, and gave me her old , trusty Toyota Corolla. It still looks good and runs well, and best of all, it’s a gas saver.

You know, I started writing this post last week.  I am updating our Euro tour…. well, our tour and flight schedule are now confirmed. Mom just paid the 10% non-refundable downpayment to lock the price , and we changed the packaged tour to a lesser expensive one. No Greece and Vienna this time, but we knock  at least $ 3,000 off the original price of the tour. Tour starts on June 18, 2012 in London and ends on July 14 , in Paris. And the countries included in the tour are England, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Amsterdam, Belgium, and Switzerland. I know it’s too early to get excited about the tour, but hey, time  flies so fast that before we know it, it’s already June! !

I’m thinking,….. the best way to get rid of an annoying suitor and admirer is not to make a U-turn and hide from him. Just be straightforwardly honest or be totally gross to turn him off….like so…

or , let him see you scratching your butt….

or, make a loud fart or burp and say, “ahhh, that feels sooo good “.

If that wouldn’t turn him off, I don’t know what else would, he he he……

This is all for now. Be nice, be good, and PEACE !