Hello! Here I am again . I know ! It’s been awhile !

The last time I posted here was almost a month  ago. Only one  post  in September ! ! I’m not  slacking. I’m just too busy with work and school. I work up to 10 PM , then I go to school to study with my study group and go home at 2 AM, almost everyday. I usually do my studying    at the university’s  Student Union Building.  And then,   I have 327 unread emails !  ( mostly from politicians and Democratic Party , Amazon, jokes, manga sites, World Wildlife Fund, Clinton Foundation, )…..

And speaking of our planned European tour….. it’s 100% sure thing. As soon as we get the 2012 tour schedule and final price quote  in October , we will make an early reservation and down payment. My Mom is also enquiring if we can get more discounts if we book at least 6 months in advance. Our tentative schedule  is on June 16, 2012,  that will begin in London and end  in Amsterdam, and will last 30 days. It’s an escorted tour, and the places we’ll visit are England, Spain, Greece, Italy, Germany, Austria, The Netherlands,  France, Switzerland, and belgium.  We originally planned on taking the Eurail Pass, but we think it’s a waste of time and effort to go on our own. My aunt is 70 years old , but still very strong , mind you ……….. just the same, we think  she doesn’t  anymore  have the stamina to backpack  around Europe.   My Dad backpacked and travelled solo in Europe for 35 days in 1981, with only a book ( titled Europe for $ 9 a Day) and travel maps to guide him.   We can’t do that travelling  with my 70 year old aunt.. ( and Mom is 57, geez) . That book is now titled Europe for $ 50 a Day !  We have to cough up about $ 4,500 per person for the tour itself, excluding the round trip ticket from the US to London, which is about $ 1,500. I am now working  my ass off  for my  pocket money.

Speaking of work…. yesterday, I exceeded my sales, way , way, above  my quota. Last night, when we were about to close the store, ( around 8 PM, as it was Sunday , 10 PM for rest of the week ) 3 Indonesian tourists came in, the mother and 2 daughters . As soon as they got in, they started piling up the clothes, and I thought, oh, oh, there goes my study period.  They tried just 2 dresses, and my boss asked me to ” model ” the rest for them, so I had to change and try on  more than a dozen times. By the way, I was designated a stylist/model for the store because I am size zero, hahaha. ( Well, size zero for regular clothes, size 2 on runway clothes. )  Believe it or not, I have to twirl and pose  around like  a model and show the clients how the dress would look on a person. Anyways, I wore this body hugging stretch mini dress that one of the daughters picked up. The problem was, the girl was size 10 !!!!! I wanted to be honest and tell her, ” Sweetie, I’m size 0, so I look good in it  but  you’re size 10you would , without doubt, look like a fat sausage in it ….. erm,  this dress won’t flatter you..”  I mean, I already have at least 3 regular rich buyers who come in looking for me because I’m completely  honest with them,  so they trust my  suggestions. .  But I couldn’t be entirely honest this time, could I ? @__@  I mean, it’s their physical appearance, not the style of the dress, that is problematic.  * sweats* You know what I mean.   Besides, isn’t Indonesia a predominantly Muslim country? I guess, Indonesia is a relatively “tolerant ” country. I have an Indonesian friend and she does wear a mini skirt. Well, she’s Christian , I guess. Oh, she is, in fact , a Catholic.  And I guess, their government does not impose a sort of dress code for non- Muslims.   Hmmm. Anyways, back to the story….. Good thing, the other sister saved the situation. She told her sister not to buy it, and start dieting, hahaha . To make the story short, they bought a total of $ 5,299.00 for  clothes and accessories ( My boss loves me now coz I can actually convince a client to buy an accessory to match a dress, hehehe. ) By the way, folks, the rich are different from you and me. They don’t do  fittings……. well,  just once,  to get the proper size, and then they  let someone else  try on the clothes for them. I managed to convince one client, for instance,  to purchase an expensive cardigan by showing her 4 ways to wear it. So, anyway, I got a platinum circle and a $ 150 gift certificate from the store for the “excellent” job I’ve done  this September. .* Says to self, * Good job, Ren ! !  \(^o^)/ Ah, in fact, I bought that stretch dress myself, and on top of that, I got a 70% discount ! !

Ugh ! I’m having a most difficult time with Physics this semester. Right now, our topics are  circuit and magnetism .  I’m clueless.  but I’m studying very hard , so much so that I ‘m starting  to dream about it. Like, 2 nights ago,  I dreamt that I was taking my Physics exam , but turned in a blank exam paper to the teacher. Yegads, it felt so real ! ! Like last year in my other Physics, I threw a piece of crumpled paper into the waste bin and I swear, I saw an imaginary path ( dots) from my hand to the bin and unconsciously calculated the velocity and distance travelled by the crumpled paper.  Ahahaha ! Shhesh! I’m such a geek.

I have my own car now. My sister bought an Infinity, and gave me her old , trusty Toyota Corolla. It still looks good and runs well, and best of all, it’s a gas saver.

You know, I started writing this post last week.  I am updating our Euro tour…. well, our tour and flight schedule are now confirmed. Mom just paid the 10% non-refundable downpayment to lock the price , and we changed the packaged tour to a lesser expensive one. No Greece and Vienna this time, but we knock  at least $ 3,000 off the original price of the tour. Tour starts on June 18, 2012 in London and ends on July 14 , in Paris. And the countries included in the tour are England, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Amsterdam, Belgium, and Switzerland. I know it’s too early to get excited about the tour, but hey, time  flies so fast that before we know it, it’s already June! !

I’m thinking,….. the best way to get rid of an annoying suitor and admirer is not to make a U-turn and hide from him. Just be straightforwardly honest or be totally gross to turn him off….like so…

or , let him see you scratching your butt….

or, make a loud fart or burp and say, “ahhh, that feels sooo good “.

If that wouldn’t turn him off, I don’t know what else would, he he he……

This is all for now. Be nice, be good, and PEACE !

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  1. Posted by Akshay Kumar on October 4, 2011 at 10:04 pm

    “By the way, folks, the rich are different from you and me. They don’t do fittings..”
    loved this one… 🙂
    and you finding trouble with circuit and magnetism… well I can provide free online tutorials… I got highest grades in physics in High School… 😛
    I’m also going on a euro trip this December… Christmas time… 🙂


  2. Oh, an online tutorial ! ! I’ll think about that and see how it would work for me. I need all the help I can get ! !

    Oh, wow ! a Euro trip? Is it a packaged tour ? Ours is through Cosmos. And on Christmas? That would be quite icy ! He he he ! Just wear really thick winter clothes and you’ll be fine.


    • Posted by Akshay Kumar on October 5, 2011 at 12:37 pm

      Its chilly that’s why we are getting good off season discounts… 😛
      no its not packaged tour, we are planning it as a 15 days hitchhiking kind of trip… we’ll start with Italy, then France and so on… 😀 really excited about it..!!


      • IKR! Winter tour is way, way cheaper than summer tour. I’m sure it’s gonna be a heck of an exciting adventure for you guys. I admit guided/escorted tour is kind of a military drill where everything is timed and we’re soldiers following the leader. If I had a choice, I’d backpack and do things my way, too. Well, have fun and mind the chills ! ! !


  3. 😀 Ways to get rid of an annoying suitor(hilarious)! I have to try out the one about scratching my butt the see what happens…


  4. First of all, welcome back. It’s nice to see you blogging again.


    • Thanks! !

      I feel so guilty , like, it’s a federal crime, lol. I have almost a hundred subscribers now so I feel I have to write something. T.T


  5. Hey, Kiddo!

    I can see that you’re not too excited about Europe. 😛

    Depends on the culture (or lack of it), burping is quite acceptable. As for scratching you butt, seeing what’s under there just might be the “push” you’ll need. Kidding, of course.

    Nice to see you writing on your blog again. As for me, I’m still dead in the water. There’s too much on my plate right now, figuratively and literally.



    • Hi, Brian !

      I’m not that excited, yet. Eight months to go, but ain’t counting. I;m sure I’ll be jumping up and down when June comes. And you bet I’m gonna take tons of pics of my travels.

      Actually , burping is not considered nasty here, either, but if a guy puts a girl on a pedestal, and then he hears her pass gas, that’s kinda downer, lol.


  6. haha… you also seem to be busy… hey good luck with elex and magnetism.. ask me anytime, I’m supposed to know those stuff because that is my field (-_- #! )
    I’ll be glad to help you anytime…

    you got another suitor??? wow… (loss of words ******)


  7. I found your blogs refreshing. I, too, wanted a career in forensics, but, alas, my disabilities prohibit it for now, but who knows what the future will bring. You share your day to day experiences as if you were making diary entries and it sounds like you have an enormously busy, interesting one. This is one old hippie chick that likes to keep up with the here and now! I will continue.


    • Oh, hey, thanks for passing by ! !

      I’d really love to read about your experiences. My Mom is still young at heart and loves to listen to classic rock, which I myself think is more awesome than the current music . I love LedZep ! ! Alas, they don’t make music like they used to, anymore.


  8. Posted by MenguMetha on October 6, 2011 at 7:40 pm

    You’re amazing! How do you find time to work and study at the same time?? We Indians believe in sucking our parents dry until we finally get a job after finishing all the studying we can do…HEHEHEHEHEHEHEEHEH 😀


    • I know, right? But almost all students here in the US have part-time jobs. I’ve never met one who doesn’t go to work.* ponders* I’m sure Bill Gates’ kids will want to work too. I don’t know, but it’s like a way of life here. All of us dash from school to work, and not a minute to spare. I just read that all US college students are sleep=deprived. I guess that’s true.


  9. Posted by Zoe on October 6, 2011 at 8:55 pm

    You are amazingly motivated. That’s so refreshing. Your schedule is nits! But your goals are not. 🙂

    I would be so excited about Europe too! Did. Few weeks visiting Germany, Begium, Luxembourg, Holland, and the Czech Republic. I didn’t want to come back! I could easily go on for hours but will spare you. 🙂 I am so jealous!!! How cool to go with your family, too.

    Keep up the hard work but please remember we love your posts, too!!!!



    • Oh, goodness. I’ve seen more nutty schedules ! ! Well, I guess my schedule is really crazy. But I get by. ( I hope )

      I’m sure it’s gonna be exciting. I’ll have so much to talk about next year, and pictures to post. But that’s 8 months from now. I don’t want think about it yet. There’s still Christmas…..

      Oh, thank you. I love your posts too. And keeping them on my email folder ! !


  10. Hahaha, Kyoko has lots of suitor? I think that’s normal, your cuteness is undeniable, hehe.
    And also, you have a cute and related picture here again on your post. Cheers!!!


  11. I’ve saved your link in the sidebar, please attach also my link … thank you


  12. Ah, Good Luck on your travel plan… I wish i could do the same in future… closest people around me had done their Europe Travel ( my sister, my mom, my husband) I would love to do my own… i dunno when… i wish to visit New York first the-so-callled-capital-city-of-the-world

    So your plus size client from Indonesia? I’m Indonesian, and moslem… fyi not all moslem in Indonesia wear full body clothes like Arab people… maybe the fundamentalist but lots of us wearing mini skirt… 🙂 i never wear mini skirt though, i have ugly legs and i’m one of those ‘big number’ size people .. LOL but i wear short pant 🙂

    Congrats on your excellent accomplishment . You seems a very hard working girl… so you quit Baskin Robin?


    • Awww ! You should have gone with your family… how come you didn’t go? I haven’t been to New York, either. In fact, I haven’t gone anywhere, except California, and only as far as LA…. hahaha !

      Oh, geez, those Indonesian tourists were loaded ! ! They didn’t even look at the tag prices ! Well, I guess that’s how the rich behave. (6_6) They would just pick the clothes, pile them up , and say , okay, ring them up. Wow ! I was so glad they came in on my shift, and believe it or not, we were about to lock up when they came in, and we did lock up while they were still there. The husband though looked a bit harassed, he he he. Surprisingly, they didn’t have any shopping bags with them.. I presume it was a last ditch shopping as we were informed they were leaving the next day.

      I have a pic of my Indonesian friend and in it, she was wearing a mini skirt.

      No, I didn’t quit baskin and Robbins. But I requested for a 2 week vacation , for last week and this week. I work again next week. Exam time, you know.


  13. Oh my! You are so lucky! I always wanted to tour Europe! May you enjoy and live long. i really wanna see the posts you come up with then….Good luck. An d have fun

    P.S. i love Toyota corolla


    • Thanks, Pakistani Boy!

      About Toyota Corolla… not that I’m advertising it, but it really is a huge gas saver ! ! We can go to San Francisco and back and have 1/4 left in the tank, and that’s about 4 hours of non- stop driving, and it never had any major trouble since we bought it in 2002. Btw, the car was really Mom’s , but gave it later to my sister, and now, she passes it on to me, hahaha. Old, trusty Toyota.


  14. Posted by piecesofherandme on October 8, 2011 at 5:00 pm

    hi hello! you are a very smart girl! you’re taking micro bio?? omg!! i will put you on my blog roll, as soon as i figure out HOW to link you!


    • First, go to your dashboard, then click Links, then click Add new… you’re good to go !

      And thanks for adding me. I appreciate that. Yay! !


      • Posted by piecesofherandme on October 9, 2011 at 2:59 pm

        im done! when are you leaving for europe??


        • Since our flight’s been confirmed , we leave San francisco on the 17th of June, 2012, and arrive in London at 8 AM , June 18. It’s a 14 hour flight.

          By the way, what’s your link ? I’d like to put you on my blogroll too.


  15. A very busy daily schedule ha? I can feel your hyper energy here.

    I wish someday I can go shopping like your Indonesian customer. Piling up the clothes I want and buy them all without looking the price tag. *daydream*

    And you know why your convincing power is so powerful? It is because of your charm. I think profit sharing is the best incentives instead of gift certificates. 🙂 Right?

    This maybe out of the topic but can i ask you something about manga? What does “san” and “sama” means when added to the names? Base from the few manga that i read, i notice it when they addressing someone they respect like masters or elder.


    • Yeah, quite busy, but I’m getting the hang of it. At least i don’t have unproductive moments anymore. I’ve had a lot of that before this, hahaha . But then of course, I’d try to stop once in a while to smell the roses.

      Oh, I know right? You can tell the really rich folks… they don’t look at the tag!

      Awww ! gee, thanks ! One time, there was this lady who said she needed 2 dresses for her 21st bday. One for the early celebration, and one for the bar hopping . She’d be 21, and could now legally drink alcohol.So, I gave her a modest dress for the early celebration, she liked it, then she said she liked my skirt ( a stretch gray mini-skirt ), so I said “we have one like that too, but you can’t wear that for bar hopping , coz once you get wasted, you might trip and fall and for sure, the skirt’s gonna go up to your waist, and you wouldn’t like a “free” show, would you?” We both had a good laugh about it. Ah, she bought the skirt, just the same. ( I knew she’d like the “free” show to happen, reverse psychology, you know, lol )

      “San ” and ” sama” , are honorifics. ” Kun” and ” chan ” too. These are important in Japanese culture. San signifies someone older, and maybe a bit higher in status, but sama is used for someone really high in status, age notwithstanding. Chan and kun are used for people of same age or maybe even younger. Kun is for boys and chan is for girls. When someone calls one by her name only, without the honorific, it signifies extreme closeness and intimacy. A teacher is called ” Sensei”, even if the teacher is just a private tutor , or have same age, as long as he/she teaches something, she/he is called sensei. We use honorifics too in the Philippines. We call our siblings Kuya and Ate, indicating older bother , and older sister repectively. That’s what i call my siblings too. This is one Filipino tradition that I’d like to pass on to my future kids, even if their surnames are Kazinski or Smith. LOL


      • That’s a good life. You don’t need to hurry. You need to stop once in a while to appreciate all the little things that make the life worth living.

        Ahaha! She didn’t listen to you (if she like the free show to happen). I hope she can manage well her drinking habit.

        Ah, now i know. Many thanks for the details Renx chan. Eh, did i write it right?

        Its a great traits Renx. Yup, calling our older brother and sister in kuya and ate also signifies respect.

        Have a blessed day ahead! Sweet morning!


        • I assume she doesn’t have a drinking habit YET…. She’s turning 21, the legal age , and I guess she’s going to celebrate with a bang.

          You can call me any way you like , ahaha, Ate San. Before my manga days, ^_^, I really didn’t know anything about Japanese culture…. well, I know mangas are mere fantasies, but I did learn a lot…. and do you know that the largest exporters of Japanese culture are the anime developers and the graphic novelists ( mangakas) ? Not Toyota, Sony and Honda.


  16. OMG i love the ideas on how to turn off a suitor, super funny! i hope you are not exhausting yourself to breaking point though, from all of your activities, make sure you leave out some ample time to catch a breather! that european tour sounds so nice! two thumbs up!


    • I’ll find time to sit down and drink a cup of capuccino. We don’t have exams everyday, and my work is not everyday, either. I even have time to read my favorite mangas when new chapters are released, ahahah. I.m OC.


  17. Posted by wordsfallfrommyeyes on October 10, 2011 at 8:59 pm

    What a great, upbeat post! Fancy heading off to Europe – oh siiiiiiiiigh. Good luck & travels to you :). And exceeding sales … man, you’re on fire!


  18. Hey, thanks ! And thank you for passing by ! Yeah, and it’s going to be even busier this coming holidays. I hope I get a lot of gift cerificates !


  19. hello, ren… you’re a size zero, can compute velocity and just sold $5,000+ in a single night? truly, it ain’t fair, lols…

    good luck with your physics exam… btw, the suitor can wait. kwentuhan mo kaya sya ng mga formula, tingnan mo kung di lalayo? ahaha… 🙂


    • Size zero! Yeah ! I was surprised too. The last time I had a size 0 dress was my Prom gown, after which I presumed i had gotten bigger, hahaha. I was elated I could still fit into a size that small. Selling that much in one day was a one-off, I guess. But actually it wasn’t the only time something like that happened though . The bill was over $10,000, just from one buyer and the person in charge then was my former boss, a guy.

      I aced my Physics !

      Ahahah ! there are other ways, of course, but if he was a real nerd, he’d make me a goddess if I talked about torque, velocity, and Theory of Relativity, he he he.


  20. Hey nice to see you back :))


  21. Well done! Well worth the wait!


  22. Wow! haha, awesome 🙂


  23. As usual you are a plethora of information. Good luck and times on the tour. I lived in Italy for 2 years while in the navy. I treasured that time. A city called Gaeta, half way between Rome and Naples. Beautiful place.
    So you have a car now.. be careful… all older people say that, it is a cumpulsion with us. In your next bolg please share the cities you will be going to… Are you going to get college credit for the trip? Some colleges do that you know.


    • Oh and I pressed this on my blog for you…


    • You lived in Italy? How lucky! You know, one of the many things I’m going to share here is how an authentic, honest to goodness pasta and pizza taste like in Italy compared to stateside ones. That would be interesting.

      Oh, good ! Thanks for the suggesttion. I’ve ran out of topic to talk about, ! ! I’ll do that ! Thank youuuuu!

      No, no college credit for this.


  24. 62 comments. Good God… killing it! I’m back!!!!


  25. hello there, catching up on your blog entries 😀
    what happened at the store is so awkward, I don’t think I would even have the guts to tell the girl that the dress wont look good on I guess it was really a good thing that her sister’s there….your job is cool! You can try the dress on yourself, be like a model…and then convince them to buy the appropriate jewelry, you must be very good in fashion 🙂 your job reminds of the Miami Dash ( the shop of Khloe and Kourtney Kardashian) their clothes are really fabulous.

    good luck with the annoying suitor…if I were you i would tell him upfront that i’m not interested and that he should look for someone else…teeehihi


    • I really have to be honest, coz you know what, they come back. One time, I added a nice belt, and she said, you’re right ! It looks better with a belt ! So she bought the belt, too.

      I know, right. It was awkward. It was one thing to be honest, another thing to hurt someone’s feelings. If she insisted on buying it, and then got totally dissatisfied with it, it would hurt the store’s reputation. By the way, there was no way she could buy the dress even if she wanted to… we didn’t have her size, at least for that particular dress. I’m sure the maker knew it wouldn’t look good on anyone larger than size 6, I guess, coz that’s the largest size we had for that dress.

      Hahaha ! I don’t have an annoying suitor. That’s just some fun advices. he he…


  26. Posted by myfilthyroom on October 17, 2011 at 6:59 am

    this post made me smile. don’t really know why.. 😀


    • Oh, I’m like that too ! ! maybe you see some humor in it ? LOL You know, it’s a totally disorganized post written by a scattered brain? Ahahaha !


  27. I totally understand being busy and getting behind! I am trying to blog more and become more regular about it!

    I love the part about how to turn off a suitor! It made me laugh! But it is true that sometimes you just have to be honest! Otherwise they remain hopeful.


    • Hahaha! I’m just being ridiculous.LOL

      But you know, I cannot be honest when the guy doesn;t even say what his intentions are, or if he likes me. It would be too presumptous of me to reject him if he doesn;t say anything, lol

      Hey, thanks for passing by and commenting.


  28. That’s some funny sh*t. I needed that. Thanks.


  29. Posted by just a girl on November 19, 2011 at 4:22 pm

    I’m so glad I wandered over to your blog! This cracked me up and totally made my morning. Love the tips for getting rid of an unwanted suiter!


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