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Renxkyoko Iglesias musing  again………..

Today is Oct.15. I don’t know when exactly I can publish this, but I’ll try to finish this today. Wishful thinking, of course ,coz I work the whole day today.Anyways, so what am I gonna talk about this time?  Oh , before anything else….. I reread my last post, and I felt horrible about that sausage remark. I’m sorry if I offended anyone. It was 3 AM when I wrote that, so I wasn’t really thinking properly. I could have erased that like I could have erased and trashed some of my stupid and totally inappropriate  posts , but it’s history ( my history), so I have to live with that faux pas for the rest of my life.  * bangs head on  the table* ….I’m toast .



 Ladies , you are all beautiful, no matter what size you are. 


One blogger, LeeDevine, suggests  I should write about the places I’ll go to in our Euro tour next year. Good idea.! That’s something to write about.

Don’t get bored, okay> I’ll be quick….. ( I hope )

Tour starts in London. We stay in London for 2 days, and these are free days, not guided. I want to see the Wax Museum ( Madame Tussaud’s ), King’s Cross Station ( that’s a Harry Potter thingy ^o^ ), changing of the guards, cross that famous bridge I forget the name, and eat authentic Fish and Chips ! ! !  I don’t know where else we can go in 2 days… maybe check out Harrod’s?  Then we leave London , ride on a ferry to Amsterdam. On a ” luxury motorcoach ” ( that’s what it says on the itinerary ) we go sigthseeing in Holland, visit a famous diamond center, go canal crusing…… then we head off  to  Germany. It says we go to Rhineland and Heidelburg. I know what Heildelburg is , but what is Rhineland? A h, there’s no Berlin  nor  Munich… How can we go to Germany and not see  Berlin?  Oh, well. Next we travel  into Switzerland  by way of  the  Autobahn ( I thought this was a name of an automobile…. name of a freeway then , ? ),  stay in Lucerne, ride a cable car  on  Mt. Titlis, enjoy the Alpine mountain scenery (  and burst into a song “The hills are alive with the sound of music….la di da….. ). What, no Zurich, either ?  Booooo !

Then, Italy ! ! I’m excited about Italy. Know why? Coz we get to ride on the gondola and be serenaded by a local troubador (  O, sol a mioooooo…. la  la la ) Ooooh, mama mia ! !  But first , we stop in Lugano to take a stroll, then drive to Verona to see Juliet’s house and balcony and stroll  around the market square.  Then, we go to Venice to , yes, ride the gondola, the water buses and see Venice at water level. We will also visit and watch Venetian glassblowers, and I’m sure I’m going to buy a glass souvenir, and have it personally  “signed ” by the maker. ( We have one like that at home )………… after which we head  for Assissi to visit St. Francis Basilica. Then we head for Rome.  Ah, Rome…. the Eternal City… but , of course we get to visit  St. Peter’s  Basilica, the Roman Forum, and the Colosseum.( Dad told us some parts of the Collosseum smelled of pee… it really stank).  Since we are Roman  Catholics,  I’m really excited to tour the Vatican, and finally see the Sistine Chapel, where I can gawk, to my heart’s content, at  Michaelangelos’ Genesis and Last Judgement.  Then on to Tuscany, then Pisa and visit the Leaning Tower, then to Florence, where we’ll have a walking tour of the city of the Medicis, and  the  birthplace of the Renaissance era.

Then we proceed to the Italian Riviera, then on to French Riviera where we get to visit a perfumery in Eze ( I’ll buy a bottle , that’s for sure ), then travel along Cote d’ Azur, then to Monte Carlo, Monaco,  for night excursion, and dinner.  Then we travel through France’s lovely scenery on the way to Provence, then Avignon, then Carcassonne.  After which, we proceed to Barcelona, Spain.  yay ! The land of my ancestors !  ( They’re from Segovia, though. Check out my post titled Who Am I and a few Plug-ins )….. Then on to Madrid, the capital of  Spain, where dinner includes a flamenco dance show. Ole ! !  After Madrid, we go to Toledo, Burgos, then Bilbao . Mom’s gonna buy some authentic  Chorizos de Bilbao, that’s for sure. Chorizo de Bilbao is a staple in our soups . Oh….. know what, there;s no such thing as chorizo de Bilbao. I guess it’s merely  a kind of sausage common in Bilbao.  ” Senor, do you have chorizo de Bilbao?”  I’m sure we’ll get a blank look. It’s like  saying,  (and you’re in China, )  ” I’m gonna get me some Chinese food, or have dinner at a Chinese restaurant,” he he he.  Or order some French fries in France., or French dressing with your salad.  Ahahaha !  I wonder if they also call it French kiss in France. @_@   

Back to tour…… from Spain, we proceed to France. First stop is Bordeaux, the wine capital of  France. ( we’ll buy one or 3 bottles, I’m sure ), I mean, really, really sure…. coz  here’s a pic of some wines in our house.

Well, our house’s  just 30 minutes from the wine capital of the US, Napa Valley.  We were there just 2 weeks ago for some wine tasting.

So, from Bordeaux, we go to Portiers, then Tours, Orleans, then Gay Paris. !That’s where the tour ends. We have 2 full days to explore  Paris, then we leave Paris for San Francisco..  So, that’s it, folks.

Hope you didn’t get bored. But I’d understand if you did, coz I’d get bored myself, ahaha.

Oh, by the way, I aced my Physics test ! ! ! !  Okay, I got 95 %. I could have gotten 100 if not for that stupid trick question worth 5 pts. I got the correct answer, initially, crossed it out, and wrote down the wrong answer. The solution should have been the same , with or without Resistance, Gaaaah!  I will let you know what I got in Chem and Bio later. I’m not very confident with these two, but I’ll pass, I’m sure of that, though not  A’s. T.T  I’m hoping for a B, at least. I focused my attention too much on Physics coz I know I’m clueless.  My partner in Lab is the one who sets up the experiments. He’s a guy, so I guess he’s better at this sort of thing. I’m not a sexist or anything, but, I can’t even tell tools apart. o_o He got a B , I think, so I couldn’t tell him what I got. (~.~)

Well, this is all for now…. Be nice, be good, and PEACE ! !


I was reading one of my favorite’s blogsite, LeeDevine’s ( he’s on my blogroll ) , and  he wrote, ” here’s something you might want to read “… I clicked it, not knowing what it was, and it directed me to my site ! !  I’m so happy ! !  This is the second time it happened to me… clicking something from another site and directing me to my own site.  Thank youuuuu !  Is that what we call “pressing it”?

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  1. You are very blessed.


  2. Looking forward for that tour update. I’m sure it’ll be fun. 😉


  3. It sure will! Well, I’ll make it fun, that’s for sure… hahah.


  4. excited about your european tour as well…I’m sure it’ll be fun! will definitely look forward for your updates about that.


  5. enjoyed reading it and didnt get bored ………. 🙂 thanks for sharing


  6. How exciting. Can’t wait to read your tour updates. I’m sure it will be full of wonderful Euro “misadventures.” 🙂


  7. Ugh ! Misadventures! There’s going to be at least one, and I hope it’s not gonna be where we’d be left behind by the bus.


  8. I like the fact that you mention all of these amazing, beautiful, historical places and the only picture you have up relating to them is booze.

    Hope you enjoy it over there!


  9. Posted by Akshay Kumar on October 17, 2011 at 1:03 pm

    “Well, our house’s just 30 minutes from the wine capital of the US, Napa Valley. We were there just 2 weeks ago for some wine tasting.”

    lucky you… 😛


  10. Your tour looks really exciting (and busy)! I like how you’ve plotted out your purchases.


  11. Oh, hi ! Thanks for passing by and commenting !

    I don’t know if we can find time to shop. It’s a regimented tour.


  12. You’re going to Juliet’s house? Woahhh. I want to go there too someday. When I watched the movie, Letters to Juliet, I told myself, “I’m going to visit this place one day.” I’m so excited for your Europe tour. Please post pictures, okay? Hahaha. 🙂


    • Yes! We’re going to visit Juliet’s house, it says so in the itinerary. And yes, I’m going to post tons of pics , hahaha!

      Cheers, Annerificweak !


  13. Wow! Euro Trip! That’s absolutely exciting! 😀

    A friend asked me to go to Europe next year, too. But it’s way too expensive, Even backpacking would cost a leg (and probably an arm :p) considering I’m a novice backpacker myself. I’ll have to save up some more before I can make it happen. 😀


    • Deng, hotshot. The trip is more than a quarter of a million in Philippine pesos. Is that a lot in the Philippines? Coz I noticed when I was there, I always had a wad of paper money everytime I shopped. * sweats * Oh, well, in Korea, that would be 600,000 Won ! LOL


  14. I’m loving it!! I know you’re excited! I hope you take lots of pictures and don’t for get to post them as well! Have fun Ren! 😉 P.s. Ummm, can I get one of those bottles. Thanks. 🙂


    • I will take lotsa pics, and me in them, of course ! For all you know, I could just have taken those pics from someone elses album, hahahah.

      Those wines are the ones in the kitchen cabinets… there are more on top of the fridge. lol


  15. Posted by Anon on October 20, 2011 at 6:43 am

    During your 2 free days, why not ask the locals which places to go to that’s outside the tourist circuit? 🙂

    Btw, my sister is currently working in Rome and she says it’s not as ‘nice’ as people think it is. 😛 She say’s it’s a lot like New York.


    • We’re planning to join a local tour with a guide. Though that’s not sure. It can be very expensive. I will be very satisfied with just a walk in London, eat some fish and chips, lol, and have some tea and scones in some cafe or whatnot. I hope we won;t look like the ubiquitous tourists reading maps and taking pics of the area, although I’m sure we’re gonna look like that, lol.

      Heh? Rome is not as nice? T.T For tourists like us, I’m sure we won’t be as disappointed. And we’ll have a guided tour there, anyways, so I’m sure we’ll be taken to nice places.

      Cheers, Anon !


  16. Your trip to Europe sounds wonderful. You must be so excited to go. Lucky you! I look forward to seeing photos from your trip. 🙂


  17. Nice….


  18. I love your site very much, thank you for sharing such usefull information i just bookmark your site i definitely will visit again 🙂


  19. good luck with your trip, my friend. of course write about everything and everyone interesting you meet along the way!


  20. Posted by Becoming Bitter on November 7, 2011 at 4:56 am

    Now I’m even more bitter… I’ve always wanted to go on a tour of Europe.


  21. Concerning the pic: that’s a lot of liquid courage!


    • I haven’t even taken the pic of the bottles that are on top of the fridge. he he he. and in the pantry, too…. those ones in the pic are in the kitchen cabinets.


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