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Memorial Day

Today is Memorial Day. This is an important American holiday. It honors those who died in the war. It’s also time for Americans to take out the grill and hold the ubiquitous backyard barbecue, which is as American as apple pie. But we’;re not going to have barbecue this year. My brother and sister have their own gigs somewhere, and they’re going, so my parents and I are the only ones at home. It would be such a bother to barbecue hotdogs or hamburgers when there are only 3 of us eating. Disappointed But I’m sure mom will come up with something today.
I just started playing God of War 3 and omg, it’s really awesome ! ! The best I’ve played so far. Oh, and I also saw the trailer of Prince of Persia. It’s a movie based on the video game. There are at least 4 PoP already, and we have them all at home and I’ve played just one. In fact, I didn’;t get to finish the game, coz I got stuck somewhere and it so frustrated me I dropped the game, but I guess I’m going to pick it up again and finish it before I see the movie. Open-mouthed Oh and I hear they’re going to make a God of War movie. I wonder who’ll play Kratos.
I haven’t been bored for several days now. And it’s due to the most unlikely reason………… gardening. Mom and I have been buying more flowers to add to the garden. We have raised beds at the backyard. These ones are for flowering plants. The problem with the backyard is that we just have too many trees that block the sun, and we all know flowering plants love the sunlight. So the flowering beds are strategically placed where plants get the most sunlight at least 6 hours a day. Sheesh. I feel like a retired old lady, gardening and smelling the roses ! And enjoying it too !   Tongue out  Red rose   Aaargh ! I should be dating ! ! hahaha ! Red roseRed roseRed heart But I’m happy now . Love is so overrated. Oh , didn’t I say that before ? He he he  Yeah, it just gives one lotsa heartaches. And I don’t want that anymore. I’m sure Mr. Right is just around the corner, waiting for fate to come along . Yours truly. Red rose

Philippine inmates, dancing as punishment LOL

I’ve been posting a lot of videos lately, and I don’;t know if there’s a limit as to how many  we can post here, but I just can’t resist this. So, okay, this is a video of 1, 500 inmates in a maximum security prison in the Philippines. To keep them busy and out of trouble, the inmates are " forced " to dance as part of their , uhm, punishment " ? But then , when Michael Jackson died, they decided to dance to some of MJ’s songs. The guy who took the video put it out on you tube and suddenly became an instant hit, with over 4 million hits in a few days, especially after it was reported on CNN repeatedly.
The second video shows the inmates dancing to MJ again, but now, they dance with 3 of MJ’s choreographers who flew to the Philippines to teach the inmates MJ’s original dance moves in " This Is It! ".
So, watch and enjoy ! !

Soul Sister , I’m Yours * happy dance *

This is such a happy song. Awesome ! I can listen to this , like, forever.
Oh, here’s another one. Beautiful song …… same genre as Soul Train, I think.  Cool.

Oh Oh =_=”

        It’s 2:17 AM.  I opened the door for my sister whom I thought went out on a date with her boyfriend. But, surprise, surprise, it wasn’;t the BF who was with her, it was another guy ! Oh -0h …. bad news. And what was even more surprising was that the guy was a Filipino, a countryman of ours…… well, he’s half -breed…… half Filipino, half white.  Don't tell anyone  So, okay, I’m not 100 % A-okay with the current BF, who is blond , blue eyed…. nope, that’s not the reason….. her 2 exes had been blond blue eyed too, but  the current squeeze is a Philosophy graduate who can’t find a good job. He definitely doesn’t know anything about the Laws of Thermodynamics.  But, he adores her, his mother adores her, and his aunts, cousins, etc, adore her, and they expect my sis and him to marry soon.  Come to think of, I’ve seen this coming. She has been so irritable with him lately…. well, not to his face, of course, but I just know it, with the way she talks about him lately.  I am freaking out. This is not good. Uh – uh. * sweat * Broken heart  Wilted rose Sis ? Be sensible, okay ?           Oh, wow. I really don’t know what he’d do if he got dumped.  I wonder, what do guys do when they are dumped by the girl they really, really love ?  Is it the same with girls ? With girls, it cuts deep, like being physically stabbed through the heart.   Sheesh… * stop thinking about it. this isn’t your poblem *.
Which is entirely the opposite of what  I did  the whole day today…… gardening.  =_=". Open-mouthed  And while resting, I did the laundry.  Sad  It was quite a normal and domesticated day, even for me. ^____^"
Ooops, it’s 7:04 now. I’ve fallen asleep again . He he he

Bro moving out again

My brother has been assigned to a new jobsite again, waaay yonder, up north, in the boondocks. The engineering co. he’s working for just won a bidding to construct another water filtration plant.  His first job was with a company that also builds water filtration plant. He was assigned in the Bay Area ( San Francisco, Ca. ), so he moved there, and worked for the company for 2 years until he was assigned to work in another project , somewhere in North Dakota, in the middle of winter. North Dakota is a horrible place to be in the middle of winter, with snow blizzzards galore, and super below freezing temperature. He quit, moved back home, and filled up our garage with his stuff. He was lucky to find another job in 2 weeks, with a different construction company that also builds water filtration plant, and the jobsite happens to be just 15 minutes from our house. He’s one of the few engineers that started this project from scratch…. 2 years after, he and another engineer have now been assigned to start another project, and he has been promoted as manager, with huge increase in pay, 5 figures.  He should be ecstatic, but, no, he’s sad. There’s no sushi there. He’ll start 2 mos. from now. Aww, that means he ‘ll take his PS3 with him. Dang. I really have to buy my own PS3 now. Anyway, I think he should get married. These two exiles are the only singles in the company, and I figure they will share a house. @~@ Will I miss him> Nope. He annoys me.
I see that my photos have been transferred here to my space. Right now, what’s showing, lemme see, oops, i can’t see from here, but I know one of the photos is my sister’s class picture. Do you notice how long their skirts are ? That’s the regulatory length, ha ha.
My sister is not photogenic. She’s so much prettier in person. When I’m with her, I can only bask in reflected glory.  Oh, and my father in the wedding picture…. I never noticed his cute dimples. I now believe my mom when she mentioned that the dimples were the first thing she liked about him, and the smile, then the eyes. When she first told me that , I was like, eeew, dad’s not my type at all. And, mom said he wasn’t her type , either. Her exes were tall and good-looking. < Dad was her 5th or 6th bf and dad only knew of one, and that  was because his friends told him…. the ex was a popular varsity 6’2" basketball player….. I hope dad never gets to read this.  Secret telling Don't tell anyone > Well, mom said, "if I had not married your father, you wouldn’t be here talking to me." Thinking Btw, my father’s wedding attire is the philippines national suit for men called the " barong tagalog ". The material is made from pineapple fiber. It’s a very delicate material, and it’s usually hand embroidered. Mom said her wedding gown was made by a famous coutourier in the Philippines. Also, the man’s family pays for all the wedding expenses, unlike here in the US where the bride’s family pays for everything. I don’t like it at all. It ‘s like the bride’s parents are so eager beaver to marry off their daughter . Eye-rolling And speaking of weddingn gowns, mom left hers in the Philippines, but is planning to take it home back here in the US, like , well, you never know. Maybe sis will get married soon, and she might want to use the old wedding gown. SmileRed rose Okay, enough of weddings.
You think gardening is easy ? My back hurts from plucking off weeds, and I have several scratches on my arm from cutting off spent roses. Baring teeth
This is all for now. Peace.Red rose

Ta dah !

Wow ! Finally ! I can blog ! Not  able to access my own blogsite for what I thought would be forever was a nightmare. No, in fact, I couldn’t access any of my place here… photos, profile, home, and options. It was a most frustrating day. Well, as the cliche goes, all’s well that ends well. I know it’s gonna happen again, but I hope not often. I think some of the comments are gone, though. Sad
This afternoon, mom and I went to Home Depot to buy plants and potting soil. As usual, we’ll make an instant garden. We’ll fill up the spaces with flowering plants. Red rose  All our boungainvilla died this winter though.  Sad We were so busy entertaining guests that we forgot to protect these plants. And, all the spring plants are gone too, except a few straggling canna lilies.  Mom and I have to work fast to finish our gardening chores. We’re living in less than a month, but before we leave , we have to keep the house spic and span. We know the house won’t be cleaned until we get back from our vacation. Angry Mom made them promise to water the plants.  Our neighbor told mom that he knew we were coming back from the Philippines very soon  when he saw my dad and sister cleaning up the frontyard.  I’m sure they didn’t want mom to see the house a total wreck.  Surprisingly it wasn’t. < except for that pile of clothes in my bed> .
I wonder though what my relatives have in store for us. I’m sure they are going to be a lot of entertaining. And definitely, we are going to Bagiou. My aunt is going to show off her new vacation house. She didn’t have that when we went there, but my other aunt also has a vacation house there, so that was where we stayed. But I heard this new one is so much nicer and bigger. Anyways, i’m sure I’ll check out Mall of Asia. It’s supposed to be the 3rd largest mall in the world.  I’m sure I’m gonna find some really nice stuff there that we don’t have here in the US.
Guess this is all for now. Peace !Hot

Falling asleep and stuff

I can’t believe I just fell asleep in the middle of a conversation on IM. Same thing happened to me last night. I was writing here on my space and I just went off to lalaland. That’s a good thing coz I’m now starting to feel sleepy very early in the evening.  Have you ever fallen asleep in the middle of a phone conversation with someone ? Yes, I did, 2x, and with the same guy. and that means his charm wasn’t enough to keep me from nodding off, ha ha ha. On top of that, I couldn’t even recall half of what we talked about. Sleepy
I went to Kinko’s yesterday. Before that, I got lost and pulled over at the gas station to ask for directions. I’m directionally challenged. Map Quest is my master and saviour, but I didn’t use it yesterday, so I got lost again. Eye-rolling  And I’m totally clueless as far as east, west, north, and south directions are concerned.  They have no meaning to me. I mean, east of what ? Where exactly is the point of reference ? Of, course that kind of direction is very useful when one is in the middle of nowhere, like , the middle of the Pacific Ocean, or you get lost in the woods. Oh, by the way, in Oregon, the point of reference is a big protruding rock in the middle of the state, and here in my city, it’s a landmark somewhere in downtown area. I don’t know where exactly and i don’t care.
Six years ago, before we went to the Philippines, mom cooked at least 6 kinds of dishes, and marinated a lot of meat, and put them all in the freezer. we have a huge freezer in the garage. I’m sure she’s going to do it again before we leave. Geez, except me and mom, the rest of the family are useless in the kitchen. Well. yeah, they know how to cook a dish or two, but , sis , for example is always so busy. < not to mention, lazy, just like my brother. > When we returned last time, there was a ton of clothes piled up on my bed, clean ones though, but , dang it, nobody bothered to fold them. Mom had to rewash the whole lot, too. In fact, my father called my mom while we were in the Philippines and told her to come home already coz he was sick and tired of eating pasta and fresh grass everyday.  That time, pasta was the only dish my sister cooked for the family. Ah, Jared, you’ve been fooled by a pretty face. You’re in for a big surprise when or if you ever get married to big sis.   * snorts *  . Lucky is the man who marries me. he he he. I’m domesticated, loyal, witty, and yes, cute, too, LOL. j/k  Red heart Red rose Red lips Well, I guess that’s what I’ll write down  on  my " character description " , in case I have to sign up on   Ha ha ha… < Keannu Reeves, save me > ……. ………. But , mom says she’s not worried about my sister’s less than stellar qualities. She herself was a big , fat zero, as far as housewifey things were concerned, since she grew up with maids to do her bidding. Sheesh ! She even had to look up for a recipe on how to cook hard-boiled eggs. She actually found one and it said, " let boil for 15 minutes ". Tongue out
I have a feeling my summer vacation will change my life, or maybe not that earth shaking  Eye-rolling…. well, if there’s a fork on the road  I’m taking, it’ll make me turn right, instead of left. Just a gut feeling, mind you. Left hug Red heartRight hug  <—— Yeah, like that. But I don’t mind if it turns out a dud. I’m young and healthy, there’s still so much of life ahead of me. Red roseSunRainbowGirl

Oh, my, E. Iglesias

It’s 3:56 AM. I went to bed really early last night. But then I woke up really early too, an hour ago. But it’s still a good thing. At least I’m trying to change my bad sleeping habits. Anyway, I got up to make coffee, and who did I see sleeping in the couch in the family room….. sis’ boyfriend. So now I have to tiptoe around, trying not to make a lot of noise. Aaargh, how come he’s here …. it’s Wednesday. He’s not supposed to be here on weekdays. Eye-rolling Well, sis had dinner with him last night, with his family. There’s been a lot of dinners with his family lately. I wonder why. They really should get married already. My sister’s biological clock is ticking, he he he.
I organized my closet yesterday, well, just a little bit…. I’m not done yet. Anyways, I saw my HS geneology project. It went to the waste bin, but it reminded me again of the singer Enrique Iglesias, whom I thought, for a long time, was in our family tree. Disappointed. He’s not, of course. At most, he’s a relative by affinity. ……Okay, I know, I’m grasping for straws here, ha ha ha.Wilted rose But I can dream, can’t I ? Just look at his pic….. oh, my. * sweat, nosebleed * . Well, so okay, here’s the story. E I’s mom is from the Philippines, Isabel Preysler. She’s got a cousin named W. H. Preysler. Now, W. H. Preysler is definitely our relative and is actually close to my parents. He calls my parents Primo and Prima, meaning cousins. The middle name H in W.H. Preysler is why he’s our relative. We have one common ancestor, a Spanish guy from Sta, Maria dela Nueva, Segovia , Spain, who came to the Philippines , alone, to work with Spain’s tobacco monopoly in the Philippines. Oh, well, I don’t have to go into this family crap, ha ha ha. What’s important is , since he’s not a relative, I can marry him now. Smile  Red heart

Green City

My city is second only to Paris as the greenest city in the world. I’m not surprised. On our property alone, there are 5 huge redwood trees, 1 apple, 2 oranges, 1 peach, and there’s another fruit tree at the side of the house, I can’t recall the name at this moment. There are 7 other trees around here, and we’;ve actually cut 7 more sincewe moved here. There are trees that we cannot cut without asking permission from the county; redwood, which is california’s state tree, elm and oak.
Heh. I was interrupted . I just got a call from my aunt in the Philippines. I assured her we were coming. She also told me a cousin of ours from a place called Iloilo is staying with her. He’s there to review for a nursing exam or something. He’s going to be our " bodyguard " when we go there. That’s nice. Smile And, she says , it’s steaming hot there right now. Well, we’re used to that. No problem. The only thing I don’t like there is the humidity. It’s so sticky.  And nope, I’m not gonna soak up the sun there. I’m sure I’ll get dizzy. I’ve fainted before , at the mall, inside a department store. My brother and I were Christmas shopping, but I hadn’t had breakfast, and no lunch, either. It was almost 1 PM, and the shopping crowd overwhelmed me. Good thing my fainting episode was in slow motion. First, my sight turned greenish, then, orangy, then gray, then I blacked out. I managed to sit on the floor beside a stack of clothes before I keeled over. Sick
Mom is cooking this pork asado dish. One of the ingredients is wine, just 2 tablespoons. When she wasn’t looking, I poured at least 1/2 cup more of the red wine, he he. I wonder how it would turn out,……..delishuz, I’m sure. Geez, I so wanna get wasted, ha ha. It’s so boring today. I did go to Kinko’s this morning, but I couldn’t find the store. Apparently, they moved . I’ll call before I go there again tomorrow. Gawd, i  wanna go to the Philppines now, pronto. I’m terrified of flying, but I’ll try to overcome that. Sick
I’m entertaining myself with this video. NoteI’m gonna soak up the sun, gonna tell everyone to lighten up Note


I might have to delete the pics that I posted here. The quality is horrible. Actually , the original photos are okay, the color crisp and clear. The culprit is the scanner. My sis dropped the scanner and damaged it. . I was looking through some scanners that I can buy online, but my father said to just  go to Kinko’s, buy a dvd there, and scan all the pics that I want scanned right there. And I’ll save money for a new digital camera. I used to have one, a gift from bro, but, well, it’s a goner now. I don’t know why my stuff doesn’t last. * scratches head *. My laptop fell off my bed and damaged this curser thing. My father connected a mouse. A laptop with a mouse.
=_____="., although I use my mom’s now. She wants it back, I’m ignoring her. In time, she’ll accept that it’s mine now. Angel
OMG  A spammer is being interviewed on the radio. He just said never to pay online . Anything that we post on the web is accessible, he says.Eye-rolling He also says Facebook is the least protected from hackers and spammers.  Spam is hacking,
The oil spills in the sea are now just starting to kill off wildlife.
It so sad to hear the theme song of Law and Order for the last time.
Actually, I started this blog at around 11 PM, technically yesterday,…..I fell asleep,  Sleepy and it’s now 4:05 AM. Norton Anti-virus is going wild on me. Well, Norton, I’m paying you, so do your job.Eye-rolling  Aaargh, My mind is totally blank……………

Just my thoughts right now

Sis and boyfriend didn’t stay for lunch. They went to see the Jazz festival that was going on at our city’s downtown. They didn’t invite me to go coz I was cooking. Eye-rolling Hmmmph. I would have gone w/ them if they asked me to. Bummer.
My city’s downtown is quaint. The streets are made of cobblestones and there’s a railroad track in the middle. and somewhere there are historical buildings that have been preserved , and are still being used commercially…. the original salloon bar is still there, now a pub. The sidewalks are wood… it’s like a cowboy town. Oh, i have pics ! I’ll upload them later. Have you heard of the Pony Express ? Downtown was the main relay station. Of course , there’s a modern area of downtown with tall buildings, lots of hotels, and government buildings. We have a skyline…. hmmmph, this is not really an hicktown, like what folks from LA are saying about us.Angry They call our place cowtown too. The nerve ! Baring teeth Although I have to admit , there are farms here,…. tomatoes, orchards, strawberry, grapes, apples,  he heEmbarrassed…. well,  30 minutes from our place is the US’s wine center…..vineyard valley…. I’m sure you’ve heard of it… a well known wine country…NAPA VALLEY. It’s so beautiful there. One can see hiils of vineyards all over…….. very Frenchy……..lots of outdoor cafes, chateu – like homes, wine – tasting every minute, everywhere……  …..  And about 40 min. from our place are ski resorts. Our city is truly laid back…. nobody’s in a hurry to go somewhere. Do you know that our city has been voted as having the most courteous drivers in the whole of USA ? Yep. We’re a bunch of polite folks.
You won’t believe what my mother bought to bring to the philippines….. Olay shampoos , conditioners, and body washes , 4 of each. I use Johnson’s Baby shampoo. I’ll just buy it there. < What’s good for the baby is also good for me. > hahaha ….I wonder if Olay ‘s very expensive in the Phil. Oh, and Dove soaps, 2 large packs.Smile i’m sure there will be a lot more. And she has already weighed the stuff. Mom ? You don’t even have a passport yet. Tongue out

Oh, wow

I had a wonderful conversation with a friend for 2 hours this morning, the wee hours of the morning. It was an enlightening conversation. Light bulb Red rose
I’m cooking lunch today. Pancit Palabok ! It’s a noodle dish with flaked smoked fish as one of the ingredients. And lotsa shrimps. I’m supposed to add squid, but we don’t have squid right now. My sis boyfriend is here , and I know he doesn’t like pancit palabok with the fishy taste. Too bad. Go out and buy your own lunch. Pffft… this guy’s picky. Not adventurous at all. The only Asian food that he likes is sushi. Sis says he only likes  " white " food. Eh ? What’s " white " food, anyway. Eye-rolling What’s ironic is that the Japanese people in Japan are not into sushi at all. Have you ever heard the characters in mangas eating sushi ? Smile
Thinking  Come to think of it, what do the Chinese in China say when they want to go eat out? Have lunch at a " Chinese " restaurant ? Or a French friend of mine who said she likes McDonald’s hamburger with French fries. I LOLed at that. Actually, she says, they just say " frites". ^_____^
Oh, gosh, it’s 9 : 41 AM… ……I’m cooking……….. gotta go……..bye for now. Red heartRed rose

Nothing to do

It’s 1:32 AM. I did go to bed very early. But I’m an alarm clock. After 4 hours, I wake up, and it’s up to me to go back to sleep or do something else. I choose to do something else, like login here and write something, even if there’s nothing to say, like right now. He he he….. Maybe later, I’ll organize my stuff < clothes, etc > and take out my winter clothes for storage, and some clothes to donate. I don’t know why I’m still hoding on to that little gown that I used as a flower girl. I wore that as my costume < I was a princess > for Holloween when I was a kid. So out it goes for donation. I’m urging my mother to let go of her huge collection of VHS tapes which we have already stored up there in the attic. But then I think I’m guilty too of hoarding useless and irrelevant things,  like my collection of Barbie stuff. Red heart I guess I’m thinking of a daughter in the future who I’m sure will be enthralled with my Barbie collection. Ha ha ha. I’ll think about it. I don’t want to do something that I might regret later. < sigh >
I just posted 3 of my favorite movies……. Walt Disney movies like Beauty and the Beast, Mulan, etc. I have a collection of Walt Disney movies, but 80% of them are VHS tapes. My mom is buying Blu ray editions of some of the tapes, and so far, she has replaced Beauty and the Beast, Mulan, and Hercules. Blu ray discs are not cheap. I told her not to bother replacing Pocahontas and that Lion movie. I don;t like these two. The rest of the cartoons are already in dvds like Shrek. They’re making the 4th Shrek, but I think Shrek is losing its charm. The 3rd one is not that good , in my opinion.  Shrek is married and already a dad. I’m not interested anymore, ha ha. Tongue out
I did say I was going to give a blow by blow account of my happening in the Philippine. No, I won’t.  I don’t want to write anything that will incriminate me. Wink
Oh, gosh, it’s now3:26 Am…. I’m on IM w/ a friend … wow, we’ve been talking for 2 hours ! !  Gotta go…..

Mulling things over

Someone just told me that my blog’s fine , but I seem to be holding back. Well, we can’t really write down all our thoughts here, right. We really have to be careful what we write , or else some of the stuff we wrote here would haunt us forever. Believe me, been there, done that, and it still bites. Embarrassed My mom had warned me once to not write anything down. Her father was a lawyer, see, and he told her even a little note written on a tissue paper could be used as evidence in court.Smile  Even a broken  promise to marry someone  could be used  in a litigation because it is still a breach of  contract, verbal it might be. Here on cyberworld, even though stuff can be deleted doesn’t mean  you’re out of the woods. Monica Lewinsky had deleted all her communications even before her scandal  broke out, but everything was recovered in no time.  It’s scary. Oh, and geezuz, don’t write a diary. This is the worst.Open-mouthed
Okay, that’s out of my system.
Hmm, so what else….. I loved Michael Jackson, even though he was weird personified. His plastic surgeon  should be  prosecuted , and jailed without the possibility of parole. He was the doctor, he did that to MJ, MJ couldn’t have done it to himself, could he ?  We have a dvd of his History album. He is just plain awesome.  And now he’s gone. So, anyone who thinks Justin Bieber is better than Michael Jackson, please raise your hand. I won’t smirk, I promise.
Ooh, but I’m so tempted to post an MJ now….. well, I’ll spare you this time, haha.  Laters.Hot
One thing I notice about the old albums vs current ones…… on old albums, almost 100% of the songs are good, but on current albums, there are only 2 or 3 that  are good, the rest are fillers, bleh, awful. It’s not just my opinion. It’s a fact.  So many articles   written about this  support and agree with my opinion. There are no decent rock bands anymore, such as the likes of Led Zeppellin and Van Halen. Where  have all the good musicians gone ?
Ooops, pardon me.  Each to his / her own opinion. Peace ! Red heart Red rose Red lips  muaaah.

I Ain’t Missin’ You

There are 3 versions of this song….. Tina Turner’s, John Waite’s, and Rod Stewart’s.  But I think John Waite  owns this. I like his version best. But embing is not allowed, so I’m posting Tina Turner’s , instead.  (Oh, and I’m using a different font style for a change. ) Anyways, I like this song. Red heartYeah, yeah, it’s old, but I like these old songs. So, sue me . Eye-rolling
So, okay, before you watch the video, take note  , the camera is always focused on Ms. Turner’s legs.  Do you know her legs are insured for millions of dollars ? These great pair of limbs are what you see on every Hanes hose advertisements. And do you know , Ms. Turner on this video is already 57 years old ? What an amazing woman.
So, enjoy looking at the legs…. and the song, too. Love it. Red heart