I know ! I know ! This is a tasteless joke. It was just too good to resist.

Wait ! There’s more ! The photo below shows the son of Philippines’ former dictator Ferdinand Marcos and Imelda Marcos, killer and thief duo, and said son is now running for President, believe it or not. My parents are freaking out.

9 responses to this post.

  1. Indeed too good to resist. Marcos again? Spare us…


  2. The son of Ferdinand and Imelda Marcos is running for President of the Philippines?


    The only things that ever outnumbered the skeletons in the Marcos closet was Imelda’s shoes.


    • YES , HE IS ! And he is tons of money to spend, paying so much money to bus people to his campaign rallies…. and we heard he is supported financially by ” you know what country.” Before the campaign, he was seen at Chinese embassy.


  3. I hope he’ll be relegated to the dust bin. Just as Brian said, spare us.


  4. You know who is the host for next year’s Oscars? Mike Tyson.


  5. Got to love the internet, memeing is the best thing! As for politics, it’s perhaps the worst comedy show on TV, even worse than late night talk show hosts.


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