Asian hate ? Get a grip on yourselves.

Do you know anything about the Philippines ? The Philippines is in Southeast Asia, an archipelago of 7, 641 islands , with a population of more than 110 million, 12 th largest in the world.

In the US, the only Asians they recognize are East Asians ( Chinese, Koreans, Japanese, Taiwanese ) or people that look like them.

Do you know that Indians, Pakistanis, SriLankans, Nepalese , Bangladeshis, and Maldives are Asians, too ? They are Southern Asians. How about Kazakhstan, Aszerbaizan, Georgia, Turkemenistan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan ? They are Central and Western Asians. And like the Philippines , Indonesia, Thailand, Brunei, Laos, Vietnam, Singapore, Cambodia, Malaysia, and Singapore are Southeast Asians. You may include the Pacific Islanders . The Philippines is sometimes recognized as Pacific Islanders. And that is right… Filipinos and Pacific Islanders have the same DNA. The Philippines’ race is Malay-Indo- Polynesian.

So, what the heck is this Asian hate ? Get your hate straightened out. Get a grip.

I stan SB19 ! !

Who is SB19 ?

I’ve been checking out Philippine music scene on YouTube for quite a while now . SB19 is a young Filipino boyband that is super duper popular in the Philippines. It’s a pity that just as they were starting out, ( 2020 was fully booked ) the pandemic happened. So , now they make do with uploading music videos, hoping people get to watch them on YOUTUBE , without skipping the ads. That is where they get their income . My friend and I see to it we watch their videos , at least once a day to support them. They are very talented…. they write and compose their own songs, and do the choreography themselves.

Go, SB19 ! ! Stell Ajero is my bias. He’s the one on the left, and is their main singer. Then , next to Stell is Pablo Nase ( composer/writer,) Justin de Dios, ( creative director) , Ken Suson, Josh Santos.

So, guys, check out Filipino music. Be curious and watch something different. And most importantly, be entertained.

SB19 Members Profile (Updated!)

Only Filipinos can relate…..

The Philippines is the center of calamities and disasters….. earthquakes, off the chart typhoons, volcanic eruptions. The Filipinos have long accepted it as their Fate. Hence, the “Bahala na ” attitude….. which roughly means, what will be , will be… then , they shrug it off, and move on. ( Or smile it off )

It this happened in the US, FEMA ( Federal Emergency Management Agency ) would be all over the place and evacuating the people. Meanwhile, in the Philippines, people would be enjoying candle-lit dinners. They get typhoons at least 20 x over 6 month typhoon season , which is from June to November. Filipinos be like, “Eh.”

The title of the video says it all. Bagyo ka lang, Filipino kami. ( You’re just a typhoon, but we’re Filipinos. )

I’m sorry the original uploader has taken out the video. from YouTube. Don’t know why. It has millions and millions of views, already. Please make do with the original’s video reaction from 2 eye candy, cute Japanese guys. Ah, the dimples. ~( ^__^ ~) (~^__^)~ Recommended; Watch on FULL SCREEN !

Second dose of Covid vaccine

So anti-climactic .

No reactions ?? Aren’t we supposed to feel something unpleasant after the second dose ? Is that a good thing or what ?

We got Pfizer vaccine.


Yay ! We’re done ! We’re still going to wear a mask, though. At work, wearing mask is mandatory. We’re not totally immune yet, you know. There are now 4 variants of the virus ,lurking, ready to strike, and they are deadlier and more dangerous than the original, especially the one from Brazil.

Stay safe.

Inadvertently got sucked into this “Asian-American hate”……. Eff this.

Total morons are harassing “Asian Americans. ” If that happens to me, I’ll just yell, I’M MEXICAN ! ! ! ( or PUERTO RICAN. )

Ay, Caramba ! !


*le sigh*


I have a million and one thoughts swirling on my mind at the moment. But I’m holding them back because I’m sure y’all gonna hate me if I blurt them out, right here, right now, uncensored and unfiltered.


My mom and I went to Costco last week. My bf who is 6’2″, white, and looks like a firefighter ( whatever that means, lol ) came with us, just in case. Don’t mess with him, he he. ( In fact, his mom who lives in Florida and is an avid Trump supporter, lol, called to tell him to keep me safe…..Gee, thanks, Ma’am. * two thumbs up * )

  • shakes head *

The world’s gone bonkers. Sheesh.

This is all for now. Oh, yeah, I’ll tell you the result of my second dose of vaccine next time. I’ll have it tomorrow, Saturday.

Bye ! ! Take care, and stay safe.

Just to amuse you

I’ve been watching Philippine entertainment scene on YouTube and I notice it’s a youth – oriented – IDOL type , much like this K-Pop and J- Pop thing going on in South Korea and Japan, and , most likely, the whole of Asia. Do I like it ? Hmmm, I don’t know. Maybe. But , it does entertain me. A lot. lol I saw this Filipino all-female girl group whose songs sound like a Japanese Anime theme song. Then, I found out the group is actually managed by a Philippine -Japanese entertainment company. The group is MNL48. MNL means Manila, and they have a counterpart in Japan , JNK48 . Are they trying to homogenize Asian entertainment ? It’s fun to watch them, though. I gave the link to my Filipino co-worker, and I think I ‘ve turned her into an obsessive fan. Everytime we see each other at work, we do this finger thing and sing, ” Tension, sion, sion, sion, sion, tension max…. good job, job, job, job, good job, yeah…” And my co-workers are like, what’s going on with you two ? Hahaha.


Here it is………. Click to be amused and entertained.

The song is stuck in my brain ! !!

Not motivated to write….

It’s been a while. My last post was in mid- October, 2020. I’m posting now just to let you know I’m okay and Covid-free.

So , how is life coming along, guys ? I hope you’re all well and healthy.

About the title of this post…….. The state of politics here in the US is so sad and negative that I don’t feel motivated to write anymore. It’s disgusting….. and scary. I’m sure you know why .


And this ” new ” WordPress is so annoying. … not user-friendly at all. Or maybe it’s just me ?

Oh, and newsflash ! I ‘ve moved out ,temporarily, and will come back when my parents get their vaccinations. I do believe I’m a lethal weapon , so to protect them from getting the virus, I have to make myself scarce until it’s safe for me to come back. I’m now staying at my co-worker’s condo.

This is all for now. Bye and stay safe. It ain’t over yet.

Marcelito Pomoy, Philippine singer, Revisited

He’s a Filipino singer, singing live on Wish 107.5 Bus , a radio station in the Philippines. In this video , Marcelito Pomoy sings a duet by Andrea Bocellii and Celine Dion. Watch and be amazed.

Rise Up , Andra Day, acapella cover by Philippine singer Morisette Amon

I’m loving this cover of Andra Day’s Rise Up by Morisette Amon, a Filipina singer. ( Better version , in my humble opinion) Check this out. I’m sure you’ll enjoy listening to a beautiful and inspirational song that depicts what we’re all going through this year.

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas

Maybe you have this impression ? ?

I’ve been a bit harsh every time I talk about the country where I was born. I wonder if I’m leaving a not-so-good impression on the Philippines….. like it’s in ruins, and people are starving and dying, and everyone’s dirt poor? So, okay, we were in Manila in February , and my co-worker came with us . And though we look like native Filipinos, my co-worker is white, and , * ponder* I think we did look like tourists. My Caucasian friend and the cameras in our hands were a give-away. Surprisingly, my friend felt like we were a bunch of American hillbillies walking the streets of modern Manila. Well, we do come from a small California city, with one pitiful , old shopping mall and a few tall buildings here and there. Ugh. Three of the top ten largest malls in the world are located in Manila. Manila is number 11 in the 20 most beautiful skylines in the world. ( Chicago and New York are the only American cities included in the top 20. ) I mean, how many cities are there in the world?

View this video of Manila. This video ‘s the reason why we felt like a bunch of hicks.

I think we’d feel the same way if we were in Tokyo.

Okay, this is all for now.

Visit the Philippines. The whole country of 7, 641 islands , of which only 2000 islands are inhabited, is one freaking tourist destination. The scenery is simply stunning.

Mulling over …. Unfiltered

Hi !

So, how’s it going, folks?

I just gave my last donation to the Biden campaign. I hope he wins. But if he doesn’t , I won’t feel depressed , unlike what I felt when Trump won in 2016. I wanted to jump off the cliff. If you think that ‘s just me being a drama queen, think again. Those who were seriously involved that time, what did you feel ? Yes, exactly.

If tRump wins, perhaps, this time, after venting my spleen and vomiting blood, I’m sure I’d feel fine .You see, I’m hoping ,with all my heart, that tRump will stay the course regarding his stance on Communist China. This is going to help the Philippines, my birth country, to withstand China’s blatant aggression on the Philippines’ territorial rights. I don’t want the Philippines to be renamed ChingChangChong, Province of China. “…”

” Ren, you’re so nasty. ” Huh ? I’m nasty? If that’s nasty, what do you think of a country forcibly taking another country’s territories, and killing its fishermen ? ”

There are things going on in the Philippines that I’m happy about. I cannot believe the country can just ignore vile president duterte ‘s treason and cowardice to go on and on unimpeded. After all, the Philippines had already taken out 2 presidents while they were still in power. One was forcibly banished to Hawaii, and one was impeached and jailed. These two ( Marcos and Estrada ) former presidents’ institutionalized corruption and thievery cannot compare with vile duterte’s outright treason. Selling off a country’s sovereignity is the worst.

That’s all I can say.

Oh, wait, while I’m at it……………being nasty, I mean.

There’s a guy who tells the girl he loves her and wants to marry her, and that he can’t live without her by his side. The girl says, ” I’m sorry, but my parents don’t like you and think you’re just a ne’er – do – well and good- for – nothing person. ” Then , the guy says, ” If you don’t marry me , I’ll kill myself right before your eyes. ” Then , he takes a gun and points it at his temple. The girl panics, and tells him, ” Okay, okay, please wait ! Don’t do anything. I need to ask my parents first. She leaves, then returns after a few minutes, and tells him nonchalantly, ” My parents said I’m a grown -up now, so I can watch a bloody scene. You may go ahead. ”

Heh, I know it’s a totally inappropriate joke. Go ahead, slap me.


I’m not feeling good about this election. To be honest, I don’t feel good about these mail -in votes, either. Over in Southern California, they discovered several suspicious drop boxes scattered all over SoCal. It’s obvious what will happen to those votes that have been dropped there. Trashed. If they can do this in California where Democrats are always a shoo-in, they can do this anywhere, especially in states where outcome can go either way. Tsk. What a mess. We’ll vote in person on Nov. 3. I’m sure they’re going to put in C-virus precautions. * sigh *

This is all for now. Stay safe. Wear a mask. Okay ? Bye.

Random thoughts, Unfiltered

My parents were contacted by relatives from the Philippines regarding a ?????? for President Movement that they’re putting out soon. The man is a close relative of my mother, so she’s quite excited. 2022 is election year in the Philippines but everyone knows that evil, foul-mouth, vile president Duterte and his cohorts are already pushing for his daughter’s presidential candidacy. These people do not have a bottomline . This also means her candidacy will be awashed with money coming from China. Duterte is brazenly selling off Philippine sovereignty to China. All of Asia knows that, but ,except for a few brave souls ( like my mother’s cousin ), who speak out about the evil that ‘s going on in the Philippines, the whole country is mute??? It’s incomprehensible and extremely troubling. How can that happen ? Are 110 million Filipinos blind, deaf , and mute ?

My parents are hopeful that’s not the case at all. People are starting to speak out, slowly and surely. My Mom’s cousin is one of the outspoken critics of this evil, butt – ugly president and his criticisms are starting to gain traction in the country. ….. [ To my Filipino readers.……..He’s the retired Supreme Court Justice who brought China-Philippine territorial dispute to the International Court at the Hague, won the case, and made China’s Nine Dash Line and occupation of some Philippine islands ( the Spratleys ) illegal. I’m sure you all have heard of him, ]

However, Mom has suggested they should unite first and present just one candidate. The current Vice-President is Leni Robredo who belongs to the opposition party. If she wants to run for President, then maybe Mom’s cousin can run as her Vice-President, or, because of his stature, she can give him a job that will repair the damage inflicted upon the country by this vile president, on international level.

They are now starting to raise funds for 1. his protection 2. candidacy . It’s too early to reveal how they’re going to raise funds.

It’s a pity we are American citizens. We don’t know the legality of donating funds to the campaign from Filipino-Americans and Filipinos residing overseas who are disgusted with foul mouth duterte. duterte is a huge embarassment to all Filipinos . And by the way, vile duterte is an example why having so many candidates running for president is not a good thing. Can you imagine what would happen if Bernie Sanders had decided to run as a third candidate ? ? Even a person with an IQ of 10 would know.

This is all for now. Stay safe. Don’t be a super spreader like you know who. Wear a mask. Bye.

My laptop is a goner…

It took me over a week to decide to buy a new one. My old computer is too corrupted. It even managed to kick out my Norton .

And dangit, I still don’t know how to use this new Wodpress.

And I haven’t transferred my photos from the old to here.

Besides that, I haven’t watched the news for over 2 weeks now. I want to clear and erase pollutants off my mind first. Politics is really getting nasty. ( although my recent posts have been quite harsh, too, not gonna deny it.

*stares off into the distance *

There’s something on my mind, though. But I want to clear my head first before I post about it. Think of it as the calm before the storm. He he

This is it for now.

Oh, wait, are we still on Pandemic mode ? I still wear a mask , at work , or anywhere I go. I see people wearing masks everywhere I go and that’s good. Business establishments also require people to wear masks , and that’s even better. Don’t lower your guard. The cold-flu season is just around the corner, and you do know the C-virus is somewhat similar to flu, right ? Even if I’m wrong, err on the side of caution, just the same. Stay safe.


Don’t be surprised…. RenxKyoko Uncensored


WordPress  had notified me of a spike in my viewership 2 or 3 times these past 2 months…. and the source of the spike are my “uncensored and unfiltered ” posts that question my  belief in the policy platform of the Democratic Party and my rants againts  the government of China, which I’m sure many of my ” progressive” readers find  discomfiting.  The enemy of my enemy is my friend, that’s the problem,  never mind that the ”  friend ”  has been violating freedom of the press and speech,  human rights,  brazen expansionism , ethnic  and cultural cleansing  in Tibet, Mongolia and the Uyghurs   minority  in China,   and destruction of  environment and wildlife. ( Not to mention organ harvesting going on in China )  Check out ,on my post,  BBC’s report on 267 Chinese fishing vessels in Galapagos Island.   They  cannot even spare that piece of  the vast ocean from their insatiable lust  for money.   Chinese vessels have also been vacuuming marine life in West Philippine Sea, and have been seen on Tabuttaha Reef in the Philippines, one of the most protected sites in the world.  There are almost no fish in the Indian Ocean,  and even North Korea  had shot  dead 3 Chinese  fishermen that were seen  vacuuming North Korea’s  marine territories . No more squid for you Kim Jong Un.  China has gone so low that even their most protected ally and friend, North Korea ,  is taking shots at them.   The worst. 

So, I’m asking the Democratic Party…. just because , at the moment, the Republican Party sees itself as the party that ” bravely ” fights   the  untouchable, will you now act as protector of  this country , and  welcome this country, once again, with open arms, and ignore the unbridled  theft of anything this country can get hold of, just because   the enemy of my enemy is my ally and friend? 

Now about the title of this post.  

Don’t be surprised at what I’m about to  tell you. 

I’ve just given my 3rd donation to the Biden Campaign, and my parents have just received their PIONEER Ticket /sticker from the Biden Campaign, as well. I don’t need  to tell you what getting  a PIONEER ticket entails.  Suffice it to say,  legal  “individual contribution ” is at maximum.  

So,don’t come here and comment what a bad person I am , throwing my  principles out the window.  I   just want you to know that I truly believe   the fate of this planet now depends on who  the next President of the United States of America is.  It’s important what a President Biden  means to America and to the free world. 

Ooops !

I’m posting using the new stuff here on WordPress. I’m confused.