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How’s it goin’ , guys ?  [  …….. ]  After my  juicy, nasty , political post , it’s back to regular programming. Ugh !


So, what have I been doing these past few days ? Well, I just bought 2 books  , Fear by Woodward, and Unhinged by Omarosa.  ( will start reading  soon ……. this is going to be juicy.  ) I want to know what crap  His Excellency and his minions are doing at the White House..  Next, I’ll buy that one by Woolfe and Hillary Clinton’s . Then, this past weekend, we travelled to San Francisco to have fun at THE DUNGEON.  (  Google it if you don’t know what that is )  . No pics and videos are allowed  inside The Dungeon. ( except the promo pics shown below )






That was fun ! ! ! ! If  you’re in San Francisco, California  , check out the place .  It’s Holloween everyday in The Dungeon…..( the macabre is my thing, if you wanna know)



Guess who ????  Photo taken at the Japanese garden. Ha ha ha !

IMG_7156 (2)



IMG_7179 (4)


Above  photo  was taken at California’s Academy of Natural Sciences.

Below is the famous Lombard  St. in San Francisco.





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I thought I’d have a lot of unFollows  after my recent political rant.  Instead, 3, 351 ——-> 3,364  !  13 more followers ! Thanks !


However, I did get a comment that I thought was a bit offensive.  The commenter criticized , get this, not the content , but the way I write, ( it sucks ) spelling ( I need a Spellcheck , she says ) and, I struggle with punctuations. ……. Lady, I have 2 college  degrees, Cellular / Molecular Biology, Minor in Chemistry and Forensics Science ( actually, Forensics Biology ) . I’d rather be a good scientist than a writer who’s good at punctuations.  Okay, thanks.


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Favorite Quotes tag, an acknowledgement.





This is an  acknowledgement  of  The Finicky Cynic  ‘s  nomination of yours truly   in her  “Favorite Quotes ” tag.  Those in her list have been asked to write at least three of their favorite quotes . Although I don’t actually have favorite quotes, at least 3 immediately came to mind, and which I find very relevant at this point in American history.

a)  You get the government that you deserve.   I’m not talking  about the 35 % to 40% hardcore supporters  of this breathtakingly corrupt  ,amoral , treasonous , and criminal administration, nor those who  actually  found  , at most , an hour of their  precious  time  to vote for the other one, thank you……… here,  I’m pointing a finger at the rest, you know who you are , yes, YOU, the trying to be cool, hip, bandwagon, ignorant, stupid , effing  idiots. 


Take note … Hillary  Clinton worked  so hard on Universal health care , Medicare for All  , 22 years earlier than your Messiah! ! !  Clinton was reviled for that, didn’t you know ? And I couldn’t forgive that she was called a CUNT by one of the messiah’s speakers in public, on  stage, in the Messiah’s  presence, heard on national TV . [ By the way,  the Messiah’s campaign manager, Tad Devine, used to work with  criminal Paul Manafort, for the ousted Ukrainian president ,  both employed by the Ukrainian government.  Very enlightening.  I wonder how Sanders’  campaign managed to hack  the Democratic Party’s voter’s list during the Democratic Party’s primaries. …. had used the same Russian hack group? This Tad Devine earned a hefty  $10 M  for his work with  Sanders, while at the same time, asked poor supporters to contribute $ 27 each , touting himself as the candidate of the masses. …. then buying a 3rd house right after the primaries.   ] No wonder Bernie effing  Brothers and Sanders himself  have been , ohhhh,  so silent on this Russian collusion thing. They are part and parcel of it. Yeah, including Jill Stein. No wonder both Stein and Devine were in Mueler’s  list.  and yes,  Mueller’s team got to talk to these two. Am I spreading fake news ?  I read  about this a few months ago.  Of course, he effing denied it…. I guess Mueller didn’t bother to investigate him .  The stakes are bigger on the other side.



b)   A lie, told often enough , becomes the truth.  Who among you still believes  that former VP Al Gore said ” He INVENTED  the Internet ? ” 


c )  The enemies of democracy are indifference and cynicism.  (   Pres. Barack Obama , quoted  from his most recent speech )


This post is the  reason why I seldom talk about politics.  In politics, Dr. Jekyll , the amiable, sweet  me , turns into   Miss Hyde , the one who goes on a raging  rant and cannot control her anger and deep- seated resentment.


So, to redeem yourselves, get out of the basement, and vote for whoever is running against the Republicans.  This maybe   the most important and crucial election in your lifetime.


Vote and vote blue. The enablers must go ! 


PS.   I ‘m sure I’ll lose a lot of followers after this,  as expected.


PSS   May we all live in interesting  times. ( Bonus quote)


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Wednesday’s Musings




Hey, it’s been a while since my last post   ( Aug. 8, 2018 )  . I haven’t been reading blogs for  11 days now , either.  ( zero reading for at least 9 days …. I tally my readings, so I know. ) Well, I also have a list of  mundane tasks  to do before Fall comes, with only  7 /25 , done ) , went  to a wedding (  actually , I don’t know the couple…. I was  just  invited by a co-worker  to be his date,  eh…..  surprisingly, the bride is half-Filipina, half white…..and she was such a gorgeous bride ) , then attended an engagement party,  and a baby shower . We also went to  Monterey , California ( a 2 1/2 hour ride from my city )  to ogle at the fishes ,

IMG_7052 (2)



Oh,my gosh, that little boy in the photo !

Then, not to forget our 2x a month ladies night out with my  lab tech co-workers .



As you  can see…..   we ‘re as happy as a lark  at  2 AM , he he he !

I’ve also been translating   mangas from Spanish  / Italian to English (  I can’t wait  for the English translation direct from Japanese to English to be uploaded on the Internet. It’s taking forever, and I really want to read the full story NOW !)  Thanks, Google Translate .






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For my parting words,  I’d like to borrow @Brobubel’s ……




This is all for now. Thank you for reading, and peace.


VOTE ! !!   This is the only way.



DNA Technology and Crime




My previous post was about 23and Me , a DNA analysis   company that can give  a  client  info about where he / she comes from with 100% accuracy.  If you’re interested to know my ancestry, check it out  HERE.


Below is a photo of my father’s grandfather (  middle, left,  )   Hmmm,  nice moustache.





So, have you heard of the Golden State Night Stalker ?  He was a serial killer (  killed at least 16 ) , rapist ( about 45 )and burglar ( over a hundred burglaries ) who committed these crimes up and down California  and who remained at large since  his killing spree in the early 70’s,  up to the 80’s  . He was finally caught  in April , 2018  .  Although he had left  a pile of incriminating evidences at crime scenes ,  there was nothing from this pile that could lead them to the suspect.   Apparently, the suspect   knew how not to be caught because he was a cop.


How was he caught then ?  There was this police officer who got interested in  ancestry websites and figured he might be able to use them to compare the DNA of this person with others whose DNA profile are in the database of these websites ( like 23and ME and ) Unfortunately ( and fortunately for those who don’t want to share their profiles ) , (  database at 10 million ) and 23andMe ( 5 million ) do not allow sharing of  information (  good ! ) with authorities  unless there’s a court order.  However, there’ s an open sharing DNA website ( GEDMatch ,  with just 500,000 profiles in its database ) ) where a person who already has his /her DNA profile on hand can upload the info in the website to look for relatives or anyone whom they share a significant DNA with.  ( cheaper than 23and Me , I assume ) . Anyhow, said police officer  uploaded the ( then unknown )  suspect’s  DNA profile , and bingo ! ! ! , it has a match  in the company’s database. ( or several matches , I think )  They tried to pinpoint  several profiles that also match the age of the suspect, ( he is now 72 yo )   where they lived  at the time when crimes were committed, etc, etc. etc.  Then they zeroed in  on one , placed him on surveillance,  managed to get  something from him at a public place, and BAM !  , his DNA profile matched the profile of the suspect 100 % .


It ‘s great that a man who had committed heinous crimes (  16  killings , more than 40 rapes ) had finally been caught using DNA technology. But…. here’s the thing…….. my Forensics professor  is totally against mandatory  submission of  the population’s DNAs.  ( there was an attempt to make this mandatory for everyone ) and he is publicly speaking against it.   Why is that, you ask ?  Won’t this make it easy for law enforcement to catch criminals ?   Yes, it will,   but,   it will also  make it easy for  a bad man to commit a crime and pin it on someone else. All he has to do is get  something from ” you”  (  cigarette butts, used tissues from your trash can  , etc. )  and plant these  at the scene of crime……. and if you cannot give a solid alibi, like, you can prove you were   in  Timbuktu  when the crime was committed, then , heaven help you, you . are.  totally.  screwed.  By the way,  the government uses CODIS,  the government’s own database, but the DNA profiles contained  in  CODIS are  only those with criminal records.


” It is far  better that   10 guilty men go free than one innocent man be wrongly convicted. ”


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This is all for now.  Stay  cool, and peace.  Bye !




My Ancestry from 23andME






Have you heard of 23 and Me ? It is an Ancestry DNA testing company  that can tell you what regions in the world  your DNA came from. My brother ( for fun and out of curiosity ) used this company’s services (  for a fee of about $110 ) and learned  ancestral stuff  that we already know,  except one. DNA testing is fairly accurate ,  and this company takes pride in being    99.99 % accurate.  ( I hope it’s well-deserved ) Anyway,  my brother has not sent me  the email  with details of  his ancestry DNA results yet, but basically, the result says   we come from  South East Asia,  DUH !, (  Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia,)     and Europe ….. , though  we have more of Europe  ( Iberian, / Southern Europe  ) than Asia in our genes ..   What we ourselves know is, in fact,  even more accurate because we know exactly where our ancestors came from ( paternal side )….. my great , great grandfather Antonio ( my grandmother’s name was Antonia ) came from   Sta. Maria de la Nueva , Segovia, Spain. My grandmother even attended a reunion in Spain many  years ago.  As  per 23andMe’s geneology database, one’s ancestry can be traced as far back as 600 years ago with almost 100% accuracy.


What  surprised us most , actually, is a variant in my family’s DNA   that is common in   ….. drum roll…… Middle East, most particularly , in Palestine/Israel region.  The word that  23 & Me  used is , specifically, Jewish.   I guess this comes from   my mother’s side of the family,  and  we’re excited to know that what my mother’s   been telling us,(  as  we, her children,  listen with eye-rolling skepticism )  has been confirmed to be true , as per 23and Me’s  DNA analysis )  This is Mom’s   story…… ……. when she was a kid  , her grandmother used to tell her ( over and over, lest she forgets )  they had Jewish blood. Of course , it was  in Filipino language ,which was ” dugong Hudyo “.  Hudyo is Filipino for Jew, and dugo means blood.  It  was only a few years ago when my mother finally understood its  significance.


So, why were there Jews living in a small, rural town 300 km.  from the capital city of Manila ?  From our research, we learned that Spanish Jews  were either  forced  to convert to Catholicism  by the Spanish monarchy  or face persecution.  Some fled  ( Jewish Spanish soldiers ) and went to the Philippines  and settled far away from the prying eyes of  the government. My mother’s town was a Spanish military town ,with fortress, complete with cannons ,  to defend the area from Chinese pirates.   Also, there was also a high concentration of  Turkish Jews  in that small town.  My Mom  still remembers the Adads who lived right across from their house.  She had a humungous crush on one of  the Adad boys for a long time.  We also learned that  ” Adad ” is a common Turkish last name.




San Diego de Alcala fort in my mom’s town. (  Hmmm, not well – maintained )


I guess they finally converted to Catholicism at one point,  but saw to it generations of descendants were reminded of their heritage.   It was just recently when  my mother finally understood why they had to be told of their ancestry.  It didn’t make sense to an 8  year old kid then  . ( Her grandma died in 1964 )  It was so random.  I mean, where did that come from ?  Out of nowhere, out of the blue ? She didn’t even know what a Jew was .   This reminds me of an article about a Filipina girl having her hair done at a Lousianna  beauty salon when a blond, blue -eyed  woman approached her and asked if she was a Filipina .  When she said yes,  the woman’s eyes lit up and told her she had Filipino blood too. Her ancestors were Filipinos who settled in Saint Malo and Manila Village ,  Louisiana in the 1700’s .   (  they were sailors who deserted the Manila – Acapulco  galleon ships ) . They  pioneered the  dried shrimp industry  in Louiasiana.



We’re not sure though if the company’s database is accurate.  Does a particular  race have a variant unique only to that race ?  I did study DNA analysis  extensively at school and I can affirm with 100% certainty results are super accurate. However,   if the result of the test  is 99.97 % East Asian (  Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Taiwanese ) , but has a 0.10 %  of  DNA   originating from  Sub- Sahara , you can  consider yourself pure East Asian.  Here’s the thing….. my teacher in genetics told us all human beings have a certain percentage of African DNA in their genes. Current science tells us humanity’s origin  is Africa . That  is a fact, unless proven otherwise.


Whoa !  733 words now !   Gotta break this with  pics of yours truly in Spain.










This is all for now . Thank you for reading , and peace.


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Living it up…. LA Rose Café and a trip to Sta. Cruz, California


This is a record for me….. 12 days of  zero [ 0 ] blog reading.  And,  I can’t believe I have not seen , heard  nor  read any news about  that man living in the White House for 12 days, as well.   That’s amazing !  I’m sooo happy.


So , what have I been doing the past 12 days ?   Well, I went to Long Beach, California to visit my brother ( well, he insisted and paid for my plane fare…. otherwise , I wouldn’t go, he he ) …….that was on July 3 and 4, and came back home on the 5th at 10 AM, rested a bit at home, and went straight to work at 12 PM.  I thought I could swim at the beach , but it was cold, around 70 F ( ~ 22 C ) . Bro’s house is just a  15 minute walk from the beach. From Long Beach airport , we drove about an hour  to LA  to have lunch at LA Rose Café , an authentic Filipino restaurant  somewhere in East Hollywood.  This is my second time to eat there. My brother goes there at least 3 x a month so the owner , Lem, knows him already.  He’s a very friendly guy who talks to customers.  The area is a bit , well, ghetto-ish,  and the outside of the restaurant is kind of old and unpolished…. (  don’t judge a book by its cover, y’know ? ) but inside, it’s Old Manila  interior , with rattan chairs , chandeliers and elaborately designed mirrors, things one wouldn’t expect to see in that place.

Photo of LA Rose Cafe - Los Angeles, CA, United States

Photo of LA Rose Cafe - Los Angeles, CA, United States

Photo of LA Rose Cafe - Los Angeles, CA, United States

Photo of LA Rose Cafe - Los Angeles, CA, United States

Photo of LA Rose Cafe - Los Angeles, CA, United States

Photo of LA Rose Cafe - Los Angeles, CA, United States. They had a violinist playing filipino love songs

Photo of LA Rose Cafe - Los Angeles, CA, United States. cafe 3rd room

Photo of LA Rose Cafe - Los Angeles, CA, United States

Photo of LA Rose Cafe - Los Angeles, CA, United States

Photo of LA Rose Cafe - Los Angeles, CA, United States. The pianist

Photo of LA Rose Cafe - Los Angeles, CA, United States. Sunday brunch: live music mellow & soothing


Don’t think it’s pretentious to have live music  in this  Philippine restaurant.  It’s actually in their culture.  In the Philippines, some serenaders  are called combancheros , and they usually sing old  Spanish songs… * sings * Besame , besame mucho….. Good thing there’s no karaoke… thank God for small mercies, because Filipinos = karaoke.  I didn’t want to listen to some random guy singing, ” I , I who have nothing…” while I was eating grilled tocino, 2 sunny side ups and fried garlic rice.


Photo of LA Rose Cafe - Los Angeles, CA, United States. tocilog with easter eggs over easy... :P


My dessert of bread pudding was heavenly. oTNK9M05H


Lem, the owner , even gave us the secret ingredient for his pudding. They don’t use old , stale bread…. they use freshly baked croissant.  By the way, bread pudding is a staple in all bakeries in the Philippines.  ( for obvious reasons… all that old, unsold bread, y’know )  I always cook bread pudding from old bread. This time I’ll use croissant.  Oh, I know he has other secrets, ha ha !


So , am I promoting LA Rose Café ?  Yes, I guess so.  Filipino restaurants are few and far between, and most of them are cafeteria/carinderia style…. definitely the lowest in the totem pole of classic dining.  LA Rose Cafe has been existing for 35 years, and that says something about the place. ( By the way, it catered for the Grammy Awards 2x. )


This week, too, my co-workers and I went to Sta. Cruz, California for a 2 day R & R.  It’s a 3 hour drive from our city.  Tuesday and Wednesday, July 10 and 11. It’s a quaint, old  beach town . We had fun at the boardwalk and rode on one of the oldest rollercoaster ( called Big Dipper )  in the US ( circa 1926 ). It was a scary ride… sounded like it would fall apart at any moment ( while we were on it )


So what else did I  do the rest of the week ? I finished God of War 4 ! ! !   Holy mother of pink ! ! ! Woo ! That was an amazing game  …. insanely difficult, too.  The Valkyries… oh, goodness gracious !  I  posted about this video game on my manga/anime/video games blogsite @


This is all for now. Gonna start reading your blogs now…. bye, and see you on your blogs !







A Slice of Life




Hey, guys,  I’m sorry I haven’t been reading blogs these past few weeks.  Well, I have, but not that much..


Above is the number of blogs I read , everyday.  I’m weird, right ?  Well, that’s how I roll, he he.


Close up



I’ve been working 6 days a week. Two of  my lab- tech co-workers are on their  annual 2 – week vacation, so I have to take on their work on my off days.  The company has been extra busy this month ( which is a good thing ) , we are under – staffed, and I swear, I do the work of 3 people, which is a good thing, as well, because I’m well -compensated, thank goodness.  I just paid $2,000 for repair of our  broken air- conditioning unit. Folks, the temperature here is over 100 F, and 90 F inside the house without air-conditioning. Speaking of which,   I wake up at 5:30 AM  to beat the heat. I water the plants , especially the potted ones, and this chore takes about 2  hours .




That is one ugly backyard, but we do try to make it presentable . We need to buy some more flowering plants , I guess.  We focus more on the frontyard,and kind of neglect the backyard. I’ll try to make it nice …. after all, that’s where  I drink my  morning joe  and contemplate my role in the universe.



I did some tree pruning the other day.  Ah, I can’t do this anymore .. We need to hire some people to do this stuff.  The money we save is not worth the aggravation.  ( although I  do need the exercise…..  okay, so it’s worth it.  ~_~     )


Last time, I wrote that I was playing the video game God of War  4.  Well…… it’s insanely difficult. I try to play for at least an hour a day, right after work.  But an hour a day is not enough to kill even a  minor  boss. I did manage to slay a dragon ( and got a trophy ,Dragon Slayer… yay, me ) after so much strategizing and planning…. oh, and using the science of probability. Ha ha !  I mean,  don’t put down the controller and rest when your character dies. The statistical probability of defeating the enemy goes back to zero. Roll the dice over and over again… the probability that you’ll get it right goes up. Okay, so it also depends on the player’s skill.   * ponders  *     Oh, well, statistics is not an exact science, anyway.


I’m going to post a review of my lame playing skill   on my anime/manga/video games blogsite, hopefully, today. Check it out @


Okay, this is all for now.  Thank you for reading, folks, and peace !  Bye !