California wildfires… Please help.



I’m currently having a GoFundMe campaign as my birthday gift . Donations ( aka birthday gift to me ) go directly to American Red Cross, specifically for California Wildfires victims. The air here in my city is bad. I now see so many people wearing masks. We can even smell smoke in our house, especially at night and early morning. ( not to mention the smog ! ! )The affected area here is now as big as Iowa.  My target is at least $ 500…. funding ends on my birthday ( coming up very , very soon ) . To date,  I already have more than half  of my target.


Burnt out vehicles litter the roads of Paradise, CA.


I’ll continue with my mission, next time as Christmas gift to me.


I guess they don’t need blood for the victims ( also for  the LA mass shootings ). The last time I donated blood was for the Las Vegas mass shootings last year….


California, hang in there !


By the way, I’m not using WordPress…. the funding is on another media site.


Thank you for reading. Peace !


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Getting nasty, but I’m not apologizing.

00000003sitoshii_000cMelania Trump  officialy calls for firing of an assistant deputy national security adviser  Mira Ricardel.  This woman Ricardel  is an appointee of John Bolton, tRump’s national security top  hombre, a real scary man whose lifelong desire is to bomb a few chosen countries  to smithereens…. so I assume this woman’s psyche in in sync with Bolton’s.  In other words, I approve of Melania tRump’s calls for her ouster. But that’s not the point, isn’t it ?  I didn’t know a First Lady could do this kind of stuff. I mean, a former illegal worker  nude model is now  meddling in this nation’s national security ? ( Oh, Ren, Ren, please,  don’t be bitchy,  calling her a former nude model is uncalled for …..besides ,  you totally rooted for Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman )

Cartoon of a braying jackass.  Literally rolling on the floor laughing.  I mean, being a former illegal worker   nude model is not my point of contention.  Good for her.  She can be a former porn star for all I care.  It’s a success story, right ?

Thumbs Up Emoji | Symbols & EmoticonsBut, Madame , you can’t fire  public officials.  You have no right whatsoever  to interfere in this nation’s  security affairs.  .  Uh, uh.  Are you out of your mind ?  Oh, wait…..

Illustration of People Laughing loud

So, okay, here’s the thing….. Former First Lady Michelle Obama had been harshly  criticized for wearing a sleeveless dress at a formal official function. . Oh,  how unbecoming !   How unbefitting  of a First Lady !

I mean, First Ladies should not  bare their arms, right ?   That is so inappropriate.


So okay, let’s be fair to  Michelle Obama, because  I’m sure there’s a photo of Melania tRump baring her arms   somewhere on the Internet…. Lemme check…….

Found  it !  ……On second thought…. never mind….  I’m trying to make this as PG 13 as possible.

But, Ren , you’re disrespecting a woman, a wife , a mother ! I thought you were a bleeding heart liberal !  Well, duh ! !  I threw out respect for this brazenly corrupt, amoral, lying,  nasty,  dangerous,  burlesque family  regime out the window a long time ago.   Melania  tRump is part of this regime….. A regime of the ” Master race, don’t you ever forget it. ” ( as invoked by a Kansas City commissioner to a black city planner )


Oh, yes, I’m a nasty girl  .  And I’m not apologizing.  So,  do you hate me now ?


An Update :  I just read a comment.  It didn’t upset me….. I just thought  it  was, well, a lie that ”  he has been reading my blog for a long time, and it upsets him that  my blog has become nasty ,  to paraphrase  him,  and how I”m not  an American and don’t even live in the US .”  What the heck is that all about ?  ^___^  Oh, well.


A rant , not in English…. nice to be bi-lingual.



The United States of America is a nation divided……. divided between those whose minds and hearts reflect the beliefs and values (  if any) of the current president, and those who do not .


Lower House  is now under Democratic Party control . Thank goodness for small mercies.


Pero,  baka   mas  grabe  pa si  tRump  ngayon. Segurado ako mag- jurumentado  na  yan .   Ahhh,  buti na lang talo si Kim Davis, ( Booo !! ) yung tarantado at hipocrita  na nag -refuse magbigay ng marriage license sa gay couple.  Pero,  s’ya  mismo  4  beses na kasal .  Ay,  Dios  mio,  ang kapal  ! ! ! Sige,  punta ka na sa  kueba mo,  gaga , bobo, bruha  !  Tapos, yung  taga- Florida,  nag- boto ng sobra na racist.   Eh, kahit gusto n’yo  para ng California, ( may Hollywood Blvd. pa ?? He he ) , ‘di pwede, kasi   di kayo ” cool”. Kelan pa naging cool ang racists ? Aber ? Pero, siempre, hindi lahat, huh.  Big hugs and hearts  to blue Floridians. Malas  talaga,  ‘di ba ? Hu, hu,hu.  Pati Georgia, malas . Tsk !  Akala ko, medyo Okay na.  Wala rin. Sobra na Red.      Congrats sa Wisconsin.  Na- boot out n’yo si Scott Walker. ! Yey !

* sigh *  Pula  o  asul.. ( red or blue )   …..  Grabe.


Brown at  minority ,  nasa California ako. Suerte …. Walang duda , miserable and life namin kung kinuha ni  Papa yung trabaho sa Alabama, ha ha ha.  * shivers*


It’s nice to know another  language ( Philippine language ).  I can write,  unfiltered, every now and then.  I’m not being rude, though…. just trying to spare your  sensitive, refined feelings.  Ignorance is bliss, ‘di ba ???  He he…… I wonder if any non-Filipino can get the gist of  what I just wrote above. Hmm….  Let me know in the comment section.


Okay, ciao ! Babayooooo ! !


Oy, mga  pareho  na Otakus,  paki- basa naman yung blogsite ko sa        Wala akong  gana  mag-write dito kasi wala  naman na  bumabasa.  Sige na, ok.







Now a clear choice between heaven and hell on Nov. 6.




The United States of America is teetering  on the precipice  between safety and peace and  violence and hatred, led , encouraged and condoned by the president himself.


He once encouraged his supporters to beat up protesters at his rallies. ” Don’t worry”, he said, ” I’ll take care of the lawyers. ”   I hope he can also take care of  the lawyers of  his  supporter  who had attempted to assassinate at least 14 of his prominent critics , including 2 former Presidents, a Secretary of State, a former CIA director, a former Intelligence Chief, 2 senators,  one Congressman, a former Attorney General  and others .


Please, please, please  vote Blue on November 6.  The situation here in the US  is getting worse and dire. This is now a clear choice between good and evil.  Blue for sky and heaven, and Red for Hell .


Please find time to vote…. it’s just an hour out of your precious 8,760 hours in 2018.



Sorry for the long hiatus



Reasons why :


a) Read Fear by Bob Woodward…done ! Currently reading  Fire and Fury ( Inside the Trump Whie House) by Michael Wolff . Next is  Omarosa’s Unhinged.


b)  Vacuumed and shampooed the carpet.


c) Ironed a pile of clothes, bedsheets, pillowcases, etc.


d)  Mowed the lawn, frontyard and backyard


e)  Went to a 2 – day Rock Concert, with co-wokers, ( with production workers, not lab techs )








That’s me in the photo below……

IMG_7234 (1)

Observations  at the concert :


a) Almost  90 % of the males wore black shirts….


b)  Almost all in the concert  were white , jajaja,  and just a handful of Asians, (including yours truly ) … I didn’t see any African – Americans… well, except Slash.  I felt just a tad out of place , but then ,when one band member snapped at you-know – who,  the crowd went wild.   Yes ! !


That’s all. Ah, wait…  about the new US Supreme Court justice, Kavanaugh…. I’m done with politics… for now.  So dirty and tainted.


Still, you need to vote, okay ? … and vote Blue.


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What is on my mind today ? Rainbow Award




Hello, dear readers ! Good morning,  Magandang umaga. Buenos dias, Ohayogozaimasu, Bonjour, Bom dia, Joh-eun achou, God margon, Buongiorno, Zaoshang  hao, Shubh prabhaat, Selamat pagi, Sabah alkhyr,  Dzien dobry  Guten morgen !


Xena, (  for some reason, link fails, so here it is….   ) a good blogger friend , has nominated me for a Sunshine Award.  She only has one question her nominees have to respond to, i.e. , What’s on your mind today ?  I like  that.


I  woke up at 4 AM  today to read Bob Woodward’s  Fear.  It’s 6 AM right now, and I just finished reading  3 chapters of the book.




So what do I think of the book, so far ?  It’s expectedly cringe- worthy, but , to be honest,  everything  I have read, so far,  is just an affirmation of  things we already know.  I am afraid  I have become inured to all the shenanigans that are going on at the White House. I just want this to be over, so that the country can  start  restoring  respectability and dignity back to the Office of the President of the United States, rebuild the goodwill of all nations, and most importantly,  undo and repair the damage this presidency has inflicted on its citizens and government institutions.


There is no other  recourse but to vote, and to vote wisely.


This is what is on my mind today.


Thank you for reading, and peace.


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Saturday Musings



How’s it goin’ , guys ?  [  …….. ]  After my  juicy, nasty , political post , it’s back to regular programming. Ugh !


So, what have I been doing these past few days ? Well, I just bought 2 books  , Fear by Woodward, and Unhinged by Omarosa.  ( will start reading  soon ……. this is going to be juicy.  ) I want to know what crap  His Excellency and his minions are doing at the White House..  Next, I’ll buy that one by Woolfe and Hillary Clinton’s . Then, this past weekend, we travelled to San Francisco to have fun at THE DUNGEON.  (  Google it if you don’t know what that is )  . No pics and videos are allowed  inside The Dungeon. ( except the promo pics shown below )






That was fun ! ! ! ! If  you’re in San Francisco, California  , check out the place .  It’s Holloween everyday in The Dungeon…..( the macabre is my thing, if you wanna know)



Guess who ????  Photo taken at the Japanese garden. Ha ha ha !

IMG_7156 (2)



IMG_7179 (4)


Above  photo  was taken at California’s Academy of Natural Sciences.

Below is the famous Lombard  St. in San Francisco.





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I thought I’d have a lot of unFollows  after my recent political rant.  Instead, 3, 351 ——-> 3,364  !  13 more followers ! Thanks !


However, I did get a comment that I thought was a bit offensive.  The commenter criticized , get this, not the content , but the way I write, ( it sucks ) spelling ( I need a Spellcheck , she says ) and, I struggle with punctuations. ……. Lady, I have 2 college  degrees, Cellular / Molecular Biology, Minor in Chemistry and Forensics Science ( actually, Forensics Biology ) . I’d rather be a good scientist than a writer who’s good at punctuations.  Okay, thanks.


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