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Hi !

So, how’s it going, folks?

I just gave my last donation to the Biden campaign. I hope he wins. But if he doesn’t , I won’t feel depressed , unlike what I felt when Trump won in 2016. I wanted to jump off the cliff. If you think that ‘s just me being a drama queen, think again. Those who were seriously involved that time, what did you feel ? Yes, exactly.

If tRump wins, perhaps, this time, after venting my spleen and vomiting blood, I’m sure I’d feel fine .You see, I’m hoping ,with all my heart, that tRump will stay the course regarding his stance on Communist China. This is going to help the Philippines, my birth country, to withstand China’s blatant aggression on the Philippines’ territorial rights. I don’t want the Philippines to be renamed ChingChangChong, Province of China. “…”

” Ren, you’re so nasty. ” Huh ? I’m nasty? If that’s nasty, what do you think of a country forcibly taking another country’s territories, and killing its fishermen ? ”

There are things going on in the Philippines that I’m happy about. I cannot believe the country can just ignore vile president duterte ‘s treason and cowardice to go on and on unimpeded. After all, the Philippines had already taken out 2 presidents while they were still in power. One was forcibly banished to Hawaii, and one was impeached and jailed. These two ( Marcos and Estrada ) former presidents’ institutionalized corruption and thievery cannot compare with vile duterte’s outright treason. Selling off a country’s sovereignity is the worst.

That’s all I can say.

Oh, wait, while I’m at it……………being nasty, I mean.

There’s a guy who tells the girl he loves her and wants to marry her, and that he can’t live without her by his side. The girl says, ” I’m sorry, but my parents don’t like you and think you’re just a ne’er – do – well and good- for – nothing person. ” Then , the guy says, ” If you don’t marry me , I’ll kill myself right before your eyes. ” Then , he takes a gun and points it at his temple. The girl panics, and tells him, ” Okay, okay, please wait ! Don’t do anything. I need to ask my parents first. She leaves, then returns after a few minutes, and tells him nonchalantly, ” My parents said I’m a grown -up now, so I can watch a bloody scene. You may go ahead. ”

Heh, I know it’s a totally inappropriate joke. Go ahead, slap me.


I’m not feeling good about this election. To be honest, I don’t feel good about these mail -in votes, either. Over in Southern California, they discovered several suspicious drop boxes scattered all over SoCal. It’s obvious what will happen to those votes that have been dropped there. Trashed. If they can do this in California where Democrats are always a shoo-in, they can do this anywhere, especially in states where outcome can go either way. Tsk. What a mess. We’ll vote in person on Nov. 3. I’m sure they’re going to put in C-virus precautions. * sigh *

This is all for now. Stay safe. Wear a mask. Okay ? Bye.

Random thoughts, Unfiltered

My parents were contacted by relatives from the Philippines regarding a ?????? for President Movement that they’re putting out soon. The man is a close relative of my mother, so she’s quite excited. 2022 is election year in the Philippines but everyone knows that evil, foul-mouth, vile president Duterte and his cohorts are already pushing for his daughter’s presidential candidacy. These people do not have a bottomline . This also means her candidacy will be awashed with money coming from China. Duterte is brazenly selling off Philippine sovereignty to China. All of Asia knows that, but ,except for a few brave souls ( like my mother’s cousin ), who speak out about the evil that ‘s going on in the Philippines, the whole country is mute??? It’s incomprehensible and extremely troubling. How can that happen ? Are 110 million Filipinos blind, deaf , and mute ?

My parents are hopeful that’s not the case at all. People are starting to speak out, slowly and surely. My Mom’s cousin is one of the outspoken critics of this evil, butt – ugly president and his criticisms are starting to gain traction in the country. ….. [ To my Filipino readers.……..He’s the retired Supreme Court Justice who brought China-Philippine territorial dispute to the International Court at the Hague, won the case, and made China’s Nine Dash Line and occupation of some Philippine islands ( the Spratleys ) illegal. I’m sure you all have heard of him, ]

However, Mom has suggested they should unite first and present just one candidate. The current Vice-President is Leni Robredo who belongs to the opposition party. If she wants to run for President, then maybe Mom’s cousin can run as her Vice-President, or, because of his stature, she can give him a job that will repair the damage inflicted upon the country by this vile president, on international level.

They are now starting to raise funds for 1. his protection 2. candidacy . It’s too early to reveal how they’re going to raise funds.

It’s a pity we are American citizens. We don’t know the legality of donating funds to the campaign from Filipino-Americans and Filipinos residing overseas who are disgusted with foul mouth duterte. duterte is a huge embarassment to all Filipinos . And by the way, vile duterte is an example why having so many candidates running for president is not a good thing. Can you imagine what would happen if Bernie Sanders had decided to run as a third candidate ? ? Even a person with an IQ of 10 would know.

This is all for now. Stay safe. Don’t be a super spreader like you know who. Wear a mask. Bye.

My laptop is a goner…

It took me over a week to decide to buy a new one. My old computer is too corrupted. It even managed to kick out my Norton .

And dangit, I still don’t know how to use this new Wodpress.

And I haven’t transferred my photos from the old to here.

Besides that, I haven’t watched the news for over 2 weeks now. I want to clear and erase pollutants off my mind first. Politics is really getting nasty. ( although my recent posts have been quite harsh, too, not gonna deny it.

*stares off into the distance *

There’s something on my mind, though. But I want to clear my head first before I post about it. Think of it as the calm before the storm. He he

This is it for now.

Oh, wait, are we still on Pandemic mode ? I still wear a mask , at work , or anywhere I go. I see people wearing masks everywhere I go and that’s good. Business establishments also require people to wear masks , and that’s even better. Don’t lower your guard. The cold-flu season is just around the corner, and you do know the C-virus is somewhat similar to flu, right ? Even if I’m wrong, err on the side of caution, just the same. Stay safe.


Don’t be surprised…. RenxKyoko Uncensored


WordPress  had notified me of a spike in my viewership 2 or 3 times these past 2 months…. and the source of the spike are my “uncensored and unfiltered ” posts that question my  belief in the policy platform of the Democratic Party and my rants againts  the government of China, which I’m sure many of my ” progressive” readers find  discomfiting.  The enemy of my enemy is my friend, that’s the problem,  never mind that the ”  friend ”  has been violating freedom of the press and speech,  human rights,  brazen expansionism , ethnic  and cultural cleansing  in Tibet, Mongolia and the Uyghurs   minority  in China,   and destruction of  environment and wildlife. ( Not to mention organ harvesting going on in China )  Check out ,on my post,  BBC’s report on 267 Chinese fishing vessels in Galapagos Island.   They  cannot even spare that piece of  the vast ocean from their insatiable lust  for money.   Chinese vessels have also been vacuuming marine life in West Philippine Sea, and have been seen on Tabuttaha Reef in the Philippines, one of the most protected sites in the world.  There are almost no fish in the Indian Ocean,  and even North Korea  had shot  dead 3 Chinese  fishermen that were seen  vacuuming North Korea’s  marine territories . No more squid for you Kim Jong Un.  China has gone so low that even their most protected ally and friend, North Korea ,  is taking shots at them.   The worst. 

So, I’m asking the Democratic Party…. just because , at the moment, the Republican Party sees itself as the party that ” bravely ” fights   the  untouchable, will you now act as protector of  this country , and  welcome this country, once again, with open arms, and ignore the unbridled  theft of anything this country can get hold of, just because   the enemy of my enemy is my ally and friend? 

Now about the title of this post.  

Don’t be surprised at what I’m about to  tell you. 

I’ve just given my 3rd donation to the Biden Campaign, and my parents have just received their PIONEER Ticket /sticker from the Biden Campaign, as well. I don’t need  to tell you what getting  a PIONEER ticket entails.  Suffice it to say,  legal  “individual contribution ” is at maximum.  

So,don’t come here and comment what a bad person I am , throwing my  principles out the window.  I   just want you to know that I truly believe   the fate of this planet now depends on who  the next President of the United States of America is.  It’s important what a President Biden  means to America and to the free world. 

Ooops !

I’m posting using the new stuff here on WordPress. I’m confused.

Random thoughts, random photos, random memories

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I’ll be good  this time.   I’m not in the mood to rant and scream MURDER ! !




Hi  ! !



Going to show some random old photos.





Above ,with statues of Pres. Obama and Michelle in a  restaurant in the Philippines that is  full of odd decorations. ( Not shown  in the photo   are the huge statues of KingKong , Godzilla and Batman.





Man, I love that hat ! ! ( pic taken in Pisa, Italy)





I was rummaging thru thousands of photos in my file , and  got stoked, for the nth time,   when  I  saw     my 15 minutes of fame. …. I was on stage with Jason DeRulo, singing to me.   *  ah, this never gets old. *




I split the computer screen, and translate the manga I’m reading.  I spend so much time doing this.  Mangas  translated from Japanese into English are so slow in coming.  So, I go to Spanish and Italian websites. So, why not translate Japanese straight to English ?   Well, there are no Japanese characters in my computer.





I love crime/detective  books,  too…. so much so that I studied and got a degree in Forensics Biology.   That’s pretty hardcore , if I do say so myself.


As you can see from the photo above, my favorite crime author is Patricia Cornwell.










Had a glass or two  at this bar above  photo at  Boracay Island, Philippines.   Below photo is Boracay Island.  Pretty, isn’t it ?






I love the spiral staircase  , from the backgarden below to the covered rooftop of our house in the Philippines.




That’s my bedroom on the right, the one with sliding glass door. I wish I could transport our house, from the Philippines to the US.


Enough of random things.  I’ll be back for the serious stuff  next time.  Ackkk,  politics is so confusing.  I literally  have to choose  between the devil and the deep blue sea.


I might have to choose the devil.


But first,  I need to contemplate  what my role is in the universe.  That’s important.




Bye for now.


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What I think

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I think I’m living in the age of Voldemort  and Deatheaters.


It Is What It Is…..

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An incident in the Philippines, Aug.21, 2020.


The city government also found that the establishment is not approved by the Food and Drug Administration.


The beauty product  has in its label,  ”   Manufactured  for Elegant Beauty Products Inc.

 Address :  1st flr.. 707 Sto. Cristo St. , San Nicolas , Manila Province, P.R. China


Made in P.R.C   ( People’s Republic of China.) 


The label  brazenly says Manila is a province of China. 

Manila Mayor, Francisco Moreno , has called for the deportation of 2 Chinese nationals ( as undesirable aliens ) …….. they are two  of 5 owners that own the company (  the other  2  are  ” Filipinos ” with Chinese  last names, and one with Filipino   name , Lazada . )  They also found out that the  products have not been approved by the Philippines’ FDA ( Food and Drug Administration,} and immediately,  Manila’s Bureau of Permits closed 4 stalls  that sell these products  and closed and padlocked the building at the address indicated on the label.  ” I will write to the Bureau of Immigration to deport these Chinese nationals as undesirable aliens.”, the mayor said.



Chinese nationals and Filipino -Chinese are  notorious in  doing illegal and dishonest business in the Philippines. Fake products  from China.  ( In China, even Coke is being faked.)   Toxic food products.  ( Melamine in milk products , anyone ?} Sadly, and tragically,  they  can pass thru the  Bureau of Customs, the most corrupt agency in the Philippines.

Wait, let me tell you  a story…………..  My parents knew of a simple bodegero  (  a Customs employee who merely watched over stuff stored   at a Customs warehouse, called bodega. } ,but, from his measly government salary,   was able to own   3 SUVs and  a huuuge mansion.  In fact, we were invited for dinner at their  house when we were there on vacation.    In the house was an ugly, tacky , kind of  huge woody chandelier hanging from really high ceiling, and which I thought looked like the chandelier  at  Count Dracula’s castle.  That image of that chandelier  got stucked in my brain.


The Mrs. even bragged that  what she spent for curtains in her mansion was more than what she received from her lump sum retirement pension. Holy Molly !   He’s now deceased,  and unless he had confessed his sins  and  received the Last Sacraments before he bit the dust ,  I’m sure  where exactly he is now.   So corrupt.  Sorry, I digress


Moving on……..


Mayor Francisco Moreno is currently  the most dominant  political figure  in the Philippines, so I’m elated that he has finally conveyed  to his millions of constituents what he truly thinks about this grave situation  that is happening in the country ,  even mentioning the aggression  of  China in Philippine territorial seas in his Breaking News appearance on national TV, …..that is  in marked contrast to  President Rodrigo Duterte, who is  now clearly  seen as a coward, inutile ( how he actually describes himself when it comes to dealing with China ) and a lackey of  the Chinese Communist Party.  Because of his Build, Build, Build ambition, he is now owned by China. Debt, Debt, Debt.  He wants to surpass  the 75 -year achievements  of  past presidents  during his 6 -year term… he wants his Build, Build, Build programs  as monument to his greatness.  History will soon reveal that he buried the country with debt and sold off  the Philippines, literally, to a foreign country.  His remark ” Do you want the Philippines to be a territory of the US or a province of China. ? ”  That’s the origin of the Philippines, a province of China.  He’s now the laughing stock  of  Asia.  Filipinos smell treason. (   Idiotic question… the Philippines is the most pro-American country in the world. Take that with a grain of salt, but it’s a fact. I heard this on MSNBC…….. the  top 5 countries that love America. LOL   The notion of  the Philippine Armed Forces siding with China is laughable.  Take note :  In  early 2019 China sought  to lease 3 islands near  Subic Bay,  formerly the site  of the largest US naval base in the world. China said the lease would be used as tourist resorts.  *  snicker *    It was  vehemently rejected  and blocked by Philippine Armed Forces ,  saying that the country  should allow only  ”   close   Allies ” on   Subic Bay. .  What Filipinos do not know is that at least 100 US warships  every year still go to Subic.  So, instead,  it will be operated by an Australian -US  commercial venture.  To be honest,  I’m baffled by these developments. Duterte  sings the praises  of China openly but behind the scenes……. Philippine military and the US…….. you can speculate , of course.


Manila mayor Isko Moreno shares his personal life | The Bottomline ...


  • whisper *    I want Mayor Francisco Moreno  to run for President of the Philippines in 2022,  but…. * whisper *  I  pray  he’s not another Manchurian candidate.



Public surveys show that 77% of Filipinos want China to be held accountable for the spread of Covid, ” which has hammered the Philippine economy  more than its Southeast Asian neighbors and claimed thousands  of lives in the Philippines.  ”


I’m not stoking anti-something.  I just want readers to know what’s going on in some parts of the world. The news here in the US  are the  C-Virus and the coming 2020 election ,  24/7, and nothing else.  Even the nuclear-bomb -like blast in Lebanon didn’t make the grade.  Well, so okay, it was mentioned, but it sounded like an afterthought.   Americans should also be made aware  that’s what’s going on around the world will have a huge impact   on the planet’s future.


Do you guys know what happened in HongKong ? ? ?   My heart goes out to the people of HongKong.  But the world couldn’t do anything to help  HongKongers  because it is part of China.  The CCP  has taken over  HongKong.  It  has totally and  irrevocably lost its freedom ! ! !


Next is Taiwan.


And on-going…… the South China Sea, and all the territorial seas and sovereignity  of  the Philippines, Japan, Taiwan, Vietnam, Indonesia….  India, Brunei, Malaysia, the Himalayas,  are blatantly ,and brazenly being claimed by  Winnie the Pooh . China’s  Nine -Dash line encompasses almost 90 % of the whole area, running as far as 2,000 kilometers  from mainland China to within  a few  kilometers off Philippine coastline.





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Is All I’m Sayin’… Unfiltered

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Just to let you know, fellow environmentalists…….




Do you know what the problem of the  so-called “progressives ” is?  Just because tRump’s government is in a “cold war” situation with that country,   they  ignore  the danger and the aggressiveness of this country, nay, they  even defend the stance of this country  ( I’ve read their blogs but if you’re reading  this, you know who you are ) …. because the ENEMY OF MY ENEMY IS MY FRIEND.


In the Philippine seas, Filipino fishermen are being harassed by Chinese militia  vessels on Philippine waters…. last year, a Filipino fishing vessel was rammed by a Chinese vessel, and sailed away ,leaving the fishermen in the the waters and were saved by Vietnamese fishermen…. then , just 3 weeks ago, the Chinese  again rammed a Filipino fishing vessel,  causing the death of 14 fishermen.


Also , last year, Chinese vessels vacuumed West Philippine Sea of giant clams  ( the biggest clams in the world are found in the Philippines ) ,and a Chinese vessel was caught on Philippine waters , at Turtle Island  ( Apo Island )   with hundreds of turtles .


And , they have been seen near  Tubattaha Reef, a UNESCO Heritage site, and one of the most protected site in the world.


Please, please , check out this video.  And please click the other video, too. If the Chinese  can go as far as  South  America…….. Truly unconscionable…. if they have their way, they will decimate all the elephants in the world,  for their tusks.. they take advantage of African people’s poverty.



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Thank goodness , I’m a geek

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a9d9e67e28ebd7f44653c86cfd774ce4 (2)

I’m this close to being a nervous wreck…good thing I’m a geek .  Guess what, I can watch animes,  read mangas, and play video games…..   Happiness ! !  So, I go to Netflix,  choose an anime,  Japan Sinks 2020, and I’m like,  “Uhm…. Fine ! I like disaster and survival movies. “ The main characters are a family… the Mom  is a Filipina from the Philippines, Dad is Japanese and their 2 children. Spoiler  :   Japan does sink, and new map shows  Taiwan and the Philippines  are not in the map anymore.



That didn’t go well.


Okay, next in my relaxation  agenda——> Video games……….




I like a little bit of stealth in a game, but not all stealth ! !  Just a few minutes into the game and I’m already a nervous wreck …..  problem is, I don’t give up and I’m a completionist.



Oh, joy !  This is going to take a while…….


I do take a break from intense playing……


I read a manga…..  Shoujo….. Romance.  Woohoo !


So do you know where I got my Internet name  Ren x Kyoko  ?  From the manga  Skip Beat, which I’ve been reading since middle school.  Only one chapter comes out each month,  and currently,  it’s now 284 chapters. Do the math, ha ha ha ! It’s a slow burn romance ( and that’s an understatement ).  Ren gets to confess his love for Kyoko  at Chapter  279, just a few months ago.


I was like this in high school…………




my drawing2


Bahahahaha !


Chapter 149 above  is when Kyoko gets a peck on the cheek  from  Ren.      A peck on the cheek !  I almost fell off the chair when I saw that.  LOL !  Ah, sweet innocence.


Chapter 279,  Ren  kisses Kyoko’s hand after confessing.


I wonder at what chapter Ren x Kyoko kiss.


Lemme guess….. I’ll be sitting in my rocking chair, drinking hot cocoa, clacking my dentures,  watching over my grandkids……. and reading  Chapter 5000. That’s when they finally kiss.  * swoon *


Well, this is this and that is that.


Bye for now.


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Ren x Kyoko Uncensored

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2020 has been such a roller coaster ride for me, and I don’t know if this will get better in the next few months before 2020 ends.


I’m a card -carrying Democrat, contribute to election campaign, blah, blah… and hell will freeze over first before I vote for Voldemort  , with his bizarre behavior and pronouncements, blatant corruption , shameless nepotism,  stoking racial divisions,   insiduous destruction of American democracy and most importantly, his narcissism and total  lack of empathy.


Despite all these,  my family and I  are now having these   deep,  troubled and  conflicted feelings towards Democrat  Joe Biden.  I am not a single -issue voter… in fact , there are several  issues that Democrats  espouse that I  have long turned my back on , but I still vote Democrat, and will vote Democrat for years to come. The positives  just overwhelmingly  outweigh the negatives.  Oh, and one thing,  I can never join the party of White Supremacists.




I want to know Joe Biden’s foreign policy,  especially  on China and the CCP,  most particularly this effin’s country’s  aggressive, brazen, bullying ,  and hostile and belligerent   encroachment and take-over   and intrusion  on  nearby countries’ territories . Unfortunatey , the news here in the US , and the Democrats, especially those on the left of the spectrum,  have become too insular.  The American public are not given news about what’s going on around the world, goings -on that will affect them in the very, very near future, if they are not resolved  NOW !


I’m sure no American is  aware that  tensions  in the South China Sea between countries India, the Philippines, Indonesia,Vietnam,  Japan, Taiwan, Australia and New Zealand  , and the US  …… againts   China,  are escalating.   All   these countries ,including UK (  the Queen Elizabeth )  and France have already sent aircraft carriers  to South China Sea.  And of course,  US aircraft carriers Nimitz and Ronald Reagan  are already. there and are now joined by 2  B-52 bombers, while about 100 B-52′ s have been deployed to Guam.


Aren’t you guys even aware that WW3  is more likely going to start there ?


Google China’s   fucking Nine -dash line, if you don’t want to believe me..  It encompasses 90% of South China Sea,  from  Japan’s coastline, then , to the south ,up to  Indonesia, and even includes  the coastline of the Philippines.  Already, China has vaccumed  West Philippine Sea of  giant clams and 2 years ago,  a Chinese fishing vessel , with more than 300 turtles , most of them , more than 100 years old, was caught off  Turtle Island  ( Apo Island )in the Philippines …Oh, they so love turtle soup.  China wants to harvest marine life  at Tabuttaha Reef, a Philippine marine territory,  the most protected site in the world. …… Google Tabuttaha Reef, for your information. …..   Indonesia just signed an agreement with the Philippines to surveille  this area together to  protect this area from Chinese military and fishing vessels. Are there birds in China?


Before I forget…….


This  effin’  Tedros of WHO should resign . His credibilty is zero. Why is he still there ?    I applaud Trump’s decision not to contribute to effin’ WHO.


So , now you understand why I’m conflicted  about Joe Biden and the rest of the Democratic Party.  Maybe I’ll sit out this coming election, and not vote at all.  To vote for a candidate who will most likely wimp out is like me picking up a rock and hitting my head with it.


Do you hate me now?















The Reason for the previous post







Our next door neighbor, and us , are the only Asians in the neighborhood. Our Vietnamese neighbors are elderly couple.  Their car is in their garage, ours is on the driveway.


We have 2 suspects….. maybe some person who blames us Asians for the pandemic.


Another is my ex-boyfriend.  He did this before when I broke up with him about 2 years ago.  I suspect he went to my Facebook ……. and saw something that enraged him again.


I wrote several posts about this… I’ve NEVER  talked about my lovelife and relationships until it happened.  Cops in the neighborhood, our neighbors confronting him,  and restraining order.


We  even had to install a CCTV  at our house….. unfortunately, it was off  this time…. We thought  it was safe now.


Sigh.  Here we go again.



There’s a racist in all of us

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……… Some more than  others.


………. And it’s not all about skin color.  (  Although may I point out at least 85% belong to this category. )


………..Religion, ethnicity,   class hierarchy, race superiority


………..  Take your pick or choose your poison


……….. Upon reflection,  I have to acknowledge  there is a racist in me.





I don’t want to speak ill of the dead…. pero…..

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What are you talking about, Ren ?  Well, check out my previous post.   It’s still a hush-hush situation in  my family, but we did get to learn a few details, and I’m telling you, guys,  SLAMS  TABLE ! ! ! ——–>  FLIPS TABLE ! ! !———>  BURNS TABLE ! ! !   I get butterflies in my stomach every time I think of  his 6, 8 and 12 year old kids.   Don’t get me wrong..  I  feel extremely  sad that the husband of my cousin did not seek the help of his family before doing the incomprehensible deed.  Our closely – knit family would unite and help ,there was no doubt about that.  My mother said the Filipino ” AMOR PROPIO ”  culture was a big factor in his decision to commit suicide. He couldn’t face the shame.

What is this Filipino value Amor  Propio?


Simply… it means this  …..


Amor Propio or self – worth, self – esteem, pride ….. that  leads   to   ——->  HIYA  or shame.


This is all  for now.






I have a sad story to tell

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So my last post was in middle of April.  I’ve been doing a lot of stuff these days that I have not done for a long , long time , like, reading my guilty pleasures, ( mangas ….  Comics, Ren?  Why not a  good book , instead ? I know, I know…)   and playing  video games.  ( I have at least 7 unplayed games lined up )


Anyway,  about the title of this post…….


It’s not only sad.. it  is , in fact, shocking, shocking, shocking !


This happened to a close family relative in the Philippines… a young couple…. the wife is the daughter  of  my Mom’s first cousin.  I’m also very close to this couple.  They were at our family reunion middle of February when we were there on vacation.  I never thought that would the last time I’d see  her husband.


You see , the husband shot himself  this week,  ( Thursday AM, May 21 ) . He was just  40 years old,  with 3 young children, aged 12, 8 and 6.


So, what is the story behind this tragedy ?  To date,  we still don’t know.  It couldn’t have been financial ,  could it  ?  Here’s the thing… I’ll call him Rey. Rey  was an accountant , the top honcho of the accounting department of one of the biggest congromelate in Asia. He was also # 2 in national licensing  exam , so I’m sure that was the reason why he was made the top man in the accounting department , with a salary of Philipine peso , PhP 300,000 a month.  $ 6,000 in USD . But then, the average salary of a public school teacher  in the Philippines is ~ Php 20,000  ( USD 400 ) in cities, lower in the provinces and small towns.  So, the reason for the suicide was not a financial problem, right ? And even if, indeed it was, was it so overwhelming that he had decided his beautiful family was way  better off  without him?  His wife does not work, he has 3 very young kids, he has a house mortgage to pay, maybe a car (  his car is a 2019 Honda SUV )  school tuitions , etc.  But he had a freaking Php 300,000 a month salary ! ! They’re getting so much family support ( from wife’s side ) .. in fact, my cousin’s grandma ( my mom’s auntie ) gave them a 3 – floor condominium unit, and the only mortgage they pay  is a small  government housing loan that they used  for renovation. The house was a gift from grandma !  And that 2019 SUV with just a 10,000 mileage was sold to them by her uncle( Mom;s first cousin ) for mere $5,000. It was practically a give -away.  So, what was his problem  !! !! ! ! ! Why, Rey, why ?

By the way, during this covid lockdown in the Philippines, he worked at home.  Then , morning of Thursday, he left for an office meeting. He didn’t go , obviously. Instead, he went to Heritage memorial park ( a cemetery where Rey’s dad is buried ), the security guard let him in, he parked the car on the street near his dad’s graveyard, nobody knew what he did, maybe he said goodbye to his dad,  texted  Lexie , his 12 year old daughter, (  ” Take care of your brothers, ” ) then , according to the guard, he  heard a gunshot, found him in his car, dead, wearing a seatbelt, the gun on the passenger side, and a Bible and Rosary on his lap.






I can’t… I’m out of here.