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Fun Vacation in the Philippines, Part 5

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DUI ( Driving Under the Influence )

Oh, my Gosh ! Newsflash !

I just got back from Police HQ.  I got a call from my brother in law to pick him up somewhere at 2 AM.  My sister is in jail for DUI.  So we went there , and saw my sister crying like a baby.  Both my BIL and sister were drunk, but sis insisted on driving because BIL  had a DUI already.   BIL didn’t want my father to know what happened. Anyway, Sister will stay at the police headquarteres for 8 hours.  We will pick her up at 10 AM, today.   I couldn’t ask my BIL if my sister was handcuffed.  I’m sure she’d freak out  and maybe think her future is now ruined.  Ha ! May that be a lesson to her.

What an idiot couple !