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Philippine culture, part 2

Renxyoko Iglesias here, hello ! !


Here are some random Philippine habits, quirks, bits and pieces of culture and tradition that a tourist, like my friend @Ste J, may or may not encounter in the Philippines.

But before that, here’s something nice to watch.



Did you watch it ?  Of course,  I have to admit  there’s poverty all over, especially in urban areas ,  but Filipinos are consistently on the list of the happiest people on earth, despite the natural disasters that come their way,  year in and year out.(  off the chart typhoons, their current  president, earthquakes, volcano eruptions ….. Mt. Pinatubo’s eruption in 1991 was the biggest in the 20th century….. it caused the lowering of the earth’s temperature by at least 1 degree )  They say Filipinos eat disasters for breakfast, and no matter what happens, they just shrug them off. This is because of their ” Bahala na ”  attitude, which means, roughly, ” That’s the way it is, so live life to the fullest. ”  The exact translation is ” Whatever “, accompanied by shrugging of shoulders.  I’ve heard some Filipino friends say ” Bahala na si Batman. ” meaning, ” Whatever, Batman’s got my back. ”


In a crowd, Filipinos respond to ” Oy ! ! ”   ( Huh ? Who’s calling me ? )  Oy ! Comusta ! !  (  Hey, how are you ? ) However, Filipinos don’t say ” oy ” to older people.  That’s very disrespectful.


When Filipinos speak to older people, their language is interspersed with ” po  ”  or ” opo ” ( yes ).  It’s a sign of respect. However, the use of  po is nuanced.  Some people will not appreciate hearing ” po ” when, say,  a 25 year old person is speaking to a 30 year old woman . It’s like , ” Oh, noooooo !   She’s saying ” po” to me ! I’m getting olddddddd ! ! !”  Still…. it’s unimaginable for a Filipino to not say ” po ” to a …. okay, much older person. It’s okay, though,  for a 7- year old kid to say   ” po” to a 15 year old teenager ….. I think  ?


Filipinos are party animals…… and every Filipino household owns a karaoke. ( Videoke now ) We own a Magic Mic here at home, and my mother’s planning to update it to a videoke  soon. Yay ! ! I can now  sing my heart out . And yes,  Filipinos love fiestas!


Just like other Asians, Filipinos are big on honorifics.  I call my older sister ” Ate “,(pronounced Ah-teh,) meaning older sister, and my older brother,  Kuya (  pronounced Koo-yah, meaning , older brother ) .  Ate  Jennie,  Kuya Benjie, or just plain Ate and Kuya, unless one has other older siblings, then they have to add their names.


And this is where Filipinos differ from other Asians……… how they greet  each other.   Filipinos sometimes greet each other ( usually men ) by tossing their heads upwards. Oy, ‘  Pare,  comusta. ( ‘ Pare is short for Spanish word Compadre, meaning, pal/buddy), then a handshake, and a pat on the back.  Filipino women greet each other and relatives , male and female alike, with a hug and kiss on the cheek, sometimes, both cheeks. The term is beso- beso. Beso means kiss in Spanish, I think ?  Greetings are  boisterous. When we had a reunion in the Philippines, I think I hugged and kissed a hundred relatives and guests in one day. The kissing and hugging are repeated when they say  their goodbyes.    It is, indeed,  a touch culture. By the way, Filipinos greet their elders  by touching their elder’s hand to their foreheads, and saying, ” Mano po, Lola” ( grandma  or Lolo, grandpa) Mano means hand in Spanish.


Filipino Customs and Traditions(

Got the image from the Internet. Whoever owns this, please don’t sue me. T.T


They call Restrooms/toilets in the Philippines, CR. ( Comfort Room )  ” Excuse me, Miss, where’s the CR ?”  @ Ste J, remember this. ^___^


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Philippines…. For you, @Ste J

Hello !  Renxkyoko Iglesias here.


I’m sure you’re wondering who @Ste J is, and why exactly is he on my title ?  Well, Ste J is a Brit, a brilliant book reviewer,  and I consider him one of my  good Internet friends and buddies. Last month ( or maybe 3 posts ago ) he informed me he was planning to go to the Philippines….. and today,     I found out he had already booked a flight for  a Phil . vacation in April.  *waaaaaaa * I feel so guilty. What if something bad happened to him over there ?  I’m sure he’d never talk to me again, or worse, curse me and my ancestors..  ~_~  No, it’s going to be okay. The Philippine President is gross and hideous , not only in his physical appearance,  and  dirty,  inappropriate and  disgusting language……but more importantly, his character. Just don’t cross paths with him or any of his minions. Aaaargh. O_O

Below is a  12 minute video…’s worth wasting your time.




I’m sure Ste J is going to research about the country, or he has already done that. Now for the benefit of those who know nothing about the tiny country , the Philippines is in Southeast Asia ……. California is bigger in size, ( not in population ….  Claifornia has a population of 39 M, the Philippines, about 102 M, as of 2016 )   and though the country faces the Pacific Ocean, Philippine people are not Pacific Islanders. ( Otherwise,  Japan, and  Taiwan  can be considered  Pacific Islanders, as  well )


The Philippines is comprised of 7, 107 islands to 7, 641…. depending on the tides, now you see them , now you don’t.

Now for a bit of trivia and very, very short history….. 8 minutes of your life, wasted or not.


Though the Philippines population is huge ( for a small country ),  it’s surprising to know that only  1/4 of the land mass is inhabited.  Filipinos live in urban centers…. Metro-Manila alone has a population of  16 million……


This is all FOR NOW, folks….. the first of a series.  Thank you for reading.


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