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At school… break time…..
will go home at 7:20 PM
LOL ! ! ! 

4 AM thoughts

They;re gonna impose a tax on every song performed on the radio. and who’s gonna profit from this? Record companies…. PDiddy   gonna be happy…… more blings and additional RollsRoyce in his garage.  I guess we’ll hear more yakitiyak on the radio than songs being played.  @__@
The government gave NASA  $38 B to revive manned explorations of space.  It’s not relevant during these hard times. I’d rather these monies go to cancer research or music education for kids. I just found out that the middle school I went to had scrapped its orchestra. I feel very sad about this. I learned to play violin there for free, of course.  And I can play it well, if I may say so myself, . Now, kids will not be given this great opportunity anymore. It’s really sad.
@__@  Oh, it takes 120F to kill bedbugs ? What are bedbugs, anyway ? They sound gross.  I heard they’re thriving in New York slums . They say  they bite and suck blood . o_O"
Do you believe in this May 2012 "End of the World " prediction ?  @__@   If that’s true, I should then do things I haven’t done before or yet.  He he he ( blush )  
Ooooh, 5 more days to Chapter 164 of Skip Beat.  Ren, confess to Kyoko already !
I hope Meg Whitman doesn’t win as Governor, but I’m afraid she’s a shoo-in. Ah, another Republican. But I don’t care anymore. California is dominated by Democrats, and look what these idiots have done to our state.  Passing the budget is delayed , a staggerring 90 days late. California loses millions of dollars for everyday it’s delayed.  Ugh. I’m not in the mood to discuss politics at 4 o’clock in the morning.
Oh, my goodness. This " Space " will cease to exist by 2011. Apparently, Windows Live and are partners now, and , well, I’ve just received a reminder that this blogsite would be transferred to WordPress. Frankly, I hate changes. I prefer status quo. I mean, I’m comfortable here…….. I feel this place is more " private " , if you know what I mean. It’s silly to think that, of course. This humble blog of mine is " public", after all.  WordPress is a bigger enterprise, and, well, I happen not to  like that. I prefer to be in the company of a few people. I hate to be in a big crowd. …. Oh, well, I guess it can’t be helped. So, anyone who’s reading me ( Alex, phio-chan, kyoki-chan ), there will be changes here.
This is all for now. Uhm, see you at WordPress , then ? ( sad face ) Oh, I’m such a sentimental fool. Excuse me….. where’s the tissue ?………….
As ever, stay cool, and be good. Peace.Red roseRed heartRed lips

Ho-hum Day

( sigh ) What a ho-hum day………. not to mention that it was hot today… 101 F ! Two days ago, it was 113 F in LA.  But, thank goodness, it’s going to cool down starting tomorrow. I’m a cold weather girl.
( sigh again ) I’ll just post a video by the Script.
( perks up )  Six more days to chapter 164 of Skip Beat.
Here’s Ren of Skip Beat……….. " Ren, you’re the man ! "

Craigslist again !

We have another house that we are renting out. Last night , the tenant came over to hand in his 30 – day notice that he will move out next month. @_______@  Nooo ! ! We can’t afford that. It’s a financial disaster !  So, okay, there are actually two of them staying , and he says he’s the only one to move out, and his roommate Brian will try to look for another co-renter.  We know Brian can’t afford to pay the rent solo. It’s $ 1,550.00 a month.  Cody and Brian are cousins, but we’ll ask Brian if he needs help to look for a roommate. I’m thinking of my Ecology lab partner. He’s living alone in an apartment , and his apartment is far from our school. Our house is near the university, about 20 minutes. We always had university students renting the house. Cody and Brian are the only non- students we have had, so far. We never had problems looking for renters. The house is nice, 4 bedrooms, with a nice swimming pool ( with waterfall and slide ) , and 3 car garage. But, times are hard ……… and so, we’re a little nervous. No, my parents are not earning from that freakin’ house. $ 1550 is exactly how much we’re paying the bank, and more. We’re the ones paying for the pool’s monthly maintenance, garbage collection, and until recently, for water, too.  Well, he needs to advertise for a roommate or roommates. Otherwise, we’ll have that house listed on Craigslist , pronto ! ! We normally don’t have any problem looking for tenants. We have it listed one day….. within 24 hours, we get so many enquiries, and new tenants in less than a week.  The problem here is the timing. School started over a month ago.  I’m sure no more students are looking for living accomodations.  Aaargh. I hope I can convince my classmate to be the new roommate.

This is the music when main character takes the test. Me, too. It was on my head everytime I took  a test. I couldn’t shake it off. LOL

My computer wallpaper, etc

This is an image from Persona 3 FES…… the one and only wallpaper I ever had.

And here’s the ending theme song of this great video game. I think Persona 3 FES has the greatest soundtract ever.

I shed buckets of tears while listening to this song.  Kimi no Kiuko " Memories of You" …. Awww!


4 AM news

I’m listening to the 4 o’ clock morning news.  " There are 4 million more Republicans that voted the last election than ever before since 1991. "o_O         Anyway, I’ve been getting phone messages from my city’s Democratic Party friends to help again for California’s gubernatorial race.  Maybe I’ll help, maybe not. I’m busy. But  I don’t like Meg Whitman ( the ex CEO of eBay ), the Republican candidate, to win. She’s so anti – state employees .  My father is a state employee.  My only problem with the Democrats right now is the treacheries that happened within the Democratic Party itself during the Democratic Primaries between Obama and Hillary Clinton.  I still believe it was Hillary , not Obama, who should have been the Dems’ candidate during the last Presidential election. I was disgusted with brazen treachery among the Democrats.  And, I’m like "What, I am now a racist because I don’t like the black dude ? All I want is a woman president, and admit it, Hillary is so much more qualified than Obama ! " And the media ! And CNN and MSNBC ! They twisted everything that concerned Hillary. Obama was the darling of the media, and in their eyes, Obama could do no wrong. So now the Democrats have been losing elections right and left.  Good job, Democrats !
Anyway, I don’t know if I’d help. My email folder is being bombarded with emails from the Democratic Party.  See, during the last Primaries, I joined the Hillary campaign in our city. ….. my very first civic duty when I turned 18.  I worked the phones, calling people from west to east, from Texas to Ohio to New Jersey. Yegads ! I couldn’t believe the crap I heard from hostile  folks ! I was b*llshitted, cursed, yelled at, T.T, and all I could do was grin and bear it. And believe it or not, the nicer  ones were supposedly Republicans who were interested in Hillary Clinton.  I was also given the task of posting on forums ( plural is fora, by the way ) hostile to Hillary.  Holy Cow ! The vile I encountered there ! And to think these sites were supposedly " Democrat sites".  Well, I stopped being nice and polite and turned as nasty and vile as the rest of them, tit for tat, and almost got banned from posting on at least two sites. LOL !  Well, it was refreshing. It was so tiring being nice all the time, when all I wanted was to kick their asses, literally.  Seriously, you think I’m nice , and polite ? I’m nasty. Confession time ? I tell you, I don’t get angry. I get even.
Well ! It’s 6 AM. And forget what I just wrote above. …..that was just sleeplessness kicking in.  My class is at 12. I’ll try to sleep now. I can barely open my eyes. Good day.


It’s 3:40 AM…….. still up  but it’s okay coz  I’m studying for my Math exam……looks like it’s gonna be one of my  straight 24 hour no sleep episodes. …….I hope my Math score would be worth it.