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Our house in the Philippines

We’re definitely leaving tomorrow, Philippines or Bust.  Although the figures have changed again since this morning, my father has a feeling we’ll be able to board, otherwise we pay 50% one way right there at the ticket office.  Now that our departure is going definitely positive, I’m feeling a little bit excited. I do love to see our relatives and friends there. We leave the house at 3 PM.
Since I have nothing else to say, I’ll just post some pictures of our house in the Philippines.
See that oil painting on the wall. It’s a painting of a bamboo tree. We have a smaller size version of that painting here in the US, painted by our cousin. That big one is oil, the one that we have here stateside is water color. My father brought home two Anita Magsaysay Ho’s paintings here, but left one back home,per my aunt’s request. Ms. Ho’s paintings are even more pricy than my cousin’s. We had to leave those paintings behind when we immigrated here. It’s a miracle that our house had not been broken into or burglarized. There were several other pricy paintings on the walls .  Nobody lived in our house for 8 years , until my aunt who was working in Singapore retired and went to live in our house. Oh,there’s the quarter moon windows.
See that painting of a horse. That was painted by a cousin , in oil….he’s a very famous painter in the Philippines.
That door leads to the computer/library room and " family room" and the stairs going up the second floor…… and that’s  where we hangout coz they’re fully airconditioned. Oh, my, there’s that cat…. I really don’t like cats.
The view from my room upstairs, we call the veranda….not so good….all we can see are the roofs of our neighbors’ houses,he he
We really couldn’t tell our aunt that our small frontyard needed some serious makeover. The trees had grown taller and now cover the frontage. Apparently, she prefers wild and jungle-like.  The unique quarter moon windows cannot be seen anymore.
This is the main entrance door. Oh,my, I can see the wild plants in front. Geez.
Oh, yeah, there’s our water tank.The water in our subdivision is rationed…. well, it’s scheduled, like , 1 hr. in the AM and 1 hr in the evning . And we have to fill up the tank real quick before they turn off the taps.
Oh, well, I guess some things have changed now. Mom disapproves of the wild overgrown plants, but couldn’t tell my aunt. My aunt is the one living there anyway, so, well, whatever floats her boat.
Two bedrooms and a bathroom in the middle shown here,first floor.There are 2 bedrooms on the second floor, and 3 bathrooms total. We werent able to take pics of the family room at the back. There’s a sliding glass door there that leads to the back garden,which looks so much nicer than the frontyard. And that’s where we barbecue and hang -out.
Oh, yeah, there’s our old swing, ha ha. It’s still there. It’s at the side of our house,near the water tank. I had fond memories of that swing.
So, yeah, this is where we’ll be by Wednesday, US time. We’ll take newer pics when we get there. Maybe my aunt redecorated or whatnot, but dad said the front yard is still a jungle.Oh, well,we don[t live there anymore, anyway.
So, this is it. Tomorrow , we leave. Bye for now, and PEACE ! !

Pls accept my apology

We called Reservations this morning at 6. The load is 21 overbooked economy,with 17 available business class. Yesterday, we have decided to try today no matter what the load is, but then we were told also that tomorrow, economy is overbooked by only 2 ( yes, only 2 passenegers ) and available business class seats is 27. So, it makes sense that we instead go tomorrow …. at least we save on gasoline and dad doesn’t need to be absent from work 2 days in a row just in case we get bumped off  today.
Before I forget, to the person to whom these few words of apology  are intended for, in case you are reading me, I didn’t mean to swear. It was a shocked reaction, a shocked anger, if you will, so please forgive me. T.T
Okay… I guess this will be one of the last 2 blogs before I go on a 1-month hiatus. I intend to write another one tonight, although, seriously, what else can I talk about? Right now, I’m too numbed to think…. I  feel like a walking zombie . 
                      All our luggagges have been locked and they’re all at the door. I’ll just put in my toiletries in my hand-carried bag and we’re all ready to go tomorrow. This is my second vacation after 6 years, but I don’t feel any excitement at all. Not after what happened yesterday. But I’ll try to show some enthusiasm when I’m there. I owe it to my relatives and friends who are excited to see us again.
But seriously, what I feel right now, I find everything so irrelevant and so insignificant.


Love this song! U2 rules.
Do you know how to boil an egg ? Add some salt to the water to prevent eggs from cracking up. Then bring water to brisk boil,and let boil for 5 more minutes.
I feel bad that my favorite manga has been taken off MangaFox… Skip Beat. MangaFox voluntarily took  off a lot of mangas,including Bleach,Naruto, etc,due to alleged copyright infringement.  But do the mangakas know that they become popular because they are read free online worldwide ? Without such sites like MangaFox and OneManga, nobody would know about them,especially the ones that have not been published outside of Japan. Viz, the major publisher here in the US says they are losing money……. well, they are losing money because of the nation’s economic woes . Most avid readers of mangas also buy published mangas if available . I buy Skip Beat even if I can read it free online. These websites is like where I windowshop first before i buy what I like.  Goong is the next thing that I’ll buy. Good thing Korean mangakas and publishers are not complaining yet.
We’re leaving tomorrow Monday. I hope we don;t get bumped off the waiting list.
I don’t think it’s such a good idea to use my aunt’s computer in the Philippines to write a blog . I don’t want my aunt to check out my emails and my blog . Yeah, I know it’s public, and anyone can read but i don’t want my family and aunt to sniff into my stuff.  Good thing my aunt doesn’t use her computer much. She doesn’t even know how to email.  So, anyways, if we get lucky and we’re able to leave, that means , this would be my last blog until we get back here. That’s about a month from now.
Well, this is it for now.  Peace.




Okay, it’s a joke. Things like this only happen in movies and telenovelas, or novels. ^^" Geez.  But it’s a nasty joke. And, seriously, I don’t want anymore drama. I mean, really. What else will pile up on top of this ? I know there’s another one coming soon when I get to the Philippines. I can feel it . Later on, I will delete again what I just wrote here, that one in big, bold capital letters, because whatever prompted that outburst was just one plain, nasty,cruel joke.  Do you know cold ice crept from my head to my toes ? That was nasty. Never, ever make jokes like that. Please.

Tell me it’s a joke

Dear Lord, tell me it’s a joke ! ! You just can’t say this kind of stuff and not get this kind of reaction.That’s so unfair.

Go, Miley Cyrus, LOL


NoteNote Party in California, go see the Hollywood sign NoteNote

LOL Just couldn’t resist this.  What a happy song .  * dances happily * Woot !