I’m the shooting star

I’m not going to write about my travel woes.  I’m upset. Today, we sure are not leaving. I didn’t cancel my dental appointment,  I have one at 3 PM, then I work from 6 PM to close. Well, healthy teeth are important too. I need that for my killer smile. he he …… And, since Mom picked me up at work one hour early yesterday, I just lost $ 9.00 off my salary. Okay, that’s not much, but I’m poor, so every penny counts. I holler for a dollar ….Sad smile….. The point is, this waiting has wreaked havoc on my schedule……………… so, okay, I don’t have a schedule. ^^" I aimlessly just plod along. But, it’s still upsetting , literally. Last night I had a nasty stomach ache.  That was due to tension, I’m sure of that. I just slept it off. Sleepy smile
My aunt called again. I heard Mom complaining about my dad to my aunt. And he could hear it too. * Dad, you deserve that *
Mom just put in a bottle of wine, ranch dressing, parmesan cheese, and some other stuff in my luggage.  @___@   * Mom? Seriously ! Put that cheese in your luggage. I don’t want my clothes to smell of cheese ! *
I don’t actually call my parents mom and dad. I call them Mama and Papa. But when I talk or write about them to other people, they’re mom and dad. Mama and Papa seems icky.  And, I call my older sister Ate ( ah-teh ) and my older brother Kuya ( koo-yah ). I intend to keep this Asian tradition. My future kids shall call their older siblings  the same way, even if their last names are Smith or………… Kazinsky. ^^ I hope I’ll have a Spanish one for my married name.  aaargh. I’m thinking so way ahead of the future. I need to find a boyfriend first. I’m  Miss Zero. Smile with tongue out  Ooooh, I just read an article yesterday. It’s about 19 things not to ask a " single " girl.  Well, I don’t mind being asked those 19 questions, except the fact they’re mostly cliches and so boring.  The one that is most frequently asked of me is " you’re so cute, so why are you alone ? " @____@  Well, definitely it isn’t from lack of admirers. There’s always one in every class that I attend. @___@         I don’t know. Maybe I’m a zombie ? Embarrassed smile No, I don’t think so. If I had not deleted some of the blogs I wrote here, you’d know I could be crazily emo too. Too much drama , in fact.
(^____^)".  Problem is, the ones that I do like are literally  unreachable, like  Keanu Reeves . Sad smile And, ,… that one……. Wilted rose Well, that’s all water under the bridge now. As the cliche goes, the guy of my dreams will appear when I least expect it. I just hope he’s not like a shooting star that will just streak by past me and disappear. Smile
This is all for now. Have a lovely day . Sun Peace.Red rose

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