Chris Crocker and Shane Dawson

It’s 2:31 AM. @#$%^& ing caffeine.  I drank too much of it tonight. Well, I ve been catching up on Shane Dawson’s and Chris Crocker’s you tube stupidities. Shane Dawson’s I think has lost its charm. Everything’s gone old and dated. And Chris Crocker….. ah, what can I say ? Freaking psycho. I don’t think I’ll watch them again. But then, I said that too the last time I watched them.
I decided not to attend the party. To my regret. I chose Shane Dawson over a potentially fun night.  Bummer.  And to think I’ve been complaining about my pathetic social life, or lack thereof.  Each day, I don’t know if that is the day we leave. It seems everything has been put on hold.
LOL My day has been so boring writing about it made me feel sleepy.  Yay ! Well, I;m off to lalaland.
Goodnight or good day ! Be happy. Sleeping half-moonSunRed rose
Oh, before I go, here’s something  for those who are about to sleep too, Gosh, this song is ancient , but oh so sweet.  LMAO !  Allright, you can smack me for this, ha ha ha.  I discovered this searching for a goodnight song and this sounds the sweetest of them all.  ^________^  Geez, look at the time……it’s 3:43 AM !

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