I’m still here. I’m not saying anything. T.T
This is really getting ridiculous.
Oh, well. This is how the cookie crumbles.  ( ^__^ )"
Uhm, I’m thinking of what to write now.  I’m supposed to go to a party tonight. Eh. I don’t feel like going. I just want to lie down in bed and stare at the ceiling.  Mini mini,mini, mo….. Okay, maybe I’ll go. Who knows ? Maybe I’ll see the man of my dreams there, that knight in shining armor, my hero, my Adonis……. @_____@……. I highly doubt it. Most likely  just the usual suspects, my former high school classmates.  ( ^_^ )/   I doubt that Mike has suddenly turned into a hunk, or Jimmy into a hawtie from last week.    LOL !  Oh, wait, that waiter at Oz ! He’s got potential ! Now, what’s his name ? He was third year when I graduated from high school. I hope he gets invited again.  Anyways, how come we don’t get attracted to people we’ve known for ages ?  Well, Antonio  was cute, but he farted, and it was quite smelly too. Ralph liked to eat paper.  Richard was just plain nasty.  Now, Keith….. I had a crush on him . But he moved to another place. keith had the bluest eyes I’d ever seen, almost the color of my space here, aqua. And surprisingly, he had an American Indian blood.  @_@ And he was one of the top 10 when we graduated from elementary. Aaargh. No use talking about him. He’s gone.  Oh, well. I’m just reminiscing. ^^
I packed just 2 pairs of shorts. I don’t want to make my legs dinner to thousands of mosquitos in the Philippines.  When we got home from there, my legs and arms were full of mosquito bites, and it took almost a month before the black marks disappeared.  I also packed 2 boxes of Special K cereals. …. That’s breakfast.  I don’t know if they sell Kellog’s in the Philippines.  But I need my Special K.  Back to mosquitos…. how come the Phil is packed with mosquitos ? Is it because it’s a tropical country ? Are there mosquitos in Indonesia and malaysia ? Mom said there were no mosquitos in Singapore and Hongkong.  Seriously, the mosquitos bothered me when I was there. And the traffic too. It was unbelievable .  We could only go to one place in one day. The traffic took almost all of our available hours. And there were no crosswalks. Pedestrians just crossed streets anywhere they wanted to and it was just so dangerous. The drivers there were unbelievably rude and discourteous, too.  Our city here was voted as having the most courteous drivers in the US so it was rather a culture shock to us.  And the salesclerks at department stores were rude and weren’t very helpful. And they used heavy cosmetics, and their faces were so plastered with white powder, several layers lighter than their skin. They reminded me of  Japanese Noh actors and geishas.  No, I’m not dissing my own countrymen. I’m proud to be one of them.  These are just my observations. Filipinos should make some improvements in these areas that I mentioned, like the traffic. It was really hideous.  Oh, by the way, I also saw a lot of smokers. They smoked everywhere. @___@  But, I liked the food. The only thing that I didn’t like about the food that were being served there was the quantity. It was miniscule. Rice was the size of a golfball. I swear a golfball was even bigger. I mean, was that just half a cup ? Well, in a way, that’s good. No wonder Filipina women are so slim.  Here in the US, it’s like the battle of the bulge at every meal. Our relatives from the Philippines who came here to visit us were amazed at the amount of food we eat. We took them to several eat all you can restaurants and they were like @________@ ! ! A hundred different dishes, rows and rows of food.  Back home, they said, there are maybe just a little over a dozen, and more often than not, some dishes are not immediately refilled. And the small size soda containers here are already big size in the Philippines.  My cousins were shocked at the real big size cups here. hahaha.
Oh, my, I thought I had nothing to write. Turned out I had a lot to say. Well, folks, just you wait for my " observations " and experiences when I get there.   I hope it will be interesting.
Well, bye for now. Have a pleasant day, y’all. Sun Be happy .Red heart          

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  1. Posted by pHiO_cHaN on June 28, 2010 at 5:02 am

    aww, I see. well, I’ve been becoming the lunch and dinner of mosquitos around here ever since I moved. it’s super annoying, but at least I’ve used some kind of lotion to prevent them. yeah, it’s because we’re tropical, it seems.


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