dad doesn’t care

Mom and I are totally pissed off. It’s 3 PM right now, and dad is not calling. Mom called reservations, and statistically, we have a chance tonight.  Yes, it’s 40 overbooked, but business class ahs 41 available seats. Those that have been overbooked will be given an upgrade to business class. PAL is not stupid. They will not overbook unless there are seats available somewhere, and statistically, there’s always a 5 to 10 % no-show. But , DAD IS NOT CALLING. His cell phone is on message mode, and his office phone has been out of order since forever ! ! How can we leave ?  < pounding the bed > * tears up * stupid dad ! he doesn’t care. If we’re going to leave tonight, we should be leaving in an hour ! ! I came from work . I was supposed to work til 4 PM but mom picked me up. FOR WHAT !

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