Love this song! U2 rules.
Do you know how to boil an egg ? Add some salt to the water to prevent eggs from cracking up. Then bring water to brisk boil,and let boil for 5 more minutes.
I feel bad that my favorite manga has been taken off MangaFox… Skip Beat. MangaFox voluntarily took  off a lot of mangas,including Bleach,Naruto, etc,due to alleged copyright infringement.  But do the mangakas know that they become popular because they are read free online worldwide ? Without such sites like MangaFox and OneManga, nobody would know about them,especially the ones that have not been published outside of Japan. Viz, the major publisher here in the US says they are losing money……. well, they are losing money because of the nation’s economic woes . Most avid readers of mangas also buy published mangas if available . I buy Skip Beat even if I can read it free online. These websites is like where I windowshop first before i buy what I like.  Goong is the next thing that I’ll buy. Good thing Korean mangakas and publishers are not complaining yet.
We’re leaving tomorrow Monday. I hope we don;t get bumped off the waiting list.
I don’t think it’s such a good idea to use my aunt’s computer in the Philippines to write a blog . I don’t want my aunt to check out my emails and my blog . Yeah, I know it’s public, and anyone can read but i don’t want my family and aunt to sniff into my stuff.  Good thing my aunt doesn’t use her computer much. She doesn’t even know how to email.  So, anyways, if we get lucky and we’re able to leave, that means , this would be my last blog until we get back here. That’s about a month from now.
Well, this is it for now.  Peace.

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  1. My Fav. Song….


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