I’m dead meat… whew ! * sweat *

I’m dead meat. @_@  But at least it’s out of my system now, he he. I like the feeling . It’s cathartic.  Whew ! * sweat *
Hello ! < dances happily >
I just had my hair trimmed. And mom and I shopped at the Filipino store.  At the rate I’m going, that was eventful. LOL 
I fell asleep while writing a blog last night.  I didn’t get enough sleep the other day, just 2 hours at the most.  Uhm, yeah, mom is determined to start being serious about the trip starting Monday, no matter what the plane load is. We know it would be bloody, what with the 2 hour trip going to San Francisco airport. But we have to start trying, everyday, if that’s how it would be.
Wow. Really. Nothing beats honesty and frankness. And consequences be damned. But , I’m glad there are no dire consequences to be damned. I’m surprised I feel happy at the outcome. It’s like a closure to a drama, and it’s got a happy ending.  Oh, not the classic happy ending that we know ….  like happily ever after ?  Holy smokes, no ! That’s mentally and physically impossible. LOL  But, I feel really at ease now. Yeah, and elated too. So, Alex, if you’re reading this, Raphael is one happy fellow.
Oh, this is a nice song by Boys Like Girls. Taylor Swift is on duet with the guy, I wonder why she’s not on the video.
Well, this is all for now. ….. Okay, i know, I’ve been boring you guys to tears, but what can i do ? My life’s been temporarily on hold…….. but I promise to write more interesting blogs when i get to the Philippines. 
So, as ever, Peace. Muaaaah ! Red lipsRed heartRed roseSunRainbow

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