Pls accept my apology

We called Reservations this morning at 6. The load is 21 overbooked economy,with 17 available business class. Yesterday, we have decided to try today no matter what the load is, but then we were told also that tomorrow, economy is overbooked by only 2 ( yes, only 2 passenegers ) and available business class seats is 27. So, it makes sense that we instead go tomorrow …. at least we save on gasoline and dad doesn’t need to be absent from work 2 days in a row just in case we get bumped off  today.
Before I forget, to the person to whom these few words of apology  are intended for, in case you are reading me, I didn’t mean to swear. It was a shocked reaction, a shocked anger, if you will, so please forgive me. T.T
Okay… I guess this will be one of the last 2 blogs before I go on a 1-month hiatus. I intend to write another one tonight, although, seriously, what else can I talk about? Right now, I’m too numbed to think…. I  feel like a walking zombie . 
                      All our luggagges have been locked and they’re all at the door. I’ll just put in my toiletries in my hand-carried bag and we’re all ready to go tomorrow. This is my second vacation after 6 years, but I don’t feel any excitement at all. Not after what happened yesterday. But I’ll try to show some enthusiasm when I’m there. I owe it to my relatives and friends who are excited to see us again.
But seriously, what I feel right now, I find everything so irrelevant and so insignificant.

2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Kyoki on June 29, 2010 at 3:19 am

    That is great that you finally got booked and such. I hope you have a great vacation. I’m gonna miss your post even though I’m slow to read them. Gomenasai!!!! Don’t feel that way though! Everything is important! Even the small things! 😀


  2. Posted by renxkyoko on June 29, 2010 at 5:24 am

    Everything being insignificant & irrelevant at this moment, I mean that literally & figuratively. Kyoki-chan, my friend, you have no idea. T_T


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