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An Announcement fr Ren and Windows 10, What the heck ! !

Hello ! Renxkyoko Iglesias here.

No excuses.  I blog only when I feel like it.

So, I have finally  decided to have another blogsite that is devoted to animes, mangas, and video games, and maybe some movie reviews.  I’m sure you’re right now thinking, ” what the heck, Ren,  why make a new  one when you can’t even update your old one .”   The reason is demographics, my dear readers.  Out of  * looks at my current number of followers * about 1300 followers, only a handful share my love for animes, mangas, and video games. Who would be interested to know  that  a ) I played  Persona 3 FES  for an embarrassing 1,000 hours, ( not that I was the lamest player ever… I just made my character  and my allies , all 9 of them at 100 % strength ), and bawled my eyes out at the end of the game  b )  Kou  of Ao Haru Ride is a first class jerk and does not deserve Futaba’s love  c ) much as I love the anime  Inuyasha, I dislike the main character Inuyasha who is a wavering , two-timing scoundrel  and should have been dumped by Kagome  d)  Kimi ni Todoke’s live action adaptation of this popular manga is one of the  worst , ever …….  the acting of the actress who plays  Sawako,the main female character is unbelievably bad…… what was the director thinking ? e ) the anime adaptation of  the manga The Wallflower …. what can I say ? Did I just mention Kimi ni Todoke  live action was ONE of the worst ?  Well, the anime The Wallflower is THE worst.

So, that’s it. This is the kind of stuff   you’ll read on my new blogsite, if you’re interested.


I ‘m wondering……. may I know if anyone of you has a problem with Windows Update. Mine is currently Windows 8.1,  but my freaking computer is being forced to automatically update to Windows 10, and every time  it does, it fails , and it messes up my computer, BIG TIME ! !  I cannot log in, and , it seems the only solution is to REFRESH PC,  but then, it deletes some important files, like NORTON , my Internet security .  Then I contact  Norton  to put it back, Norton uninstalls McAfee, reinstalls Norton (  I pay $ 75 /year ),  Windows again updates (  the only options I have to log off are  1. Sleep  2. Update , then Shut Down 3. Update then Restart   ) , then, when I turn on the computer, I see ” Windows Update fails”, and , guess what, REFRESH  PC again,  Norton disappears, McAfee reappears, I contact Norton again. It feels like it’s a cat and mouse game. Do you know how many time I contacted Norton ? 4x , just this week. WTFudge, Windows ?  You, too, McAfee  ! !BOOOO ! !


I can’t stand this anymore. Somebody, please help .

* whispers *   I hope VP Joe Biden doesn’t do the  Ralph Nader thing, because that’s exactly what he ‘ ll become , if he decides to enter the Democratic Party’s Primary. Bernie Sanders’  progressive  left supporters are solidly behind him,  whereas Joe Biden will get a significant chunk off Hillary Clinton’s block of voters. Don’t think that I’m blindly following Hillary because she ‘s a woman, and I want a woman president , at least once in my lifetime. I ‘ve paid close attention to both sides, and at first, I thought it wouldn’t matter to me who got the nomination, I’d vote for a Democrat, anyway, but then, it hit me….  I do have some issues with Bernie Sanders’ policies. First, he’s long on   bombastic  declarations, but short on how he’s going to realistically implement them.  Don’t ask me what my issues are. I’m not going to tell , not yet, anyway.

Okay, this is all for now.

Oh, by the way,  believe it or not, I’m not done with my European tour yet…. and my Philippine vacation. What’s preventing me from writing about my travels   is that I’m having a hard time posting pictures. Travel posts without pictures ? Not gonna happen.


Bye for now.  And hey, thanks for reading.