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Such aggravation…. it doesn’t make sense.

Putin is destroying Ukraine with impunity. All he does is threaten the world with nuclear war, and that’s it. Everybody folds up. I understand it’s extremely risky and dangerous to call Putin’s bluff because this man is evil personified….. a madman of the first order…. a criminal. So, what can the world do? Sending water, food and nappies won’t help Ukranians win the war. They need the tools to block Russian advance … rocket launchers and advance military weaponry. But then, NATO doesn’t even want to stop importation of Russian oil and gas. I have no more words to describe the feelings I have right now.

But this quote from Churchill ( although not verified if he really said this) just about sums up nicely and clearly muddled thoughts that are swirling on my mind. By the way, this quote is from Lydia Ecklund’s website , , titled Putin’s Empty Peace negotiations. Thank you, Ms. Lydia.

Next is Taiwan, and the rest of Asia.