Hello ! Here I am again, Renxkyoko Iglesias,  thinking aloud.

Actually , my mind is blank, so I;ll just write      down anything that comes to mind …………      nothing new of course, coz if you’ve been reading my posts, you know they are  disorganized and kinda doped, lol.  So kindly bear with me, and let’s see where this goes.

So, I just read a manga ( Japanese comics for those who don’t know yet ) without reading the forum first. (  that’s to know   if it has a happy ending or a sad one, otherwise , I don’t read it). The genre was shojo/romance so I thought it was okay. Anyway, the story….. there’s this girl who has a boyfriend whom she knows is a player/playboy . She often sees him talking with a group of girls, and even more often with this one girl. ( At this point in the story, I wondered why she doesn’t confront him, instead of feeling and looking miserable the whole time ). So, it’s Feb. 14, and of course she has something to give to the guy, most probably homemade chocolates ( that’s what Japanese girls give to the guys they like ). There’s a scene there where the guy tells her to wait for him after school. And so, she waits and waits and waits, until she can’t wait anymore and she goes home.  While walking to the train station, she sees the guy with that girl entering a love hotel. She is shocked, cries like she has lost her mind ( Oh, God, I would , too, maybe , even worse, I’d go jump off a tall  buliding….. j/k ) , then  decides to wait for him at the train station where they always meet to go home.  Then she sees the guy ( it’s very late at night ) and yells, ” You cheated on me ! ! ” And the guy is like ” Whaaa? Who are you >” Then she hits him with a crowbar. She runs off. The guy is brought to the hospital, all bloodied, then the police come to ask questions, the guy tells them he doesn’t even know her but he’s sure she goes to the same school because of the uniform.  The last scene is a narration…… this poor girl is so obsessed with the guy that in her mind, he is her boyfriend, and her supposed relationship with him, all those interactions and  conversations she has had  with the guy,  are mere  products of her imagination and hallucinations. And the police don’t need to look for her anymore…. she kills herself.

I swear I looked like that after reading the story.  Oh God, I hate stories like this. Manga Fox should have changed the genre from shoujo/romance/school life to drama/psychological/TRAGEDY !  to warn us readers what we are about to read.

The main girl in that story is not a stalker. She’s very quiet, albeit lonely,  and if not for that tragic deed, she’s really a nice girl. Speaking of stalkers… has anyone of you ever been stalked?  Well, I haven’t, but I did get annoying text messages everyday from a classmate  that  really creeped me out.  What was even creepier was that we have never spoken to each other despite the fact he was in my Physics study group last year. I did get  “knowing ” glances from him all the time, and sometimes I would catch him staring at me. His texts started harmlessly enough. ” Hi ! How’s it going ? ” kind of thing.  Then they turned creepy to disturbing.

              ” I’ll be wearing a pink tie and a spandex to this dance. How’s your day?”

            ” I just saw a sack of potatoes on the street. It reminded me of you.”

         ” I had a nightmare last night, and you were in it. I don’t know why/”

       ” Happy POINTLESS Day.”

       ” You looked nice in that green shirt today. For some reason, you reminded me of a lawnmower.”

      ”  Would you like to study with me for 8 hours ?”   <——– ( I think this was the most disturbing, )

 I seriously believe he has the making of a psycho.  My friends told me to confront him, but I decided to just ignore him, and I think that was a good decision because nothing happened. Besides,  he didn’t frighten me. Ha ! I know karate !

Oh, by the way, do you know Sting’s ” Every Breath You Take” is a stalker’s song? For some reason, I cannot  insert a video from YouTube.  I love this song ! !  Oh, and also, my sister was stalked once and had to call the cops. The cops told my sister they couldn’t do anything about the stalker coz there “is no law againts staring”.

I wrote that I was gonna tell you what I got in my Bio and Chem tests…. uhm, B+ and B- , respectively. My Physics  was A.  I have to do something about my Chem…. reread , and restudy the chapters that I couldn’t understand.  It’s like Arithmetic. We cannot proceed to Division without mastering Addition, Subtraction and multiplication first.  Good thing I’m done with Math . I struggled too with Math , until I had some sort of an epiphany one fine day. And what was  that, you ask.  Well, it was when I finally understood the concept of  EQUALITY.   1=1…… 1=1 +0…… 1 = 2 -1…. E= mc2………………  I got an A in Calculus because of that. It’s all about equality, folks.   I guess I’m really boring you now, hahaha !

Do you pay attention to Top Searches, and what words and phrases found their way to your blogsite?  Well, I had ” Keanu Reeves is a homo ” o-O and , f*ck  your next door neighbor ! Waaahahah !  So, okay, I did write ” I ‘ll check out my next door neighbor”, but not F*CK  him ! WTH ! 

I worked for 7 hours at  BCBG  today. Business was slow though. Good thing there wasa couple of customers, the mother and her daughter from LA who is in our city visiting.  The mother bought stuff worth $ 1,200 for her daughter. I guess that was a treat . They saved me coz prior to that, I only sold $ 500 worth of stuff.  Ooooh, the daughter said I sort of looked like Eva Langoria.  I looked in the mirror right away…. uhm, I don’t think so. Maybe it was just my make up. Come to think of it, that was the second time someone said that.  Nope, I don’t think so. Just the same, it ‘s  nice to hear something flattering every now and then. (  After being likened to a sack of potatoes and a lawnmower, muahahah ! )

This is all for now.  Good day to all ! Be nice, be good, and PEACE !

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  1. Posted by kiko on October 22, 2011 at 12:25 pm



  2. Interesting article and enjoyed reading it….. 🙂


  3. Yep. I agree the manga should include Tragedy on it. The label under psychological is just fine. Its a case of Erotomania.

    About your question about stalking, I have known and met a male stalker but I haven’t known it yet until years later. I’m not the one that has been stalked. That guy stalks the girl I’m courting during a semester. The three of us are classmates that time. Before I found out about it, that guy texted me once in my phone introducing himself and asking if I am with her. I didn’t have a clue how did he got my number. Me, not having an idea about it, replied that I’m not with her. Then the funny part is that I just learned that the guy is a stalker 4 years later. Knowing that person, it seems that his kind of personality somehow affects his inclination to that behavior.


    • Erotomania ? This is the first time I’ve heard of this.

      About that stalker/classmate of yours…. what was his personality that made him a stalker ? Quiet? My classmate was quiet too… didn’t talk much, but he was our top Physics student. My study group who were unaware of his behavior were very happy he was in our group. Aaaargh. I couldn’t tell them he was a creep.


      • Hmmm… He seems to be quiet but I think he can be specifically described as unaffectionate not just with the girls. About the stalkers generally, I think they don’t express their feelings well, they lack confidence with themselves, or they fear rejection. There’s a big possibility that they come from unaffectionate family. I think they are just satisfied with just seeing or interacting with the person she’s pursuing. But seriously, I pity them. I kinda feel their pain. They don’t see that there’s something wrong with them. That’s why sometimes, you need to slap them in the face (not literally) so that they could be aware of their behaviors.


        • The guy text stalker was our top Physics classmate. Aced all the tests, and he was pleasant-looking enough, so I don’t understand why he behaved that way. Maybe he was a sadist and enjoyed making people uncomfortable ? A social psychopath ? Who knows?


          • Your classmate seems to have an imbalance between his intellect and emotions. But I can’t really tell that he is a social psychopath. Sort of distorted but not that really extreme. He might have the traits of being a savant (like Dustin Hoffman in Rain Man).

            A stalker can be described but not really exactly attributed as torpe. But when it comes to friendliness and being affectionate, I think they are low on those aspects.


            • He is like a cruel 6 year old boy who loves to torment little girls, that’s what I think. Reminds me of this story of a 7 year old who always teased and tormented his girl classmate… FUGLY,FUGLY ! GO DIE ! ! The little girl was traumatized, was transferred to a different school, grew up to be a beuatiful girl,…….. then , in college , they met again, the boy who was now a handsome young man didn’t recognize her, fell in love with her. Now, all the while, the girl was planning her revenge, made herself the best girl friend, then when he proposed to marry her, she unceremoniously dumped him, but before she did, she told him why. Brilliant! LOL …. Oh, I digress . LOL

              What;s torpe?

  4. hahaha! There is no law against staring.. haha…
    but I agree… I also love that song…


    • I love that song ! Sting said he was quite amused people thought it was such a beautiful LOVE song. Not to burst your bubble, but he was thinking of a stalker when he composed that song, Sting said.


  5. Posted by The Undreamt Terrain on October 22, 2011 at 3:12 pm

    hahaha… gosh the manga was indeed “terrible” I must say..!!
    and the poor dude was better at making analogies then flattering girls… maybe he needs some crash course in that… 🙂
    and after reading your post I just looked at the words and phrases that redirect to my blog… and some are indeed hilarious, soon I’ll be writing about it too 🙂


    • Oh, gosh, yeah ! ! I was like, @___@ —> ~.~ —-> >.< What the heck did I just read !

      LOL ! ! I hope the analogies aren't spot on ! ! It's so mortifying to know I've been likened to a sack of potatoes and a lawnmower ! ! ! The guy deserved a double smack ! How dare ! Ahahaha !


  6. I am old enough to remember the controversy that erupted when that song first came out. It is way a stalker song.
    Good job on your tests. I know that I always strive for an A. I don’t always get one but you did your best and did well. As for math, yes you discovered the universal secret about math. It is all about equality. congratulations.
    is the manga you read in English? just curious, as I recall you also read in several languages.
    As usual I have enjoyed the window into your life. Keep up the good work


    • I know right ? It would have been such a romantic song if the real meaning wasn’t so perverted, lol.

      Oh, no, no, Lee Devine ….. the mangas I read have all been translated into English. It’s just that releases of the chapters of stories that I follow are way too slow that I always attempt to look at the raws ( the ones in their original language ), and use Google translate ( which is useless and inutile ), and just try to imagine what ‘s going on by looking at the pictures.


  7. Congratulations on your grades smart chick. I love your pics …


  8. I used to live at an apartment complex and one of my neighbors left anonymous notes on my car saying how he’d seen me and wanted to talk to me, but was too shy. It was rather unsettling since he talked about how he could have approached me plenty of times. It made me feel watched and I didn’t know who he was. I did figure it out and tried to avoid him…so then he tried to “bump into” me if we were both outside. I know he was shy, but that wasn’t the right way to go about it!


    • That would scare me ! ! ” Bump into you”, literally? Or is that a figure of speech? Some people would think things like these are nothing, and we’re just over-reacting, but it ‘s really disturbing ! ! They just don’t know how it feels ! Ugh !


  9. hmm, that was a tragic story…too bad the girl got so obsessed with the guy,too much imagination is not really good, I guess.

    and those are weird messages that you’re getting – seeing a sack of potatoes would remind him of you? oh my…what planet is he from? you be careful dear…



    • Oh, yes. At first I thought I was reading a typical Japanese romance where the main guy is a player/playboy. It;s cliche in this genre. But I wondered how come she doesn’t confront him, or break – up, even. It’s only at the end of the story that the reader finds out everything , from beginning to end , is unreal. It’s all in her imagination.

      Oh, yeah, that guy is definitely a creeper. Good thing I don’t see him anymore. Which is weird actually coz his building is just right across from mine.

      Cheers !


  10. Oh! What a tragic story.. All is just her imagination. Does it really happen? Oh my!


    • I know, right ? “Does it really happen?” Ha ! That’s what the story is all about ! The ending did catch me by surprise. I didn’t even see it coming. All throughout the story, it never gave a hint that all wasn’t well with the girl. She was actually so nice and sweet. So that made the story so sad and tragic.


  11. “Hey There Delilah” by Plain White T’s (I’m almost positive that’s the song title and band) which was huge a few years ago is a stalker song. The singer knew some girl named Delilah at a gym or something and he really liked her but she turned him down. Then he wrote the song and it became huge. She didn’t leave her boyfriend for the singer which is amazing. I’d date anyone who wrote a hit song about me. Even if it were Sting.


    • I know that song ! But it’s got such sweet and loving lyrics, not stalkerish at all ! Did the composer say it was a stalker song? You know, Sting composed the song, and he said it was a stalker song… he said it himself.

      If I were a guy, I wouldn’t date a girl named Delilah, unless my name was Samson, hehehe. And I wouldn’t mind being stalked by Sting. Ha ha ha j/k


      • Oh yeah the singer admitted that it’s a stalker song. Maybe not using those words, but the girl and him were never really friends and barely talked. Sounds a little stalkerish if you ask me 🙂

        At his age, Sting might have to start stalking people. I doubt he can hit the notes to Roxanne anymore. You’d have to be careful calling 911 though because he’s all right a member of The Police teehee


        • Or maybe he’s just desperately in love ? When I was in HS, I wrote this about my crush… I adore the soil you walk on, I love everything that you touch, the air you breath……..Aaargh ! ! I stalked him on my mind.

          I know. He’s already grandaddyish. The Rolling Stones are still rocking though, at their age, that’s quite amazing.

          Sting and the Police split up coz Sting was being such a douche . The members hated him.


  12. Are those your sketches? Those are really cool!

    I always suspected that was a stalker song. Thanks for confirming it. I’ve been meaning to Google it, but now I don’t have to.

    And you do resemble Eva Longoria if that’s your actual picture on the blog. Don’t worry. I’m a 43-year-old married woman with an 8-year-old, so I promise not to stalk you.


    • Oh, no, no. Those were from the comics. lol

      Yes, the lyrics are definitely what a stalker would do. ” Every breath you take…… I’ll be watching you.” In fact, for a long time, I thought the title of the song was I’ll Be Watching You.

      I do? Awww ! Thank you. But I don’t see any resemblance at all. Eva Langoria would be horrified if she got to read this, lol.


  13. I just saw this on the list of search engine terms that lead people to my blog: nude+rovilson+fernandez+marc+nelson+2011


    Apparently, people looking for nude photos of Mark Nelson and Rovilson Fernandez also discover my blog. Well if it increases my blog hits, I say keep searching people! :p

    The Internet’s weird. @_@


    • Mine yesterday was Ren and Kyoko porn , and male neighbor, and 2 or 3 more I can’t recall at the moment.

      Oh, right ! Keep ’em comin’ ! Maybe I’ll put in a few more dirty words coz I notice they’re quite popular, lol.



  14. nice one……


  15. ahaha, may hawig naman,ren….hey, thanks for dropping by my site. 🙂


  16. I know the about your sister! That’s how you know someone has been reading your blog for a while. HAHA.

    The manga seems… kinda good. If you like graphic novels (or manga for Japanese version), I suggest checking out “The Walking Dead” it’s now a great TV show, but the graphic novel is a NYT best seller and pretty good.


    • Hey, DP, is that on cable or on regular network? I watch random shows , mostly crime stories, and CNN nowadays, but that one sounds interesting. I love horror shows ! ! And there are a lot now on cable . It’s this time of the year, you know.


  17. Posted by Rob. on October 24, 2011 at 6:30 pm

    ” I just saw a sack of potatoes on the street. It reminded me of you.” was my favourite.


  18. Posted by Zoë on October 24, 2011 at 11:36 pm

    You crack me up. I love this ramble – it’s a little peek into your life which seems busy and interesting 🙂
    That Mango story sucked. I’ve never read one tho… Sounds familiar but I don’t know why.
    I get texts once in a great while from a kid who used to work under me at a retail home improvement warehouse and they are so random it almost pissed me off! Like… “don’t use Bic disposable razors…I just cut myself with one” ?? WTH?
    🙂 Keep writing, even if it’s just what comes to mind – I enjoy it!!


    • Ahahah ! hey, thanks ! I ‘m so glad my blabbering entertained you guys ! LOL

      I know, right ? The horrible ending…. ugh, I didn’t see it coming ! ! There was no hint whatsoever that she was a total whacko…. from beginning to almost end, I sympathized with her, having a BF who’s a shameless player…. it was depressing enough even without that last part ! ! After reading, I was like, WTF just happened, Nooooo ! ! LOL


  19. Hey there

    You visited my humble and newly created blog, so I thought I’d grace your blog with my presence. Ha – I joke.

    Was well worth the read. Not least because now I know a bit about what happens in a magna comic – I knew what they were, but have never read one, and now I’ll read one, I’ll be prepared for the strangeness that will occur!

    Your post reminded me of one of the stalkers I had back in 2008. This was the most serious stalker. I can’t say too much about it, but I’ll reveal the main parts…

    I was in the first job since graduating from my Under Grad degree (Bachelor Hons), and began full time work in a job that my degree specialised in. I had to work along side this girl, and she seemed a bit strange to begin with; I couldn’t put my finger on it though.

    Anyway, as we got to know eachother she mentioned in a passing comment that she knew my birthday. I thought no big deal, somebody must have told her – It’s an office environment, information gets passed around. Then she began to brag that she knew more than that about me. Where I live, where and what I studied. She revealed personal things about me.

    Obviously, I was angry and confused. I had to question her so much to find out. Turns out, she knew somebody who worked at the university where I just graduated from. He must have been an administrator or something.

    Why did he give her my info? No idea.
    Why did she reveal to me that she had my info? No idea.

    Consequence? Grievance was raised at work and she was fired. It was a horrible episode that lasted a few days. I actually still feel slightly vulnerable, but as the proper process was followed (E.g raising a grievance via senior management), I feel better.

    I do feel annoyed however that somebody in a position like that will pass out another persons information. Also I feel angry that management at my company did not want to pursue with the university to find out who this administrator (possibly) was. She (the stalker) would not give up his identity.

    Anyway, I think I wrote more here than on my first blog post!

    And to think, I only came to say hello and return the favour of commenting on my first blog. I guess that’s an indication that I enjoyed your post and that it provoked this much thought from me? It’s actually 2am. I’ve been on the laptop since midnight, was working on my freelance project. I’ve got to get up for a 9am lecture….oh Yeah. I’m gonna pay for this in the morning.



    • I guess my post made you remember something similar that happened to you.

      So what happened to the person who had your private info? I hope she doesn’t take revenge on you and go postal, hahaha !

      Oh, I know, right ? Your comment here is so much longer than your blog, LOL. I appreciate that !

      Cheers !


      • Woah. That really was an essay. I just about survived today.

        Not sure what she’s doing now. A few of my friends don’t know about this, so they’re ‘friends’ with her through FB etc. That’s why my location is #Undisclosed for now 🙂

        If she goes postal…I’ma make her read that magna comic you read haha ! >.<



        • Let some time pass before you diclose where you are, “hell hath no fury like a woman scorned” or something like that, you know. And be sure she’s got a new job, lol. I’ve been watching crime stories, and women can be as nasty as men. (~.~)


  20. Posted by REBECCA DAWN on October 25, 2011 at 2:56 am

    I dont know if its sad or not but when I read the part where you wrote ” this poor girl is so obsessed with the guy that in her mind, he is her boyfriend, and her supposed relationship with him, all those interactions and conversations she has had with the guy, are mere products of her imagination and hallucinations.” it almost sounded familar.
    I was a little obsessive too, in highschool. I laughed when I read that part. But I got over it.


    • Being obssessive is a phase, I think. I had been obssessive too at one point in HS. I had a crush on this guy for 3 years, I was like, OMG !!! OUR EYES MET !!!! I kind of stalked him, just a bit, but just a bit, okay ? Ahahaha ! It was okay just to look at him from afar. Hmmm, maybe I’ll write about that next time.


  21. Posted by Becoming Bitter on October 25, 2011 at 3:00 am

    A girl who enjoys mangas is a girl who is my friend. None of my friends really read manga. Well now I have you. Here’s Bitter giving you a bitter hug!


    • lol ! Yeah ! Birds of the same feather flocking together and all that. I started reading mangas just 4 years ago, so I actually consider myself a newbie. My first mangas were Berserk and Claymore. But I think I’ve been watching Japanese animes earlier than that….. except I didn’t know they were animes…… tho I did notice they were different from Disney toons. Oh, we also have the anime version of Berserk and Claymore.

      Hey, check out my collection of manga ( picture) on my post, ” I’M FEELING CHATTY TODAY “.

      Cheers !


      • Posted by Becoming Bitter on October 26, 2011 at 9:55 pm

        I feeling depressed today 😦

        Why won’t negative vibes leave me alone and on top of that
        some loser keeps bothering me about my blog.

        Loser: “Your blog is disappointing and I thought I would learn something”

        My mental response: IT IS A HUMOR BLOG RETARDO! This is not a philosophy blog. It’s my place to rant or rave or to make fun of things.

        Of course I’m gonna check out your collection of manga… you don’t even need to ask!


        • OBLIVIATE ! ! !

          There. Negative vibes gone. Feeling better now ?

          Hey, you can just delete his comments, right ? Don’t even read them. Just delete anything that upsets you. ( Fortunately, I’ve never deleted any comments , yet. They’ve been very nice , so far. ) I don’t understand though why they would write down nasty comments. If they didn’t like your post, they should just go away, and never come back. I ;m sure they just want to upset you.

          Cheers ! !


          • Posted by Becoming Bitter on October 27, 2011 at 7:22 pm

            LOL @ Oblivate… are you also a death eater like me?
            I’m sure you are. Why else would you follow me?
            People can be real bitches. The comments are #$@&^(*@#$.
            Well, I’m glad you haven’t gotten any. 🙂
            I do delete them.


            • LOL I’m a goody two shoes Gryffindor, one of Harry’s groupies….. following you to check out what’s going on at enemy’s camp, hahaha !

              Oh, btw, I did delete one comment…. the commenter from China wrote, ” When I go to US, I’ll look for youuuuuuuuuu ! “

  22. I hate sad stories. 😦 And to make sure not to read one, I read the last part of it. what a spoiler! haha.
    Yay, no wonder you got stalker(s?) Ms. Ren, though he(?) sounds creepy I also suggest you confront him once and for all. 😀


    • First , I check out the genre, then I read the forum. The forum usually has spoilers…. that’s for people like us who hate sad endings, lol.

      My most memorable experience on wanting to know the ending soooooooo badly was Harry Potter. LOL ! ! Geez, I suffered a year of torture… would he live or die ! ! aaargh !


      • Haha. That’s nice to know, can you share me some good-happy-ending story manga? My best friend are into that too, but we’re not in good terms now so I’m asking you. 😀


        • OMG, do I want to share it ! !

          1. Strobe Edge —- heart wrenching, with a happy ending

          2. Rockin’ heaven —- I was misty eyed at the end of the story. The ending was the guy thinking ” I come back here to work ( he’s now a teacher )…….. because, this is where I first met you.” Oh. my. gosh.

          3. L-DK —– not yet completed, but definitely w/ a happy ending…. gut wrenching too, coz the girl confesses to the guy and the guy says, ” Sorry, I have no feelings for you !” @__@ It’s heart-breaking, but there’s gonna be a happy ending ! I’m sure of it !

          There are tons more, but reading those 3 first will take a while . The mangas are on MANGA FOX, except Rockin’ Heaven, which is on MANGA HERE.

          happy reading ! Cheese !


  23. That was an interesting manga. Sad though, I hate it when someone has to die -.-


  24. A great ramble! I wish I looked like Eva longeria!


    • Hey, thanks for passing by and commenting. You’ve got a great site as well. Loved that horror story ! short but riveting !

      Hahah! I wish too ! I mean , I wish it was true ! LOL


  25. I like that you write what you’re thinking…I wish more people would do that, it’s way more interesting and “real” that way. Keep up the good work 🙂 ps. Thanks for the “like” on Hold ‘Em or Fold ‘Em!


    • There’s no other way I can write except this way, lol. I wish I could be a little more profound and contemplative, though. My posts really feel so shallow. But I guess it can’t be helped. That’s the way I am.

      Thanks a bunch for passing by ! Cheers !


  26. Hey! thanks for liking my post! i just read this post of yours and found the manga you were describing quite interesting(: could you tell me whats the title? thanks!


    • Oh, gosh, I ‘m bad at remembering titles of Japanese mangas. I can’t even remember names of the main characters as soon as I finish reading it, lol. I suck at foreign names. It’s easier to remember John and Elizabeth, rather than Yusheii and Taganuchi, lol. But if I see the manga again, I’ll write the title down right away and tell you.

      Thanks for reading, oweiqiannn ! By the way, where did you get your name ?


      • Hahas! I’ve a brother who knows Japanese so its not hard for me to remember the names:D, but sometimes i do mix up the syllables a little. As for my name, its actually my real name which i styled it up abit(:


  27. Posted by skylah1053 on October 26, 2011 at 6:43 pm

    I’m fairly new to reading Manga, I only do it on occasion when I’m on a lunch break and don’t feel like going outside for a smoke (I work in a bookstore). I read four of the basket hearts series…i think that’s it. Yeah, definitely not as dark as what you read. They should come with warnings :WARNING: This book is seriously messed up and the girl dies at the end. Kbye.
    Great post. You write how I think.


    • ” :WARNING: This book is seriously messed up and the girl dies at the end. Kbye. ”

      ROFLMBO ! ! That’s so funny ! !

      Hmmm, book store, huh…… try reading Skip Beat… a little slow, but quite addicting. I bought 10 volumes of B.O.D.Y. at barnes and Nobles, but I’ve been waiting for over a year already for the next volumes, 11 to 15. It isn’t fair if the publisher has dropped this… published by Tokyo Pop USA ,which went bankrupt, but I heard the license was returned to the japanese publisher, and some other US publisher might pick it up.


  28. good grades, good job! 🙂 about the story, that is awful! you are right, it should be moved in the psycho genre. i have never been stalked but i think it is creepy. 😆 on the top searches on your blog 😀


    • Ugh. The B minus wasn’t so good…. could have done better.

      I know right. There were funnier ones, but can’t remember them now. I wonder if I can go back . Is there some kind of History features here on WordPress?



  29. About your story of the girl who revenged to the boy, that’s just too childish in my opinion. Are they still 7 years old? Oh well, I somehow understand the girl since that kind of bullying really has an effect to anyone in their childhood days. But the end doesn’t justify the means. She’s already grown up (if she really is). That’s why she should know that emotions should never be toyed. I hope the guy learned his lesson and someone should scold the girl about what she did. It’s not right.

    About your question, torpe is a Tagalog word meaning being too shy to assert or show affection to the point of being clumsy. It’s mostly attributed to adolescent males.


    • Ha ha ! That’s a story that I read…. but no worries… they got together in the end. The guy did not give up, and actually, she fell in love with him too, but then her anger and resentment were just too deep. In her childhood flashbacks, the guy was really horrible, cruel, a beast. He even encouraged his friends to torture her, like spolling juice in her school things. And it was everyday ! to be honest, if that happened to me, I would do worse than what she did. I don’t think I wil ever be satisfied with my life until justice had been served. It wouuldn’t be fair for anyone who had acted so cruelly to get away with it. Just like Hitler. And that boy was a Hitler to the little girl. can you imagine if Hitler got away with his crimes? Although he actually did. That bastard commited suicide .


      • Well, I’m also a victim of bullying in my childhood years since I came from an exclusive school for boys.That’s why I also want to get even with the bullies. From my personal experience, I was bullied by three bullies for a long time when I was in elementary. They did verbally bullied me to the point of physically hurting me. You know what, did get even. I went straight to the school principal and that’s when they got confronted and parents were called. Also, my favorite teacher came to the rescue by giving them a lecture in class. After that, I was labeled as an authority clinger but I coped with it. I encountered a lot of bullying because that’s the environment of an exclusive school for boys. Too bad that only those three ended up being punished. There’s more of them even I’m getting older. Oh I said too much.

        I give up on giving my opinion about getting even with an opposite sex bully. I just can’t imagine getting bullied by a girl in an early age. XD


  30. Wow you seem to have alot of followers, thats awesome. Decided to take a look at your stuff. Very impressive, i like the comic art that goes with it.
    Hi from FL
    Go watch Strangers!



  31. Great “Thinking Aloud” post!
    Your ramblings are awesome!


  32. Nicely written story…sad ending though.


  33. Posted by WordsFallFromMyEyes on December 30, 2012 at 8:23 am

    OMG weird – the texts!! How can he have your no. if you haven’t even talked?? V. creepy – from lawnmower to sack of potatoes to studying for 8 hours. Hope you’re over THAT episode!


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