So busy…. meanwhile……


Guys, I haven’t been reading your blogs for , oh, I don’t know, since before Thanksgiving Day, Nov. 22.  Sorry, sorry, sorry.  I get butterflies in my stomach just thinking about what I’ve missed. . Aaargh !  I’ll be writing about what ‘s keeping me busy these days on my next blog.


Meanwhile,  I’m posting here my new favorite singer, KZ Tandingan.   She’s from the Philippines, and the first time I saw her was on YouTube ‘s Wish Bus 107 .5  radio station , where Filipino singing talents  sing live, seated down. ..Anyway, a friend sent me the link of a video where she sang in a singing competition in China a few months ago, and won over Jessie J …  I mean, Jessie J ? No way !   But she did ,  and here’s the video of her winning performance. It’s Adele’s Rolling in the Deep, which I love, but sorry, Adele,  KZ  owned your song, the stage and the audience.  It was freakin’ dope . Oh, and this video’s for my blogging best friend, Cassie.  Cheer up, girl ! !


C’mon guys, click this, and get   entertained for a few minutes.



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  1. Oh wow… WOW… I was not expecting that. She’s awesome. I need to go and stalk her on Twitter now. Is everyone on that show that good? Is the whole show online?


  2. She is a gifted artist. she is often seen guesting on television shows here.


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    Ren x Kyoko Iglesias


  4. Awesome performance


  5. OMG! What an artist! Thank you (salamat?) for sharing.


    • Salamat din. ( din is “also”??? Not sure , ha ha )

      Yes, she’s such an entertainer… She looks very comfortable being on stage and performing, doesn’t she ?


      • Din? I wouldn’t know. Salamat is the only Tagalog word I know. (Because it ressembles Bahasa Malayu “selamat”). NOw I can add “Din”. Salamat again. My Tagalog has just increased 100%. 😉
        That young woman is a bomb! Bursting with talent. Thank you (salamat!) for the intro. Hope all is well with you.


        • Yes, din means “also”.

          Filipino language does have so many words similar to Indonesian and Malayan languages, about 55% to 60%. Filipinos are of Malayo-Indo-Polynesian race, according to their history books. That’s why, this group has similar physical features.


          • I have always found the history of how those islands were slowly populated fascinating. Hopping of on tiny boats to the nearest island. Guiding themselves on the stars…
            60% language in common is good. So if I learn Bahasa, I will have a headstart in Tagalog. 🙂
            Be good, “Socorro”. 😉


            • Since you speak Spanish, I think you will find Filipino language so much easier to learn. Although the language is about 55 % to 60% Indo-Malay ( with some words of Chinese , Arab, Indian origin ) , about 40 % are of Spanish origin. Filipinos, for example , tell time in Spanish. ( A las tres, a la una, etc ) . Or even count in Spanish. Most of the stuff in the house are of Spanish origin… la mesa, tenidor, cuchara, plato , suelo, libro, lapis, lampara, cuarto, cama, abre lata, etc, etc, … In fact, Filipinos who study Spanish barely use a Spanish dictionary. The only problem is the sentence structure… Filipinos don’t conjugate.

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