Make me smile…..

This song is pretty meaningful to me. But aside from that, the song is just wonderful. Click and listen while you read on. That’s  my reason for posting some music here.

Anyways, lack of sleep finally caught up on me. I was pretty much in and out of  it the whole day yesterday. < laughs> Well, I only had one class , so I was home the whole day.  Funny thing, I was having a chat last night, around 7, I guess, but I could barely open my eyes, so off I went to lalaland, then woke up because I had a nightmare, that was about 9:30 PM, and the folks I was chatting with were still there, ha ha ha, so, I was like, ” hey, I’m back , so what’s up ? ” < grins >…………… ….. Oh, and the nightmare………… it was quite short, but scared the heck out of me……… I was in a runaway school bus, with no driver, and I was the only person there, and I was trying to veer it away from the cliff , then I woke up. I wonder if that had any significance.  o_Oa  <——– scratches head > Weird.

I’m sure you’ve had your share of pretty unforgettable nightmares, too. You’re abnormal, if you haven’t. Or you’re an alien. Well, I had this one that was so scary ( at least to me ), my heart was literally pounding when I woke up. Have you watched the movie ” Jeepers Creepers”? That monster was human – looking  wearing  long , black coat and tattered black fisherman’s hat.  Well, the monster in my dream was that thing.  And yeah, the thing was running after me, and I was running away. Then I saw some policemen, and I shouted for help. ” Officers, arrest that man, he’s going to kill me ! ” And I pointed at a man wearing a Hawaiian polo shirt with blue flowers print.  Well, in my dream, he was suddenly the monster. So, anyway, the police got him, and I headed home.  I went straight to my room, locked it, and , when I turned, the man in Hawaiian shirt was there, standing in front of me. End of nightmare.


Anyway,  I think I’ve been spending waaaay too many hours doing stuff unrelated to school lately. …… blogging, chatting, reading Japanese comics. < I still can’t say the freaking word , (^__^);; > Eh. Japanese comics indeed. < blush > Ah, goody ! They’re going to release another chapter of Skip Beat this month, Oct.20. Two chappies this month, yay !  Waiting between chapters is driving me nuts.

I just had my hair streaked with burgundy color. The last  time I had it streaked was months ago, but, I think  there’s so much of burgundy this time. I freaked out when I first saw the result….. I was like, nooooo, I’m red haired ! But it’s okay now. I think. My classmates said it was cool. They liked it. O_o  Whatever.

Well, time to go. It’s Saturday. Time to work and earn  some $$, no matter how measly it is. I mean, I’d holler for a dollar.

So,  bye for now. Be good and nice. Have a good day !

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  1. Many things in this post ,,, hahaha


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