Musings at 4:30 AM


Anyways, here’s a video for my own entertainment.  I’m a California girl, and I wish I was having fun like those girls on the video. He he….. Nah uh.  That’s LA. Not in my neck of the woods. I’m up here, waaaay north, waaaay yonder, near the foothills, among cows, mountain lions, bears,  farmland……This is Hicksville.  Yep ! We’re pretty laidback here. Nobody here wears wristwatches. Us folks don’t care about time. We look at the sun. Oh, look, the sun’s at the horizon! Time to head home. < laughs > Hmmm, I wonder where I can get emoticons.

Don’t get me wrong. I love it here. For one, there’s no traffic. We’ve been voted as having the most courteous  drivers in the whole of USA every year. And yeah, we’re pretty cool here, too.  Less than 30 minutes from here are vineyards…. ever heard of Napa Valley ?…. wine making country, the biggest in USA. They’re trying to make it look like the south of France, and yeah, it does  feel so Frenchie there…. well, I haven’t been to France, but you know what I mean.  And , about an hour from my place are ski resorts.  This is sunny California, but we do get our share of snow here. In fact, the lowest temperature ever recorded in continental USA  was here in California. ( exluding Alaska, of course )

So, okay, I just had my 2nd exam in Physics yesterday. < sniffs > I got 96% in my first exam, but this time? Oh, I don’t know. There were only 4 questions, 25 points each, and that means, one mistake, we get 75 %, 2 mistakes, we’re goners. ( >_< )  I managed to answer all four, but I’m not sure if I got them all correctly. My teacher is a meanie. Day before, we asked him what topics we should study, and he said, I haven’t done the test questions yet, and I tell you, it’s getting harder, and even if I told you, you’d all gonna fail, anyway.  What the heck ! What kind of answer was that ! I heard my classmate whisper, f @!#$%* ck  you ! It was funny the way he said it too. < laughs >

Oh, wow ! I had a good night sleep. Finally ! I needed that. Well, as usual, I fell asleep while chatting on Messenger, but I guess, they’re pretty used to that by now. < grins> That was quite early, though. Nine-ish ? Yeah, it was 9 PM. Maybe earlier.

It’s Fall now, well, since Sept. 21, officially, but it doesn’t feel like Fall. It was hot yesterday, something like 90 F. That was quite unusual. But, they say it’s gonna cool down starting today.  I’m a cold weather girl. Well, cool, not really cold. It can get so uncomfortable when temperature goes down to 24 F. Freezing point is 32 F. 24 F is  negative 4 C for you, Celsius users. Oh now I’m talking about the weather, and you know what means…… bye bye. It’s pretty much like you’re on a date,  the moment one starts to talk about the weather, it’s time to split up and go home. He he

Well, bye for now then. And as ever, stay cool, be nice, be good. Good day to y’all . < insert  pic of a rose here >

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