WordPress, seriously ?


Okay, this is my 4th attempt to post today.  First one was fail. The second one went through , because I did something…..  3rd one just disappeared as I was putting a category and tag on my post. ( that post didn’t get automatically saved ….. for some reason, there was no ” draft saved ” I could fall back on ) . This one is my fourth .  I swear I’m going to leave WordPress  if this doesn’t  get published. ! !


So, wassup, Wordpre$$  ? ?  You okay ?


Here’s the sleazy story.




I posted about my email problem and WordPress a while back.  I found out it was my email server’s problem.  Microsoft doesn’t support @live.com anymore, and I guess live.com doesn’t have the capability to accept new posts from WordPress anymore…. although I still get email notifications of LIKES and FOLLOWS form WP and from other sources.  I’m supposed to get a new email provider, like gmail, but , I haven’t done that. I ‘m too lazy to notify my credit card companies, bank, etc.  My fault, my bad.


I’m using READER now to read blogs.


Here’s the problem.


I tried posting pictures of  our Christmas Day dinner the day after Christmas as per my own tradition…… WordPress failed to publish it, and worse,  while I was writing,  I kept on getting a notification that ” saving the post failed.”  I ignored it, and tried to publish my post immediately without saving.  Epic Fail ! !   I spent hours to write that post, darn it.  ( posting pics on WordPress sucks , by the way . )


I tried reading blogs , too, but guess what,  NO posts on READER ! Completely blank !  That was 2 weeks ago and to date.


Here’s the thing .




I’ve been getting notification from WordPress that my annual  Premium Plan is expiring.


And guess what the date of expiration is…. Jan.8, 2018.  Today !


Apparently,  American Express had declined my payment of  US $99.00 to WordPress.  WP notified me it was American Express ‘ anti-fraud  action on WP.  ” Please use another card ” . So I used another card…. and my transaction was successful.  ( apparently , American Express does not trust WP’s security system ).  I use American Express all the time, and only use the other card on stores that don’t accept American Express.




Lo and behold !


The short post got published !  ( minutes after paying …. ) And the Reader appears again !


So, what’s up, Wordpre$$$$$$ ?  Is that a new policy now ? Pay up , or else ????


Wordpre$$, seriously ?


That’s all.










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  1. So, this got published too. Yay ! ! Thank you, Wordpre$$ ! ! !


  2. I’m US $ 99 poorer. Booooo ! !


  3. Sounds quite frustrating. Live email morphed into Outlook Mail. Good luck getting everything smoothly squared away.


    • Yes, I know ! But I still don’t get new posts from WordPress. I now depend onn my Reader. Unfortunately , WordPress had taken that off , too , until I paid up, today. I’m getting Reader posts now. I don’t like to think WP would do that to its members. No payment, no access to WordPress.


  4. That is pretty crap. I hope it gets sorted as it wouldn’t be same around here without you ☺️


  5. Imagine trying to do one of my posts (the last one has 72 photos embedded in the post).

    Actually, it works pretty well, so I can’t complain. However, I have to ask if you tried to talk to one of their support people either via chat or by e-mails.

    Per my numerous experiences, they are customer-driven and can usually resolve problems fairly quickly. And, no, I’m not a big fan because they also tweak stuff that constantly causes me problems.


    • OMG, yes ! You post so many photos.. Maybe the problem is my computer ? ?

      I did, and they responded via email. But by that time, I had already paid up, and got my short rant published, and this one, too, later. So, I don’t know if they actually solved the problem, or it was my subscription renewal that did .

      I do need to get another email provider. Reader is annoyingly cluttered.


    • Good to hear stuff is working again.


  6. That is why I don’t want to try a paid acct. It is so expensive here (just thinking of the exchange rate).


  7. Okay, this is totally unrelated to your tech issue experience, but I’d like to suggest that you check out Feedly.com to read blogs. I find WP Reader to have a couple issues so I stopped reading from there completely. I built my blog lists at Feedly and it’s a much better way to get myself updated with my favorite blogs (and much more organized, too!) 🙂


  8. you used the “Microsoft” word. ewwwww! did that leave a bad taste in your mouth like it did mine??? Mac!!!!!


  9. Hang in there my friend. I hope all your tech/financial issues will be soon resolved.


  10. Ugh, WordPress is really doing a lot of strange things these days. A lot of my WordPress friends have all kinds of problems momentarily. I hope the issues get resolved for you really soon 😊


  11. Oh man I hope it gets sorted out! Best of luck


  12. Posted by nigroskitchen on January 9, 2018 at 4:20 pm

    The cure? Hot bubble bath, chocolates and an early night! It will work like a treat. You will feel like a whole new person after that 🙂


  13. If its any comfort, my WordPress is playing and I couldn’t work out what was happening. My viewing figures fell through the floor and I couldn’t work out why. When I went to my “Reader” and looked at blogs I follow, or at tags I use myself, all I got was the title of the Tag and then a series of grey lines with no words or anything. It has continued like that and remains the same today. I use the free blog because I’m mean, but whether you pay or don’t pay, this should not be happening. All that said, I can still reach you because you are on my blogroll and are still publishing which is wonderful. As you know, you are one of my favourite bloggers and I’m very happy to be able to wish you a happy new year 🙂 🙂


    • Oh,my gosh, Peter Wells, that’s exactly what’s happening to my Worpdress. I did renew my Premium subscription ( I had to… I was told I’d run out of storage space…. I couldn’t post pictures anymore ) yesterday, but it’s come back, today ! Again ! No stuff on my Reader .

      I’m going to post today …. an update. And I’m going to your site by clicking your avatar. That’s the only way to visit you.

      Also, writing a post now is so messed up. (._.”)

      Thank you from your favorite blogger, and may you have a peaceful and prosperous 2018 ! !


  14. As a free user, I can only imagine.. But seriously, that? Oh, my! 🙂 Glad it has now been going back to normal, though 🍸


  15. ugh I was working on a story a few weeks ago and wp failed to save. I had a fit. it was five pages long into the story! Really!!! Now I will write long pieces on wordpad then paste it on wp. no way will I ever chance on wp not saving my work again!


  16. I’m with you. Also, their mobile app sucks. Every time I try to do anything in it, it crashes.


  17. Oh dear how frustrating! I have to say though, American Express over here has become something of a pariah. Almost nothing online or in real life accepts it. You see notices in restaurants and everything – “American Express not accepted here”. It doesn’t seem to be loved any longer… :-/


  18. Trust me when I tell you, “You need to consider Blogspot.


  19. If your reader figures are falling through the floor you might want to consider the fact that you are being shadow banned for one reason or another.


  20. Posted by Mary Lai on February 8, 2018 at 8:46 pm

    I am the person who wrote the “Rose Parade” post from Chiang Mai, and I read your post about losing text while trying to post to Word Press. To solve this problem, I type the text in Word first and save it. Then I just copy and paste into Word Press. Problem solved! AND I think that Word Press is MUCH easier to use than Blogspot.

    Mary Lai


  21. Amazing. Worth reading


  22. Hahah Don’t pay!


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