Jet lag

Yup, I’m suffering from jetlag, and I wasn’t fired from work. I worked the whole afternoon today, however, and not surprisingly I haven’t had a good sleep since we left the Philippines. Our plane trip was awful… it was economy, so breathing space was economical too. I didn’t get to sleep , at all. My backside hurt, ( my butt too, of course Crying face ) . I twisted , stood up, walked a little just to relieve the pressure. The trip was 13 hours straight. And yeah, there was quite a difference between the rich and the poor. Business class passengers had the most delicious food , there was a menu list to choose from, and the passengers were a mile from each other. Anyways,  it’s now 1:33 AM, am still awake, and yesterday was no different. I did stuff the whole night til the wee hours of the morning, slept maybe 3 hours then went to work.
Oh, and I’m going back next year. My pals here swear they’re going with me.  I loved it there. The only things that I didn’t like about the country were the tiny day mosquitos, the humidity and the horrendous traffic.
And of course, I got to see Usher, Cats and yeah, Jason Derulo. It sucked that I missed Train by one week, or so I was told. I also got a haircut for 90 pesos. That’s just $ 2.00,  folks. Over here stateside, I pay $ 25.00.
Also, Mom promised a side trip to China and Singapore next year.
Okay, this is all for now. Be happy . Red heart  

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  1. Posted by JK Bevill - Lost Creek Publishing on November 23, 2013 at 9:09 am

    I am flying home next week and I am not looking forward to that time in the back of the bus. Six foot one does not fit well in those seats.


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