Getting nasty, but I’m not apologizing.

00000003sitoshii_000cMelania Trump  officialy calls for firing of an assistant deputy national security adviser  Mira Ricardel.  This woman Ricardel  is an appointee of John Bolton, tRump’s national security top  hombre, a real scary man whose lifelong desire is to bomb a few chosen countries  to smithereens…. so I assume this woman’s psyche in in sync with Bolton’s.  In other words, I approve of Melania tRump’s calls for her ouster. But that’s not the point, isn’t it ?  I didn’t know a First Lady could do this kind of stuff. I mean, a former illegal worker  nude model is now  meddling in this nation’s national security ? ( Oh, Ren, Ren, please,  don’t be bitchy,  calling her a former nude model is uncalled for …..besides ,  you totally rooted for Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman )

Cartoon of a braying jackass.  Literally rolling on the floor laughing.  I mean, being a former illegal worker   nude model is not my point of contention.  Good for her.  She can be a former porn star for all I care.  It’s a success story, right ?

Thumbs Up Emoji | Symbols & EmoticonsBut, Madame , you can’t fire  public officials.  You have no right whatsoever  to interfere in this nation’s  security affairs.  .  Uh, uh.  Are you out of your mind ?  Oh, wait…..

Illustration of People Laughing loud

So, okay, here’s the thing….. Former First Lady Michelle Obama had been harshly  criticized for wearing a sleeveless dress at a formal official function. . Oh,  how unbecoming !   How unbefitting  of a First Lady !

I mean, First Ladies should not  bare their arms, right ?   That is so inappropriate.


So okay, let’s be fair to  Michelle Obama, because  I’m sure there’s a photo of Melania tRump baring her arms   somewhere on the Internet…. Lemme check…….

Found  it !  ……On second thought…. never mind….  I’m trying to make this as PG 13 as possible.

But, Ren , you’re disrespecting a woman, a wife , a mother ! I thought you were a bleeding heart liberal !  Well, duh ! !  I threw out respect for this brazenly corrupt, amoral, lying,  nasty,  dangerous,  burlesque family  regime out the window a long time ago.   Melania  tRump is part of this regime….. A regime of the ” Master race, don’t you ever forget it. ” ( as invoked by a Kansas City commissioner to a black city planner )


Oh, yes, I’m a nasty girl  .  And I’m not apologizing.  So,  do you hate me now ?


An Update :  I just read a comment.  It didn’t upset me….. I just thought  it  was, well, a lie that ”  he has been reading my blog for a long time, and it upsets him that  my blog has become nasty ,  to paraphrase  him,  and how I”m not  an American and don’t even live in the US .”  What the heck is that all about ?  ^___^  Oh, well.


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  1. I won’t shame Mrs. Trump but those who are a fan of hers compared to Mrs. Obama are kind of bad.


    • I agree , Mr. Burgess. I cannot shame her for her past. But the way they have treated the Obamas, and Hillary Clinton to this day is just mind -blowing… ( Pizzagate and lock her up )…. so what I wrote here is nothing compared to what tRump and company are doing to the country. It’s one big, family business.


  2. Not nearly as nasty as the people you’re writing about.


  3. So, one of the problems I see with many people is that their personal view taints how they see other people and how they judge other people. But, more important, how they judge what that person says.

    Don’t be one of them.

    Argue the issue, not the person. Trump — in my opinion — is an asshole. But, I’ll not dismiss what he says just because he — in my opinion — is an asshole.

    I’ll debate the issues using facts I can bring to the table and I’m willing to listen to information that proves me wrong.

    This is general advice I’m giving you as an old man few people listen to: the above post helps no one and adds nothing to the conversation.

    Perhaps it makes you feel good, I don’t know, but what was the point? To say First Ladies don’t have — or shouldn’t have — influence (real influence) at the WH?

    Aside from being a bit naive, that is demonstrably not true in Hillary’s and Michelle’s cases (I’ll link NYT articles in a separate comment so that this won’t go into moderation).

    As for the rest of it, people seem to be more than happy to listen to Hollywood stars who have engaged in all manners of dubious (and often illegal) behavior.

    The thing is, posing semi-nude or fully nude or doing anything else that is not illegal has zero bearing on the merits of a person.

    Understand, I have no love for any of the Trump, and if pressed, I’d wager that’s probably not the happiest of marriages.

    BUT . . . not only do I not know, but I don’t care. It has zero bearing on how I judge what someone says or does (unless they are giving marriage advice).

    Pick any issue, and make the case as to why you believe one way or another. Use facts, references, logic, sound reasoning, and then be prepared for a counter if someone has additional facts or if you missed something.

    By the way, I’ll listen to any argument you care to make as to why posing naked has any bearing on holding an opinion about something. We can then discuss the same about drinking, doing drugs, lying, cheating, or any vice and/or supposed sin you care to mention.

    . . . then we can discuss facts, logic, sound reasoning, and worthwhile reasons to hold or dismiss an opinion . . .


    • Disperser, I agree with everything you wrote here. Her past has no bearing on her present actions It is not logical , nor a sound reasoning to dismiss, or worse, disparage said person’s issues because of her past. However, logic , sound reasoning, facts, and truth do not matter when dealing with this administration. Her past is not relevant, and I admit it’s nasty to bring that up. But what could be nastier than disparage one because of that person’s ethnicity and skin color ? Or mock a disabled person , or enable haters , by his words and deeds to harm people ? What I wrote here is nothing…I’m just pointing out a few facts for the benefit of those sanctimonious fools .


    • Let me put it another way . . .

      What other people say and do is never a justification for you to do the same.

      Castigate and condemn them for their actions, but never descend to their level.

      If the aim is to win minds and make people think about the issues (I presume that is the aim), you then have to be a step or two above them. You can’t accuse them of having no class and then engage in the same thing you condemn.

      Otherwise, all you’re doing is asking people to swap one mud puddle for another. Worst yet, the only people who will listen are those in your echo chambers.


      • Listen, disperser, I did not write this to convince people. tRump is right. He can shoot someone on the street and his fans will still support him. He can take out their health insurance and gut their pensions, and they will still support him. I’m not convincing anyone. I’m merely writing what is exactly on my mind right at this moment. If this sounds infantile, so be it.


  4. Still waiting on that press conference that was supposed to explain her immigration issues… It’s only been 2, 2 1/2 years, I’m sure they’ll get right on it any day now. 🙄


    • Or until crows turn white. It’s not going to happen, Krystallina. And how about those tax returns ? Too late . They just do whatever they want, and get away with it. Now that the Democrats have taken over the House, I hope they’ll be able to do something about all that sh*t that’s coming out of the White House. ……… I wonder how historians will write about this presidency. It’s mind-blowing.


  5. You’re not nasty dear friend, you’re just saying things as it is! America has changed but Trump will go soon, it’s not forever. In the meantime, write honestly and from your heart. I love reading your posts! Although I’ve been in hiatus for a while. Thanks for sharing! 🙂 🙂


  6. It has been a while since I commented on any of your articles… I read them, I just don’t comment. I am still bitter about the outcome of the election, I am still bitter about how the right holds this group up as shining examples of conservatism, I am still bitter about the sh!t show that is the presidency. I cannot “go high” any longer. Good for you to call them out.


  7. Posted by desertcurmudgeon on December 22, 2018 at 9:34 pm

    “…burlesque family regime…” is pure brilliance.


  8. Never apologize, young lady.


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