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” sigh “

Hello !  RenxKyoko Iglesias here !

I’ve been staring at a white, blank screen for hours now. I am still deciding  whether I will post something  about my job – hunting,  or go ahead and write about  my 2014  vacation in the Philippines.  I have tons of pictures  all ready to be posted here,  but  I don’t feel like writing about  a country,(  it does not  matter that this is where I was born, and came from) that tolerates, approves of ,  and seemingly delights  in   extra-judicial  killings of ” ALLEGED” drug pushers.  I’m sure my Filipino blogger friends would tell me I have no right to criticize  the country because 1. I am not a Filipino  2.  I  have no idea what they are going through  living in  a country with acute drug problem.


I do understand that. I know  the country has become the dumping ground of  all sorts of drugs  ( they call  one drug shabu  )……. Why is the Philippines the dumping ground , you ask ?  Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and other South East Asian countries have extremely strict laws against possession. It’s death penalty  . The Philippines, on the other hand,  is less strict, not to mention law enforcers are extremely corrupt.  I’m sure the authorities know exactly who the drug lords are .  They are untouchable, and, obviously  we know why.

I always write about the Philippines and its people in glowing terms. They are naturally gentle, generous,  happy, smiling people, and this is true.  But not at this time,  and unfortunately,  not for 6 years.  They just elected a rogue president who disrespects  just about anybody… President Obama,  the Pope, and Jesus Christ  Himself. And  I am  not making this up.


Random photo. (  just because I mentioned The Pope ,and there has to be a picture, right ?)

Above is just a random pic of myself at the Vatican Museum. I think its one of  the best  pic ever taken during our  tour. I am exactly in the middle of the museum hallway,  and equidistant from the 2 walls. It’s true. I checked it.  Maybe there was divine intervention when my Mom took the pic.

To continue……

Oh, we are not entirely disconnected  from  the country. My family still own more properties in the Philippines  than the average Filipino, and we pay  taxes , without fail.  We therefore  have a reason  to pay close attention to  what’s going on there.

To my Filipino blogger friends  who have declared  their  heartfelt approval of this president’s  behavior…. I am sorry  to have a different opinion. I just hope and pray  this does not become the standard by which the country elects its officials.

I am sad and a bit demoralized.

This is all for now. Thank you for reading.

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I Guess I’m Left of Center ?

Renxkyoko Iglesias here.


What is the last thing you do when you post here……. that is, before you click  Publish ?  Do you already have something on your mind?   Do you have a title and topic ready, and you go from there, and stick with it?

The last thing I do before I click Publish is to write  the title of  my post. …. which is troublesome because I come here with no specific topic  in mind.  I write down whatever is  on my mind at the moment, and just hope I can manage to tie this hodgepodge  together into one coherent  thought….. and I fail.  I guess that is the way I am, and I accept it already.  I figure my long time readers have accepted it as well.  * looks at Ate San and  Andy *

Oh, in fact, I don’t even know who I am and what I really stand for.  Like, sure, I am a card – bearing  Democrat. The question is, what kind of a Democrat   am I ? Am I a  liberal or a centrist Dem ?  Some “tests” that I had taken, one of which was the Pew Research Centre’s , had  categorized me as a  Solid Liberal . In fact, I’m on the Far Left.


I’m between VERY LIBERAL and LIBERAL DEMOCRAT, according to Pew.

Another poll , though, has given me a score of 5.2 /10 Liberal on social issues, and just 3.8/10 Liberal  on foreign policy, and a mere 2.8 on cultural issues.  Overall  category= a  LEFT SOCIAL MODERATE,  and a  Moderate  Pacifist  vs. Anti-war activist.

There  was  another poll given by Time Magazine that  made me LOL.  It was based on the person’s personality,  and likes and dislikes.  According to the  Time’s poll, I’m 66 % CONSERVATIVE  because………

1. I like dogs more than cats.  Dogs , they say, symbolize obedience and loyalty.  Well, I like dogs because  a) they are loyal  b)  give us unconditional love  c ) their poop doesn’t smell as much as a cat’s

2.  I like a neat and organized desk.  LOL   This is a joke, right ?  Do an absent minded professor, a nerdling,  academic intellectuals , a  scruffy scientist , a disheveled  tree hugger and a hippie  with dirty and unorganized desks scream liberal ?

3. I am an Internet Explorer user.   lol   I’d like to add that my homepage is still AOL. ( America On Line , ha ha )  I wonder, what browser do liberals use ?

4. I don’t think  my * future * husband or BF should be looking at pornography.  Huh ?  That makes me Conservative ? Does it mean, liberal women allow their partners to look at porn ?  I don’t think so.  I think liberal women would be the last ones to tolerate this.  Libs are not Stepford Wives  who will just go  in one corner and cry to preserve their ” family”..  These porn lovers’ faces would meet these women libs’ fists in no time. I know my fist would.  I know karate…… I’m kidding , of course. I won’t resort to violence.  There is a reason why Democrats are also called  :” bleeding heart liberals.” Too soft, they say.
On the other hand, Time also says I’m 34 % Liberal.   According to Time poll,  I’m a  bit Liberal because ………

1.  I prefer to watch documentaries over action/ sitcoms TV shows.   That’s true ! ! !  But, is that a liberal thing ?

If I want action, I watch the Military Channel. I think I’m already an expert on WW2 history.  And , oh, what a treat……. There’s COSMOS on National Geographic Channel. It’s a remake of Carl Sagan’s 1980  Cosmos series. And you can believe this or not, but I haven’t watched any TV sitcoms for years ! Not. a. single. one. Do you believe me ?  Well, I just bought the 3rd season dvd of Walking Dead.  I don’t even know on what channel  it’s showing and at what time.  I’m trying to catch up. I really am.

* ponders*

I did manage to watch The Oscars, from beginning to end.  Sorry, my mind is  starting to wander  again……..

Back to topic……

2. I’d rather go to New York’s Metropolitan Art Museum than to Times Square. And  I’d rather go to archaelogical diggings than go partying.

* shakes head *

I need to publish this now  before I get depressed . I mean, I would rather go to archaelogical diggings  than party ? What’s up with that ?


Tomorrow, I’m going to resign  from my school clubs….. Go Home Club and Knitting/Embroidery Club.

How the heck did this post end up like this ? Well, it’s 3 AM . G’night.

*clicks Publish *


Is All……. o_O”

Hello !  Renxkyoko Iglesias here.

This is my second post this month. I wish I could post more but.. oh well.

My father’s in the Philippines.  He left last week. It wasn’t a sudden trip, though. He had been planning this for months, but we were nevertheless  surprised  to see him packing Thursday night, and we were like, When are you leaving? … Tomorrow.  What ! ! ”  My sister goes to San Francisco twice a month to be with her boyfriend . (  He now works in Frisco ). She is supposed to go there this coming Saturday, and take Dad to the airport, but her BF called to tell her he bought tickets to a Friday night  game, (  baseball or football, I don;t know), so Dad just decided  to leave one week earlier. San Francisco is  a 2 hour drive from our house, and he doesn’t want Mom to go on long drives anymore.

So, anyway, I wrote  about a  beach  house we’re constructing in Boracay Island, Philippines, didn’t I ?  The plan was originally a duplex, one unit  for the family, and the other one for rent to tourists. Then it was changed to a 2 floor house , 6 bedrooms, 3 toilets/baths…. then 3 weeks ago, we learned that my aunt changed it again to 2 1/2 floors, 7 bedrooms, 5 t/b with a rooftop garden. What the heck ! !  Well, it is my aunt’s and my parents’ joint venture, but this is getting out of control.  My aunt assured us  all additional expenses would be on her.  Oh–kay …… still……..

Anyway, that’s the reason why dad ‘s in the Philippines now…… to check out what the heck’s going on with  with on – going construction….. and to ask the architect about the changes, although we learned it was due to the site’s topography. It’s hilly, so the architect changed the plan based on the layout of the land.  The architect assured  us the view would be spectacular…. though our property is not beachfront… it’s  a mere  5 to 10 minute walk to the beach, so that view from the hillside will be spectacular, indeed.

So, to my readers from the Philippines,  watch out for my ” promotional plugging”, ha ha.  Our  problem now is , this is not a simple vacation house anymore that we’ll  be renting out when not in use by the owner.  We’re figuring out how to run this……… now how do we classify this ? An inn?    Also, to my non- Filipino readers who want to go on tropical vacation, we’ll advertise this on * Vacation Rental By Owner ” . Hopefully, we’ll be ready by February , 2014.

Oh, by the way, I bought a published book by a fellow WordPress blogger.  Uhm, Mr. Conley ? I haven’t read it, but I promise to read it soon, and hopefully, write a review.


Hey, I’m not going to be political on this post, even though my mouth is itching to say something.  One thing though…. the total non-empathy and  non- compassion of the Teabagger Republicans  for the needy   are stunning.  And to think their base constituents from Red states *  (Democrats’ are BLue states *  )are poorer than Blue states’.  ALL … I repeat, ALL,  Red states, except Texas , get more federal welfare than they give to the government. The rich Blue States, like New York, California, Massachusetts, Washington, Oregon, New Jersey, Maryland,  etc. heavily   subsidize these Red States.  Oh, the irony ! ! !  Hey,  teabaggers !. See that poor,  homeless- hippy  looking  beggar  listening in to your tirades againts those lazy poor and the sick – if – you- can ‘t afford it- just die folks  ? He  could be Jesus -come- down – to- earth. And His eyes are glazing over as He listens to people like you. The shamelessness and meanness are breathtaking.

So, I went political.  Again.  Couldn’t help it. * walks off, mumbling. *

* turns around *

My Paris tour next post….. Louvre, specifically.  And countdown to our Asian tour in June, 2014….. 7 1/2 months.  Good day and  Peace.

My thoughts on Syria and the Muslims

Hi ! Renxkyoko Iglesias here.

I’m seriously running out of topic to talk about. I’m thinking of something mundane that I can somehow make interesting for my smart , intelligent readers… say, how to boil an egg.

So, okay, I can talk about current issues, like that horrible killing in London. You’ve all heard about that, I presume? So, what do I think about that? Seriously, you don’t wanna know.. I’m afraid I’ve become an isolationist. I want the US to get out of some country’s business and deal with so many pending problems here at home. . How about Syria, you ask? Well, what about it? What do they want the US to do? You know, I was on my way to school the other day, listening to NPR ( National Public Radio…. darn, I should be listening to Adele, instead), then , I heard this interview ( by BBC ) of a Syrian victim of poison gas that the government had allegedly used on its citizens. The interview was held at the hospital, and I could hear some people crying Obama, Obama, Obama. What do they want Obama to do? Why can’t they ask other Arab countries for help? Come to think of it, why don’t other Arab countries help? What are Saudi Arabia, Dubai, and all the other rich Arab countries doing for their fellow Muslims?. Aren’t they supposed to be each other’s ” keeper “? Another interview by BBC was with Syrian widows at the refugee camps in Jordan who have started selling their daughters ( aged 12 to 16, that’s the range) to rich Arabs for sex, and , after having their way with these kids, they are returned to their mothers. Where’s the outcry here?
Regarding the use of chemical weapons…… I feel horrified with the thought that the US had used chemical weapons , too, napalm, is what it’s called, most effectively and extensively in Vietnam. ” Ah, I love the smell of napalm in the morning. ”
Damn ! It’s the children. It’s always the children.

Chris Matthews ( talk show host of MSNBC’s Hardball ) said, and he said this several times on his show… ” I’d prefer to watch Syrians killing Syrians on international news, rather than Americans killing Syrians. ” I admit that’s harsh and cold, and rather surprising, since these words came from the mouth of a bleeding heart liberal. But his words went right into the core of the problem. It’s a lose-lose situation for the US. Damn if you do, damn if you don’t. But when in doubt ,err on the side of reason and caution . And what exactly does it mean? It means, don’t meddle, militarily. Send food, medicine, but do not send anything that kills. Have I truly become a peacenik? Nope, I want to blow Kim Il Sung to smitheereens if he threatens South Korea, Japan and the US again.

The US is still at war, with Al-Queada, but not with Assad. The US is also at war with lone wolves, like the Boston marathon bombers and those murderers in London. How do Syrian ” rebels” expect the US to help when it’s an open secret Al_Queada terrorists are effectively assisiting them? It would be like, a person picking up a rock and hitting himself with that rock , on his own head. How can the US kill idealogy and religious fanaticism/ extremism? ? That’s what Americans have to deal with from hereon , unless Muslim communities help in thwarting extremism in their midst. As it is, anger, resentment and hatred are spreading in England and across Europe….. most especially in London , where majority of 3 million Muslims live. Most Londoners now fear Islamification of their city. This murder and past bombings in London perpetrated by Muslims have fueled this fear.

So , now you ask, am I an Islamophobe ? My answer is No. I’m just voicing out honestly what my concerns are about what’s happening around me. In fact, I’m more concerned about the garden variety all -American hate groups, and politicians who spew hatred , stupidities and invectives towards anyone who is not white, straight, and Christian.

Also, my very best friend since forever, a guy, is a Muslim….. from Bosnia-Herzegovena, a European Muslim. We liked each other before, but we had decided not to pursue that path. One day, he burst out he wouldn’t convert, and I was like, who told you to convert, ha ha ha. This guy has never done any shopping without me. But…..


Aaaargh. I should have gone with him and chosen the gift myself. The necklace is like something Cleopatra would wear thousnads of years ago. I’ll wear it, “I”, promise ! ~(^_^~)(~^_^)~

Speaking of which, I did promise to post about my Bordeux, France tour. But, I think I’ve been too chatty here. Next post then, okay?

This is all for now. Good day and PEACE !

Don’t hate.

I’m conflicted.. My thoughts evolved as I was writing this post. It’s weird. I think it was the photo of the Vietnamese children that got me.I don’t know what to think anymore.

My Thoughts on Boston Tragedy

Renxkyoko Iglesias  here, hello !


.Today is the day we finally  breathe a collective  sigh of relief.  One of the perpetrators of the Boston Marathon massacre  has been  captured.

I hope he survives. We want to know why he did what he did.  What has the US done to his former country that made him so angry it  drove him to kill innocent people? What was his motive? Was it political or, heaven forbid, religious?

. ? I highly doubt Americans  know  of Chechnya, or even if they know, they  are indifferent, or don’t care. So, did they want Chechnya to be put in the map?  If lone wolves like these two could actually cause this degree of anxiety , destruction, and mayhem in a powerful country,  then they had definitely  achieved it.   Now people know of Chechnya, albeit  in the most horrible way. They have also affirmed  people’s belief  in what religious fanaticism can do. And most importantly, they have again put a certain group of people  who live in an open, free scociety,  in an untenable  position in that society.  Because you know what? let’s not fool ourselves.  This has nothing to do with the politics of Chechnya. Anyone with the least modicum of intelligence knows this is not  about  that.

What’s even more saddening is that this  older brother had sucked  an apparently normal , happy , seemingly assimilated younger brother  into his world. Sure, this older brother took care of his 9 year old brother …. most probably the kid adored his brother. To an impressionable teenager, he was someone who who would never do him harm.


Opium is addictive and killing the innocents is one heck of an effed up resume to go to heaven.

You may hate me for saying this, but for some reason, I consider the younger brother  one of the victims.  The older one  expected to die for his cause. The younger wanted to live. I’m including him in my prayers.

Just my thoughts. PEACE.

My European tour part 21, Poitiers, France


Hello there !

Where do I start ? I’ve got tons of  disorganized  random thoughts swirling on my mind  right now.  But I finally figured out how to make sense of them….. make them current. That’s right.

So to start off and without much further ado…..

Yesterday, Pres. Obama complimented  California’s attorney general, Kamala Harris, for her good  looks.  But that was after saying nice things about her brilliant work as an attorney-general.


.There was an ” uproar” among  feminists. Oh, from  just a few critics but boy,  were they  loud. They said  it was  sexist and inappropriate. C’mon. It was said at a fund raising event where jokes  were tossed around  and bandied  about among friends and allies.  I’ve always been with you , sisters, but not this time. Your outrage is silly and over the top, and it makes you look like some bitter Ms. goody two shoes with this holier than thou attitude.  It’s nasty and it won’t  advance your cause.  Thank goodness this is just a one-day wonder. Lighten up,  ladies. The glass ceiling is going to finally break in 2016. .  Save your energy. The fight is about to commence.  Who’s with me?


.We have a bunch of  Hilarry stickers like the picture above left over from her 2008 Primary run againts Pres. Obama. I couldn’t even vote yet when Mom dragged me along as volunteers for Hillary’s campaign. At their headquarters, I worked the phones for a while, but I really couldn’t stand getting yelled at by obvious Obama supporters at the end of the line….. And we weren’t supposed to argue, nor contradict, nor be contentious,  we  just  explained things nicely , stuck to written guidelines,  then got the heck   off the phone  fast . Ha ha.  That was NASTY !  When I whined about it, I was given the task of posting on different fora.  My  “favorites ” were DailyKos and Huffington Post.  At first , I was polite and meek,  but it didn’t work on DailyKos, so I took off my mask and gave as good as I got, blow by blow, tit for tat, to the point that I was almost banned from the forum.  He he he. Oh, the adrenaline ! !  I was the goddess  of Rock ! !  Good thing there were a few nice posters  who defended me … it was like, ” Look, guys,  we’re all Democrats here. We have to unite at one point behind one candidate . We’ve heard of Hillary supporters threatening to sit out this election  if things turn out even more contentious than this. ”  And the poster was right.  My parents left the names for President blank. Mom  said  she was so pissed she voted for McCain. No, she didn’t, ( though I’m not sure ) but we did go into sulk mode. It took us maybe a year to warm up to Obama.  Yay, Obama !  ( We still don’t like Bill Richardson and that b*tch what’s – her- face  from CNN. )

Enough of my  chitty chatty  and let’s get down to the nitty gritty……my trip to France.

Here’s my problem though…… I forgot the name of the first French town we visited and stayed the night in. ( 6__6) I  remember the hotel was Ibis. So , any one from France who gets to read this, can you please tell me what town this is?  It’s a small, charming postcard pretty town, and the street sign here says , Limoges Chateuroux, Bessac, CHU de Poitiers.  Could it be  Poitiers, France?  I’m not sure.






.The ubiquitous Chinese restaurant



DSCN1761.The photo is blurry…. posted this  just to show you  we had coffee at the public square or esplanade.

There was no guided tour of the town. We just walked around  within the vicinity of the hotel,  had coffee and cakes and  people watched.


Our  dinner at the hotel….  an entree of chevre ( goat cheese ) on toast and veggie salad


.Turkey meat with delicious gravy…..



.Bon appetit !

Well, this is it for now.  Amboise and Bordeux, France are next.

Bonne journee.  La paix.  Au revoir.

My European Trip Part 10 , Rome, Italy

Hi !!!  Renxkyoko Iglesias here.

Please allow me to luxuriate in the aftermath of Pres. Obama’s reelection.

.Well, excuse me, I  did work hard for Pres. Obama.

California is either super liberal or masochists.  The  Democrats now have super majority of both chambers, and across the state, from south to north,  all Propositions and  Measures increasing the tax have been approved by Californians.    We want you to pay a little more for playgrounds , parks,  libraries , new computers for schools. Yeah, sure ! Check.  An increase in tax for this and that….. Okay ! Check.   We Californians taxed ourselves, ha ha ha ! And to think, we have one of the highest tax rate in the US. Well,  we all have decided to share the burden . A shared sacrifice, if you will.  I mean, what can my $ 25 do to help others? Nada. But collectively, a lot. That’s good citizenship.  It’s not what the country can do for you, but what you can do for the country.  Okay, enough of this. I just want to put this out here.

Back to Rome……

After The Forum, we visited the usual places tourists go to.

The Trevi Fountain……. The fountain is unlike modern day fountains that are built merely as    decoration. The Trevi Fountain was the terminal point of one of the aqueducts that  supplied water to ancient Rome. But the Trevi Fountain itself, as we see it now, impressive and beautiful, was finished in 1762.


.My 14 year old cousin

.Three coins in the fountain, each one seeking happiness, la di da….. There’s a legend that if you throw a coin into the fountain, you are guaranteed to return to Rome.  With your back to the fountain, you should throw the coin over your shoulder. This is how wishers do it. I threw a US penny though, ha ha. I hope that works, too.


.In case you haven’t noticed, most Europeans drive Smart cars, really small cars. As an American. my eyes are not used to it. But I love it. It’s green. Sadly, Americans love the gas guzzlers, big cars, the bigger, the better.


Above is the Roman Pantheon.  It is a building that is the most completely preserved ancient structure, built in 27 BC by Marcus Agrippa  to commemorate  Octavian’s ( later named Emperor Augustus , the first Roman Emperor….. before this , Rome was a republic,  headed by Senators ) Battle of Actium victory over Marc Anthomy and Cleopatra. This was a battle between 2 Roman forces. The original building burned down 100 years after, then Emperor  Hadrian rebuilt it and dedicated it to  ” all the gods ” , meaning “pan theos. “


.Below is the interior of the Pantheon, courtesy of Wikipedia. We didn’t get to see  it. Tsk.

.That’s me below taking a picture .

.Above is the Fountain of Four Rivers, located at Plaza Navona, built by Pope Innocent, and designed by Bernini in 1651. The obelisk in the middle is an earlier structure that was built in AD 81.

.The place is really like an open market where paintings, arts and crafts are sold. I don’t know, but I wasn’t enthusiastic to be there. There were so just many people milling around. Or maybe I  had an overload of fountains in one day. .  This was the 10th one  we visited  that day.  I guess the Italians love fountains. I love it too. There’s one at our backyard here at home. Well, after seeing those magnificent fountains, ours is a just a water feature, a pathetic  teeny one, he he., like a bird bath.


.Above picture is a structure at Piazza Venezia. You know , at the end of the road  from here is the Coloseum. One can also see The Forum from here.  We just drove by this structure to go to the Coloseum, but very slowly so we could take some  photos of the area. Anyway,  that imposing structure was built in honor of Vittorio Emanuel ll, the former King of Sardinia, then later became the first King of united Italy, the title he held until his death in 1878.  However, I got the impression the tour guide didn’t really like this structure. She was like, “Eh.” I thought it was pretty though.

.Well, this is it for Rome.

Oh, by the way, a commenter corrected me regarding Cleopatra.  He wrote that Cleopatra did speak Egyptian.  I’d like to be corrected.  I misspoke,  nonetheless,  what I understood  from several articles written about her was ,  she didn’t speak Egyptian in Egypt, even if she actually knew the language. Here’s my response to his comment.

Thank you for pointing that out to me. I reread that part, and yes, I did write she never spoke Egyptian, but I should have added that though she did speak speak Egyptian, what I understood was that she didn’t speak the language while she ruled Egypt…. so much so that government ” documents” had to be written in 2 languages, Greek and Egyptian. The discovery of such a document in 2 languages , the Rosetta Stone, led to the understanding of the hyroglyphics, because there is now a direct translation of an unknown written language to a known one. Please correct me again if I’m wrong. I appreciate it., after which I’ll edit my post

Oh, my, the politics here in the US… rape, aspirin between your knees, now it’s binders full of  Mata Haris. WTF ! I’m like reading a shoujo manga. It’s weird.  Two brilliant Generals,  one up for position of Supreme Commander of NATO aaaaaand, for crying out loud, the CIA Director !!!!!!  taken down by an email inbox.  Tom Clancy will never , ever have this as his plotline.  So, guys, please, if you are already ” committed”   , keep it in your pants, and zip it up. And ladies, we all know nature and time are not kind to us, so try to take good care of your physical appearance, and not let go. Don’t just go off into the sea and sail off.

I know this a shallow thinking, but men  , if given the opportunity, will do it with any attactive, willing women . Am I generalizing ?  I don’t think so. Such depressing thoughts.  ‘Course it takes two to tango.

* deep sigh *

This is all for now. Pisa, Assissi, and Flrence are next. G’day to all and PEACE.


Break -ups

Come here, Ren….. * whispers*  Don’t give excuses anymore.  Everyone knows you’re one lazy blogger. ”

So, what have I been doing the past few weeks ? Well, I’m almost done packing for my European tour. The tour agency has  given us our tour kits, pic below…..

.The tour organizer of Grand European tour is Cosmos. I’m sure you’re wondering why I included that green , plastic water dipper/ scoop  in the picture .  Well, Mooselicker wrote in his really funny  post about brown streaks in his underwear. Bahahahaha  !  That’s  funny coz I also talked about this stuff  on my blog not once, but two times.  I know, I’m gross. ……… There’s a joke circulating on the Internet  about Philippine habits and culture/ One such habit is keeping a water dipper. /scoop Filipinos call “tabo” , in the toilet, like that one in the pic above. I don’t think I need to explain what that thing is for. ………. Okay, I will.  After doing the business, we step into the tub or shower room and wash our butt with the sweetest- smelling soap. You don’t think the smell’s gonna come off even if we use one whole roll of toilet paper, do you?  Funny thing is, though we do  have tabo in our toilet, that green one was given to us by my cousin ( the relative who visited us ) . lol. She actually brought 2 from the Philippines. She thought we didn’t have  one here in the US she could use.  Aaargh, I don’t know where this topic is going. Anyhow, to make the story short, the green tabo is coming with us to Europe. Hey, we’re not country bumpkins…… just a tad  fastidious in the hygiene department.  Or maybe it’s just a culture thing….. the tabo, I mean.

We’re leaving on the 17th, this month at 6: 55 PM and arrive in London at 1 PM,  June 18. I’m sure that’s London time.  Our hotel is located at Bayswater Rd., directly opposite Hyde Park and  Kensington Gardens, and a  mere 5 minute walk to Notting Hill. I’ve been hearing about these places since forever, so I’m really excited  to be there. Wow, just 12 more days from now.  Woooo ! !  * happy dance *


My Mom got a call from the Philippines, from my Aunt who’s touring with us in  Europe ( we’ll meet up in London ). She informed us a cousin is getting married in December.( My cousin is our next door neighbor too in the Philippines ) . We thought it was about time… she’s 26  now , and she has been in a relationship for almost 4 years , anyway.. She and her then  fiance entertained me when I was there , took me out to dinners, etc.  so we were surprised when my aunt said she was marrying a different guy.  Huh ?  So what happened?  HE CHEATED , that was what   happened . My cousin and her boyfriend were co-workers, so I don’t know why she never noticed that he was acting weird.  She saw “them” together in December, 2011, broke up with him,  got another BF after a few months, and now they’re getting married after just a few months of being together. Darn ! I smell REBOUND ! ! I think she’s  making a big mistake, marrying another guy while she’s still hurting.  But , my heart goes out to her. We were told that  after the break-up, she just cried  for weeks, didn’t go to work, refused to eat, was hospitalized……. the shock was too much for her.   I don’t understand. My cousin is sooo pretty and sweet and nice.

* ponders*

Men are  natural cheaters. Don’t hate me but that’s  what I think.  If they can, they will. It’s a given.

I have another story that’s as heart-breaking as this one. Except that, the cheater was my  guy cousin.  He and his long time GF were getting married too, already got an apartment,  and lived together.  Unfortunately, my cousin was a good-looking guy and had many women crushing on him at his workplace. There was a co-worker who was so into him that even though she knew he had a fiancee  and was soon to marry, she came on to him without any care., until , one day, he succumbed to her constant seduction and one date with her got her pregnant . He and his fiancee broke up, of course, stupid guy ! I wonder what his fiancee felt when he told her about it.  Oh, Lord .  I cannot imagine the pain and hurt.

* shakes fist in air *

* picks up a placard *  DIE ! ! !

Slapping is not enough. But,   I don’t know what else to think . I really feel bad for my cousin  and her family.  We’re very close to them. They are not only our neighbors/relatives, but her older brother came here to the US to study and lived with us for 4 years . He was like a real brother to me.  When he graduated, he went back to the Philippines….. 2 years after, he died, at the age of 25.  He was playing basketball, and collapsed, just like that.  He literally dropped dead. By the way,  do you know my cousin was with her Mom when they saw her then  fiance with another girl?  Dafaq !  I feel like driving a jackhammer into this guy’s  skull. May his teeth ache forever. If nothing bad happens to him, then there’s no justice in this world.

* sigh *

Do I hate cheaters! I think Pres. Clinton is the only cheater that I don’t hate. What was Monica Lewinsky thinking when she did THAT? ” Wow !  I, Monica Lewinsky , am doing THIS to the most powerful man on earth ! ”

Last year,  I wrote a story that I intended to submit to a Japanese publisher of graphic novels ( mangas ).  Problem was, I couldn’t draw to save my soul.  So, I’m saving up to pay someone  draw for me.  I have everything set up, including the script, what to put in the panels, etc.

The theme of the story is love and revenge.  It’s rather depressing, so depressing I’m sure most readers will drop it ( just  like me,….. I drop heart-breaking stories ) but  it has a very happy, satisfying ending.  It’s about 2 sweethearts who love each other very much. The main girl has a best friend . What she doesn’t know is that the best friend is head over heels in love too with the BF. The best friend though is the childhood friend and neighbor of the BF, so , this girl  always comes up with an excuse to come to the BF’s house. I ‘m sure you know what happens. What is so sad about the situation is that the BF really loves his GF, but , as much as I hate it,  I rationalize his infidelity  due to his age, ( he’s 18 ) with testosterone at maximum peak.  His GF is sweet and virginal.  I know this is cliche. In this story, though, the devil is in the details.  The revenge for this betrayal will make the reader stand up and applaud.

No, not that kind of revenge.  I wrote in all my hatred in the story.

This is all for now. This post is really weird.  Anyways, PEACE ! !


I’m a lazy blogger

Hi there ! It’s me , Ren !

It’s been 16 days since my last post.  =_=” I’m a lazy blogger, I know. It’s okay, you can slap me. No, wait, hold it ! I have excuses !  Well, to date, there are mere 2 weeks before school ends. I need a lot of catching up before final exams come middle of  May. There’s no  excuse I can give better than preparing for final exams, right ?


It’s  May 12 now. It’s been over a month since my last post. My final exams start next week , then summer vacation ! ! !  It is also 34 days before my Euro tour.

Well, I’ve been real busy these past few weeks, reviewing for final exams, and entertaining relatives from the Philippines who were here in the US  on vacation. It was fun having them here. We went to Lake Tahoe  for sightseeing and Napa Valley for wine tasting.

Lake Tahoe, Northern California. We had lunch at Harrah’s ( hotel/casino) and here’s a view from the restaurant. Beautiful snow – capped mountains. The snows on the way to Lake Tahoe haven’t melted yet. Our relatives were so thrilled to see their first snow ( in May ! lol) we pulled over  and had their pics taken scooping snow off the ground. He he he . Charming.


.Above are the 3 kids, aged 13, 12 and 5. ( oops, that’s my sister and BF in the pic, too )  Their parents are both doctors ( OB-Gyne and husband is a  Nuero – surgeon, and also teaches at a medical school in the Philippines. ) It’s weird that I never heard my little cousins speak the Filipino language the whole time they were with us. They spoke fluent English with a California accent, to boot. And to think this was their first time in the US. What is a California accent, anyways? There’s always a question mark at the end of a sentence , that’s what. lol ! Like so….. ” And then we went to this haunted house? And I was like, , it scared the heck out of me?  And  Tracy was like, he was so scared ? he fell on his butt? ”  U_U

And  their mom shopped til she dropped.  The kids also got 2 Kindles and a GPS for the hubby. The 5 year old got a Car magazine.  Seriously. He can read well,  and knows  so much about cars. 5 year old  kid who can read! ! He was so thrilled to see my brother’s red NSX Acura he had his pic taken hugging the car. o.Oa  He also informed us there ‘s no Acura in the Philippines. Anyone from the Philippines? Is that true?

They also went on European tour summer last year and gave us some tips. …. Be careful of thieves , especially in Italy, Spain and France. Whoa ! Really? Like, pickpockets?  The pickpockets there are so brazen they’ll just grab your purse and run . And France….. my cousin said it was really beautiful ….. just don’t look down coz the streets are full of litter.  And, my father and my cousins said, just eat pasta and pizza in Italy for the experience…. pastas and pizzas taste so much better in the US. And the bagette in France is as hard as  rock, according to my cousins. Maybe they were supposed to dunk  it into a hot choco  or soup ? No, they said, they bought a bagget sandwich that almost cracked their teeth. @__@ And the Coliseum in Rome smelled of urine.  Well, I’m going to find out soon and let you know if these are all true.

I feel bad I haven’t posted for over a month. I hope my readers haven’t forgotten me. Have you?  Another thing…… I haven’t opened my email folder either .  I’m scared to check my emails. I’m sure it will be in the thousnads by now. .. Okay, * checking now*….

* faints* , gets up*, * fans self*

1,379 unread emails ! !

I’m sure I’ll manage to go through all that after the exams, and resume stalking you guys.

Uhm….. I’m thinking……

Pres. Obama is courageous enough to declare he favors gay equality —> gay marriage.  I’ve been saying here on my blog that I also approve of gay marriage.

The contrast between Obama and Romney is quite stunning, so much so there are no more  gray areas left to ponder upon. It’s either you’re for or againts. Absolutely no in -betweens.

There’s a massive $ 2 B loss by Chase/JP Morgan that would have a great impact once again on US economy. This is why Wall Sreet reform is really so important. The risks taken by JP Morgan were not vetted and not regulated. These losses can impact the consumers , just like what happened when banks  gave out house loans right and left, even to those who clearly couldn’t afford to pay the monthly mortgage thus leaving banks holding houses that are exceedingly overpriced and unsaleable .

Mitt Romney is banking on his business experience with Bain , a venture capital company… ( they now call it vulture capital company.) More often than not, it’s the public, the taxpayers,  that are forced  to clean up after these venture capitalists  have cleaned out    ailing companies.  Bain Capital, formerly headed by Romney, buys out ailing companies, like GST Steel,  borrows money from banks to supposedly bail out these companies, then they fire workers to save money, take out workers’  benefits, yadiya, take out the moneys borrowed from the banks , walk away with the money, then later declare bankruptcy. Yeah,  that’s how Mitt Romney made his millions. His presidential bid is banking on that experience. Well, it isn’t surprising that he had once declared,   ” Let Detroit go bankrupt. ” Didn’t he once  say he ” likes firing people? ”

Wall Street has been bringing down the US economy to its knees. They hate reforms, then when they are in crisis, it’s the government  that  bails them out.

* sigh *  Not campaigning here, mind you. I’m just musing.  It’s sad that the Republicans have gone so far to the right happy nedium has totally disappeared.  Nothing gets done anymore.

Well, here’s something funny  for everybody…. It’s a recycled joke, but I still giggle everytime I read this.


T o hoom  it may cunsern,

I waunt to apply for a job what I saw in the paper. I can type realee quik wit one finggar and do sum a counting. I think I am good on

the phone and I no I am a pepole person. Pepole realee seem to respond to me well. Certain men and all the ladies.

I no my spelling is not to good but fi nd that I Offen can get a job thru my persenality. My salerery is open so we can discus wat you

want to pay me and wat you think I am werth,

I can start emeditely. Thank you in advanse for yore anser.

Hopefuly yore  best aplicant so farr,



P.S . Becose my resimay is a bit short – beelow is a pickture of me.


                                 Dear Pepito,

                                                     It’s OK , Honey, we’ve got spell check.  See you on Monday

This is it for now.  Be happy, be nice and PEACE.

Oh, wait, to any reader from France , Italy and Spain, my apologies  . I’m sure your countries are beautiful. I;m excited to go there and savor it all.


Versatile Blogger Award Part 2, Thank you ! !

Hi ! !

Great ! I managed to publish 3 posts this month.  ( Good job, Ren. * pats head  * ) . Well, school’s here again.  I have to work harder this semester. But then, that’s what I always promise myself  every beginning of semester. I guess my best efforts have plateaud.  Seriously, though, how else can I work harder than last year’s?   Like, don’t sleep anymore?  Four times a week I work up to 10 PM,  study up to the wee hours of the morning, ( friends/ bloggers  who see me online are not surprised  when they see me  at 3 AM, right , Rob?   We do our homeworks online, and we have to pay the website  to do them, can you believe that ?  We also take tests online, sometimes. I find that really weird. ) So, anyhow,  I do household chores, don’t date, don’t hang out….. ….. Ha ! I’m a freakin’ Mary Sue,  !. . So, what am I yapping about? I don’t know. I’m just frustrated. I tried  getting into a course that I desperately need the whole day today. There are 54 of us  waitlisted.  Do you know what happens if I don’t get this course ?  Alright, in a fantasy world, I should be graduating this semester, but in real world, if I don’t get this one?  I graduate next year, or the year next, or the year next, next, darn it.  Am I the only one with this school problem? Tell me, please ?  Misery l0ves company. Okay, I’m done ranting.

On a happier note………..

I recieved  more Versatile Blogger Awards… my 11 th.  I’m so happy and honoured , guys. Thank you.  I have already thanked Becoming Bitter, Topiclesbar, laurenrantnrave, twisteen, therhymingmedstudent, and  zendictive. I now have to follow the rules again. I’m not going though the motion, mind you. I really want to do this again.

I’d like to thank the following awesome bloggers who honoured me with the Versatile Blogger Award. Please check them out.

7. Koopa


9. trjensen

10. jeninesilos


I’ve already posted 7 things about me here . Well, I  wrote there that I was a fan of Michael Jackson, and still am.  I bought 2 cds of him to play in my car, ( Off the Wall  and Bad ) and you know what , there’s a song in Bad that I really like, and I keep playing that, over and over again, just that one.  It’s the Spanish version of  I  Just Can’t Stop Loving You…… Todo Mi Amor Eres Tu.

Oh, and here’s MJ and me.

Kidding aside,  he was just a look – like.  Rest in peace, MJ. 

Anyways, I’m adding a few more ” about me “, if I may…….

1. I’m 80 % social liberal, believe it or not. I’m for gay marriage, partly pro-choice ( this is where  10 % of my conservatism comes in ) approves legalization of marijuana for medicinal purpose, a tree hugger, pro-gun control….. However , I don’t want to be called a  bleeding heart liberal .  Twenty percent of me calls for social responsibility and plain common sense values.

2.  My favorite colors are aquamarine and red.

3. I put choco syrup or Nesquick choco in my coffee. Both sugar-free.

4. I   dream of playing the violin in a full orchestra. But I  think I’m not good enough.

5. I find political shows more interesting and entertaining than regular Tv shows . I actually watched all the Republican debates. Ahahaha ! They’re killing each other.  What a bunch of …. never mind.  Alright, those on the other side of the political fence, don’t hate me. But one of  the  guys, Newt Gingrich, promises to establish an American colony  on the moon by 2020, and  with about 16,000 Americans up there, the colony can become a US state. He says this is going to happen if he becomes the President. ( He said this 2 days ago in Florida ) * Earth to Mr. Gringrich, hello, how would you like to solve some  problems here on our planet  first, like , poverty?  Or add more classes and teachers  *.  And all of them, most particularly Rick Santorum, want to ban The Pill, and condoms   * crickets *  Really ? What the heck .  .   Sorry. I hate to be political but I couldn’t resist.  I’m supposed to be writing ” about me”. lol

6.  If I could afford to buy a car, I’d buy a BMW.

7.  I want to have an online business, mostly for ladies’ accessories. I think I have a flair for fashion and stuff like that.

Well, I have nominated 15 bloggers already……. I’m  glad though that I can nominate a few more.  Please check out these bloggers.

1. DearLora    Very interesting ! It’s like Dear Abby.

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5. PM

6. simpleek  if you’re a manga and anime fan, this is the blog for you


8. belleofthecarnival

I’m allowed to nominate 7 more bloggers, but I think I’m stopping on the 8th and continue on  my next post.  Actually, I started writing on Jan.23. It’;s now the 28th and I’m not done yet.  There are just so many distractions. For instance, at this very moment, I’m watching , again, the Republican debate in Florida. I have to stop what I’m doing to  listen to them, more attentively,  this time. ………. Aaaargh ! ! I don’t know if I’m going to cry or laugh at the ludicrousness of their issues.  For instance……. Rick Santorum is accusing Mitt Romney of flipflopping regarding the health care issue. As Governor of Massachusets, Mitt Romney patterned his healthcare policy after Pres. Obama’s health care … and it was successful. 98% of the people in his state now have health insurance. Rick Santorum’s mouth is frothing over this fact. Do you know what he said ? ” It’s the Republican’s policy to change /repel/ take out so called Obamacare , so how can you, Gov. Romney , defeat Obama when you have actually used his Obamacare ?  It’s unacceptable  ! “, or something along this line.  What Santorum had failed to mention was that, Obamacare was successful  in Massachusets and THAT  was anathema to the Republican’s agenda of  taking Obama down at all cost, and if the country would  go  down with him, so be it. Party first, before country. Friggin’ idiots.   When Detroit automakers were about to go bankrupt, and Pres. Obama wanted to bail them out to save the icons of  US industry, the Republicans yelled in unison, ” Let Detroit Go Bankrupt. ! ! ”  Pres. Obama bailed them out , just the same, and now, the motor industry  and  thousands of jobs  have been saved,  and  guess what, GM now is the biggest – earning auto manufacturing company in the world.  Isn’t that the height of  irony?  Democrats aiding ailing corporations,  and corporate-loving Republicans wanting the opposite . Do you know why? I know why …. the Republicans want these icons  of America to go down under Obama’s watch, and  who cares what happens. Their objective is to make Obama a one – term President.  The rest of  those who would be affected  by their agenda  are  mere collateral damage.

 Eh. I better stop here before I offend anyone. 

Ah, here’s something that I found  from my archives. It was a word for word online chat with a friend from England ( not Rob ) that made me laugh for days… nay, weeks. I know you wouldn’t find it funny, and I don;t even  know why I did.  Maybe I have a weird sense of humour.

Friend: opens ya page and takes a gander in a few

Me: what does that mean?

Friend:gander to look at something

Me : What’s the origin of the phrase, why gander?

Friend: to stretch ya neck and gaze like a gander?

Me: how does a gander gaze?

Friend :  don’t know, like this  ??

      * stretches his neck and looks around *

Alright, this is all for now. PEACE and be happy.


Domino theory, from Vietnam to the Middle East


—— Today, Feb. 22,  is the 25th anniversary when two of the Philippines’ Dictator Ferdinand Marcos’ top honchos, the Secretary of  Defense, Juan Ponce Enrile, and the Deputy Chief of Staff , Gen. Fidel Ramos, withdrew their support for Marcos and barricaded themselves at the army headquarters at Camp Crame with a handful of soldiers loyal to them, and  the Cardinal of the Catholic Church called for the people to get out of their homes and block any movement of troops that Marcos might send to arrest the two who defected. Initially, there were just a few people who heeded the call ( including my parents). They did not trust Ramos and Enrile, but , it was an opportunity too great to ignore. It was nightime, and too dangerous to go out, nevertheless, a few braves ones did. They barricaded a part of a major highway leading to Camp Crame with their vehicles . There were only a few hundreds who were there that first night, but by daylight thousands arrived, and by then , it was already too late for Marcos to make a move. Tanks and thousands of soldiers arrived soon but they were blocked by hundreds of thousands of human barricade. ( My parents said it was Marcos’ mistake not to have made a move that night. There were so few of them barricading   the gates of Camp Crame. They could have been  dispersed so easily with just a few bursts of tear gases, and gunfire . =_=  )  Marcos went on TV to speak to the people, but he was cut off. Instructions to the protesters on where to go, what to do were made through Radio Veritas ( owned by the Catholic Church ) and Radio Bandido ( radio station taken over by a group of nuns and a celebrity ). By the 3rd day, the number of people swelled to millions, and on Feb. 26, Marcos was spirited out of the Presidential Palace ( by helicopters courtesy of US pilots based at Clark Air Base, then the biggest US military base outside of US.), taken to Clark, then to Guam, and finally Hawaii, where he died 3 years after.

So, why am I talking again about this People Power Revolution in the Philippines ?  This event in the Philippines is  eerily similar to what’s going on in the Middle East.  Authoritarian governments should learn that their power cannot last forever, Something is bound to snap  and something like this will inevitably happen when people finally withdraw their consent.   

Another similarity is the domino effect that follows . What is the domino theory? Fearing the spread of communism during the 1950’s, Pres. Dwight Eisenhower was the first one to put forth the idea that if one country came into the influence of communism, neighboring countries would potentially follow. The country he was referring to back then was French Indochina ( which  comprised of Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos ). The VietMinh, a communist army from the north,  had already taken over North Vietnam after it defeated the French, the latter withdrawing and handing over governance to South Vietnam. Both sides wanted  reunification, but could not agree on what kind of government a united Vietnam would follow. Hence, the Vietnam war.    To make the long history short, though Vietnam , Cambodia, Laos and Burma had somehow followed the domino effect, communism did not spread into other neighboring countries like Thailand, Malaysia, and Indonesia.  The fear that all South Asian countries would turn communist and  only a few countries ( Philippines, Japan, Australia ) would remain   as first line of defense againts the spread of communism did not materialize. Note: There was heavy US military presence in Japan and the Philippines, ( Subic Naval Base and Clark Air base in the Philippines, the largest military bases outside of the US )

Question :  Did the People Power have any influence on other countries burdened by similar authoritarian regimes ? People from other countries were ” inspired ” to imitate what happened in the Philippines.  It did , in a way, follow the Domino theory. South Korea, Pakistan, Burma ( brutally suppressed), Indonesia, Tiannamen Square in China, ( brutally supressed), Romania,  Berlin Wall, Russia… people took to the streets and managed to topple down their governments, all this happened  in a matter of 3 years.

Depending on an individual’s perspective, this domino theory has , again, reared its ugly head.  Tunisia was the first to be knocked over, followed by Egypt, now Libya. After the euphoria of a successful ” revolution ” in Tunisia and Egypt  dies down, what will happen next? Who follows next? Another dictator more vicious than the last one? A theocracy ? A government that will ban women from getting a tan?

Just musing…. PEACE!

Just my random thoughts, pls don’t rate

Renxkyoko Iglesias here,

——— The House Republican majority managed to bulldoze off regulations that have been put in place to protect the environment, then made changes that would protect greenhouse polluters, stop authorities from closing down mining industries that cause so much pollution, like those mercury emissions that come from cement kilns, and deregulate privately owned colleges. Why did they have to do this? This move has nothing to do with solving our humungous deficit.   It’s clearly a  blatant and totally unconsionable action by these politicians to cater to their base supporters, the big industry bigwigs.  Folks, even if you don’t believe that the climate changes we’re experiencing now are due to human activities, don’t you want a clean environment ?

——-About the Tea Party movement……” They want to privatize Social Security, gut Medicare, repeal health care reform, cut all social services that help the poor, and demand massive tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans and big corporations. ” And , of course, I don’t have to mention the obvious….. ban all gun controls.  I only hope they have the decency not to invoke their demands in the name of Jesus.

——-Seriously, do you really want to hand over  Social Security to Wall Street? 

——- Social Security is now running on deficit, much earlier than the deficit spending  projected to start in 2016 . How did this happen? 1. cut in payroll taxes 2. baby boomers retiring 3. massive expenses incurred to support wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. 4. recession  5. others ( such as unemployment cheques, etc, mostly as the result of recession. ) The federal government is forced to borrow from SS’s surpluses, and now , the surpluses are almost gone. The fact is, the government has also been borrowing heavily from other countries, mainly from China ( 20% ), Japan (20%), United Kingdom (12.4 %) , Oil exporting countries, and believe it or not, Brazil, which is  at # 5. Ah, but don’t fret, folks, the government is borrowing more from domestic sources, rather than foreign ones.  At least, we  patronize our own banks.

—– How much is the US spending on  wars in Iraq and Afghanistan in one month? $ 12.3 B ! We could have used some of that to subsidize homes that opt to utilize solar energy to reduce our dependence on foreign oil,  improve our mass transporation system, fund research on alternative sources of energy….. and improve our aging infra -structures.

—–Now , look at these pics of Hiroshima and Nagasaki…. didn’t we nuke these two cities to smitheereens  65 years ag0? Here they are 65 years later.

And here’s Detroit 65 years later.

——–How much aid are we giving to Pakistan and Egypt?  Egypt is the recipient of massive aid , in return for its tepid peace with Israel… the same aid is given to Pakistan to help the US fight the Taliban in its borders. 

——-Meanwhile, American schools are in deep quagmire. The middle school and high schools I went to do not have an orchestra and band anymore, they have been defunded. The university I go to does not have enough science classes and professors. I always have to wait another semester to get in, if I’m lucky. Our downtown shopping centre looks abandoned. Most stores are closed and boarded up. It was  a sorry sight that our relatives from the Philippines saw when they came here to the US to visit us.

——- I think we need to keep our own house in order first before we start giving aid again.  I’m not saying we should outright stop it, but the government does need to set its priorities.

——Oh, well. This is just a layman’s point of view. What do I know?

This is all for now. PEACE!!!!!

Some thoughts on events in Egypt

Hello, renxkyoko iglesias here

Egypt and whatever is going on there have been the topic of  my  family’s conversation these past few days.  Why should it concern us, you ask.  The inevitable ouster of Pres. Mubarak may result in one secular government becoming a theocracy,  led by Islamist extremists that call for global jihad againts infidels, maintain ties with Al-Qaeda, and be part of garden-variety governments that hate our evil western ways.  This  should concern us because we don’t really want to lose another country that is somewhat friendly to us, our list of friends short enough as it is. The US government now finds itself between the devil and the deep blue sea.  How does the US solve this problem like Mubarak ?  To his credit, Mubarak has at least maintained peace with Israel for 30 years, and modernized Egypt. But, power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. It can’t be helped. It just is.  It’s about time Pres. Mubarak steps down peacefully before the situation in his country worsens. And it will worsen, that is inevitable. The extremists who have been sidelined are now starting to flex their muscles.  We can only  hope the Egyptians think deeply and hard before they allow extremism entry  into their society.

——- I am proud that my parents had been a part of another revolution that took place in the Philippines  in February of 1986. The Filipinos call it the People Power Revolution. It was a peaceful uprising againts the Kleptocracy , corrupt and vicious regime of Ferdinand Marcos and his wife, Imelda Marcos, their cronies and the military. On Feb. 26, 1986, my parents, together with millions of Filipinos took to  the streets to protest and oust the Marcoses from power.  But, this was not the only thing my parents did. In fact, my mother said that momentous event on Feb.26 when Marcos left the country was a picnic compared to the things they did  for 3 long years before the Marcoses were forcibly ousted.  It is a long, dramatic story.  Struggle for freedom and democracy began when Senator Benigno Aquino, who was detained for 10 years by Marcos, and was allowed to go on exile to the US, decided to go back to the Philippines.  He was shot at the airport  tarmac by soldiers  on Aug. 21, 1983. The whole country was outraged and thus began the long struggle for freedom that ended on Feb.26,1986.   Suffice it to say that one night, my parents got a call from a friendly military guy and informed them their names were on the list of people that would be arrested soon. That same night, my parents took my 4 year old and 5 year old sister and brother to a friend’s house, then they went into hiding . It was a dangerous life they lived for 3 years.   When President Corazon Aquino came to power, my parents ‘ efforts were recognized. Mom was appointed to serve in her government.  She  received a letter from the President  informing her of her appointment, just like that. Some of the people in her core group  were also appointed. One became the Metro-Manila Governor, one became a Secretary in Pres. Aquino’s cabinet.  I told Mom she should write a memoir of her experiences and involvement  in the protest movement.

Here’s a few images of the events in the Philippines in February , 1986.

This is all for now. PEACE.

Horror to romance, hard rock to Bach

Ehrm, Renxkyoko Iglesias musing here………

I just watched a movie, Case 39, starring Renee Zelwegger and Bradley Cooper.  The movie is about a 10 year old girl who is  allegedly  being abused by her parents. Renee Zellweger is a social worker who is assigned to this case ( Case 39). The parents attempt to kill the girl, and so she’s taken away , and temporarily gets to  live with Zellweger…. Strange things happen in the Zellweger household after that  and that’s where the horror starts . The movie was shot, butchered and murdered by critics but I seriously don’t know why because  I thought it was good. But then, there’s really no horror flick that I don’t like, hahaha………  it really does look like The Orphan copycat, though. My all time favorite movie in the  horror genre is The Exorcist.  At the other end of the spectrum of my favorite movies  is Sleepless in Seattle,  , a movie that is    pure romance, . As for my favorite TV channels, they swing  from  the Military/ SyFy/Science channels to Home and Garden /Travel/Food channels. I guess my preferences are kind of eclectic. I like hard rock but I feel as much pleasure listening to Bach.

  I watched this documentary about Field Marshall Rommel of the Nazi Army last night on Military Channel. It was good to know there was at least one honorable soldier in the German army during WW2.  He was later killed by Hitler’s minions, because he was suspected of being one of the group that plotted Hitler’s assassination.  He didn’t keep it a secret that he was terribly disturbed when he learned of the existence of concentrations camps. He was also the first general to recognize that when America declared war on Germany , it was the beginning of the end of Hitler’s manic ambitions.    Rommel was a professional soldier with a conscience.

It’s good to know that another Dictator, Pres. Ben Ali of Tunisia was overthrown a few days ago. The events in Tunisia are reminiscent of what happened to the Philippines’ former Dictator, Ferdinand Marcos in 1986. Just like Marcos, this Tunisian president has an extremely corrupt shopaholic wife ( Marcos had  his Imelda )  who has a Boieng 747 at her disposal when she wants to shop in all the shopping capitals of the world. Meanwhile, the people are wallowing in poverty, economy is in deep quagmire, nepotism is rampant, unemployment is high. I just hope that the next leader who has taken over the government holds an election in 45 days as provided for by their constitition. Otherwise, it’s like jumping from the frying pan into the fire. Out with the old , in with the new. Remember the Shah of Iran? He was replaced by Ayatollah Komeini, and that’s all I can say about that. Power tends to corrupt ; absolute power tends to corrupt absolutely.

I received this email from a friend, and  it’s so funny.


                                                    T o hoom  it may cunsern,

I waunt to apply for a job what I saw in the paper. I can type realee quik wit one finggar and do sum a counting.  I think I am good on

the phone and I no I am a pepole person. Pepole realee seem to respond to me well.  Certain men and all the ladies.

I no my spelling is not to good but fi nd that I Offen can get a job thru my persinalety. My salerery is open so we can discus wat you 

want to pay me and wat you think I am werth,

I can start emeditely. Thank you in advanse for yore anser.

                                                                      Hopefuly yore  best aplicant so farr,



P.S . Becose my resimay is a bit short – beelow is a pickture of me.

                                    EMPLOYER’S RESPONSE:

                                 Dear Pepito,


                                                     It’s OK , Honey, we’ve got spell check.  See you on Monday.



Uhmm, yeah, I was quite emo on my previous blog.  So, okay, the killing rampage was a solo act by a deranged person, but he was sane enough to plan ahead,  and who knows what else he had done before he decided to go and kill people, like maybe gone to some Tea Party websites where Congresswoman Giffords is being targeted  with an M-16  ?  Now Sarah Palin is all over the Internet , trying to pass the blame on journalists whom she says are the ones spreading the vitriol.  Huh? Say that again? So, when Sarah Palin crosshairs Congresswoman Giffords, it is not a threat , but merely a figure of speech?

I’m just wondering, do hunters really use semi-automatic weapons to kill deer, or  that one lonely moose on Sarah Palin’s reality show ? ( Thank goodness that was cancelled.)

You know,  my image of a tea party is a group of gracious ladies  and delicate tea cups. Well, not anymore.

I wish we could go back to the time   when the worst that could ever happen to this country was a President getting a blowjob.

Rant mode over and out. * fans self*


YES! ! I bought a PS3!  My very own ! I can now play video games to my heart’s content, anytime I want to.. My brother has one but he locks his bedroom when he’s not home, so I can only play when he’s around, but only for 2 hours, max, then I get kicked out of his room.  So yeah, I’m not done with God of War 3 because of that. 

I was reading the newspaper yesterday (  yes, I do read the papers, hehe ) and saw this article on the Top 10 most common scams of 2010, one of which is the ” overpayment schemes “.   Aha ! So, that ‘s what it’s called !  My family experienced this a few years ago, and I talked about this here. So, this is what the article says about this scam: ” This typically targets landlords, small business owners, or individuals with room to rent or items to sell in classified ads or on Craigslist. The scammers overpay by check, then ask to have the extra wired back to them !!!!! ”  That’s exactly what happened to us ! We have another house we were renting out, but  when our tenants moved out , we  had  the house listed on Craigslist, then some guy from England  emailed to tell us he wanted to rent the house, and sent us a check that was waaaaaaay over the required first payment, like $ 2, 750 over, and then he emailed us again to tell us if we could kindly wire back the extra as that was his airfare to the US.  Of course, we didn’t send him any money, but the bank where Mom deposited the check froze our account.  It  is a stupid scam, really, but surprisingly , it seems it still works and even  made it to the top 10 list of scams for 2010.

Ah, another good news for me……………… I just got the results of the mammogram exam……. ALL CLEAR!!!  I’m advised to take another one in 5 years….  An that other check – up that I didn’t care to talk about on my blog ( yep, I had that procedure done on me , too ) , result was all clear!!!!  And my  twice a year dental check-up result was , yes, perfect teeth !  not a pinprick of cavity.  Now, for the bad news….. this is the last year that I’m on Dad’s list of dependents.  Next year, I  pay for my own health insurance. * tears*  I don’t think I’ll be able to afford it, not with my part-time salary.  Oh, well.

So…. this is all for now. Paalam. Be good, be courteous, be polite. Peace!!!!