Philippine Blood Soup

Hi !  Renxkyoko Iglesias here.


I mentioned a Philippine dish called Chocolate soup/blood soup, or in Filipino language, Dinuguan, on my previous post.  I need to clarify what this blood soup is exactly. It comes from the word ” dugo”  ( pronounced doo-goh  ), which means blood , and dinuguan means made bloody (  ? ).  It’s not liquidy like chicken soup. The liquid is basically thick, and the dish is stewed pork , with sautéed garlic, onions, tomatoes, lots of  chiles, a pinch of oregano ,  vinegar, and of course, pork blood. Vinegar is added to neutralize the blood taste, and maybe , you won’t believe me, it actually tastes amazing. Yes, it is.  It’s eaten with steamed rice, bread or steamed  rice cake they call ” puto”. ( pardon me, puto in Spanish is a bad word. hahaha ) The white muffin in the picture below is puto.( pronounced poo-toh )  Puto is a delicious snack and usually eaten with coffee, or hot cocoa as breakfast meal.

Dinuguan with puto.jpg


The  English, Irish, Germans, Spaniards ( morcilla ) have their blood sausages, …..Poland, ( Czernina ) , Italians,  Romanians and Greeks ( melas zomos , and just like the Filipino way, has pork, vinegar and blood as primary ingredients )  have their blood soups.  So, Filipinos are not the only people with ” bizarre ” taste, thank you very much.


I do sound defensive , don’t I ?  So, okay,  I got to watch a few videos on YouTube, of  non- Filipinos taste -testing dinuguan  , and I found some of their reactions  a bit offensive . There ‘s one done by BuzzFeed where one guy thought the taste was good, and when told it was blood, he immediately said YUUUUUUCK, and spat out the food, and looked as if he was about to vomit.  It was so unprofessional,  childish, immature, moronic, and very insulting to a group of people who love the dish.   I’m sure that video got a ton of vitriolic comments , unlikes, and un – subscription, and perhaps, to correct a mistake,  they are now more polite and respectful.


I also watched some You Tube videos of  some Irish folks  taste tasting  Japanese and Korean dishes.  Five out of 6 taste testers’ remarks were very rude , too.  Yuck, do Koreans actually eat this ????  They even disparaged the tofu in Japanese Ramen. Eeeeew,, slimy , eeeew, fishy, they said. Okay. Sure. I understand their palate’s range  is limited and confined to potato, cabbage and corned beef……. so much so that when their potato crops were ravaged by potato fungus, they had to mass migrate to other countries to escape mass starvation.  So, did I just write something ignorant and  inappropriate ?  Of course . It’s nasty and mean and I apologize for that. But, you know,   tit for tat, ignorance for ignorance.


It is funny and very ironic because, unlike other Asians,  Filipinos eat a lot of corned beef , cabbage and potatoes…. corned beef sandwich, corned beef in baked bun, sautéed corned beef  with potatos,( eaten  with garlic fried rice for breakfast ), soupy corned beef with cabbage/potato soup for dinner, corned beef empanada, and corned beef spaghetti.  Yes, corned beef spaghetti !  Open the pantry  of a Filipino household, you’ll find a dozen cans of corned beef , ( and sardines and Spam ) and packs of  whole corned beef in the freezer. ( bought on sale after St. Patrick’s Day ) .




  • ponders *


I am clueless as to when  Filipinos started their love affair with  corned beef. Hmmmm. Maybe, the American soldiers who came to the Philippines when the country was colonized in 1898 were mostly immigrant Irishmen who couldn’t find work in the US so had decided to join the US army ? And, were they  selected to go to the Philippines because the Philippines was a Catholic country , and the Irish were Catholics too ?  Well, you won’t find this in any Philippine history book, because, who would write about corned beef in a country’s history ?  Most probably in Argentina’s history books, yes.  Argentina produces a lot of corned beef. And Ireland , of course..


Where was I ?


Well, never mind. I’ll just end it here, and write about BALUT and Chocolate Rice  snack  (  Champorado ) on my next post.   I’m looking at you, taste testers.




Thanks for bearing with me and  my meandering and wandering thoughts. I leave it up to you, my dear, smart readers, to make sense of what I just posted. And please , don’t hate me.  I love corned beef , too.  And the Irish.


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My next post there will be about Japanese shoujo clichés and tropes.  I’ll post maybe today or tomorrow.


Bye ! Peace ! ! !





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  1. A wandering mind can be an interesting mind, and this is certainly an interesting post. I would be willing to try the blood soup…I’ll try most things once.


    • I started with blood soup and ended up with corned beef. ^__^ Well, I have to admit blood soup looks alarming, so you do have to be mentally prepared before you dip the spoon into the blob. ^__^


  2. I had the most delicious chicken blood cubes that I ever had in IloIlo, I grew up eating chicken blood with rice but when you eat that with chicken intestines on a stick? HELLO!!! 🙂


    • I haven’t eaten chicken blood cubes yet, and all those barbecued street food. I wanted to, but my mother warned me against eating the stuff…. my first world stomach might not be able to handle the food and the germs that come with it…. I mean, they’re sold on the streets, right ? Literally . Though I heard they’re now selling street food at malls and food courts.

      Ooooh, wait, did you dip the chicken blood cubes in vinegar -garlic concoction ?

      I had barbecued chicken intestines in Boracay….. a bit chewy… and I think the vendor wasn’t a good cook… uhm, there was this strange after taste….


      • haha!!! Glai gave me a lecture when I hesitated eating the fish balls sold on the street, but after the first Tokneneng I had to have another and before you know it I’m eating away!

        The cubes and stuff were from a street side cart bbq’d on a well maintained grill and with the flame totally going, so it was very clean and super Yummers ✌️I didn’t dip it but next time I’ll definitely have to! I so want to go back already lol despite the state of things with the government.

        Oh btw did you hear about resort world Manila? wtf eh?


        • Oh, heck, yeah ! The fishballs. That was my childhood food. I remember there used to be a vendor selling this stuff right outside our subdivision gate. And I’d ask my mom for some coins , and my friends and I would go out ( under the watchful eyes of the gate guards ) and hang out at the corner street and buy fishballs and all sorts of rice cakes ( cooked right there on the street ) . And there was a dip for the fishballs, right ? No double dipping , the vendor would warn us.

          Pssst, Andy. * whispers * do you know the secret ingredient of that red dipping sauce ? * looks around * It’s Banana kechup. ( not tomato ketchup ) . Have you tasted banana ketchup yet ?

          Ugh ! I know ! I heard about that ? It was a casino, right ? maybe, it was part of Duterte’s scheme to declare martial law . I pray I’m wrong. My parents feels some sort of deja vu.


          • *Leans over* psst how do you make banana ketchup? you have my email address ya?

            Waaaaaait a minute!! rice cakes?! all I saw on the fish ball vendor pot were just fish and meat balls whaat???

            I suspect the same about the casino robbery because nothing about it made sense, guy shoots at the machines and tables, takes off with estimated 2 million php of chips which he can’t redeem anywhere else, then sets himself up on fire in the washroom? there’s crazy but that’s just insane O.o


            • It was only lately that I realized banana ketchup was really made from banana, ha ha ha. Duh. I guess it’s an industrial secret ? Have you tried Jolibee’s spaghetti ? Banana catsup is used, instead of tomato sauce.

              Oh, yes, the lady vendor sold rice cakes. She had this bibingka ( another kind of rice cake ) cooker, and I remember getting fascinated with how the cake was cooked. I love bibingka, especially the ” special ” bibingka ” with white cheese ( cottage cheese, made from carabao milk ( carabao is another species of cow ) and edam cheese on top… and salted egg, as well. Have you eaten that ? It’s very delicious. Banana leaf is used to line the pan. Banana leaf gives a pleasant aroma .

              What Philippine desserts have you tasted so far, Andy ? I don’t know if you ‘ve heard of or watched this cooking show, Wok with Yan. He also wrote a cooking book on Asian cuisine. About the Philippines, he said Philippine baked products are second to none. I believe that. At every Filipino party, there are always more desserts than main dishes.

              Well, Duterte declared martial law in Mindanao. Surprisingly, I somewhat approve. These Muslim rebels are just 3% of the population and are confined in the southernmost tip of Mindanao, specifically in Basilan Island, but they want Sharia Law be the law in Mindanao, maybe the whole Philippines. Are they crazy ? The country is 86 % Christian, and Filipinos are quite tolerant of other religions. abqtzxnerf !

            • omg Jollibee spaghetti!! I can’t get enough of it! There’s something in the hot sauce they used that kept me coming back for more lol! the pasta is just right too, al dente and i am very picky about my pasta, Definitely going back to it when I go back to Manila again 😉

              Philippine desserts, I had halo halo of course and not just any halo halo but the one from Kuya J’s. They have a ube one with leche flan etc, it’s insanely good! so good that I had it twice lol 😀

              Duterte has a seriously long battle ahead of him, a complicated one too! Philippines wants to accept other religions but after this? you know? :O

            • What ? You like sweet spaghetti , with hotdogs ? He he I’ll tell you their secret ingredient…… they use the HOT banana catsup…. and they add …… *scroll down *

              CONDENSED MILK ! ! ! !

            • O.o Condensed milk? but pasta I had at Jollibee was spicy though!

              And you still haven’t told me the recipe for hot banana catcsup! BEFORE condensed milk! huff! 😡

            • I have no idea, Andy.It must be an industrial secret. Also, banana catsup is sooo cheap, half the price of a regular tomato catsup. I guess people won’t bother to make a big pot of homemade banana catsup. o_O

              They use the HOT and SPICY banana catsup. We have one in our pantry, and boy, it is hot ! ! !

            • Okie that’s it! I am going to a filipino store and going to look for it lol! i want that special pasta sauce!! 😀

  3. I asked my friend Heidi what she was having for breakfast she replied “spam!”
    With eggs!
    Oh my god, Heidi!🤢 Fried Spam is good though. And they do love corned beef. I was surprised by that.
    My friend Brigid is from Ireland and she loves potatoes and I bugged her all the time about her obsession with mashed potatoes!
    I love watching those videos on YouTube. you learn so many things about different cultures


  4. I get flack for liking Spam, hating broccoli, and people used to look at me weird when I used to tell them I ate bread with a chocolate spread (Nutella). That last one is a bit more accepted now.

    That said, I think pasta should be eaten salted with a touch of butter. Some people put sauce on it; meat sauce is occasionally passable as a choice (really depends on the recipe) but when I see a plate of pasta with any tomato-based sauce, I consider it ruined.

    Rice is great with a breakfast steak atop it but I’ve also been known to cut up fish, chicken, or most meat and mix them in there. There are a number of risottos I like and I really like chicken fried rice if it has a lot of egg in there (but without the other hated vegetable — or whatever it is — onion).

    The point is that people have different tastes, and I agree with you that it’s disrespectful to criticize other people’s eating customs (like eating dog, cat, horse, bugs, snakes, or any meat other than human meat).

    . . . but, pasta with tomato sauce . . . I really can’t excuse that.


    • You can add anything with fried rice. We omellete the eggs, chop it, fry the bacon, chop it, or the Spam, chop it, then cook them with the fried rice….. no onions, but lots of fried garlic. It’s a hearty breakfast.

      So you only eat pasta with….. white sauce ?


    • No sauce . . . lightly buttered and salted to taste.


  5. We Portuguese also have “morcella”, or blood sausage. Your Blood Soup sounds a bit like our pork dish cacoila – without the blood!


  6. I want your dugo😉😉😉😉


  7. Posted by The Otaku Judge on June 2, 2017 at 6:58 am

    I hear this soup is Dracula’s favorite starter. Don’t feel too bad about people saying your nation’s food is gross. Humans tend to be quite closed minded when it comes to meals and stick to what they know. That’s why you’ll see tourists travel hundreds of miles only to eat at McDonalds.


    • Ooooh, I heard that, too !

      No, I don’t feel bad about it, honestly, it was that guy’s reaction that seriously miffed me off…. it was almost insulting. It’s okay if they find it gross ( I’d have the same reaction, because, y’know, blood ? ), but that guy….

      Okay, fine . I’m just overly sensitive. T.T Coz I like blood soup. ~_~


  8. BuzzFeed is hardly a quality marker for videos, people will always react dramatically on video if they think they will be remembered. It is a shame as it could put other travellers off certain foods, I can never wait to get stuck in provided I am told after so I can judge it off my initial tasting. Alcohol seems to hold things down too!


    • Also, the reaction is almost insulting, nay, almost racist, in public, with thousands and thousands of views. Well, I felt insulted . He does have the right to show his revulsion, people also have the right to express their disgust for that revolting behavior. Oh, well. I guess each to his/her own taste, eh . I do get amused at people’s reaction to balut. He he It’s a hang-over delicacy. Ha ha


    • I watched both in one go, that’s why, I was totally miffed, and posted my thoughts on this. It’s true what they say, don’t say or do anything while angry. Count one to ten, gather your thoughts , and simmer down. Or else, you’ll do or say something you’ll regret later. On the other hand, one’s initial thoughts are always the most honest, don’t you think ? They are raw and unfiltered. That’s why, I don’t regret posting this


      • I find it good to type up a rant then go back to it a bit later and tone it down somewhat but sometimes the passion is needed to get the point across clearly.


  9. Now, as Fate–or perhaps less melodramatically, coincidence–would have it, today I was reading about the 1840s Irish famine. Although a blight devastated the potato crop, the main culprit was English colonialism. While mass starvation was going on, Ireland exported huge quantities of food because: free market! The problem wasn’t too little food, but too little money for poor Irish to pay for it. Let them eat Spam! (which wasn’t invented yet) BTW, I used to eat Spam as a kid and found it crucial to always have enough ketchup around.
    After reading your post, I just had to check my memory. Yes, indeed, one of the most outspoken opponents of US occupation of Philippines was Mark Twain, who employed his famous sarcasm in service of anti-imperialism.


    • Yes, I’ve read about Mark Twain opposing the occupation of the Philippines. I think the US President then , Theodore Roosevelt was fulfilling this ” Manifest Destiny ” in which he wanted the US to spread its brand of democracy and way of life to ” barbarians ” . Correct me if I’m wrong. The US did impose American way of life and government….. the 3 branches of government ( the executive, legislative , Senators, congressmen, and the Judiciary ), free public education, which is good. As they say, 400 years in the convent, 50 years of Hollywood. What a transformation. LOL


  10. I love dinuguan with puto. We make our own though, we don’t buy it outside.


  11. British Black pudding is another blood-based food and it is delicious! I will have to try your blood soup one day 🙂


    • Thank you ! ! ! LOL

      I’m sure you can buy blood somewhere. It’s actually so easy to make. We make it without recipe. Just saute garlic, onions and tomatoes, add the pork ( if you eat pork… chicken is okay, I guess ), then add the meats and chiles ( we use Jalapenos here in the US ) …. add vinegar, ( depends on how much sour you want it ) , then when the meats are done, add the * cough * blood * cough *. Don’t overcook the blood coz it’s going to turn a bit bitter ( or so they say ) . Check for saltiness. Filipinos eat it with rice , puto, or bread. With bread, it’s snacks, with rice, it’s dinner. You can make it soupy with more water, or thicker. If thicker, they call it Blood Pudding.


  12. I always am open to try out something new, and honestly this sounds pretty tasty. I am going to be attending a con next weekend where a lot of Asian dishes are going to be served as well. I doubt that they will have this dish, but I will keep my eyes out for it anyway. Looking forward to whatever they are going to be serving there though. Great post this one, always like to read up on things that I do not know about 😊


    • Yes, I doubt they will have this dish. You have to be mentally prepared to eat this, anyways.. I mean, it’s blood, right ? ~_~ I want to bet ….. there will be BALUT. Ha ha ha


      • Haha…well as I said, I’m a pretty openminded guy, so I’m prepared to eat pretty much anything (yes I know that is a very dangerous statement lol). I will keep my eye out for whatever dishes they will have at the con, and be sure to make some pictures as well 😊


  13. I don’t think anyone should say good from an unfamiliar place is “yucky!” That is what toddlers say, not educated grown-up’s!
    I taught my grown children to take a bite of two, try new things! I also encourage other ethnic foods. My good trio of Filipino friends at work have had me try many of their lunches, “Take a bite, Robin!” 🙂


  14. Blood sausages are popular in Korea and countries throughout Asia/Europe.


  15. This has aroused my curiosity.


  16. This is so unique! Thank you for sharing 🙂


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