Philippine Jolibee commercials

Hi !  Renxkyoko Iglesias here .


To be honest, I don’t know where to start.


Okay, so last Saturday,  I was watching some Philippine stuff on You Tube when I came across  another Jolibee commercial, this time for Mother’s Day. I don’t know if you’ve seen the Jolibee Valentine commercial called DATE that I posted in February.  Hold it right there, Ren, what’s a freakin’ Jolibee ?  Well, Jolibee is the largest fast food chain in the Philippines. (  there are Jolibee franchises already here in the US, there are 2 where I live ).  If you haven’t seen it, here it is.  Those who have seen it, I hope  you still remember that particular  commercial ( I posted a series of 3 commercials )


Then last Saturday, I saw this, a Jolibee commercial for Mother’s Day  (   You need to watch both , otherwise, this post is pretty pointless. )



Just a question for my Filipino readers……. are all commercials in the Philippines like these ?  This is  a  fast food chain that sells fried chicken and hamburgers  and targets human emotions in the most profound way. Kind of weird.


After watching this most recent Jolibee commercial,  I had a sudden craving for  Jollibee burgers and fried chicken , and invited my parents to a Jolibee lunch,  my treat, of course.


Then at Jolibee, I saw this.



On my post, Philippine Blood Soup,  I tackled the Filipinos’ love affair with  corned beef, potatoes and cabbage,  very Irish , and so not typically Asian.  Even here in the US, we  eat that for breakfast , with rice and egg, or corned beef sandwich, or corned beef stew with potatoes and cabbage for dinner.  So, can you see the Jolibee menu of corned beef breakfast with fried rice and egg  and corned beef sandwich on the menu panel ? ( You can also see breakfast hotdogs with fried rice and egg ). These are typical Filipino breakfasts.  Is that weird ? Hotdogs with fried rice and egg ? Or bacon.  Guys, you should try this.


Our  lunch at Jolibee.


FullSizeRender (3)


We had ” pancit palabok ” ( noodles with shrimp sauce), a bucket of ChickenJoy, with gravy, Aloha burger, and Mango Peach Pie.


This is all for now. Thank you for reading.


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  1. Wow! Wow…..

    Was that the middle of a soap opera?

    That was the longest sadest tv cammercial that I’ve never seen… next to the imfomercial of them putting stray dogs to sleep…

    The actors are… they deserve better recognition and a better contract because that…. wow!
    I’m speachless ren… all this for chicken… and was that man dieing of cancer or something? Yo! Mind officially blow!👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍


    • Someone informed me that they showed the shortened versions on Philippine TV. McDonald’s is definitely competing. They’re showing heart-crunching commercials, too. He he he

      They do look like soap opera , don’t they ? I like it, though. They are not the mindless commercials that we see everyday on TV.

      Ha ha ha I bawled my eyes out for freakin’ fried chicken !


      • I’m sorry but Mac donalds to me is like see a trump speach…. I eather turn the chanel or set my eyes and ears on fire from the bullshit I’m being feed….

        Ba ba ba ba ba…. I’m hating it!

        Yes I definitely like the Philippines cemmercial better! Nice!

        Mindless and brain washing indeed my good friend!👍

        Now or days I rather watch the static on a tv screen… at least that’s more intertaining.

        You cried? Lol… no you didnt! Did you! Let me find out… I know you to tuff for that miss ren…😂👉💪

        Omg… smh… then you said for chicken! Hahahaha! Your so funny..


  2. Oh and random…. have you seen Tokyo Ghouls? You gotta check it out if not… I’m addicted to Anima now by the way… lol


  3. My coworkers are so crazy about Jolibees that when the one in Edmonton opens they are going to go!
    My one coworker went back to the Philippines to be married, and she found out a new Jolibee had opened a block away from where her mother lives. I told her “great, now you can have your wedding there! The Jolibee mascot can officiate your wedding. And even walk you down the aisle!”
    All of jolibee food looks good 😊


  4. Just a question for my Filipino readers……. are all commercials in the Philippines like these ?

    They actually came out first in Jollibee’s Facebook. And you know, stuff like these goes around so fast so I guess most invested time on social media using this approach to advertise their products. And to answer the original question: well not really. This just became a trend just recently but mostly commercials are not like this.


    • *I guess most companies invested time on their social media profiles*


    • Oh, right. That;s what I think. I mean, they can’t really show such long commercials on TV. It’s almost 3 minutes long. Ads are either 30 seconds or 1 minute.

      They’re commercials on the Internet have millions of views already. Amazing.


  5. Oh my God! Weeping. Crying. Everything, that a mother who truly loves her children inspires, so perfectly showcased. Moving. Brilliant. True.


    • It also shows some part of Filipino culture. There’s this single Mom, and , you know, she’s an elementary school teacher, and I know for a fact that salaries of teachers are low, so , you can see in the ads, she’s cooking something ,( I’m sure they’re leche flan , egg custard, and delivering them to customers). That supplements her income.


  6. REN I”M DROOLING!! I MISS CHICKEN JOY and that GRAVY!!! huhuhu, BTW I just Jollibee’s new commercial for Father’s Day ha ha


  7. A real tug on the heartstrings. Very moving regardless of the product they’re pushing. These go beyond that.


  8. Well, The association of emotions and memories with restaurants is very very effective, Even gives ideas! 🙂 I went to Jollibee a couple of times in Manila with Glai and wow I couldn’t get enough! So envious you have it there 🙂


    • I’ve been to McDonalds in the Philippines, and in their menu, whatever Jollibee has, McDonalds has them too. McSpaghetti, McChicken with rice, ha ha ha, and breakfast foods like fried rice, tapa, and egg,….. the works. And McDo has gone emo too with their ads.

      Filipinos are very sentimental people.


      • Indeed! must be all the kdrama and rice, makes everyone very very to the heart heh!

        I’d choose jollibee over mcdo anywhere I go tbh ☺️


  9. Very moving, beautifully made video. Thank you for sharing. 🙂


  10. I want that peach mango pie!!!


  11. Wow thanks for introducing me to this.


  12. Thanks for this (a little strange, to be honest) glimpse into Phillipine culture. Regarding corned beef, I have to say that you don’t really know corned beef until you have had a kosher hot corned bee sandwich on seeded rye bread with brown mustard.


    • Corned beef on rye bread….. that sounds yummy. I don’t think they are familiar with rye bread in the Philippines… but corned beef with brown mustard, yes. We had one like that at a coffee/sandwich shop in the Philippines when we were there. ( though it was my mother who ordered that for herself, so I didn’t get to taste it )


  13. I will try anything once 🙂
    I like corn beef and cole slaw on rye. That’s a fab sandwich.


  14. Hmm…Jollibee, every Filipino kid’s favorite 🙂


  15. That is funny about the corned beef. As far as I know, most Koreans have no idea what that is haha. My father is white, though, and we frequently ate meals involving corned beef, cabbage, etc. when I was growing up, and I still have a taste for it.


    • It was brought to the Philippines by American soldiers 100 years ago, that’s my theory. I don’t know of any Asian country that loves corned beef very much, lol. Mom said she’d been eating that since forever.


  16. Not only Jollibee commercial but also McDonald’s. They have this very touching commercial hihi


    • Ooooh, I’ll check that out. I hope not all Philippine commercials are like that. A whole bunch of Filipinos will become emotional wrecks in no time. LOL


    • By the way, you’re a medical student. I’m amazed you can still find the time to post something. I remember when we went to the Philippines like after 10 years, my first cousin didn’t get to see us the whole time we were there because it was exam time.


  17. Reminds I must start eating breakfast. Now it’s two cigarettes and cup of coffee.


  18. The attack on emotions makes commercials (and businesses) quite easy to remember. And, it is not only Jollibee that does this. 🙂


  19. Thank you for visiting my site. I’ve been away for awhile with health issues, but I’m back and writing again. Thanks again.


  20. That is a long commercial. Did they show here in USA?Anyway I like this jollie bee chicken they are really tasty .


  21. I watched the second video and it’s really funny especially when the girl order chicken with extra rice but at the end is very sad that she married another guy . I really enjoy watching this short movie of jollie bee .


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