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Renxkyoko Iglesias here,

——— The House Republican majority managed to bulldoze off regulations that have been put in place to protect the environment, then made changes that would protect greenhouse polluters, stop authorities from closing down mining industries that cause so much pollution, like those mercury emissions that come from cement kilns, and deregulate privately owned colleges. Why did they have to do this? This move has nothing to do with solving our humungous deficit.   It’s clearly a  blatant and totally unconsionable action by these politicians to cater to their base supporters, the big industry bigwigs.  Folks, even if you don’t believe that the climate changes we’re experiencing now are due to human activities, don’t you want a clean environment ?

——-About the Tea Party movement……” They want to privatize Social Security, gut Medicare, repeal health care reform, cut all social services that help the poor, and demand massive tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans and big corporations. ” And , of course, I don’t have to mention the obvious….. ban all gun controls.  I only hope they have the decency not to invoke their demands in the name of Jesus.

——-Seriously, do you really want to hand over  Social Security to Wall Street? 

——- Social Security is now running on deficit, much earlier than the deficit spending  projected to start in 2016 . How did this happen? 1. cut in payroll taxes 2. baby boomers retiring 3. massive expenses incurred to support wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. 4. recession  5. others ( such as unemployment cheques, etc, mostly as the result of recession. ) The federal government is forced to borrow from SS’s surpluses, and now , the surpluses are almost gone. The fact is, the government has also been borrowing heavily from other countries, mainly from China ( 20% ), Japan (20%), United Kingdom (12.4 %) , Oil exporting countries, and believe it or not, Brazil, which is  at # 5. Ah, but don’t fret, folks, the government is borrowing more from domestic sources, rather than foreign ones.  At least, we  patronize our own banks.

—– How much is the US spending on  wars in Iraq and Afghanistan in one month? $ 12.3 B ! We could have used some of that to subsidize homes that opt to utilize solar energy to reduce our dependence on foreign oil,  improve our mass transporation system, fund research on alternative sources of energy….. and improve our aging infra -structures.

—–Now , look at these pics of Hiroshima and Nagasaki…. didn’t we nuke these two cities to smitheereens  65 years ag0? Here they are 65 years later.

And here’s Detroit 65 years later.

——–How much aid are we giving to Pakistan and Egypt?  Egypt is the recipient of massive aid , in return for its tepid peace with Israel… the same aid is given to Pakistan to help the US fight the Taliban in its borders. 

——-Meanwhile, American schools are in deep quagmire. The middle school and high schools I went to do not have an orchestra and band anymore, they have been defunded. The university I go to does not have enough science classes and professors. I always have to wait another semester to get in, if I’m lucky. Our downtown shopping centre looks abandoned. Most stores are closed and boarded up. It was  a sorry sight that our relatives from the Philippines saw when they came here to the US to visit us.

——- I think we need to keep our own house in order first before we start giving aid again.  I’m not saying we should outright stop it, but the government does need to set its priorities.

——Oh, well. This is just a layman’s point of view. What do I know?

This is all for now. PEACE!!!!!

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  2. Posted by Rob on February 21, 2011 at 8:27 pm

    Hey, this is a great insight into American politics, especially for someone from outside America. Those pictures of Hiroshima, Nagasaki and then Detroit are really interesting too. 🙂


    • It is just my opinion,a plain citizen who doesn’t really know the complexities of governance. We don’t really know what’s going on in Washington , but , it’s common sense, isn’t it ? It’s like a family who keep on shopping and spending and living beyond their means.


  3. Same here. Those picture comparisons are great…made me itch to click on the rate buttons above. Hehehe.



  4. The pictures paint a good picture, but I’m sure there are nice places in Detroit!

    The U.S. must spend money on itself… it really must.


  5. What an awesome juxtaposition with the pictures you posted! I had no clue Hiroshima and Nagasaki were in such good shape! It’s nice to have another sane person look at issues for what they are and not for what side they usually vote for. Nice blog!


  6. hey, some girl feels strongly about government spending. i thought i was reading an editorial, hehe… ^^

    just dropping by to say that i’ve published my post about tagging. it’ll be a two-part series. kawawa naman ang magbabasa pag pinagkasya ko sa isa lang, ahihi… ^^

    enjoy the rest of the week, renx. regards! 🙂


  7. i agree their good places and bad places to live any where your at, Peace


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