Some thoughts on events in Egypt

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Egypt and whatever is going on there have been the topic of  my  family’s conversation these past few days.  Why should it concern us, you ask.  The inevitable ouster of Pres. Mubarak may result in one secular government becoming a theocracy,  led by Islamist extremists that call for global jihad againts infidels, maintain ties with Al-Qaeda, and be part of garden-variety governments that hate our evil western ways.  This  should concern us because we don’t really want to lose another country that is somewhat friendly to us, our list of friends short enough as it is. The US government now finds itself between the devil and the deep blue sea.  How does the US solve this problem like Mubarak ?  To his credit, Mubarak has at least maintained peace with Israel for 30 years, and modernized Egypt. But, power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. It can’t be helped. It just is.  It’s about time Pres. Mubarak steps down peacefully before the situation in his country worsens. And it will worsen, that is inevitable. The extremists who have been sidelined are now starting to flex their muscles.  We can only  hope the Egyptians think deeply and hard before they allow extremism entry  into their society.

——- I am proud that my parents had been a part of another revolution that took place in the Philippines  in February of 1986. The Filipinos call it the People Power Revolution. It was a peaceful uprising againts the Kleptocracy , corrupt and vicious regime of Ferdinand Marcos and his wife, Imelda Marcos, their cronies and the military. On Feb. 26, 1986, my parents, together with millions of Filipinos took to  the streets to protest and oust the Marcoses from power.  But, this was not the only thing my parents did. In fact, my mother said that momentous event on Feb.26 when Marcos left the country was a picnic compared to the things they did  for 3 long years before the Marcoses were forcibly ousted.  It is a long, dramatic story.  Struggle for freedom and democracy began when Senator Benigno Aquino, who was detained for 10 years by Marcos, and was allowed to go on exile to the US, decided to go back to the Philippines.  He was shot at the airport  tarmac by soldiers  on Aug. 21, 1983. The whole country was outraged and thus began the long struggle for freedom that ended on Feb.26,1986.   Suffice it to say that one night, my parents got a call from a friendly military guy and informed them their names were on the list of people that would be arrested soon. That same night, my parents took my 4 year old and 5 year old sister and brother to a friend’s house, then they went into hiding . It was a dangerous life they lived for 3 years.   When President Corazon Aquino came to power, my parents ‘ efforts were recognized. Mom was appointed to serve in her government.  She  received a letter from the President  informing her of her appointment, just like that. Some of the people in her core group  were also appointed. One became the Metro-Manila Governor, one became a Secretary in Pres. Aquino’s cabinet.  I told Mom she should write a memoir of her experiences and involvement  in the protest movement.

Here’s a few images of the events in the Philippines in February , 1986.

This is all for now. PEACE.

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  1. My family left from Cuba shortly after Castro took power. Our family house was taken and given to Russian troops. Most of my families belongings of value were taken as well (grandmother’s wedding ring, etc.) and my grandfather was denied the ability to leave the country. The story goes on and on, but in a nut shell my grandfather was aided by a spy rebel troop board a plane to Miami where he worked as a janitor and re-became a dentist in the U.S.

    I read the story of your family and it resonated with me very much so. What’s happening in Egypt is indeed very very interesting and we will all watch to see what happens.

    Great post and I hope you have been enjoying the spaceman posts as well. 🙂


    • Marcos was elected president in 1965, then reelected in 1969. Presidents could only serve for 2 terms, so what he did was declare Martial Law and make himself Presidenr for life. That’s how evil he was. Just like any other dictator, he supressed opposition using the military. My mother’s cousin was detained, and died in detention. He was just 25 years old. It was in 1986 that the Filipinos managed to topple down his regime. 20 years of Kleptocracy. He fled the Philippines , leaving the country bankrupt. Can you imagine a country with mere $ 19 M in its coffers?


  2. You have brave parents. I looked up to them. They weren’t afraid to fight for the sake of our country. 🙂 I guess you must be really proud of your parents.


  3. Yikes. You and I aren’t too different then Renxkyoko. We have the same values.


  4. Interesting article…thank you!


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