Yo, Update on Books and A movie review

Dreamsending here!!

Ah, its 2 am….I’m on my 7th chapter of my new book, 62 pages, 50 characters so far….so far, fun….but I do love it, love it alot. Writing is my thing, I just wish people would get my style. Yeah, it’s mind breaking, but it’s fun. Ask RenxKyoko about my writing. She is one of the rare ones to have one of my books….ahahahahaha. Also, I forgot to ask…did Number 88 make you cry? I have a following in two towns so far. One book I let my dad have that went missing, that somehow got from Point A to Point B….I find that Uber epic cool. Like OMG, people liked it….also I’m getting e-mails if and when book 2 will be out….uh, when I finish it..lol….but I do let people read what chapters I have out. Nothing really goods happens ’til chapter 5, when normal hits a wall….ahahaha, I am so EVIL to my characters…http://alex-parr.deviantart.com/
That has the 3 chapters of my book…. I will only upload unless I get 300 views, lol.

Spoilers for those who are Batman Fans.
Now for a movie review. Yes, I love BATMAN. I was a kid when I read “Death in the Family”…..OMG….They killed Jason Todd, Robin Number 2. I’ve never bawled like that for a DC comic. It was so sad to see someone who was like a son to Bruce, die like that by the hands of the Joker. I mean, just wow…not only that, but Jason got sold out by his own mother. Poor kid get beat with a crowbar to near death, then gets blown up, like WTF. I have never seen that before, because Batman always shows up to save people. Well the movie. Batman Under the Red Hood, is based on “Death in the Family” And “Under the Red Hood” Comics. I tell you what, seeing it animated, ( Jason’s death ), was just as jaw dropping as it was painful. I am so going to buy the Comic of this one, once I have the money to do so. I will not say anything else beyond that, because I don’t want to destroy the movie for anyone. All I can say is,  there was so much emotion  it held heart break.

SO right now, I’m just waiting for China. I will talk more about it when it comes around. Well later dayz.

5 responses to this post.

  1. Hey!

    Yep, I have No.88, and the nice thing about it is, it’s a draft. That’s even more rare, isn’t it ?


    • Posted by dreamsending on February 17, 2011 at 10:54 pm

      Yep, its Super Rare. The last one is very clean looking. Its almost ready for printing, but I think I will do that in China. Everything’s cheaper there, lol.


  2. I like RenxKyoko’s writing better… at least her blog writing. 🙂 One too many “OMGS”ZZZZ for my taste 😉



    • Posted by dreamsending on February 17, 2011 at 10:55 pm

      LOL, well that’s how she is. We both have diff. style cause we live diff. places. Oregon and Cali, ya see. It’s nice to see how our style’s clash.


  3. Good blogging and it hits the nail on the head. I will put a link to this post on my blog.


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