Valentine Rant

Hello! Renxkyoko Iglesias here.

Well, Happy Valentine’s Day , or Happy Single Blessedness, as the case maybe.  Today, I’m going to indulge and buy myself a bag of Valentine’s M & Ms,  wear my battle gear to school and pretend I have a hot date tonight. lol !  So, what’s a battle gear ? I’ll be dressed to the nines, that’s what. …. make -up,  high heeled black leather boots, skinny jeans, red blouse, black  jacket, and accessorised to the max. Hahaha. Just kidding.  No, I go to work tonight, scooping ice cream . (>.<)

Oh, well.

Anyways, here’s something for you.

I’m quite annoyed at the star rating feature here.  Why do we need to be rated anyway? I don’t really want that thing on my space.  On my previous blog, some reader rated my work as 1 star. I think that’s so rude. It’s like telling me my work is pure crap. Well, it is, but you , whoever you are, don’t have to rub it  in. WTF !  This isn’t a grammar test, nor a writing  one.  These are  my random thoughts , and  crappy or not,  this is my freakin’  blog and I can freakin’ write whatever I freakin’ feel like writing, so don’t freakin’ judge me.  I’m sure you’re no  freakin’ Pulitzer Prize winner either, whoever you are.

This is all for now.  Not in the mood to write anything else.  I have headache .

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  1. You can disable the rating feature if you want to. 🙂


  2. Your right … I am one to say I have no skill other than to write drivel.
    But hello its my blog … I ain’t writing to cure AIDS so screw it!
    This is a warning: If you say something bad I will keel you!


  3. Ranting is goot for the soul. 😀


  4. I hate the rating feature too. When news broke that WP powered it up, I immediately checked my blog to see if it was enabled. Good thing I was saved the trouble of having to disable it.

    Anyway, belated Happy V Day / SAD (Singles Awareness/Appreciation Day) to you, Ren. 🙂

    Pahabol: I noticed my name (in all-caps, even) in your sidebar. Wow! Thanks for adding me to your blogroll! Uh, but when I clicked it, I found out that the URL is not my blog’s. It’s supposed to be “” not “wordoftruth…” 😀


  5. Completely agree with you! Will write whatever we like!


    • My blog is like a daily diary. I write whatever ‘s on my mind, and if it’s about a silly thing, like stepping on a cat’s poop , so be it. I’ll write about it. lol


  6. Hey there 🙂 is the link you can use. I’ll add you as well.

    BTW, don’t worry too much about your grammar. Mine sucks too, but I try to keep it as perfect as I can.


  7. btw, how can i contact you? not sure I see your email anywhere here.


  8. I agree. For my own writings to be rated is unfair. They suck as they are, and for people to rub it in with their ratings would be adding salt on the injury 😉

    I’m thinking you found my blog through Jedo because I see he’s here. Ah, that guy. Always the bridge 😀


    • 😆 Always the bridge? Hmm. Maybe I am. If so, then I’m quite pleased to play the part, and humbled, knowing that there’s some actual good I can help pass around by being the connection. 😀

      And if Ren did find your blog through me (and I really hope so), I can have one more reason to smile. 🙂


      • Jedo , I don’t even know where you are…. are you living in the Philippines, or you’re here stateside?


        • Hehe. I’m living in the Philippines, dear. 🙂

          What about you? You live in CA, right? Though I’m not sure which city. I have a lot of relatives living in San Jose, and some friends in San Diego and Sacramento. If you live in one of those areas, maybe it’s a small world and you know one or more of my relatives/friends! 😀


          • Come to think of it, I never had Filipino friends, but I did have some Filipino classmates. Last semester, my lab partner in Ecology was a Filipino.

            I guess it’s because I live in an area where there are few Filipinos. ( or none at all ) In high school, there were 2 of us, but I never got to hang out with her. I hang out with friends who had been my classmates since elementary, and I don’t recall having a Filipino classmate in elementary, not even middle school.


            • That’s kind of sad. I mean, of course I wouldn’t understand, but that’s what I would feel if it were me in your place. I guess.

              A cousin of mine (who lives in San Jose) is just about to finish middle school and he’s never had a Filipino classmate.

    • Yep. JEDO’s the man !!!


  9. I love that picture! It reminds me of Kindergarten when I chased a poor little red-headed boy with freckles, wanting a kiss. Nowadays, little girls that pull this stunt will probably get arrested. 😉


  10. LOL. awesome picture i LOVED it!


  11. ahaha, i like the pic. see the pain in the boy’s eyes? 😉 so, how did this valentine go, eh? ^^

    hey, kahit kailan naman, di ko naisip i-activate ‘yang ratings feature na ‘yan. medyo crappy sya, ahaha. kung commercial website, okey lang para malaman ang preference ng readers. pag personal blog, medyo mahirap unless superfriendly si blogger o kaya, artistahin, bibong-bibo ang personality nya, tingin mo? ^^

    hala, wala pa ring bagong post ang ale rito… jobs or school’s the culprit, eh? both? ^_^ hello, renx! regards and cheers 🙂


  12. Posted by WordsFallFromMyEyes on February 15, 2013 at 11:13 pm

    🙂 Am sure the headache is now passed, Renx.

    Came by to honour my promise to click on an ad. but alas none – so I thought I’d see what you were like 2 years ago, V/Day. STILL a lovely sense of humour, I see 🙂

    Love the picture, and loved to picture you & your bag of M&Ms. How sweet.

    It’s the weekend for me. Oh, LOVE….


  13. Posted by JK Bevill - Lost Creek Publishing on April 12, 2013 at 7:18 am

    Reblogged this on lost creek publishing.


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