An Update on Dreamsending!

Well, I found out when I am leaving, officially the 23 of February. Whoo hoo. China here I come!

Also, some other news. First time driving on the major high way. It was fun, I like going 70 mph. I like driving and I will miss it dearly while I am away. (Unless I get lucky and get a Chinese one)

So Really good news, and I hope it happens. My family might get to adopt a little girl. I say might because of all that paper work and people have to check out our family, making sure we are “Safe”. Please, we are a safe family. Also, there are others who want her.

This girl’s story is very sad. She is a 4 year old girl, (people think) she has three older sibling and two younger. Their parents, left them in the forest. For two days, they wandered. To keep warm at night, they slept together. Someone just happened to find them before it was to late. Nothing to eat or dink for two days…..neither of them know their last name, or when their where born. Its sad the children have to be broken up for adoption, but they will all be in a 50 mile radius.

Six kids, left by their parents. I think these monsters, should be found, thrown in jail and fixed so they can’t do this again. I know parents abandoning children happens a lot, for many reasons, but out in the middle of no where. Like What the hell. That right there should be attempted murder if those people are ever found. I mean, we have places here where if you can’t take care of your child, you could drop them off at a hospital or police station. Still, it could have been worse, the parents could have killed them in person, which seems to be happening a lot lately. Many over the littlest reasons to those who are just plain crazy. Still, this makes me sick.

I won’t be able to “grow up” with her, since I am moving out, but I will talk to her when she gets here, over skype and all. My little sister will take care of her, I think she would like to be a big sister. Mom and dad would love to take her in. She would be the youngest kid the family would have taken in. My family is very open, all we ask is no stealing, lying and come home when your needed to be. We took in a half black kid, where as no one else would take her in. (I hate this town, so racist. I mean, we have Neo Nazi‘s right across the street from a Mexican Restaurant.) We gave her a Christmas, a place to stay and she stayed till she graduated high school and got her own apartment and job. The reason why she was kicked out of her house her mom owned was because her mom got a new boyfriend who said “Blackie has to go, or I go.”……some people just need to die…..

But I tell you what, that girl had the most racist jokes to tell, it would crack us all up. Like
“Mmm-boy, you know how “us” black people love’m ribs and chicken with watermelon.”
For real, the family was silent, before we cracked up laughing. I love her humor. Or
“Do you know why “we” run so fast?” “No, why?” “So we don’t get tagged it by the lions.” There are other jokes, I will not repeat on here.

Well, I will leave this here for now. I will update if we get the girl or not. Take care everyone.

3 responses to this post.

  1. wow you’re going to China, its been quite a time since the last time I went there to have a study tour. Hope you’ll have a great time traveling!


  2. Whoa! Alex! That was the first time you actually drove on a major highway? (^___^)

    And that was very noble of your family, giving a child a home.


  3. Very amusing. Once you get there, I hope you will have more fun and more amusing posts to write. May you have all the best things in life. Be positive always.


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