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I missed the most awaited virtual concert of my favorite Filipino boyband, SB 19…. all tickets $100 international sold -out ! ! How can that be ? It’s live streaming, right ? They can have millions and millions of views , so how ?

SB19 Members Profile (Updated!)

It was when I went to YouTube to post my favorite Filipino boyband ‘s latest song that I found out I missed SB 19’s virtual concert BACK IN THE ZONE .. Well, not really missed_____ the tickets were SOLD OUT ! ! ! Huh? How can it be sold out ?? I mean, it’s live streaming, and they can take in millions and millions of viewers, right ? Apparently not. It’s 5,500 Philippine pesos per ticket or $ 100 International. How many tickets did they get to sell ???

SB19: Back in the Zone

Anyway, here’s the video of one of their latest song, DETERMINADO .

Sorry there’s no subtitle in English. It’s purely in Filipino language, and even though I can now speak the language more fluently, I still don’t understand what they’re saying here, except the title, DETERMINADO or DETERMINED in English. This song shows SB19 is not just a teeny bopper sing and dance boyband…… they have the talent to delve into different genre……… and they compose all of their songs. * Their ballads have exceptionally beautiful melody. *

Darn ! How could I have missed it ?