I’m leaving on an airplane

Hello ! It’s me, Ren.

One or two days more before we leave for Europe. I’m all packed and ready to go……… I’m so excited !    What else can I say ?

The day before departure,  I’ll help Mom cook several dishes good for at least a week….. dishes that will keep nicely in the freezer, and all Dad has to do is get just enough and microwave it.  Mom is so…. Oh, I don’t know, so mother hennish. She thinks Dad is so useless in the kitchen. I don’t think so.  Dad’s Soup # 5 is so delicious.  Well,  I don’t know what’s in it, and  I don’t wanna know.


Right now, it’s 12:57 AM, June 17, the day of our departure .  I can’t sleep. Well, I’ve had 4 cups of coffee since early evening , and I thought I was all done…. but no, there’s still so much to do. In fact, I’ve just colored my hair, ha ha ha, and need to wash it out later… that means, around 1:30 AM.  And while waiting, I’ll do my nails, aaaargh.  Darn it, what else can I say ?  Oh, I’m bringing a few magazines to read.  ” Discover Magazine “. There are a few I haven’t read.   Let me read the cover articles…. 1. Overturning Einstein, Physicist Julian Barbour is rewriting Einstein’s rules of Space, Time and Gravity.  2. When Earth had 2 Moons  3. How to talk to an Alien ( or Frenchman ) 4. Where’s the Higgs ?…  interesting titles , definitely my cup of tea.

Oh, geez, I know this is  so boring.

My employers gave me lots of hours to compensate for my one month absence. So nice of them. So, yeah, I just worked, went to 4 parties, ( yep, my chance to dress like a slut ), read up on my favorite mangas, and avidly watched political talk shows.  I’m currently obssessing on Bill Maher, Hardball, and Lawrence O’ Donnel. Oh, I like Martin Bashir too and Rachel Maddow….. all liberal talk shows, by the way.  And speaking of  which…… right now, I’m avidly reading  a manga that I’m obssessing on.  I’m always on Discussion Forum, writing so many comments for each chapter that comes out.  Ugh, I’m such a geek.  So, anyway, what is the story all about ? Well, it’s romance, of course. At first I thought, ” Oh , another cliche, fluffy and cheesy. ” ( To be honest, I like the fluff and cheese  ) The guy has emotional baggage, but  later, main girl heals him. Then main girl finds out one of her best friends  likes the main guy. Best friend and main girl talk, and decide to have the rivalry fair and square…. the best friend tries to one up the main girl by hurriedly professing her love for main guy. She gets rejected. ( I was  like Nya, nya, nya, nya, nya ! )

.Alright, that was so immature.  On the Forum, there was a question, Is Yuuri a good friend ?  I had  quite a lively discussion with a reader, who was a bit abrasive.  My opinion was No, she’s not a good friend.  Okay, at first, yuuri didn’t know that Futuba ( main girl ) liked Kou , but in my opinion, Yuuri should have backed off when  she learned Futuba liked him too. All’s fair in love and war, right?  The problem here is, Futuba and Kou liked each other in middle school, but Kou later moved. Then , he moved back  and went to the same HS as Futuba’s. They renewed their friendship, and looked like some feelings were being rekindled. Yuuri knew this, but she didn’t back off.  ( And Yuuri is very cute, heh . Well, futuba too, anyways, )  She was rejected of course. So, you’d think it would be plain sailing for the heroine. Apparently not. Kou had a history of past relationship with a former classmate and friend at his former high school.

Oh, my. Guys, may  I continue this after my trip ?  The time right now is 10: 39 AM. We leave at 1 PM. right after Father’s day lunch. Hey, today is Father’s Day. Happy Father’s Day to all good dads reading my blog.  My father is a good dad, I have no doubt about it.  The time he comes home everyday is like an alarm clock.  His type is the one I wish for a husband. Faithful, will do anything for the family, faithful, will give anything that we want if he can afford it, more often than not, he gives it anyway, faithful……

Alright, some random pics taken last  Friday. geez, Mom took these awful pics, he he he…. And i do look awful, but I’ll post them anyway. he he he

.Me, Sis and her BF… see, I told ya, it’s awful.

.It’s 11:08 AM… I’m gonna click Publish now.

BYE ! !  Europe, here I come ! Wooooohoooo !

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  1. Soup # 5… I hope it’s not the same Soup #5 that I know… :p


    • Soup No.5 …. originally concocted in the Philippines when there was water interruption, and dad made this soup and used water in the pail that was in the toilet. he he he


  2. have a safe trip my friend..

    have fun 🙂


  3. Posted by vampyrefangs on June 18, 2012 at 11:05 am

    Have a great trip. Come home safely! 🙂


  4. Have a safe trip! And bring back lots of pictures!


  5. Have a great time! You are such a nerd.

    Your dad must be faithful.


  6. Posted by REBECCA DAWN on June 19, 2012 at 12:09 am

    have fun! eat lots of yummy food! ^_^
    aw manga! I was just thinking about absolute boyfriend. Vampire Knight. Egad there is much manga to read. not enough time! Why! and I watched Bleach. There will be no more anime just lots of manga. Sad.
    oh right, like you are so awful in your pictures! get out of here! look pretty! ^_^


  7. This was awesomely random – Europe! Talk shows! Manga! Now some random photos! You have the best brain ever, Ren. : )

    Have a blast in Europe. Can’t wait to hear all about it. I feel like my bloggin’ sis is going away and is about to have an amazing experience of personal growth. Safe travels, Ren!


    • Thanks, big bro ! ! And I’m back ! ! had a blast in Europe….. and if you’re going to Europe, omg, bring a lot of dollars ! ! A can of soda is $ 4….. ~.~


  8. enjoy and have fun! 😀


  9. Have an amazing time, hun! 🙂


  10. Hello! Have a beautiful new week. Nice and warm greet


  11. You can translate this post to any of the sixteen different languages. Just click here


  12. hello.. i guess ‘ have a safe trip’ is a bit late 🙂 .. few comments – im like your dad, useless in the kitchen.. , Europe?! I London baby! I want to see the infamous Abbey Studios! (well, just the crossings, but the studio is a bonus)


    • OMG, we forgot that! ! I won’t tell that to Mom …. she ‘s such a Beatles fan ! !

      We didn’t forget King’s cross Station, though. Harry Potter thingy…..


  13. Europe again, haha. Have fun!


  14. Hey there, Free Spirit! Ahaha. Wag mong kalimutan ang pasalubong ko!


  15. Wew! Have Fun Renx… 🙂


  16. I know i’m late to be commenting, but I hope you had fun. I still remember the post you made back in winter when you got your booking and everything 🙂 Looking forward to reading about you 🙂


  17. Posted by mbelleausten on July 26, 2012 at 5:28 am

    Nice skirt here, Ren! 😊 I bet you really had a good time. 😊this is my other blog, a contingency kind of blog actually 😊 Aina


  18. you have so much fun, thank you for sharing


  19. Posted by WordsFallFromMyEyes on January 19, 2014 at 3:39 am

    I love these photos – you didn’t look awful in them.

    Ah sigh, to travel 🙂


  20. enjoyed reading:)


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