2012 is BS

Dreamsending here…… Rant time for 2012, cause I AM SICK OF HEARING IT

it’s the end of the world as we know it, # god knows how many the human race wish’s for. Yes, I do think, many humans, (The American kind) Think the end of the world is near….once again. I mean what, we had the year 1999, which should have been an epic battle of good and evil, (X/1999) where the human race was taken off the face of the earth, but nope, nothing happened. Then there was Y2K, in like what 2000-2001?, what was it, computers coming to life and kill people…..WHAT? Sorry, our A.I. isn’t that advanced yet, even in this time and era of 2011. Still, I find that really foolish, computer and electronics coming to life and killing people. Now there’s 2012, oh how so scary. Also a rumor about a Superstorm hitting California…are you kidding me? I was in a Superstorm once in California, I think it was 1997, where it rained 180 days none stop, yet for this Superstorm, it only rains for 30 days and destroys Southern California ….if a Superstorm was to happen, it happens, its called NATURE, it happens. Its not some dooms day set up for 2012. I like to think of it like this, if people know a Superstorm is coming or happening, don’t just stand there like an idiot and go “durdurdur” like many did in New Orleans. Many people were told to relocate, to get the hell out, or else they will have to fend for themselves, but what did many people do? “Oh its just another storm, nothing bad will happen.” ….. its called Darwin Awards, sorry if it sounds cruel, but its kinda true. I do feel sorry for the people who could not get out because of medical issues, like those poor people in the Nursing Homes, but I mean come on, if you can walk/drive/have a brain, you should be getting out of dodge. What happen to common sense? I think it went out the door sometime in 1997.

Still, there is something that alludes me, why do so many people want the end of the world to happen? Once again, I am looking at many of the American people, cause I have no idea how other people think around the world on the issues of 2012. I find it so sad, how people look forward to its own destruction. What mind set are they, to have that view? Are they just so depressed, that the end of the world is their “get out of jail free card?” If that’s the case, then I do fear 2012. Not that it will be the end of My world, but for the end of many others who happen to join in the hysteria this is happened to create. This here, is a classic “Drinking the Kool-Aid”, a memory of the Jonestown incident comes to mind. Many of those people, believed their end was coming, many people forced by those who thought it was the end of their world, to drink the Kool-Aid. For the people of Jonestown, it was the end of the world. I see 2012, to be another incident, I do see many people dieing because of it. Which people? Those who are mentally unstable, who whole heartedly believe the end of the world is near. I mean, their mind set it “Set”, after seeing Australia and Brazil are being flooded, the major Earthquakes that are hitting around the 6.0-7.3, birds dieing in mass’s all over the USA, Fish dieing in mass’s in the rivers, the worlds apparent “Global Warming” will heat the internal earth, when in truth, the world is getting colder, its more of a slight “Global Cooling.” Earthquakes, floods, tornados, landslides, Tsunamis, plagues, virus….its all a natural event that is bound to happen, bound to repeat, be it sometimes the human element can and will make it worse. It’s an unfortunate event, when people are trapped in a situation like this, but only truly destructive if one allows it to effect them forever.

So, readers of this blog. I am sure you already know I don’t believe in the end of the world. My world won’t end of that day, but I do know it will end for many others who follow it. So don’t follow the mindless drones, whom carry “End of the world” signs, its best to live the life you have, love those that you care for. There are times when bad things will happen, but its not the end of the world.

I will leave this here, so readers, what do you think of this little over a page rant? Do you think the end is coming?

2 responses to this post.

  1. Nah … well I hope not. But I will waiting with all my bottles of water and back up generaters like in when I was waiting for Y2K


  2. Posted by Andrew Ryan Duckworth on February 18, 2011 at 11:47 pm

    Yeah, it’s pretty much just America. I hate to say it, but America plays host to some of the world’s dumbest people. There are scientists elsewhere that believe the Mayans predicted the end of the world, but if you really read into it, the Mayan’s don’t predict the end of the world at all. It’s just the end of their calander which marks the end of an era. Any knowledgeable person would know such things. And every time a storm cloud comes over head, it’s seen by the Christian Extremists as a sign of the end of the World. I didn’t make that up, anyone who has seen Pat Robertson’s show at least once can see that. And then everyone who hears these kinds of messages at their church goes out and spreads the ‘good news’ and before you know it, there’s some sort of widespread movement that scares the hell out of everybody. It’s certainly not a phenomenon that will end any time soon. Unfortunately, we’ll have to keep putting up with this sort of ignorance.


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