Manga Review: Olimpos

Dreamsending here…..

Manga Review:


Writer: Aki

Year: 2008-2009

Two Manga

I will buy the Japanese ver. When I’m there! Whoo Hoo!

This Two short story Manga, have lovely art, nice story telling and an interesting story. The only two down falls, its to short and the ending is so open ended.

The story starts off with a boy, Ganymedes the youngest Prince of Troy. He has caught the eye of a God, because of his beauty. This God, Apollon, God of the Sun. Ganymedes is held captive in an endless garden of white flowers and eternal night with endless stars, no matter how far he runs, he can never find an end. Ganymedes can not die, can not age, forever is he trapped with the longing of a revenge he can never succeed in. What is Apollon’s reasoning for this? What happens when other God’s happen to interfere with Apollon’s fun?

It’s a must read manga, even if its short. My two favorite male characters are Ganymedes and Poseidon. The female, Iris.

Rating: 4/5 Over all: Ending could have been better, but the artist might continue.

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  1. Awesome. Makes me think if I should buy one.


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