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More trivial talk on blog/sorry (e_e)

Toilet paper maker is making toilet paper without the cardboard tubes in the middle. < grins> That’s good though. Less trees to cut down for darn tubes. I’m a tree hugger. Do you know what I do with any paper that’s blank at the back? I reuse them… for scratch paper, for anything, as long as paper is reused. I’m a recycling Nazi.  =__=   I hate to use the word Nazi, but it’s the most apt to describe my  habit…. or shall I say, manic behavior (^_^);;…. it’s  as if  earth will suffer some catastrophic event if  I don’t recycle.

 Oftentimes, I feel I should wear my best nightclothes before I go to bed. Who knows what would happen in the middle of the night……. an earthquake, perhaps ? a fire ?…………. I certainly don’t want to be caught running out of the house in my favorite tattered , old, trusty T-shirt, like this one I’m wearing now, with a hole in the armpit.  Speaking of earthquakes and such…… I just heard news there was a simultaneous earthquake, tsunami, and volcanic eruption happening in Indonesia. I have a friend living there. I hope she’s allright. I haven’t experienced any of these natural disasters, and I pray I never will, but my folks told me that yes, I did experience it, when I was a seven month old baby in the Philippines. An 8.2 earthquake, and a major volcanic eruption ( Mt. Pinatubo ) occured  in one year. This Mt. Pinatubo eruption was a huge one, they say. I watched an episode about this on National Geographic Channel. Towns near the volcano were completely buried with ashes, so much so that they disappeared from the map. Manila, the capital city, which was about a few hundred kilometers from the volcano, was not spared. Mom said that at 12 noon, it went completely dark, and ashes fell for 24 hours ( visibility zero ), and the next day, people woke up to a city completely covered with white grayish ashes. Well, just Google Mt.Pinatubo eruption for more info……. Oh, wait, speaking of which, a friend just emailed me about Google sending out a virus. ….. ah, go ahead, google it. Verify if there’s indeed a virus. ( ~o^ )

Oh, my goodness, it’s 9:15 AM…. I have class at 10….. eeeek, I’m late !  Gotta go !

Really trivial talk today

I’ve been looking at the monitor for over an hour now, and  nothing…..It’s 5:06AM

Okay, it’s 5:19…… Oh, for crying out loud, I’ll just write about this, again….

This guy is a popular Spanish singer here in the US. He’s half- Filipino. His name’s E.P.I. So, what about him? Well, he’s cute, for one. ^^;;   Secondly, he’s a cousin, by affinity, which means, not blood related. < grins>  So, okay, he and I share a common relative, W. H. P, who happens to be very close to my parents, and  who was also our neighbor in the Philippines.  WHP is  the first cousin of EPI’s mother.  WHP  is related to us on his mother’s side and related to the guy in the pic on his father’s side. Well, whatever. There’s still a connection between me and EPI, and I’m trying to hold on to that.. (^______^) 

Here’s a music video of EPI. Warning though…. don’t watch if  you’re under 18 years old. It’s a little , uhm, graphic. I mean, EPI’s videos usually are, and frankly, I don’t really like his songs, but this one is passable. If  YouTube redirects you back to its site, sorry.  Watch it on YouTube, if you’re interested. Anyway, EPI’s lady love here is Jennifer Love Hewitt, one of my favorite actors. I love her TV show ” Ghost Whisperer “.

It’s cold and rainy here. I’m wearing 2 pairs of socks, 2 of everything to keep me warm and  toasty.  My folks don’t want us to turn on the heater yet. Electricity  is expensive. Last month’s bill was like $ 190.00, but last year, when our heater was turned on everyday, our electric bill was over $ 700.oo. So, we understand  we have to go easy on the heater, for now. Not just yet. But, at this moment, my fingers are kinda frozen. It’s hard to type. =__=    …… and geez, taking a bath early in the morning is  sheer torture. There’s actually a term for that first  blast of  ice cold water when we turn on the faucet. I’ve forgotten what it is. But I know it sounds funny……… Oh, and in mainland China , somebody just told me it was already 0 C  there ! And it’s not even winter yet ! Well , over here , it was 5 C at 4  this morning.  Do you know, temperature goes up when it rains?

I  watched this movie on HBO yesterday….. The Orphan ….. scary . It’s a thriller, no ghosts nor monsters in it. If you haven’t seen this movie, borrow the dvd. It’s good. It reminds me of this old movie ” The Hand That Rocks the Cradle. “…..another good thriller………..  Movie afficionados have listed The Exorcist as the scariest movie of all time.  Uhm, I guess so…. at that time when it was first released, I guess. But I understand why it’s scary. The actors in it are so soft- spoken. There’s no screaming whatsoever. And heck, I actually watch Exorcist at this time of the year, Holloween . We have a dvd of this, and yeah, I think I’ve watched this a million times, and it still kind of scares me, for some reason. ^^”   Ah, and not to forget Jeepers Creepers.  Seriously, I didn’t really get to watch the whole movie. More than half the time,  I had to cover my eyes, or pause  or fast forward the dvd. Geez, I was so lame. He he he

* sighs*  I guess this is all for now. Sorry for the trivia. (^___^)””

Bye, adios, 88, adiue, Tchau, an neyung, zai jian… be good, be nice, be polite, be cool. Peace.



It’s hard to blog on a daily basis

So, okay, I was not able to show the Harry Potter trailer… but, lo and behold, Shane Dawson’s youtube’s daily ramblings are there ! Ah, for a long time, I used to need a Shane Dawson  daily  fix………, I had to watch him everyday and listen to his ramblings. But lately he’s become, uhm,  kind of over the top, and  slightly hard to take….. perhaps, like me, he has run out of things to talk about.  I thought writing a daily blog would be as easy as 1, 2 , 3 , but it  isn’t. and I realize  I need not force myself to write one everyday. I’ve been writing almost a daily blog for almost a year now. But I now know  it’s nearly imposible to have something interesting come to my life on a daily basis.  So, shall I make it every other day or a more  doable once a week blog ? No, I’m not asking anyone. It’s a rhetorical question that only I can answer. 

How is the world right now?

Do you know that most of earth’s freshwater is running northward  ?  This phenomenon ha s been apparent for some years now. There are countries that are benefiting from this shift, such as Canada. So, my dear fellow Americans, be nice to Canadians. < smiles > Even the planet’s wildlife are migrating northward, with speed of about 5  feet farther north , everyday. White polar bears mixed with brown colors  have been spotted, indicating that brown bears have actually reached the polar bears ‘ turf, and are now inter-breeding.

I wonder what planet earth might be like 50 years from now. I would be 70 years old by then. Over here, there  are just too much housing developments  appearing, at the expense of  farmlands that are , sadly, fast disappearing.  I prefer to see green farmlands as far as my eyes can see, not big, sparkling new houses that are sprouting like mushrooms everywhere. Nor do I like these golf courses that gobble up too much freshwater to keep their ” greens” green,,,, for the benifit of a few middle aged golfers playing their somnombulus game. Americans  love our green lawns too much. In behalf of my family, I plead guilty. And , why  are we Americans so in love with  cars? Here in the US, the ratio of car to license holding American is 1 : 1. One car to one American. Can you imagine how much gasoline is consumed  by one person in one year ?  Oil, like water, is an exhaustible commodity. Pretty soon, it will be gone. So, can the government provide us with more commuter buses? In my city, buses are few and far between. They come every 15 minutes on weekdays, 30 minutes on Saturday and none at all on Sunday and after 9 PM.  

I don’t understand why some people in the media are making former Vice-President Al Gore as some kind of evil person for showing us, in easy to understand way, how it would be like if our planet does warm up. Mr. Al Gore is accused of exagerrating and misrepresenting facts. Mr. Al Gore’s premise is based solely on his belief that global warming is caused by pollution.  But, the bottomline is, it really does not matter if  so- called global warming or climate change is natural or man-made. In fact, there’s no debate in the scientific community on  this climatic change, because, indeed,  the earth is warming up.. The question now is, is this reversible ? Can we do something to solve this problem ? We can and  we must  . Each one of us can be a part of the solution, even in our own little way. Don’t waste water, save on gasoline, limit use of  our vehicles, recycle, plant more trees…. there are actually a hundred little ways, add that all up and that would be more than half of the big solution.

This is all for now. I say bye, adios, adiue, Tchau, 88, an neyung, zai jian, paalam. Be nice, be polite, be cool. Peace.

Now this is really random

You should just have taken it all off, James Blunt. lol  He actually committed suicide here, right ? Looks like it.  Weird.  I like this song though. I posted this months ago, and reposting it so I can listen to it again.

And it’s so annoying when youtube allows a video to be shared, then , takes  it out, like what it did with my Harry Potter trailer. Just put there ” sharing ” or embbing ” disabled, youtube ! Gosh!

I worked out at the university gym from 7:20 PM to 8:45 PM last night. My last class was up to 7:20 PM and some classmates and I decided to go and work out . The place was full.  We have exercise gizmos here at home… a treadmill , bowflex, exercise bicycle, etc.,  but it’s more fun to do it with friends.  I need to lose at least 5 lbs. I feel fat.

I just heard news that the US is going to send a $ 2 B military aid to Pakistan, on top of the already $ 7 B civilian aid the US is giving . Meanwhile, our educational system here, especially in California, is going to the dogs. My former middle school does not offer music course anymore. Funding was cut off. This is where I learned to play violin.

That’s my orchestra picture. I’m right there, 2nd row from top, 4th from right. I was also in my high school’s orchestra.  We had an excellent orchestra. We won intercity competition twice.  And, I play the violin well, if I may say so myself… proud to say that.  I was in a quartet. 

Bouquets for me.  I love irises.  Roses are so over-rated. And roses have thorns .  I prefer to be given orchids, instead of roses.  Orchids are more rare, and last a longer time , unlike roses, they are more bountiful, but , oh, so fleeting.  So, guys, quit the roses. Give orchids to your lady love, instead. Believe me. ….. so, okay, that’s just me.  (^___^)”” 

Gosh, I can’t believe it’s almost Christmas… Wasn’t  it  just  yesterday that I was blogging about Christmas and a grand family reunion ? Time indeed flies so fast.  And , believe it or not, WalMart has already put out their Christmas stuff.  It’s so tacky.  I wonder how it feels to be a non-Christian living in a supposedly  Christian country, like the US. I think non- Christians just go with the flow. Dad recieved a Christmas present from his Indian co-worker.  lol     Right now,  I ‘m thinking about this song from animated TV show, South Park. The kid , who is a Jew, sings ” It’s hard to be a Jew on Christmas “. < smiles >

Well, I guess this is all for now… you can tell this post is sooooo random < laughs >

So, I say, bye, paalam, adiue, Tchau, adios, 88, an neyung, zai jian, sayonara…. be cool, be nice, be polite, be cool.

More vacation pics/videos on blog

My wish for everybody. May all your wishes come true. And I really mean that.


Woohoo, yeehoo, woohoo, yeehoo !


Geez, I started writing here at 3 AM as soon as I woke up. It’s now 5:43.

Anyway, there’s really not much to talk about. I hope something will come out of my brain as I’m writing here. It’s so annoying.

When Mom decided to go to the Philippines for a much needed vacation, her main reason was to see a dermatologist to have her face cleared of liver spots. Yeah, I guess she needed some work on her face. he he  It’s fortunate that her niece, my cousin , is a doctor, a dermatologist, so , lucky for mom, she got free service. Ha ha…………… here are 2 pictures of my cousin, the dermatologist. She came with us to Bagiou, the summer resort. The pics were taken at the Ben Cab Museum.


She’s cute, and a doctor, to boot. And, ta dah, very much single !  Don’t the guys there have eyes?  I’m surprised she’s not taken yet. Ah, I guess it runs in the family. < laughs > At the rate I’m going, I’m gonna be an old maid too. He he….. So, okay, I thought my facial skin was okay…. I don’t see any zits, pimples, and such stuff…… but through my cousin’s expert eyes, she actually saw a lot ! !  So, she had them taken out…. cauterized, as in burned !  So, for 2 weeks, I couldn’t let any sunlight touch my face. I had to use an umbrella all the time, like mom. 

Also in the Philippines, I went to see Usher at his concert, watched a Broadway play Cats, and , < trumpets blaring, drums rolling > went to Jason Derulo’s concert  where I was lucky enough to be picked from the audience and asked to go up on stage with him, and he sang ” What If ” to me while I was sitting in a stool.  You bet I was thrilled. I couldn’t believe it was happening to li’l old me.

So, okay, I posted this already, but that was quite a while ago, so I’m reposting it here as part of my vacation blah blahs. He he     Here it is ! !  I guess i just want to show it off  , hahaha…. well, indulge me. This doesn’t often happen , you know. Kyahahaha !


This is all for now. So, as ever, I say adiue, sayonara, bye, adios, 88, an neyung . Stay cool ! Peace !  Hey rate me. There are stars above that you can check. I know I write silly things here, but don’t rate so low, okay ? I’ll cry.




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