More vacation pics/videos on blog

My wish for everybody. May all your wishes come true. And I really mean that.


Woohoo, yeehoo, woohoo, yeehoo !


Geez, I started writing here at 3 AM as soon as I woke up. It’s now 5:43.

Anyway, there’s really not much to talk about. I hope something will come out of my brain as I’m writing here. It’s so annoying.

When Mom decided to go to the Philippines for a much needed vacation, her main reason was to see a dermatologist to have her face cleared of liver spots. Yeah, I guess she needed some work on her face. he he  It’s fortunate that her niece, my cousin , is a doctor, a dermatologist, so , lucky for mom, she got free service. Ha ha…………… here are 2 pictures of my cousin, the dermatologist. She came with us to Bagiou, the summer resort. The pics were taken at the Ben Cab Museum.


She’s cute, and a doctor, to boot. And, ta dah, very much single !  Don’t the guys there have eyes?  I’m surprised she’s not taken yet. Ah, I guess it runs in the family. < laughs > At the rate I’m going, I’m gonna be an old maid too. He he….. So, okay, I thought my facial skin was okay…. I don’t see any zits, pimples, and such stuff…… but through my cousin’s expert eyes, she actually saw a lot ! !  So, she had them taken out…. cauterized, as in burned !  So, for 2 weeks, I couldn’t let any sunlight touch my face. I had to use an umbrella all the time, like mom. 

Also in the Philippines, I went to see Usher at his concert, watched a Broadway play Cats, and , < trumpets blaring, drums rolling > went to Jason Derulo’s concert  where I was lucky enough to be picked from the audience and asked to go up on stage with him, and he sang ” What If ” to me while I was sitting in a stool.  You bet I was thrilled. I couldn’t believe it was happening to li’l old me.

So, okay, I posted this already, but that was quite a while ago, so I’m reposting it here as part of my vacation blah blahs. He he     Here it is ! !  I guess i just want to show it off  , hahaha…. well, indulge me. This doesn’t often happen , you know. Kyahahaha !


This is all for now. So, as ever, I say adiue, sayonara, bye, adios, 88, an neyung . Stay cool ! Peace !  Hey rate me. There are stars above that you can check. I know I write silly things here, but don’t rate so low, okay ? I’ll cry.




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