Now this is really random

You should just have taken it all off, James Blunt. lol  He actually committed suicide here, right ? Looks like it.  Weird.  I like this song though. I posted this months ago, and reposting it so I can listen to it again.

And it’s so annoying when youtube allows a video to be shared, then , takes  it out, like what it did with my Harry Potter trailer. Just put there ” sharing ” or embbing ” disabled, youtube ! Gosh!

I worked out at the university gym from 7:20 PM to 8:45 PM last night. My last class was up to 7:20 PM and some classmates and I decided to go and work out . The place was full.  We have exercise gizmos here at home… a treadmill , bowflex, exercise bicycle, etc.,  but it’s more fun to do it with friends.  I need to lose at least 5 lbs. I feel fat.

I just heard news that the US is going to send a $ 2 B military aid to Pakistan, on top of the already $ 7 B civilian aid the US is giving . Meanwhile, our educational system here, especially in California, is going to the dogs. My former middle school does not offer music course anymore. Funding was cut off. This is where I learned to play violin.

That’s my orchestra picture. I’m right there, 2nd row from top, 4th from right. I was also in my high school’s orchestra.  We had an excellent orchestra. We won intercity competition twice.  And, I play the violin well, if I may say so myself… proud to say that.  I was in a quartet. 

Bouquets for me.  I love irises.  Roses are so over-rated. And roses have thorns .  I prefer to be given orchids, instead of roses.  Orchids are more rare, and last a longer time , unlike roses, they are more bountiful, but , oh, so fleeting.  So, guys, quit the roses. Give orchids to your lady love, instead. Believe me. ….. so, okay, that’s just me.  (^___^)”” 

Gosh, I can’t believe it’s almost Christmas… Wasn’t  it  just  yesterday that I was blogging about Christmas and a grand family reunion ? Time indeed flies so fast.  And , believe it or not, WalMart has already put out their Christmas stuff.  It’s so tacky.  I wonder how it feels to be a non-Christian living in a supposedly  Christian country, like the US. I think non- Christians just go with the flow. Dad recieved a Christmas present from his Indian co-worker.  lol     Right now,  I ‘m thinking about this song from animated TV show, South Park. The kid , who is a Jew, sings ” It’s hard to be a Jew on Christmas “. < smiles >

Well, I guess this is all for now… you can tell this post is sooooo random < laughs >

So, I say, bye, paalam, adiue, Tchau, adios, 88, an neyung, zai jian, sayonara…. be cool, be nice, be polite, be cool.

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