Hi, New Part-Time Blogger here!

My name is Alexis, aka “DreamsEnding”
I will be, a part-time blogger. For my first post, I will talk about friends, new and old.

New friends, are something of an adventure. More so, if you meet them online. It can be a rather scary thing and also, a very nice experience. With the online world, the globe sure has gotten smaller. I have many online friends that I have never met in person, but do send letters, postcards and books back and forth with my close online friends. RenxKyoko is a close friend of mine on the Internet, we talk about the Philippines and all that random girl talk (Which will be taken to my grave) and another close friend of mine in Germany, who we web cam every once in awhile. (Cause of time zone diff. our speech is rather random and fun) These friends are something of a new kind, the online age. But with the world changing all to “One World” Friends, most people notice it is different from the friends you (The writer and the reader) grew up with. Many from Grade School to High School.

But old friends, the one’s you knew from long ago since childhood, hold something different. Because, after all, they are the first children you interacted with. People who was your size at the time and spoke a hidden language that only you and the small children knew. Then somewhere along the way, people move away, friends break up, make more friends and fall in to the missing zone of “wonder where they are today” feeling. For me, it was moving away. I had left many good friends behind and would later in life, not make as many as the good friends that I had back then. But with the online age, friends once long gone, seem closer then ever. In the world of Myspace, Facebook, and my new best friend MyLife, brought me closer to a guy who is like a twin brother to me. Both 23 in age, but only six months apart, we grew up together. We had shared birthdays, Christmas’s , Halloweens, Easters, and god did we prank and get in trouble with people. Just think of your old friend, the one you told all your dreams and hopes to. I am sure the thought has crossed your mind. “Are they ok, are they alive? What are they doing? Are they happy?”

Well, MyLife was able to do that for me. It was rather strange. When seeing phone number of someone who could be your old friend. Would it be that person? Would that person remember me? When they pick up the phone, for a moment, you don’t know what to say or do. If your ever in that situation, don’t hang up and say wrong number. Its best if you be brave and voice who you are. it’s a surprise how things turn out.

So, for my first post. I hope I did well. But let me give anyone who reads this some advice. Go look for an old friend who haven’t talked to in awhile. See how they are doing, for better or worse. Cause you never know, they might be looking for you too.

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