More trivial talk on blog/sorry (e_e)

Toilet paper maker is making toilet paper without the cardboard tubes in the middle. < grins> That’s good though. Less trees to cut down for darn tubes. I’m a tree hugger. Do you know what I do with any paper that’s blank at the back? I reuse them… for scratch paper, for anything, as long as paper is reused. I’m a recycling Nazi.  =__=   I hate to use the word Nazi, but it’s the most apt to describe my  habit…. or shall I say, manic behavior (^_^);;…. it’s  as if  earth will suffer some catastrophic event if  I don’t recycle.

 Oftentimes, I feel I should wear my best nightclothes before I go to bed. Who knows what would happen in the middle of the night……. an earthquake, perhaps ? a fire ?…………. I certainly don’t want to be caught running out of the house in my favorite tattered , old, trusty T-shirt, like this one I’m wearing now, with a hole in the armpit.  Speaking of earthquakes and such…… I just heard news there was a simultaneous earthquake, tsunami, and volcanic eruption happening in Indonesia. I have a friend living there. I hope she’s allright. I haven’t experienced any of these natural disasters, and I pray I never will, but my folks told me that yes, I did experience it, when I was a seven month old baby in the Philippines. An 8.2 earthquake, and a major volcanic eruption ( Mt. Pinatubo ) occured  in one year. This Mt. Pinatubo eruption was a huge one, they say. I watched an episode about this on National Geographic Channel. Towns near the volcano were completely buried with ashes, so much so that they disappeared from the map. Manila, the capital city, which was about a few hundred kilometers from the volcano, was not spared. Mom said that at 12 noon, it went completely dark, and ashes fell for 24 hours ( visibility zero ), and the next day, people woke up to a city completely covered with white grayish ashes. Well, just Google Mt.Pinatubo eruption for more info……. Oh, wait, speaking of which, a friend just emailed me about Google sending out a virus. ….. ah, go ahead, google it. Verify if there’s indeed a virus. ( ~o^ )

Oh, my goodness, it’s 9:15 AM…. I have class at 10….. eeeek, I’m late !  Gotta go !

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  1. Posted by dreamsending on October 28, 2010 at 4:06 am

    Uh…the virus is EVIL….they only way to kill it is Hitman 3.5.
    And cool, save more tree’s and what not. Sorry, logger family. Just to let you know, there are more trees in America today, then their was when Columbus his the North American shore.


    • No kidding ! That’s good news, at least for good ol’ USA. But you know, lush rain forests are fast dwindling. We need more rainforests for a balanced ecology. Ah, you’re a logger family. Hmmm. When you cut down trees, do you replace them with new ones ?


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