Love Disconnection/ Ranting (~.~)

  I have anothern cousin from the Philippines, a man, whose lovelife  is in stark contrast to my doctor/lawyer cousins’ love connection. This particular  cousin happens to be a jerk, an as*h*le, and  a freakin’ cheater. And that’s saying it mildly. 

So what’s this guy’s story?  This guy, I call him the jerk, has a girlfriend.  He and girlfriend are  already living together, but have not married yet. The jerk is one good-looking guy, unfortunately, and though he’s not really a player/ playboy, there are several women co-workers who are crushing on him.  But, there’s this woman who’s really head over heels in love with him , and according to the jerk, she’s been throwing herself at him, and , what is he going to do, he asks. He’s a man  and so, he dated  her and one thing led to another, and got the girl pregnant. So, then, what did my jerk cousin do? He called his dear Mama who lives far away from the city. Mother and son went over to my aunt’s house to seek legal help. No, this aunt isn’t a lawyer but both mother and son knew my other aunt was a judge, so they called my other aunt to seek legal advice. It was my lawyer cousin who talked to them, and told them he was not legally bound to marry the girl, but legally bound to give child support. According to my jerk cousin, the pregnant girl’s father and brother came to see him at his workplace and the father actually begged him to marry his daughter. The father assured my jerk cousin that he was free to leave his daughter even right after the wedding, just as long as he puts a ring on her finger and gives his name to the unborn child. Apparently, there was some sort of a mild threat thrown in fro good measure. Fortunately, the jerk cousin ‘s mom has an uncle who is a high – ranking general in the army and he was the one who told the father not to threaten my cousin. Anyway, the last we heard of this problem, my jerk cousin didn’t marry the girl , and had returned to his girlfriend’s loving arms.

So, what’s my opinion on this ?

It’s a load of cr*p.  And there are 2 real victims here. …. the child, and the girlfriend. …. another child without a father. My cousin and his girlfriend have been living together for sometime now and the girlfriend hasn’t gotten pregnant. I assume they use protection. So, when he stupidly decided to date the other girl, why didn’t he use one?   It wasn’t the girl’s fault. She was a girl determined  and so much in love. People in love do stupid things.  ( Men should watch the movie ” Fatal Attraction “! )  He should have spurned the girl’s advances, told her to take a hike or go jump off the cliff, zipped his pants tight , and walked away. Or if  he couldn’t  restrain his libido, then use a condom! !  Gosh ! ( I’m getting angry now.)  And his girlfriend…… she took him back. (=_= )  I wonder what she felt when she found out her boyfriend cheated big time.  I’d pop a vein, have a massive coronary, and drop dead. I don’t think I could ever trust such a man again. What he did is not something one could just delete and forget it ever happened.  In my book, that’s untenable, and darn, I don’t want such complications in my life. Is that harsh ? What if  it was a girlfriend who cheated while still in a relationship with you, had sex with another guy, would you forgive and forget ?  No? Exactly.

Okay, ranting done. * fans self *

Oi ! It’s Holloween today !  I’m gonna see those cute , little ones in costumes , trick or treating again . Snickers, Baby Ruth, chocolates and candies galore !  And lots of cavities !  Kids, don’t forget to brush your teeth before you go to bed.  ( ~_^ )

Okay, I’m off to church. It’s Sunday. And I go to work, too, for a few dollars. So, bye for now, Tchau, paalam, sayonara, adiue, an neyung, zai jian.

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  1. hello, renx,

    ahaha, rant talaga…^^ ba’t ganyan nga sa Pinoy culture? masyadong encouraged ang machismo and irresponsibility ng mga kalalakihan, as in… sabi sa studies, Filipino men daw get more share of the family’s food and expenses. they also get more leisure time. hindi pa kasali ‘yong inaayos ang gusot nila pag nakakabuntis, ha… unfair, ano? ^^

    gusto ko ang video ni kelly clarkson above. bilog pa ang katawan nya rito. ayoko pag sobra syang pinapapayat ng kanyang producers, haha. but she sings well, i’d say… kailangan talaga, may video, kapatid, para i-deliver ang point of view, ahehe.

    kaasar nga si cousin mo, tsikboy… kung ako ‘yong gf, nakow, pagsasarhan ko sya ng pinto, atbp. ^_^ hey, how are you? regards, 🙂


  2. Super busy ako ngayon.

    favorite ko yan nung bago pa yung song nayan.

    Ah, gagawin ko uli yung topic nung cousin ko who got a girl pregnant… kasi, there are new developments ! Very sad……. OMG, I can just imagine what the current girlfriend felt. Can you imagine the pain> I wonder how painful it is! kaya, I’m soooooooo angry at cheaters. Para sa akin, all men are potential cheaters. They can never keep it in their pants, given an opportunuty.


    • hello, salamat sa pagdalaw, renx… 🙂

      ikaw na ang busy at hindi nag-bakasyon, ahaha. ang lagay, wala namang pumilit sa ‘yo, hehe…

      oo, mahusay si kelly clarkson. btw, do you sing? or, nakiki-sing pag minsan? ahaha. ^^

      may nabasa akong blog, kay bestbathroom books ‘ata. he admits it na men can never really keep it in their pants. he is against polygamous practices and chauvinism but he says that yeah, it’s a phallic world ruled by creatures who think of sex all the time, yon. 🙂


  3. – I like your blog and posts and with great pleasure that I read!


  4. Posted by JK Bevill - Lost Creek Publishing on March 3, 2013 at 6:19 am



    • yep, the jerk is my cousin…. by the way, it was even worse…. his ex GF already had a wedding gown prepared, church ready, etc… in other words, they’ were about to get married…. and now they are no more…. and he didn’t marry the girl he got pregnant, and she gave birth to a baby boy.


      • Posted by JK Bevill - Lost Creek Publishing on March 3, 2013 at 6:33 am

        They say, whoever they are, that what goes around comes around. I think that’s true. Instant Karma?


        • I don’t know if there’s any karma…. I hope his ex is happy now with another guy, and I hope she gets to use her wedding dress for this other guy…. what happened to his ex is the worst that could ever happen to any girl…… like, the guy she was supposed to marry got a girl pregnant… the worst.


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