It’s hard to blog on a daily basis

So, okay, I was not able to show the Harry Potter trailer… but, lo and behold, Shane Dawson’s youtube’s daily ramblings are there ! Ah, for a long time, I used to need a Shane Dawson  daily  fix………, I had to watch him everyday and listen to his ramblings. But lately he’s become, uhm,  kind of over the top, and  slightly hard to take….. perhaps, like me, he has run out of things to talk about.  I thought writing a daily blog would be as easy as 1, 2 , 3 , but it  isn’t. and I realize  I need not force myself to write one everyday. I’ve been writing almost a daily blog for almost a year now. But I now know  it’s nearly imposible to have something interesting come to my life on a daily basis.  So, shall I make it every other day or a more  doable once a week blog ? No, I’m not asking anyone. It’s a rhetorical question that only I can answer. 

How is the world right now?

Do you know that most of earth’s freshwater is running northward  ?  This phenomenon ha s been apparent for some years now. There are countries that are benefiting from this shift, such as Canada. So, my dear fellow Americans, be nice to Canadians. < smiles > Even the planet’s wildlife are migrating northward, with speed of about 5  feet farther north , everyday. White polar bears mixed with brown colors  have been spotted, indicating that brown bears have actually reached the polar bears ‘ turf, and are now inter-breeding.

I wonder what planet earth might be like 50 years from now. I would be 70 years old by then. Over here, there  are just too much housing developments  appearing, at the expense of  farmlands that are , sadly, fast disappearing.  I prefer to see green farmlands as far as my eyes can see, not big, sparkling new houses that are sprouting like mushrooms everywhere. Nor do I like these golf courses that gobble up too much freshwater to keep their ” greens” green,,,, for the benifit of a few middle aged golfers playing their somnombulus game. Americans  love our green lawns too much. In behalf of my family, I plead guilty. And , why  are we Americans so in love with  cars? Here in the US, the ratio of car to license holding American is 1 : 1. One car to one American. Can you imagine how much gasoline is consumed  by one person in one year ?  Oil, like water, is an exhaustible commodity. Pretty soon, it will be gone. So, can the government provide us with more commuter buses? In my city, buses are few and far between. They come every 15 minutes on weekdays, 30 minutes on Saturday and none at all on Sunday and after 9 PM.  

I don’t understand why some people in the media are making former Vice-President Al Gore as some kind of evil person for showing us, in easy to understand way, how it would be like if our planet does warm up. Mr. Al Gore is accused of exagerrating and misrepresenting facts. Mr. Al Gore’s premise is based solely on his belief that global warming is caused by pollution.  But, the bottomline is, it really does not matter if  so- called global warming or climate change is natural or man-made. In fact, there’s no debate in the scientific community on  this climatic change, because, indeed,  the earth is warming up.. The question now is, is this reversible ? Can we do something to solve this problem ? We can and  we must  . Each one of us can be a part of the solution, even in our own little way. Don’t waste water, save on gasoline, limit use of  our vehicles, recycle, plant more trees…. there are actually a hundred little ways, add that all up and that would be more than half of the big solution.

This is all for now. I say bye, adios, adiue, Tchau, 88, an neyung, zai jian, paalam. Be nice, be polite, be cool. Peace.

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  1. Posted by dreamsending on October 23, 2010 at 5:25 pm

    Ah, you make it sound like it will be the end of the world in 2012.

    Now, this “shift” that is happening, its been happening for millions of years, just people have not been alive long enough to write it down in “our human history” (Unless you count Egypt(River changed) and Atlantis (Went under water). The human history, after all on the earth’s time scale, humans are just a little speck on it. Now, our time of change in the earth may or may not happen. It maybe tomorrow, or another 1000+ years, but its nothing to be afraid of.

    Now, they only thing people should have a major thought about, is the Earthquakes on the west coast. More so the San Andreas and the Juan de Fuca. Once these go, total West Coast of Mexico, USA and Canada will be damaged, Major depending on the building code. Coastal towns will be the most damaged and deadly. More Inland, the land will shake. Depending on how strong the shakes are, will after schocks be the same or lesser in damage? Also, one should worry about the water, on the Ocean, River, Lake scale. Tsunami comes to mind. Like I said, coast towns are in danger and in fact, screwed. Not only do they have to deal with quakes, but Tsunamis too, oh joy. (So bascily for those on the coast, don’t wait for anyone to help you (Goverment) run up a mountain away from the Ocean if you can.)

    Ah. sorry, Geology class talking. HEHE, hope I didn’t scare you. But do talk more about the strange things on Earth and I would love to post on those. This will be fun. AHAHAHA!


  2. Alex, my friend, I’m seriously thinking of adding you as a contributor to this humble blogsite of mine. I can make use of your brain, you know. As they say, two heads is better than one. I’ll check out how I can do this. I’ve read I can actually do this, witjout giving away my password, or yours, for that matter. Hahaha


    • Posted by dreamsending on October 24, 2010 at 7:30 am

      Hey found how to do it, go to your User on “My Account” go to

      Add User From Community

      Then put in my e-mail. It should work. Man oh man, this will be fun!!


      • Done ! Added you now. Let’s talk some more how we’re gonna do this, ‘k? But you can start off with anything. Just– just— lets two be nice, k? Hahahaha


  3. always look forward to your posts ma deah!! cheers to you~


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