Love connection \(^_^)/

Yep. Finally. I’m blogging about it. < laughs > I’m more embarassed to talk about this than toilet paper. (^__^)””

But, I’m so excited because we just got an overseas call from my aunt in the Philippines. She informed us that the matchmaking my mom did for her nephew and niece seems to be working. \(^___^)/    So, okay, when we went there , my mom and I,   met up with so many relatives, her nieces and nephews on both sides of the family. Anyways, her nephew ( actually my dad’s sister’s son ) is still single,  a lawyer,  and her own niece, a doctor, is also single. So then , we had a grand family reunion at our house there, and both sides of the family were there, and mom saw to it that my cousins, the lawyer and the doctor , .got introduced. And through mom’s not so subtle manipulations * ( e____e )*, the two started dating. That was 3 months ago. Now , we hear they are very close, and seem to be doing well. Several weeks ago, mom did call the lawyer and asked how he was doing, and so on.  My lawyer cousin asked mom how he could tell the doctor that he really liked her. @___@  What an idiot. Anyways, mom said to tell her this.. ” I’d like to take this relationship to another level “…. then mom urged him to buy a ring , PRONTO ! ! Ahahaha !  She told him not to let her escape !    Well, my cousin doctor is cute, and I’m sure she can have anyone with one flick of her finger. Oh, I have a picture of her posted here, on my blog titled ” More vacation pics and videos “.  Oh, I really, really hope they get together, and maybe, get married , soon. I mean, heck, they are both of age, and , methinks, my doctor cousin is starting to worry about her biological clock ticking. She turned 30 last July.   ……….. Oh, geez, that is soooo  totally romantic ! !  I’m  tickled pink !  I mean, it’s so  like Harlequin Romance, or like this romance story I’m reading right now.   I wish I could experience something like this, where I could be wooed and courted by a guy the traditional way…. roses and candles, and such. * daydreams *       ( e__e )”     Over here, guys are like, ”  Hey, I like you ! Then, wham, bang, thank you, ma’m ! ” ……. @____@…… I’m frighteningly pessimistic and cynical, I guess.  While I’m looking for my knight in shining armor, I guess I’ll have to content myself reading shoujos. < sniffs… >

Yeah, something like the above. Well, so okay, the guy’s not really my type, ( ^__^), but I guess he’s the type of guy who will be loyal and faithful to a girl forever, and  that’s the most  important thing.  I myself  prefer the geek- looking guy with glasses who’s reading Quantum Physics….. yes, the shy one….. the quiet one…….

Well, this is it for the day….. so I say, adiue, bye-bye, sayonara, Tchau, paalam, an neyung, zai jian… be nice, be cool, be polite. Peace !

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  1. hello, renx,

    hala, some love stories do pan out well, ahaha. so, did he give her a ring, huh? ^^

    hindi naman agressive si mommy mo, ano? haha, may take it to another level agad sya, ang kulit lang. sya na ang matchmaker, hihi… 🙂

    ano palang nangyari dine? nagkatuluyan sila. connection talaga? usi ako? whaha. 🙂


    • Mom does not want to nag, but she’s worried my doctor cousin will get impatient and break up with my lawyer cousin, her BF now. they should get engaged and get married soon.


      • ayaw pa ba noong lawyer cousin na mag-settle down? of age na sila pareho, i guess. ahaha, parehong matagal bago makuha ang title ng profession… usually, unang nakakaisip ng pag-aasawa ang babae, di ba. ang sa mga guys, mas usual na gusto ay relasyon lang muna. mahirap din pag gano’n… cheers! 🙂


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