Ranting & Rambling, sort of

My grade in Ecology ( Biology 103 )…… I wrote last week that my exam was okay, didn’t I ?  T_T      I just got the result and ….I was totally disappointed. No. Actually, I was angry. I am still angry . The way my paper was graded was highly suspicious. 70% of the questions were  “answer in 1 or 2 sentences,” so I felt right there the grading itself was very subjective. It was 3 pts. per question, and I was very sure my answers  were correct since I practically memorized the chapters, but all I got was a .5  point per question! What the f#^*&k ! What was even more suspicious was that my partner’s  answers were graded the same way.  Both of us had the same grade. Did the teacher think we copied from each other?  Yeah, we studied together, so we learned  the same stuff together.! …….I started disliking this teacher during our field trip at Sierra Nevada Mts.  First, he proudly declared he was a professional mountain climber. Well, then, he should  have been more considerate to us newbies. I’ve never climbed in my life, and that hike was a rather steep 2 – mile climb to the top. And he walked so fast, making it harder for us weaklings to keep up, then he’d climb  a big rock, and stand there like he was the King of Egypt, and yell at us to hurry up or else he’d leave us to fend for ourselves.  Anyway, call me paranoid or whatnot, but I feel the teacher is a racist. My partner is a Filipino like myself,  and one time he said ,” Oh, you’re both Filipinos, huh ” …… I detected a bit of sarcasm in that remark. So, maybe I’m just ultra sensitive, but still, this grade can ruin my future. Ecology is Biology 103, and  if I don’t get a high grade here, my  adviser might advise me to change my major. It’s like being a Math major, but all your grades in Math are low.  Well, I can’t change my course. Change is not an option. I have nowhere else to go.  T_T……By the way, I got a B minus. Borderline. Two more mistakes and I woul d have gotten a C +……. C is not a failing grade. F is. But a grade of  C means  the student has to repeat the course, and C is  discarded. It’s like the student didn’t take the course at all. But I can’t   do that. This Biology is a pre-requisite to a higher Biology, and seriously, I can’t afford another delay.

Am I just being too hard on myself?  I have not totally discarded my dream of becoming a doctor, if  I really want to be honest about what I want.  That’s why I need to get consistently high grades to qualify . And that’;s why I’m here, whining, and frothing in the mouth.

Or maybe, I’ll just go into nursing. It’s definitely less stressful. Someone once jokingly told me, ” If you can’t be a doctor, be a nurse, and marry a doctor. Just don’t get a gynecologist. ”  o_O”       A male gynecologist ? He he  ….. A male doctor who deals with THAT  and sees THAT everyday. It makes one wonder what his threshold  for passion is….. must be pretty high. < laughs > …. eh, vanish the thought. Shall I censor this , though.  Nah. It stays.

Oi !  I just saw a movie teaser  of Harry Potter.  Daniel Radcliff is wearing a bra. haha… Well, if you’ve read the book, Harry there is not really Harry. He’s a girl who transforms herself ( thru magic, of course ) into Harry to deceive Lord Valdemort’s minions.  I can’t wait to see the movie. I’m still a great fan. And I still think  DR is cute. ^^   Wicked .

Holloween ‘s just around the corner. Mom just bought tons of chocolates  for the trick or treaters. I miss dressing up in Holloween costumes. The last time my friends and I went the rounds was 3 years ago. We were a bunch of oldies in costumes, cosplaying, and taking candies from little kids. Kidding ! We knocked on doors, trick or treating, and came home with a pillowcase full of sweets. Ah, my last costume was a Harry Potter uniform with the wand.  Swish ! Expeliarmus ! !

Sorry ! I’m blabbering. Well, it’s 4:30 AM. He he  At least I’ve stopped whining.

I’m listening to the news……. what ? The world doesn’t end in 2012?  It’s 100 years off ?  Then, it ends in 2112?  Good! Well, that’s a relief.  Most of us will be gone by then. Oh, and Paranormal Activity 2 is showing in the cinemas. The first Paranormal scared the heck out of me, and this second part is even scarier, they say. And since it’s almost Holloween, cable is showing a lot of horror movies. I hope I can find time to watch them.

Well, I guess it’s time to say bye, adiue, adios, sayonara, Tchau, ne anyung, paalam, 88.  Stay cool, be nice , be good. Peace.

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  1. Posted by dreamsending on October 22, 2010 at 1:37 am

    AH, that teacher sounds like a big A-hole….Just don’t call him out on being a racist…I did that with a college teacher of mine for sticking up for a Mexican student. She gave me a D. (I like Mexican people who want to at least do something with their life and try to be an American citizen, which he was.)

    AH, you still don’t trick or treat….I’m going to this year…cause it will be my last year to do so…ahahahaha (23 year old trick or treating, I do it for the kids a baby sit and take out for the night)

    OMG Paranormal Activity was scary….now part 2 is out!! Can’t wait to see that.


    • Paranormal Activity was scary ! Half of the time, I covered my face with my hands or throw pillow.

      So what’s your costume ‘s gonna be like ?

      No, I’m not going to complain to my Ecology teacher. I’m already in big trouble, as it is. I just don’t know how much more I can study …. I practically memorized the chapters ! Aaaargh !


  2. Posted by Chrischoi on October 22, 2010 at 5:15 am

    The world ends in 2112? izit really??hahas….if like tat…good….^,~hehe…


    • Well, people still have 100 years more to think about life…. we’ll be gone by then, eh? So, let’s just be merry, and have fun, and enjoy planet earth for 100 more years.


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