Stranger Things on Netflix


My previous post is about my email issue. I don’t get any email subscriptions of the blogs that I follow.  Some bloggers say to wait for the problem to resolve itself. Okay, I’ll wait.  So, to bloggers that I follow, I’ll be AWOL temporarily.  At the moment, I have  Norton  on full scan mode.  They better do their job. I’m paying them $75 a year.

Random pic….. my dog.  She’s a pitbull.


I adopted a pitbull because they are getting such a bad rap nobody wants to adopt them.   (  That’s why I  got  a pitbull  from the shelter. They are such underdogs, pardon the pun.  Nobody wants them .) That pitbulls are vicious is a myth. My dog is very sweet  and intelligent, and very protective.  And believe it or not,  a  pitbull’s temperament is just  .04  below  a Labrador’s.

Anyway, this  post is not about my  beloved dog. It is about  Season 2 of  Stranger Things on Netflix, the show that  I’m so hyped up to watch  since last year..  I binged watch Season 1 ( 8 hours ) before I watched  complete Season 2.  Is there anyone here who likes Stranger Things ?

It is of the supernatural, horror,  adventure  , thriller  genre,  and what I like about this series is that events are   viewed , experienced , and explained by 12 year old school kids, not by adults.   It’s up to the  TV viewer to make sense of  what’s going on,  and  not have science type people  explain it to us. The kids’ points of view are simple,  direct and straightforward, as kids are wont to do. ” Our friend has disappeared , let’s find him . Let’s go ! !” , unaware  their friend and classmate  ( Will Byers ) is somewhere underground hiding from flesh-eating monsters, and that they are in great danger themselves.  So they take off   on their bikes ,( reminiscent of the movie E.T.) with just  a slingshot, walkie talkies, flashlights , and yes, snacks, ! in their backpacks..  I also love that THERE ARE NO CELL PHONES yet. The series is set in 1983-1984, so  landlines are the only means of long distance communication,( besides their walkie talkies )  and  people  actually physically communicate with each other.  So refreshing ! !


Because the series is based  on the kids’ POV, Season One ends with so many unanswered  questions and mysteries .  Why are there monsters underground, and why  does the underground have a duplicate of their small town ? … fictional Hawkins, Indiana . (  like a mirror image with monsters as inhabitants ).

Stranger Things Season 2 Trailer: What Is The New Spider Monster? | moviepilo...





Season 2 does not answer all the mysteries . I’m happy to learn they have started shooting Season 3, and maybe another season more.  After all, the kids are growing up so fast.  The main character , El, ( short for Eleven , 011 tattoed on her wrist )  now looks older than her age ( girls mature faster ) . Eleven or El, is a 12 year old girl the boys found in the woods, ( instead of their friend, Will  Byers ) ,  who has been experimented on by the CIA  for her supernatural abilities .


Okay, if you want spoilers, check out Wiki…. or just watch the series on Netflix.  I don’t recommend movies and TV shows, but I assure you, this one is truly thrilling, and highly recommended. I rate it 9/10.


Another one that I just watched and liked is ” ARRIVAL ” , available on Hulu Plus. It’s one that is quite different from other sci-fi movies.  I rate this 8/10.  There is some sort of time travel here,( only in the main character’s mind )  which means, paradoxes, and I ‘m not keen on paradoxes.


Before I end this post, let me say this……. the man whose name I will never utter , is in big trouble.  * sings To Russia with Love  *  I should be seeing   a light at the end of the tunnel . Instead, I see the shadow of a man whom I believe is even worse than the one whose name I shall not utter.   So, no , my depression will not go away anytime soon. And , yes,  this is what  I feel towards  this person whose name I shall not utter, so much so that I feel  I should see a therapist.

Okay, thanks for reading .  Peace, and stay green.

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  1. I binged this over the weekend myself. It’s an interesting show – I just wish there was a better female presence.


    • El is the eleventh person in the lab’s experiments. We have already seen Kali, a strong illusionist…. there are 9 more to watch out for. There’s actually one , a high school student from the same town who disappeared also…. there’s one from Chicago, then , San Diego, California . I don’t like Kali, though. I think her episode is the weakest in Season 2, ( I find her so annoying ), but this episode is a foreshadowing that she will be going to Hawkins to meet up with El, and hopefully , help in fighting out the underground creatures. Two strong females now….. And Max looks like another strong female presence.


  2. Nice dog pic 🙂


  3. Pitbulls are only as vicious as they are trained to be. So I am not surprised that your dog has a sweet disposition.

    We don’t have Netflix, so I haven’t seen Stranger Things. Other people whom I follow on Twitter have been saying great things about the show. I loved Orphan Black. If you haven’t seen it, I highly recommend it.

    Hope your WP email problem is solved soon


  4. I love Stranger Things. Normally this isn’t the genre I am into but this is something different, something special, something stranger.


  5. Posted by marple25mary on November 1, 2017 at 11:59 pm

    I love that show and cannot wait for season 2! So unique in comparion to other sci-fi shows!


  6. Your dog is so cute!
    I finished stranger things awhile ago. I liked it. I must admit I wish there was more hours in the days to watch all the shows I like, but that would be pure laziness 😉


  7. This is funny: “Our friend has disappeared, let’s find him. Let’s go!!”
    I found that there was a bit too much of that (in Season 1 – haven’t started Season 2 yet). I actually need to re-watch it because everyone I know RAVES about the show while I wonder sometimes if it’s over-rated or if I’m missing something.
    Do you like Black Mirror?


    • Oh, no, I don’t think it’s over-rated. Maybe you need to re-watch it ? I did re-watch it because Wynona Ryder’s acting was a bit questionable the first time I watched it….. but I understood why she acted that way ( a bit crazy , over – the – top ) …. her kid disappeared, and that would make any mother a bit crazy……


  8. I love your dog.


  9. E-mail problems. If you are receiving some notifications and not others, it’s probably at your end and not your e-mail provider.

    I would not wait for the problem to resolve itself. I would shoot off an e-mail to WordPress Support ( explaining the problem. It sounds as if some of your settings were changed.

    However, look at it as a blessing in disguise; you now don’t have to feel obligated to visit people’s blogs since you’re not getting notices. Enjoy it while it lasts.

    As for Stranger things . . . not my type of show. I have been watching “The Orville” and that’s been a bit hit and miss (it doesn’t quite know what it wants to be) but we’re sticking with it. It’s probably appreciated more by people familiar with the various Star Trek incarnations.


    • I visited the blogs that have been deleted automatically by my email provider 2x a day, and I managed to read all of them, lol. ( because there are no new posts to read. )

      Awwww ! Stranger Things is not your type ? Have you watched the first season yet ?

      Okay, I’ll go to


    • OK, I’m confused . . . are there notifications showing up in your trash? Or, are you not receiving notifications at all for new blog posts? Those are two different problems.

      The first would point to your e-mail account as the cause of the problem. The second is likely a setting at WordPress.

      No, I’ve not watched season 1. Let me give you the description (which you already know; bear with me):

      “Stranger Things is an American science fiction-horror web television series . . . ”

      The key word there is “horror” . . . with very rare instances (none I can think in the past twenty years or so) that’s an automatic strike three situation.

      Even if I got past that because people insisted it was awesomely and biggly amazingly great, we come to the next part of the description . . .

      “. . . the investigation into the disappearance of a young boy amid supernatural events . . .”

      Aside from the disappearance issue, the key word there is “supernatural” . . . with very rare instances (none I can think in the past twenty years or so) that’s an automatic strike three situation.

      Add the fact that it’s a series (strike three, again) and that per your own description things don’t get resolved (strike three, yet again) and that they are working on another season (you guessed it; strike three) and we are now up to . . . let me do the math . . . that would be 15 strikes or, if you prefer, five strikes three; two more than necessary to retire a side.

      Seriously, I’ve heard good things about it as well as some things that as a viewer would just piss me off. I’m glad for people who find it engaging and entertaining, but no, not my kind of thing.

      And yes, I know that’s hypocritical since I wrote a supernatural-themed short for Halloween, but the advantage of my offering is that it requires no more than a few minutes of one’s time. The other advantage is that few people will read it and rave about it.


      • . That’s what’s confusing me. I do receive emails notifying me about LIKES and COMMENTS, but no email notifications of new posts of blogs that I follow. In other words, if I get 35 LIKES and 35 comments, I get notified thru email, and the number of emails in my INBOX is 70 emails.

        Disperser, you’;re overthinking again ! Ha ha ha Just watch it ! Then let me know the verdict.


      • OK, that sounds as if you are NOT RECEIVING notifications for new posts on sites you follow. Check your subscription options:

        In Reader, you can manage the blogs you follow and make sure notifications are switched on.

        Go to Reader and click on the “Manage” box next to the “Followed Sites” tag on the left-side menu.

        Each blog has a setting for Instant, Daily, or Weekly notification.

        There used to be a general preference setting for notifications which I can’t find right now.

        But, really, just shoot off an email to and ask them to check your settings and make sure everything is set correctly.

        At the very least, that will eliminate one unknown and you can then look for other causes.

        As for watching the series . . . it’s NaNoWriMo . . . gots no time. Oh, OK, I gots the time but not the interest. Besides, if I’m forced to watch it, for sure I’ll be tearing to bits and listing all the stuff that’s wrong with it . . . and no one wants that, right?


        • Give me a blow by blow account of what’s wrong with Stranger Things. Your analysis is always an interesting read.


        • Ha! . . . I see what you are doing; you’re trying to trick me into watching it.

          As an alternative, here’s an interesting piece you might like instead:

          See, here’s the thing . . . invariably, horror movies rely on people doing stupid things or acting in stupid ways.

          In part, that is the nature of horror movies because if they showed you something that scared the bejesus out of you and you had no way to shrug it off and say something like “Well, they were idiots! That would never happen to me!” or “Yeah, that was scary, but real life is not like that!” why, you’d spend the rest of your life having to change your underwear at every strange noise and furtive shadow.

          Here’s my characterization of 99% of all horror movies:

          For me, it comes down to wanting an escape from all the crap in the world, and that means something where the bad guys get wasted, the good guys win, and the innocents are saved. What I don’t need is made-up stress in my life.


          • Yep, that was a very popular and hilarious ad of Geico. Like, a girl , instead of getting out of the house, runs upstairs and hides in the closet. Or the parent lets the kid to sleep alone in his room, even turns off the light, when the house is clearly haunted Or, like in Slasher, theres a serial killer in the neighborhood, and the main character decides to take a stroll in the middle of the night for a breath of fresh air. And how come characters in a horror movie do not lock their entrance doors ( unless their door locks automatically ) when they enter the house ? I know it’s nitpicking but people do notice these little things.


          • Okay, just read the review in your link. It’s not critical, is it. It’s actually complmentary, . I think the clichés are intentional, though it’s not a parody of 80’s movies of this genre…..


          • I did say you would like it . . . and there’s even a game review.


  10. Posted by The Otaku Judge on November 2, 2017 at 5:30 am

    Cute dog. Appears to be a Pitbull/Pikachu mix.


  11. Aww…such a cute dog. Well…you already know my views on Stranger Things. Glad you enjoyed it too….hopefully season 3 is going to start answering some more questions. I hope your email issue will resolve itself soon 😊


    • There are so many questions yet unanswered. 1. Why is there a duplicate of Hawkins underground ? 2. Since Eleven is the eleventh , where are the others ? We’ve seen Kali, of course, she’s the eight. However, I think her arc is the weakest episode in Season 2. I’m aware that her character is being set up for a comeback next season, but her storyline seems off. 3. How did Will manage to communicate via electricity at his house ? 4. In fact, the big question is, how did Will manage to survive underground ? Why did Barb die, and Will didn’t ? Will’s hiding place is very flimsy and can be found easily.

      It’s funny that Bob’s full name ( Sean Astin ) is Bob NEWBY. As in Newbie, hahaha.

      And I do ship Steve and Nancy. Alas….. To be honest, I don’t blame Nancy for liking Jonathan. Although Steve is so much more handsome, Jonathan is more my type , as well, the quiet, nerdy type.

      The main characters ( and the side ones ) look too old to be 3 rd year high students . I don’t recall me and my classmates in HS looking that old. Ha ha The characters in Grease are the oldest – looking high school students , ever. In fact, the main female character was 30 years old already when she played a HS student in Grease. Eeeewww.


      • Haha, yeah that is so true. It’s amazing to see how many questions remain that still need to be answered. I’m almost certain that season 3 is not going to answer all of them though, especially not since we are going to be getting a season 4 and 5 as well. Haha, yeah that was a really funny easter egg newbie! 😂😂
        It’s definitely true that some of the characters do look too old. It will be interesting to see how that will work out in the next seasons, since we have three more years to go. But, if the series stays as cool as this, I don’t mind it at all 😀
        As for Grease: definitely eeeeeeewwwwwwww 😂😂😂


  12. Currently binge watching season 2. I adore those kids 🙂


  13. Thank you for such a terrific summary and descriptions, Ren. 😊
    Someday I will check this series out of the library and binge!! Smiles, Robin 💐


  14. Me again. I seem to be reading your posts back to front which may seem a bit odd I know, but sometimes real life can distract you from blogging 😦 Anyway, I don’t even know about that series, and although I go on Netflix a lot, they have different programmes on in the UK than they do in the States. I did get very hooked on a thing called “Madmen” not too long ago and sat watching it all weekend and beyond. Shameful I know.


    • No Stranger Things in UK ? A friend from Sweden has that on his Netflix. Try to look for it again Sometimes it’s hidden. Or look for it on Netflix Originals.


  15. Good to hear from you.


  16. Stranger Things 2 was a blast—it wasn’t as strong as season one, not nearly I thought, but it was every bit as addicting.

    Arrival is also an excellent film. The director of that movie also did the recent Blade Runner, which is also good. If you’re interested, I wrote an article about Arrival at Geekdom House:


    • I read your article there. Being able to see the future is a gift. If the future that we see is bleak, I think it’s our duty to tweak some events in our lives , especially if it concerns the life of a loved one. We are given a free will not to accept or accept our fate. Otherwise, everything is pointless.


  17. Really enjoyed Stranger Things 2.
    I agree with you the setting is a much simpler time.
    Love the retro looks the 80’s were actually a good time.
    Love reading your posts


  18. So, firstly, Stranger Things – just watching Season 2 and LOVING it! Extra dimension for me is that I LIVED through that era so I remember it all so well – including the video arcade game they were playing in the opening episode – it was my FAV game back then in the 80s!

    Secondly, your reference to ‘him who must not be named’ saddens me, it really does. If you want to talk, let me know. Happy to send you my contact details (email or whatever). Pretty certain you’re not going to use and abuse it. Trained counsellor too! Anyway, the door is there Ren. Take care, Ken.


  19. Did you guys catch any ’80s movie references? If not, then check out my post!


  20. I loved Season 2 of Stranger Things, however being a proud Generation X cardholder, watching this show is very nostalgic for me. I LOVE the kid actors in this show and I think they do an amazing job. I do think there are some unanswered questions for sure (i.e. HOW did the upside down come to be? Is is just underneath Hawkins or is it going global?) however I didn’t think Season 2 ended with as big of a cliffhanger and unanswered questions as Season 1 did, for everyone seemed to be happy and having a good time at the Snow Ball (reminds me so much of the awkward middle school dances of my youth). I am looking forward to season 3 and I hope I can find more good shows to binge watch considering network TV is poop!


  21. I have a pitbull also, he is the sweetest and named Pixel 🙂


  22. My favourite show too🤘


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